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"well...." he said shifting in his seat. "akaito told me" he said. "but dont worry...i wont tell anyone i sware" he said. "i know how that would probly hurt a star like us. being known as uppopuler when we where young" he said.
  Kaito / aztook / 10y 96d 15h 46m 47s
Ren listened to him then nodded."yes i d-" re counting what he said she looked at him,her eyes wide as she bit her lip some."wait, how do you know that?...who told you that?" she asked him.
  B.R.S Render / Mikitahaurzawa / 10y 96d 15h 52m 48s
"no...becues you can stand up for youself...miku...i have a feeling she might someone feel like shes the impornt one...she has been forever...but you understand what its like to be an outcast dont you" kaito said sitting by her.
  Kaito / aztook / 10y 96d 15h 59m 7s
my heart is pounding... she thought then looked at him in shock."W-what do you mean?,im like the outcast or so...she is just so perfect and the emo one." she said dully.
  B.R.S Render / Mikitahaurzawa / 10y 96d 16h 51s
"miku may be a great friend" he said. "but she issnt like you" he said smileing.
  Kaito / aztook / 10y 96d 16h 4m 14s
Ren blushed deeply as she looked at him,she shook her head."I-i only thought..that..y-you liked Miku....and Akaito torments me for liking you so.." she covered her mouth saying too much.
  B.R.S Render / Mikitahaurzawa / 10y 96d 16h 4m 50s
"cant?" kaito said confused. "what makes you think you cant? its just easy to ask me out you know" he said.
  Kaito / aztook / 10y 96d 16h 7m 38s
shocked at what he said she just let him in and closed the door behind him,sitting on the bed she put away her journal."What Akaito said...was true...all of it...he's completely right about it all...and i try to deny it knowing i just cant." a tear fell down her cheek as she sighed.besides...i know he would like Miku just too different...and he is out of my league.... she doubted sadly,as she put herself down.
  B.R.S Render / Mikitahaurzawa / 10y 96d 16h 9m 38s
"dont" kaito said. "we've known eachother long enough to be able to talk about problems if there really bugging us" he said to her. "im here to help and you know it" He said.
  Kaito / aztook / 10y 96d 16h 13m 1s
"Someone like me?..Crying? honestly i wouldnt be caught crying Kaito...dont worry about it." just as she said 'it' she sniffled some more,her eyes getting kinda glassy as she tried to play it off.
  B.R.S Render / Mikitahaurzawa / 10y 96d 16h 14m 58s
"whats wrong..youve been crying" kaito said feeling worryed about her. he usly was the tough type who watched out for everyone, but he was also careing about everyone and diddnt like showing it out in public.
  Kaito / aztook / 10y 96d 16h 17m 46s
She stopped writing in a small journal she carried around with her,setting it on the bed and walking to the door,Ren unlocked it and opened it,looking at him."Y-yeah,what is it Kaito?" her used to be blue eyes were slightly red from crying and her nose rosey from blowing it.
  B.R.S Render / Mikitahaurzawa / 10y 96d 16h 20m 33s
Kaito lowed the phone and stared at it. "it sounded like she had been crying...send out a txt to everyone telling them to be at the Grade Hotal...i'll catch later" he said getting in his car. and drove off as fast as he could the the hotel. when he got there 10 minits later he shut the door and ran in up the stairs to room 23 and knocked on it. "hey ren you there?" he asked.
  Kaito / aztook / 10y 96d 16h 26m 14s
"O-oh y-yes i h-have the rooms...its the Grande hotel a few blocks away...they should have a room for you both,if you need me ill be in room 23." without saying anything else she hung up the phone and sighed.
  B.R.S Render / Mikitahaurzawa / 10y 96d 16h 28m 0s
"its me" he said calmly. "you got the rooms?" he asked.
  Kaito / aztook / 10y 96d 16h 31m 28s

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