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"Eh...think i still like Cyclops better." He held up his blade horizontally and began sliding his left hand from the hilt to the tip, a bright light flowing around the blade after his hand. With that done he brought the blade up behind himself, and sweeped it up front. As it touched the ground it sent another wave of energy toward the wall of blades, but he then swung it from left to right for the after attack, it would almost be invisible during the explosion caused by the first waves impact. After his attack was done he began circling along to the right, attempting to close the distance while not being an easy target.
  Saito (WKC) / saitohiraga / 6y 330d 2h 11m 57s
"The name is Chenzan. Leader of the Order of Shar, the Dark Lady." he said standing up. He really hated being called Cyclops.
Chenzan charged forward and swiped his sword at the enemy, followed by a swap with his wings. The sword missed, but the wing connected, sending the White Knight into some of the remaining Greede soldiers. Then Chenzan plunged his blade into the ground. A fraction of the second later a wall of blades emerged in a straight line towards the White knight...
  Chenzan / Shadowstorm / 6y 330d 2h 24m 43s
Saito looked up toward the Black knight after Niera had arrived. His blue shining eyes narrowed a bit as he took one step forward, then began charging in the direction the black knight was as it got lower and lower to the ground. He jumped into the air when he reached just below Chenzan. Slamming into his chest and turning in the air so Chenzan was directed downward and slam him to the earth, cracking it beneath their weight. He jumped back a moment after and began taunting him. "Hah hah this is great! come on lets see you beat me now, Cyclops!"
  Saito (WKC) / saitohiraga / 6y 330d 2h 37m 34s

Before the Attack...

Niera watched the ball proceed through it's normal glamour. Aristocrats embroidered from head to toe entered in graceful fashion. Niera never hoped to be like one of the girls with powdered faces and painted lips. She wanted to live up to her father's legacy. Her father was a great warrior but died in action years ago.

She wanted to be a soldier as well but women were expected to know their place wasn't on the battlefield. She refused to accept that she would be locked away in the cellar for the rest of her life helping with the wine making. She cut her hair shorter and tucked it under a wig and signed up for the army under the name Jin.

And here she was now, protecting the kingdom as a royal guard. All the hardships and awkward moments as she was trying to conceal her gender had all paid off. She was now not questioned of her gender as she was as fast and as strong as any man in the army. When she first began she was always left behind but with her improvements that had now been forgotten.

Niera heard the ruckus rattle as the attack began. She heard the roar of the battle drums and horns were sounded and she ran to go find the king and queen, hoping they weren't in a vulnerable area.

When Niera arrived the Queen ushered her to leave and to help the civillians escape first. But before she left to carry out her duties she couldn't sworn she heard the queen whisper. "I know who you really are" which sent shivers down her spine before she left.

"Ronan!" Niera called to another soldier who was fighting off the other enemy soldiers. "Go on ahead and get the civilians out of here!" she told him and he frowned knocking the soldier out of the way. "Where are you going then?" he asked.

She shook her head from beneath her helmet. "I'm going to check for survivors in the castle, I heard there's still soldiers in there" she told him and ran towards the upper levels of the castle. When she arrived she saw a white knight and remembered the legends that were shared among the other guards that she overheard.

"The White Knight..." she said breathlessly then saw Skylein and recognized him as the guard who escorted the duke. She ran to his side deepening her voice within her helmet. "Sir, we've received orders to evacuate the castle..." her words trailed off as she stared at another figure that descended. "Please don't tell me that's the enemy..." she said in awe.
  Niera / HYPERlink / 6y 330d 11h 20m 15s
Chenzan rushed towards the nearest balcony, killing everything that dared to stand in his way, no matter if it was ally or enemy. He was beyond furious. The little brat had taken the White Knight's Ark and made a Pact. He reached a suitable balcony and looked outside. It didn't took him much time to locate the White Knight, which was decimating his forces. Chenzan grabbed a nearby soldier:
"Tell the commanders to bring support via aircraft and not to engage the White Knight. And don't let anything stop you, or I'll kill you myself." he hurled the soldier and looked back at the White Knight. Then he drew the Dark Blade, placed his hand on the jewel at it's guard and said: "Shar." The balcony crumbled under the Black Knight's weight and fell down, but he just spread his wings and glided towards the White Knight...
  Chenzan / Shadowstorm / 6y 331d 2h 54m 7s
Saito raised his arms to look at them, then looked over his new body of steel in disbelief. "Ah..i..can't believe it worked..!" He then looked up and winded his arm back a bit and swung it off to the left, about five Shar soldiers being swept away easily, he barely felt them hitting him. A white light appeared in his hand and extended outward, and as he swung his arm to the right again it slowly dissipated and a massive sword was left in it's place. If this armor had a mouth he'd have smirked, he raised his arm behind his back, took a step forward..on another solder... And swung it vertically forward a wave of energy firing forth and cutting down several more foes before exploding against another unit that was heading for them. "Holy..." He came back to reality and looked to the man below him, waving down awkwardly. "Ah..don't bother bowing it's not like i'm a noble or anything. My name is Saito Hiraga."
  Saito (WKC) / saitohiraga / 6y 331d 12h 29m 28s
Sky was about to tell the man, but solders came and surrounded him. he pulled his sword, for a moment, he thought that this was his time, but suddenly the other man turned into one of the legendary knights. Sky opened his mouth but realized, even knights needed help. "Charge!!, but keep out of the knights way!" the guards charged in from behind the knight defending his flanks.

Sky charged and dodged a strike, and spun around, slicing the man's back. Another came and tried his luck. He's not a good gambler. Fire washed over some solders. After a few moments, between the knight and the guards, he turned towards the knight. "I'm Skylein Clis from Greede, part of the Duke's guard and armed forces." he bowed slightly at the knight.
  Skylein Clistoes / redhawk12 / 6y 333d 15h 46m 4s
Saito looked at the man who approached him and stared for a few moments, standing defensively. "Who are you...? no i don't know another way out i don't live here." Saito looked to see the order of Shar had already surrounded him and the other men, far too many for a normal man to fight..just then Saito's left arm glowed a pale blue color and faded again, the gauntlet appearing on his arm, while the dagger appeared in right hand. Suddenly it felt as though he had remembered something he had always known, and began speaking. "Oh Wizel, white warrior..wielder of the ancient sword. Grant me your power!" Saito drove the dagger into a slot on the gauntlet and it fit perfectly suddenly the circle symbol on it opened out and let flooded around him. "Verto!" The knight's armor below the castle disappeared in a stream of light that rushed upward to join Saito's light, when the light and smoke had cleared only the White knight remained, slowly standing up and it's eyes flashing blue for a moment as if opening and waking for the first time.
  Saito (WKC) / saitohiraga / 6y 333d 16h 57m 22s
Skylein stopped as five solders came running st him from the front. he counted. five in the front plus ten in the back he realized they were out numbered. He rose his sword and let out a war cry, everyone charged at the front attackers. each cutting their way threw. After a few minutes, no one was sorely injured, and they ran passed the two remaining solders who was on the ground. The only bad part was the ten behind them. they had cout up a lot. After they turned He screamed run, but turned around killing one solder that was coming around the corner. The surprise attack only go trios of three, before they had to retreat before they turned around and scattered the rest of them. He counted. two was left, but were are they. a musket when off and a guard fell to the ground dead. The same sound came. Take cover he yelled, but someone jumped in front of him.

They ran a little ways more, but then was confronted with an other person, he came out of no were. After a few more feet, they were now in city. Sky turned towards the boy. "Do you know another way out of the city?, the front gate is probably not the best idea"
  Skylein Clistoes / redhawk12 / 6y 333d 17h 19m 59s
The knight made no noise of pain as it's arm was severed, and it briefly stopped moving as it was run through with the blade, it's armor then began to crack and very quickly drew in a large amount of energy, giving a massive explosion of dark energy leaving no trace of any part of it. Saito had already disappeared down into the vault, hurrying down into the castles depths and finally arriving at the vault, he saw many kinds of gold pieces, fake swords made of gold and other things he couldn't use to defend himself, the only suitable weapon was a dagger set in front of a giant suit of armor, he hurried over at top speed and had to hold his arms out to stop himself. By placing one hand on the gauntlet above the dagger and the dagger itself he activated the ark, and soon found himself standing on what looked like a floating piece of the earth that had been torn up from the ground, there were pillars about and a strange floating humanoid creature before him, it spoke out in a voice that sounded ancient. "Warrior...if thou wishes to use the knight's power, though must first prove thy strength and courage..." Saito stepped back as the creature swung it's arm at him, it wasn't nearly close enough but it drew an arc of light that just barely missed his face. He ran about the "arena" for a while, weaponless, the odd time he turned and casted a spell that was easily deflected. He eventually began running up one ruined piece of earth after another avoiding the creatures strike from below, finally arriving at a pillar. Saito let out a roar and plunged down, slamming his head directly into the creatures who simply stared up at him with it's glowing blue eyes, though both didn't make a move. Saito seemed suspended upward for a few moments before the first drops of blood touched the creatures face and he fell back onto the floor. "Gh..." "Thou hast courage...but i can sense thou art no true hero..." It looked down for a few moments and its eyes closed, appearing to be in thought. "Very well..." It said before Saito awoke, standing up and holding neither the gauntlet nor dagger, they had disappeared and the knight remained still before him. He looked around quickly and darted for a secret passage that opened, having sensed the pressure plate beneath the knight ark released. He hurried upward through the 5 minutes of spiraling stairs before coming up in the castle courtyard, a statue had slid back to open the passage. Though the place was still in chaos Saito hoped to simply sneak away...
  Saito (WKC) / saitohiraga / 6y 333d 18h 48m 5s
Chenzan hit the Vault door and bounced back. However, the seal was weakened by the Knight and so he wasn't sent back as much as he should've been if it was at 100%. Then Chenzan dodged the energy blast, which slammed into the door. The seal fought against it and lost. It dissapeared along with most of the energy. The remaining energy made a hole in the door big enough for a person to go trough.
Chenzan saw his oportunity as the enemy Knight began rechrging. He charged forward and swung his blade in a wide arc, which severed the enemy's arm. Then he hit the knight in the face with his fist. One, twise, three times, sending it to the floor. Then he moved next to the body, stepped on the arm that was still attached and plunged his sword into the Knight's hearth. The Knight shuddered and died. Chenzan reverted back to human form and searched for Saito. All he saw was the vault's door... and the hole in it. Chenzan cursed as he raced trough it and the spiralling staircase behing it, only to be greeted by an empty room. No Saito, No Knight, and certainly no Ark. Chenzan's cry of rage carried troughout the city, sending shivers down everyone's spine...
  Chenzan / Shadowstorm / 6y 333d 19h 39m 48s
Before the attack

Skylein was riding next to the Duke as he left his city. the ride was boring, sadly no bandits of any sort decided to attack. As he rode, he had to carry the duke's banner, the banner also acted as a lance, but it was heavy. In reality of the aspect, the other guards treated him kinda like a squire, due to his young age.

As they rode into the capital City, the guards seemed more nervous. finally they made it to the palace, and the party had barely began. Sky quickly hoped off his horse and held his hand out to the Duke.
Grabbing it, the duke made it off. the duke was an old one, but still a good fighter, only 52, but still the toles of being duke shone on his face, also it showed being duke is hard.
"Guards!, spread out!, you four with me!" the Duke commanded. One of those people was Skylien. Dark golden hair, and blue eyes. a faint tattoo of a dragon on his shoulder. and small octagon chest connected to his belt. The Duke had given him it, but it was locked. The key remained on the Duke.

A small smile formed on Sky's lips. he had noticed a pretty women walk by, one of the guards nudged him, "That's the Princess you dumb-ass"
that's when he slightly got embarrassed. He also thought he herd her giggle a little. With his cheeks red, he notice someone pit something in the food. he whispered in the duke's ear and he nodded. The duke found s a set in the back of the room, making people come to him. watching the people eat the food and run out of the room seemed to make his day.

during the attack/ present times

large bang came across the room, everyone started running. By this time most of the Duke's guard was next to him. Sky ran up towards the only way in, and dropped to his knees, killing two mysterious solders. he quickly got up spinning as he blocked an attack. The Duke was next to him now. "This way he yelled, as a whole bunch passed the room. The Duke placed grabbed Skylien's shoulder and secretly place a key in Sky's vest, and let go following him. only having to fight a few, on the way out, the made it to the court yard.

The mysterious solders were practically gathered in the court yard. killing of the few guards that were there. The Duke's men, including the Duke charged. In a short few minutes, sky landed a blow on someone's chest splitting it open. but got cut in the face a little. both sides ducked when a very close ball landed crashing into the castle. A guard next to him was decapitated. About a few minutes, an escape route was open, the Duke was about to be led out of the fight but he was shot with n arrow, He grabbed Sky's arm and leaned in close by his ear "Good job, but now run" Sky shook his head in pain. "That's an order!" The duke smiled and died. Sky grabbed the Duke's ring and pit it in his vest pocket. (b "Retreat!, he yelled as another wave of mysterious solders was running towards them. As the were running they noticed a object fall in the roof the palace.
  Skylein Clistoes / redhawk12 / 6y 334d 12h 38m 9s
Despite it's size the Knight was fast, it leaped back immediately after recovering and dodged Chenzan's lunge. Grabbing his neck and spinning around to set him in place at the center of the hallway, after letting go it continued the rotation and smashed the hammer directly into his chest and sending him flying toward the vault door, though if he hit it would simply bounce him back again anyway. It then slowly brought the hammer behind it's back and began charging a dark energy into it that sent a cold shiver through the air, and any magic wielders that could feel it. It then jumped into the air and brought the hammer down before itself, sending the dark wave of energy hurdling toward Chenzan. Though seemed to stop in place and begin drawing in energy afterward as if recharging.
  Saito (WKC) / saitohiraga / 6y 334d 23h 19m 24s
Chenzan was about to respond to the Saito when something crashed through the roof. He grunted in pain as the thing send him flying through the air and into the wall. Chenzan was shocked when he got a good look at the figure in front of him. It was a Knight! And right now it was charging at him! Chenzan rolled out of the Knight's way as it pummelled into the wall. Chenzan stood while the Knight recovered and smiled.
"So, you want to play, ah? Well, let's play!" He placed his hand on the jewel at the Dark Blade's guard and said: "Shar." He was engulfed into a cloud of Darkness, which dispersed moments later, to reveal the Black Knight standing where Chenzan was only a moment before.
"Let's dance!" Chenzan said and charged, intent on impaling the Knight on his sword...
  Chenzan / Shadowstorm / 6y 334d 23h 43m 7s
Saito coughed a bit after falling back, though smirked up to Chenzan and responded to him. "Hm...Saito, and your's? or maybe i should just call you cyclops.." He mocked, gripping his blade and preparing to jump up and strike again.

A few moments before, above the castle

Light purple arcs of electricity jumped about out of the air and meeting only air at their end, before a large amount of energy exploded outward and a dark sphere appeared in the sky, slowly a metallic object pushed it's way out, as it's head peaked through it's eyes's flashed a dark green color before it began plummeting toward the castle below.

Saito looked up as the roof above them shattered and down fell what looked like a giant suit of armor, abandoning his attack plans and his sword he got up quickly and jumped back as the figure landed where he had been laying before, in front of Chenzan. It took one look at the knight's ark on his hip before bringing it's arm upward, sending Chenzan across the room. As it stood up straight it held up both arms and in a blast of dark energy a giant warhammer appeared in it's hands, and it began advancing toward Chenzan.
  Saito (WKC) / saitohiraga / 6y 334d 23h 50m 59s

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