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Cless started living alone not too long ago. He was a part of this school before his parent's died, and had a foundation in it, to keep him straight through high school. He lived in the boarding dorm, since his home was empty, he closed it down for the time being, until he was ready to live in a house. He was in class, and was listening to a regular lecture. He wasn't one who had too much luxury. He preferred everything simple. He had never owned anything too expensive and doesn't want too. The next lesson was his swordsmanship, something he excelled at. He enjoyed it too, next to playing instruments.
  Cless / StrifeX / 9y 332d 9h 23m 44s
Accepted D:<
  Mikeru (The hunter) / Mikeru / 9y 332d 9h 23m 51s
Name:Mr. Wheeler
Subject teaching:English, Math, Science
Personality:Kind, laid back, soft spoken.

  Spike Wheeler / AcEOfSpAdES / 9y 332d 9h 25m 51s

"What's the character owning limit to this RP?"

  Wallachia Niflheim / Etherlite / 9y 332d 9h 26m 12s
Post to my post o-o If you scroll down to the bottom then you'll see it.
  Mikeru (The hunter) / Mikeru / 9y 332d 9h 30m 54s
:D How am I supposed to start? >.> <.<
  Cless / StrifeX / 9y 332d 9h 32m 16s
Oh Well!
  Mikeru (The hunter) / Mikeru / 9y 332d 9h 36m 48s
I'm a smart 15 year old kid. D:<
  Cless / StrifeX / 9y 332d 10h 27m 55s
D:< Yeah, but your a fifteen year old kid! You'd spend it all in one go!
  Mikeru (The hunter) / Mikeru / 9y 332d 10h 34m 14s
SADLFOPAWFJAPFK! D: Inheritance. >.>
  Cless / StrifeX / 9y 332d 10h 36m 28s
You didn't read it did you? It's a school for the rich. Without a family to hold all the money, how are you at this school?
  Mikeru (The hunter) / Mikeru / 9y 332d 10h 41m 24s
Name:Cless Irving
Dorm room number; 159
Talents; Swordsmanship[Includes basic martial arts] and Musical.[Flute, piano etc.]
Bio and personality: [Don't want one. I will just say the basic's] Has no family. Has work. Always helps a friend.
  Cless / StrifeX / 9y 332d 10h 43m 19s
You obviously didn't read the rules o-o plus I added something to the skellie ^^ Sorry, but i can't let you join.
  Mikeru (The hunter) / Mikeru / 9y 332d 11h 10m 32s
Mikeru stared out the window as the clouds rolled by. The day at this school seemed to go forever, and Mikeru wasn't used to it.
She sighed and turned her back to the politics lecture the class was getting.
The classroom was large and had a cream color for walls. The ground was sheik white tiles, and there were blood read curtains that covered half of each window.

Mikeru found it too fancy, it gave her a headache too.
Mikeru checked her schedule.
'Archery next,' she thought to herself. 'That's at least something to look forward too.
It had been almost a week since Mikeru had started to attend Tsukasa collage, yet she still avoided people.
  Mikeru (The hunter) / Mikeru / 9y 332d 11h 13m 47s

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