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Because I see a lot of 'Family' chats and whatnot, I've decided to make my own, because I want a family and at the moment I'm just a lonely girl. No, you do not have to know me to join. Though I will be locking the thread soon. Just request and I may let you in. (:

Rules. OMGWTFBBQ?! Yeah, there's rules.

- No cybering in the chat. Jeeze, take it to PM's or something if you get that far. Nobody wants to see you doin' the nasty.
- Be accepting. Gays, straights, lesbians, bisexuals. You're all welcome here. :)
- You can advertise roleplays if you want! But don't do it in ever single post you make. o_o
- Real pictures. No anime, please. At least not right now. ._.
- Have fun. Talk about anything and everything. But please, please, please don't start any super drama. D;

People In The Family? (:

Later on, we can discuss like, family positions. Mom, Dad, etc, etc. xD

RealName: Nikki ; Nicknames: Lollipop/PixieStick/Pandabear/Rainbow/Technicolor ; Age: Sixteen ; Username: SerahFarron

Realname: Allora ; Nickname: Lora ; Age: Just sixteen ; Username: Alice-May

Realname: KellyAnn ; Nickname: dont really have one i guess ; Age: seventeen ; Username: HirokoKyo

Real name: Storm ; Nicknames: midnight, luna, lovebug, babygirl ; Age: seventeen ; Username: Babygirl

When you join, just post a nickname, your name, username.. and your age. (:

PS ; I'll make this prettier as time goes on. I just wanted to get this posted and whatnot. Dx

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

hello ?
  Maggie Montgumory / HirokoKyo / 10y 5d 2m 30s
hi I'm Ryo
  Ryo / Emeley / 10y 32d 8h 27m 55s
  Maggie Montgumory / HirokoKyo / 10y 32d 11h 10m 59s
I'm here.
  December Yamaguchi / OodlesofNoodles / 10y 37d 1h 56m 1s
hey any one around ?
  Maggie Montgumory / HirokoKyo / 10y 41d 2h 41m 8s
  December Yamaguchi / OodlesofNoodles / 10y 42d 6h 15m 41s
yea I hope they will too
  Storm / Babygirl / 10y 42d 6h 19m 7s
Of course you can join, December. ^_^ Welcome to the family.

Awh, I'm sorry to hear that, Storm. D: I hope everything's better now. Or at least somewhat better, emotionally. D;
  Nikki Nightmare / serahfarron / 10y 42d 6h 19m 51s
sorry im back, had a accident in the family and it hit me pretty hard
  Storm / Babygirl / 10y 42d 10h 27m 47s
Can I join?
  December Yamaguchi / OodlesofNoodles / 10y 42d 10h 29m 17s
is any one out there
  angel / redwolf12 / 10y 51d 4h 34m 58s
hello people
  angel / redwolf12 / 10y 51d 4h 40m 12s
i got to go
  angel / redwolf12 / 10y 51d 8h 41m 4s
  Maggie Montgumory / HirokoKyo / 10y 51d 8h 51m 23s
what do you want to talk about
  angel / redwolf12 / 10y 51d 8h 56m 57s

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