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"ya i know..." kaito sighed. "well im sure people will help us, but to get our houses back to how they used to be may take a few years" he muttered.
  Kaito / aztook / 10y 135d 1h 43m 29s
the charrie i was going to play was going to be Akaito||
smiling she looked around."i have some money to buy some instruments,but getting ALL our houses back will take some time."
  B.R.S Render / Mikitahaurzawa / 10y 135d 1h 44m 27s
"maybe your right...who knows..maybe, if we have so many fans we can just get the money by doing a consert" kaito said smileing. and nodded at her "ya your right"
  Kaito / aztook / 10y 135d 1h 59m 14s
*sure. what's the other character?*
  Kaiko / Cateryna / 10y 135d 1h 59m 29s
lolz if its fine with yoush can i play 2 people? for now?||
Staring at them both she growled,then had an idea."as Miku would do now she would probably say a concert!" she smiled.||sorry wrong charrie||
  Mimi|| / Mikitahaurzawa / 10y 135d 2h 1m 1s
Kaiko nodded. "I guess we'll have to build up our fame again...Everything I owned was destroyed, except for a few photographs..."she said.
  Kaiko / Cateryna / 10y 135d 2h 2m 42s
Ren sighed then guitar! "Man!,i couldnt save my guitar guys...any ideas about our fame?" she asked."heyo Kaiko."
  B.R.S Render / Mikitahaurzawa / 10y 135d 2h 7m 14s
"im sure they are, if there quick as they are when danceing im sure they got out fine" kaito smiled happly.
  Kaito / aztook / 10y 135d 2h 8m 26s
*ah, I said hi at the end of my post, ren. >.<* Kaiko nodded. "I hope that Miku and the others are ok..."she said.
  Kaiko / Cateryna / 10y 135d 2h 9m 8s
"i guess...i hope its not burnt down..." he muttered.
  Kaito / aztook / 10y 135d 2h 11m 36s
staring at them once more she blinked.hello?!,im still here! she thought then sighed."why dont we check out Miku's house later?" she asked.
  B.R.S Render / Mikitahaurzawa / 10y 135d 2h 12m 41s
Kaiko shrugged. "I don't know...I-I couldn't think of anyone who could hate me so much..."she murmured, looking down at the ground. She noticed Ren. "Oh, hi, Ren."she said.
  Kaiko / Cateryna / 10y 135d 2h 13m 17s
"i wounder who it was" kaito muttered thinking looking at the sky. "i wounder where we can live now..." he said.
  Kaito / aztook / 10y 135d 2h 23m 36s
Kaiko walked up to him, relieved. "Oh, Kaito! When I saw the fire, I was afraid that you might have been hurt!"she said, hugging him. "My house was destroyed, as well."
  Kaiko / Cateryna / 10y 135d 2h 25m 49s
Ren eyed them both,sighing softly and lowering her head she leaned against someones car and still watched sure everyones house burned... she thought.
  B.R.S Render / Mikitahaurzawa / 10y 135d 2h 27m 26s

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