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"they will only say im ackward or something i know it." she said doubting it.
  B.R.S Render / Mikitahaurzawa / 8y 110d 4h 1m 26s
Aztook smiled holding her hand. "you should try to be yourself around the others" he said.
  Kaito / aztook / 8y 110d 4h 8m 54s
she was happy they were more closer than before,it was a good feeling to her.
  B.R.S Render / Mikitahaurzawa / 8y 110d 4h 9m 55s
"no problem. anything for you" he said smileing happly.
  Kaito / aztook / 8y 110d 4h 22m 2s
Blushing some she finally cuddled next to him and smiled softly."thank you Kaito...i owe you." she said thankfully.
  B.R.S Render / Mikitahaurzawa / 8y 110d 4h 24m 7s
"right!" kaito said smileing happly. "im sure your right" he said. "and dont worry, if akaito give you any more problems just tell me ok? ill make sure he stops" he said.
  Kaito / aztook / 8y 110d 4h 41m 2s
"we will do this together,then and we will make everything a better place for everyone." she smiled then micheal jackson line from we are the world....
  B.R.S Render / Mikitahaurzawa / 8y 110d 4h 42m 20s
Kaito smiled happly though blushed lightly. "ya...thats what i wanted to do when becomeing a singer" he said happly.
  Kaito / aztook / 8y 110d 4h 48m 41s
Hugging him she smiled some."we can inspire people together,we can reach out and help those in need." she said kindly then kissed his cheek gently.
  B.R.S Render / Mikitahaurzawa / 8y 110d 4h 50m 43s
"thanks" kaito said and sighed. "i just...get sick of hearing that stuff all the time...expicaly wiht people who are famus and all that...seeming to burn there money away on sex drugs and dumb stuff" kaito sighed. "i became a start to inspire people...and thats what im going to do forever"
  Kaito / aztook / 8y 110d 4h 55m 45s
Seeing him get so angered over it she put her hand over his fist and smiled."Im glad you arent like that Kaito,i really respect that."
  B.R.S Render / Mikitahaurzawa / 8y 110d 4h 56m 48s
"i see...i hate guys like that" kaito said. "i hate that they just use weman for that...its sick!" he said makeing a fist. "i would never do that to any woman i love..."
  Kaito / aztook / 8y 110d 5h 6s
"He left my mother...right after they had sex,and she had to go through 9 months without help...he is a coward,and i never in my life wish to see him." she said rather harshly but was right,she didnt want to see him,becuase she hated his guts.
  B.R.S Render / Mikitahaurzawa / 8y 110d 5h 1m 50s
"what about your father?" kaito asked confused woundering where he would be.
  Kaito / aztook / 8y 110d 5h 3m 56s
beginning to fiddle with her fingers she sighed softly,and bit her lip,becoming slightly tired of it being quiet she took her hair out of the two pony tails and then looked back at him."Yeah,it would...hurt us...when i was a kid..many would tease me...and since i had a mother i always had to take care of i mainly wouldnt go out to play,or go to school,after my mother passed it just fell apart more,and i decided to change for her sake."
  B.R.S Render / Mikitahaurzawa / 8y 110d 5h 11m 0s

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