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  Emiri Hagune / morninghell / 9y 301d 19m 16s
*ok. as you're own character?*
  Kaiko / Cateryna / 9y 301d 21m 13s
  Emiri Hagune / morninghell / 9y 301d 22m 11s
*okkies. you two can post whenever. ^^*
  Kaiko / Cateryna / 9y 301d 23m 21s
  Miku Hatsune(Meow!) / Mayarain / 9y 301d 24m 8s
Yep I'm making the charrie now^^
  Mayarain / 9y 301d 28m 47s
comes back in smiling yush ill join as Render or aka Ren for this or so..||
  B.R.S Render / Mikitahaurzawa / 9y 301d 38m 4s
*ack, annoying post format. ah, so then Mayarain will be Miku and you'll be Black Rock Shooter?*
  Kaiko / Cateryna / 9y 301d 48m 10s
hmm then Maya you can be Miku and ill just find someone else its only fair^^ i have tons of pictures..ill be black rock shooter render lolz odd name for a girl.
  Mimi|| / Mikitahaurzawa / 9y 301d 49m 58s
Awwww i wanted Miku! T_T
  Chi Shimizu / Mayarain / 9y 301d 52m 21s
oh can i join as Miku? oh its you Cateryna from the neko rebellion^^ may i? joinage? hmm if not can i join as her opposite called black rock shooter?\
  Miku / Mikitahaurzawa / 9y 301d 53m 13s
Kaiko wandered around what was left of her house, sadly. "I wonder how this happened..."she murmured, curiously. "I was only gone for a couple hours..."
  Kaiko / Cateryna / 9y 301d 57m 38s

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