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Hearing her phone ring she wiped the tears away she had shed,to convince the man at the hotel to let her use a few rooms,for a while.Flipping open her phone then sniffling as she put it to her ear she hesitantly answered."..H-hello?."
  B.R.S Render / Mikitahaurzawa / 8y 226d 1h 49m 44s
"ya i better" he said getting his blue phone and opening it up and speed dieled her number put it to his ear.
  Kaito / aztook / 8y 226d 1h 53m 55s
He shrugged."she doesnt talk about them...she never does to ANY one,its like as if hse had forgotten them or something." he looked around then looked at him."hey call her and ask if she found a hotel."
  Akaito / Mikitahaurzawa / 8y 226d 1h 54m 42s
"ironic how fate can be" kaito said and sighed. "what about her parents, diddnt they care?" he asked remembering his parents always careing.
  Kaito / aztook / 8y 226d 1h 58m 36s
Looking at him he was shocked."you cant remember when we were kids she would always be alone,she was the little girl at the park others called weird because she didnt say much and the older kids would pick on her...and no one would help her out..." scratching his head he chuckled."that was until she began to sing."
  Akaito / Mikitahaurzawa / 8y 226d 2h 2m 34s
"ya..." he sighed and turned to her. "what do you mean? what do you know of her past?" he asked, knowing she never really spoke about it much to them.
  Kaito / aztook / 8y 226d 2h 5m 41s
Lowering his head and pulling his hat down he sighed,then spoke from his heart."Maybe...actually she has been through alot since she was a kid,and i bet its hard for her to stay tough when she wants to be a kid once more...when she gets around you i see that smile she gives,and that kiddish expression on her face..but when she is around me...she is never that kind,she is always quiet and self-centered,like if she is pushed to be afraid."
  Akaito / Mikitahaurzawa / 8y 226d 2h 8m 0s
"maybe shes scared to stay stop?" he said. "shes acts like shes so tough...but i can see behind that mask is that shes just as vonrabal as the rest of us" he said picking up a peace of burnt wood and sighed. "even you with all your tricks...have a soft side that hides the dark pasts...we all have those things to hide...or else we woulddnt want to be stars, we would want to be normal" he said throwing the peace to the ground.
  Kaito / aztook / 8y 226d 2h 12m 25s
i have nothing he thought then sighed heavilly and looked away from him,placing his hands in his pockets."I have many reasons to why i say im more grown up than you,i just dont want to say them...all i know is that obviously she doesnt care if i mess with her,if she was to tell me to stop then i would." he shrugged and scratched his head.
  Akaito / Mikitahaurzawa / 8y 226d 2h 14m 39s
"ive grown up MUCH more then you have over the years" kaito said. "you seem to always be up to some bad sceam that usly gets us in alot of deubt" he said. "or pulling a trick that really issnt the best that hurts please..inlighten me to how you are more grown up then i am" he said stareing at him with cold eyes.
  Kaito / aztook / 8y 226d 2h 18m 40s
"the only reason why i do that is because she wont stop me wo why would i stop?" he asked carlessly as she stared at Kaito."when you start growing up then you can tell me what to do Kaito,got it?"
  Akaito / Mikitahaurzawa / 8y 226d 2h 20m 17s
"alright seeya" he said and turned to akaito. "why dont you lay off her. your always at her for something" He said.
  Kaito / aztook / 8y 226d 2h 23m 20s
"Alright Kaito..geez lay off man i think you hurted her feelings...aww poor Ren..." Akaito began to poke her nose,growling a blue flame appeared over her left eye and she bit his finger hard,making him scream.
"Its true isnt it ren? like Kaito dont you?" he asked her softly then watched as she let go of his finger and lowered her head,not saying anything as she turned around to leave."Imma go find us a hotel room...ill call you when i get it."
  Akaito / Mikitahaurzawa / 8y 226d 2h 25m 38s
"hey shut up!" kaito said. "im just trying to think outloud, it helps me alot" he muttered.
  Kaito / aztook / 8y 226d 2h 29m 50s
After listening to them both Akaito jumped in and smirked."I can see the headlines now!:TEEN POPS STARS HOMELESS AFTER HOUSE FIRES!...we are going to be the laughing stock!" he began to laugh then smiled,pushing Ren closer to Kaito."now you two get a room and stop talking about houses!,or is it that both of you want a house together?"
  Akaito / Mikitahaurzawa / 8y 226d 2h 30m 48s

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