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The Embassadors of The world have been killed in the Vampirian Country Of Daray , The World has declared War On the Vampirian Race But they were framed, The ambassador's Wern't Killed By the Vampirian's But by an ancient race of people known as the Delano who are very similiar to the vamparians, except for when they feed, They are forced to kill whoever they have fed off of, It was thought they were extinct, Therefore the vampirians took two of there finest soldiers A leutenant named Abel Clarimonde, And a Recruit named Mio Kagerio, To Exterminate the remaining two delano, Navaeh Nicole Swift and Sasuke Nakinchi. When they are brought together for the final fight, They are ambushed by An Onslaught of soldiers, It turns out that both parties were framed and the ambassadors were killed by there own Men! they are forced to work together to fight there way back to Daray!

Rules: HAVE FUN!!! woo! act like your character would and this should be fun ANIME PICS!!! ask to join Here is the skelly:

Age: (18-27)
Short bio:

Name:Abel Clarimonde
Race: Vampirian
Short bio: When he was young he once was Infuriated so badly he killed his brother Cane, He unleashed extrodinary powers, Ever since he Was raised to be a soldier in the vampirian military by The Vampirian Captain Adam, He loves adam like a father, one day Adam was killed by a delano the same day the human ambassadors were killed, He was extremely happy to be selected for the mission so he could Take his revenge on whoever killed adam!
Personality: Lazy, Comedic, Sarcastic, Protective, Short tempered

Name: Navaeh Nicole Swift
Race: Delano
Age: 18
Short bio: Claire was a young child when her mother was killed by her father who had gotten in a druken rage and tried to kill her. Claire turned on him and killed him.
Personality: Claire is naturally a cold person but if she knows the other person well, she might be nice it depends on who the person is to her.

Name: Mio Kagerio
Race: Vampirian
Age: 21
Short bio: Mio didn't appear to have a harsh life. She was born in the richest and finest family of Daray, hence how in she is wearing only clothes from the best materials and always fashionable. Even though she was getting everything she wanted, making many think of herself as a spoiled brat, her parents were nearly plastic dolls that didn't love her even the least, they were simply getting rid of not needed money. At the age of 11, her parents died murdered in unknown conditions, she became the head of her family's nearly empire and was raised by her loving grandma whom went missing when she was 19.
Personality: Mio has always been spoiled, hence she expects to be given only the best. But unlike what some would think, if there is something of not a too high quality, she wouldn't whine about it but would mentally complain, not voiced aloud. She is a calm person, carefree , sweet, helpful but hard at expressing soft feelings or showing signs of weakness. Despite her calm attitude, she becomes EXTREMELY angry when people associate her to a child and depressive when people remark her small height - those two getting even to the point of comedic

Name: Sasuke Nakinchi
Race: Delano
Age: 22
Short bio: Sasuke is just one of those people who wants to get things over and done with, he hates work, but doesn't mind to do so as long as it pays, or if he survived if he did so.
Personality: Appears annoyed about everything, but isn't lazy, just lacks motivation, annoys people because its funny.

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we need a replacement for mio please! use this pic

  Lieutenant Abel Clarimonde / arrekusu / 9y 324d 6h 18m 4s
The general had dismissed both abel and mio, abel extended his hand to the young girl "well lets not ruin those beautiful gloves of yours" He said with a smile, He was enfuriated but he was always polite, she took his hand, she was gentle to the touch, Abel then proceeded to walk he up the long steel Staircase Into the Small plane, It was a private jet so it was very nice Abel was very tired and wasn't following the routine of his normal lazy self as he usually had, so as soon as they entered the small jet and layed down closing his eyes, Before long he was woken up by something she had said, So he opened his left eye, "So where might your uniform be young lady?" he said with a smile.

Now that abel was stretched out his true height was noticed he stood tall at 6'2" But He was Thin and pale but broad, He had the features of your textbook ancient vampire, He had a presence about him, He Was the decendant of the original Delano, Vlad the Impaler, Better Known in folklore As Dracula, He was Basically Delanian Royalty, But He was Raised poor and did not care about Material things But the person you were inside. through time his Family was also one of four who were the first to take control of their cravings, When the Vampirians Feed they only take About a quarter cup of blood, which keeps the host from dying, They also realease a natural muscle relaxant Found in the vampirians saliva, Instead of the venom that would turn the host to a delano, But no one uses there venom to turn anyone anymore its outdated, They just kill, more blood for them right?, Anyway No ones sure how the genetic structure of there saliva was changed and no one will know, But when this natural muscle relaxant is realeased the feeling is pure exstacy to humans, However, Like Abel Had exhibited earlier, They Rarely feed on humans, but instead Drink Bottled Pigs Blood, The Vampirians struck a deal with the american Pork industry, Now whenever a pig is slaughtered the blood Runs through and extremely clean pipe system to a bottleing facility very similiar to that of a milk companies.

Whilst waiting for the girl to answer abel thought about how the vampirians were going to get there blood now, This whole situation didn't look good for any of the three parties.
  Lieutenant Abel Clarimonde / Arrekusu / 9y 326d 1h 52m 44s
Navaeh sat on the top of the building, her head resting on her fist. (r
  Navaeh (unleashed) / seleneswift / 9y 326d 3h 37m 45s
Sasuke walked to his destination, a church, now normally people would be questioning why Sasuke was even walking to this location, and the answer was simple. Sasuke was going to pray for his family, he feared that he was the last of his species, something that used to haunt his nightmares as a child. But at the moment, he was fearing this fact to be true. He had watched his family get murdered by a group of men, but who they were and who they worked for remained to be seen.
"Mother, father." Sasuke started, before pausing, as if to try and hold in a gasp of despair. "I will find out who did this to you, and I will avenge you, I promise." Sasuke finished his pray, and stood up to leave, knowing that there was nothing else for him to do here.
  Sasuke Nakinchi / JamesYoung / 9y 326d 4h 57m 32s
"That's all you got?" Mio mumbled and formed a subtle frown above her half lidded and blank eyes which were scanning the trade cards from her hands.
"I'm sorry, Miss...I told you I'm not lucky," replied lowly in a depressive manner, with her head dropped and a deep sigh her favorite maid whom was nearly like a sister. The woman sighed again and ended the game by dropping her trading cards on the small glass coffee table.
With a soft yawn, covered by her gloved hand, Mio shrugged and elegantly passed her cards in the hands of the woman and stood up, patting her dress off carefully and slowly. Suddenly, somebody came in a rush, panting at her.
"Excuse me! Kagerio-san, right?" the male that walked inside of the...wardrobe Mio and her maid were playing cards said and straightened his back, lifting a brow with an obvious doubtful look on his face.
"Yes. In person. What did Anetta do this time?" she replied calmly and closed her eyes, the seated maid behind her flinching and muttering things before she whacked her forehead into the table.
"Um...it's nothing like that...it's a mission...But why would General send a kid for it?"
Once those words reached Mio's ears, she could feel a brow twitching and how anger rushed up trough her body, several veins nearly exploding from the strength of pulsating on her head. She shut her eyes open, scowling and growling, now reflecting pure anger and violence on her expression.
"WHO ARE YOU CALLING ONLY A BABY THAT LIVES ONLY TO CRY AND ANNOY PEOPLE?!" she snapped with her statement that lacked any kind of sense and logic.

Hissing, Mio let out a 'Tch' sound and gritted her teeth, making her way out of the wardrobe by knocking the messager male into the nearest wall around. She kept mumbling things to herself but it didn't take too long for her to calm down and enter the General's office with her mind cleared for the explanation and details that would follow.

Soon, she was standing outside, impatiently on the inside, next to a plane. After what seemed like an infinity, she spotted a dark haired male approach, heard the General do the introducing and had her hand kissed. Well, that made a light, arrogant smile pop on her features.
"Mio Kagemio. Enough with the introductions, let's get in, my silk gloves will ruin from all this sun," she spoke and retreated her hand to turn around and walk in.

[OOC] Gotta go.
  Mio Kagerio / CandyHeart / 9y 326d 5h 9m 36s
Abel raced Down the Cold Halls Of the Vampirian Military base in the capital of Aray, he had just gotten the news, all of the global ambassadors were in daray for a Peace Conference and every single one had been bitten and killed except for the vampirian Ambassador, He had to Let his superior, Captain Eve, Know what happened, Captain eve was known as adam to abel and raised him ever since the day Abel had killed his brother, Abel was born with an extrodinary power that couldn't be tamed, as abel ran he had almost knocked over a small girl With blue hair he caught her before he hit the floor and their eyes had met, something clicked, but now wasn't the time, "Sorry m'am!" he almost said in yell as he continued running, He made it to the captain's office he tried to open the door but it was locked so he kicked it with all of his might the door spiraled threw the air into the room and the lights were of abel quickly flipped the light switch and fell to his knees. He was Greeted by the dead mutilated body of adam, Abel ran and slid up to his body on his knees, "ADAM!!!" he yelled in sorrow with teary eyes, Two soldiers and General Agap had followed him into the room, Abel was screaming and an energy had developed about him the two soldiers had pulled him off adams dead body and they had thrown him in solitary confinement after a matter of minutes he had Passed out...

Abel awoke There was nothing but a bed and a fridge, He was starved and Disarrayed, and ran to the fridge and opened, there was a small brown paper bag in there he opened it and found a white bottle he tore the cap off and drank its contents as blood ran down his face, he threw the bottle and it shattered. "damnit adam, i thought you were stronger than that" he said to himself as he calmed down, He was trained not to exhibit any emotion but happiness to keep Vampirian Public feel safe. Abel tore off the bedsheat and wiped his face as the door opened in the corner of the small dark room he was in lighting the room, General agap stood there "walk with me boy" he said as he tossed abel a pair of tinted goggles to protect his eyes from the sun, Abel was part of an ancient vampirian bloodline therefore he was irritated by the sun, As he and the General Walked he informed abel of the The fact that the vampirians were blamed for the death of the foreign ambassadors and told him he was to go on a mission to kill the remaining delano the vampirian military had automatically considered the delano the ambassador's murderer's, and they were aware of the remaining to who had supposedly survived by feeding on animals, So the vampirians let them be until now, Abel was brought back to his room and was told to rest....

Abel couldnt sleep that night, he was kept up by thoughts of how he would torture the "delano scum" before he knew it morning had come and he was picked up by the ame two soldiers who had restrained him They were scared but abel had laughed, "no worries" he said with a smirk eventually he was dropped off in front of a giant plane there the general stood with the same small girl from earlier, "Lieutenant this is mio" the general said in a scratchy voice as abel bowed and kissed her hand "pleased to meet you, Abel Clarimonde at your service" he said as the general spoke again "she'll be your partner on your mission" Abel cringed he only worked alone but if he disagreed he might loose his chance to exact his revenge so he Had faked a smile. <okay mia your turn>
  Lieutenant Abel Clarimonde / Arrekusu / 9y 326d 5h 33m 12s

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