The Marauders: Year 5 NEEDS A PETER AND A LILY!

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I solemnly swear I am up to no good.
The marauders are back for their fifth year, three of them finally animigus to run with their werewolf pal. They can't wait to see how things will go.
Snape is starting to retaliate against the bullying and wants Lily as his own.
Sirius is charming every girl in the vicinity.
Lily is finally giving James a chance.
Lucius and his group of followers decide to aide Severus in his conquering of Lily.
These are but a few of what is going on.

Sirius Black- beloved
Remus Lupin-Aido
James Potter- lavi
Peter Pettigrew-


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  Sirius Black / eternalybeloved / 6y 57d 5h 50m 50s
  Remus Lupin / AidoChild / 7y 322d 1h 27m 35s
Severus didn't believe Lucius; who ever hated him looking upset except for Lily? Still, Lucius and his friends would probably do a better job of knocking James down a few notches and Severus wouldn't even be in the bad light for anything that happened. He could use them to his advantage.
"Fine... help if you'd like..." answered Severus. "I guess I could use the help..."
Bellatrix was bouncing with excitement inside. 'This is going to be fun!' she cackled in her head before leaning closer to Lucius. "Extremely helpful!" she answered quickly. She started to think of all sorts of nasty little tricks for Potter and her cousin.
  Severus Snape / AidoChild / 8y 117d 20h 9m 50s
"Of course! Why wouldnt I? I hate seeing you all upset" he said with a small hint of sarcasum that would only be noticed if the person were looking for it. Like Bellatrix, Lucius wasnt doing this for Serverus, he was doing it for the fun, and if the mud-blood gets hurt, or Severus stops being so annoying with his emotions in the process, so be it. "I'm just feeling rather helpful today" he said sending a sly grin at Bellatrix. Lucius turned completely to Bellatrix "So how helpful are we feeling today?" he asked her meaning; what unseen thing were they going to do to potter and his crew.
  Shadow_Kitsune28 / 8y 141d 13h 54m 48s
"You would help me?" asked Severus, keeping his face down and not daring to look at Lucius or the others yet. He couldn't believe they would actually lend him assistance. He was shocked to hear everyone chime in about the matter.
"That's sounds like a great idea, Lucius," said Narcissa, who would follow Lucius anywhere.
"Sounds like fun," cackled Bellatrix. She was more for having fun with mischief than helping. Playing with Potter and her cousin would be of entertainment though.
Severus looked up at them with suspicious eyes. "Why are you helping me?" he asked.
  Severus Snape / AidoChild / 8y 145d 6h 45m 59s
Lucius wasnt sure exactly how to put it...
"How about you let us help you put perspective in that mu-Girl, and deal with potter?" he said, Not really helping, but for kicks. He looked back at the group behind him for help, or assistance. While he was talking he walked over to the luggage pile and found his luggage sitting by the side and pulled his other luggage behind him, the other in his hand. Lucius is to high maintenance for just one suitcase. Lucius walked the few steps back to the group. "Apparently your not doing very well at it, why not let us try?"

  Shadow_Kitsune28 / 8y 148d 14h 16m 9s
"I feel like you guys never take anything seriously," commented Remus as pulled his trunk along after them. He smiled though, glad that they weren't always too concerned about every little thing. Living with his mother, who worried about him and his condition non-stop, never failed to annoy him. Not that he didn't worry at all; he had to worry a little since this was a pretty serious predicament. But, he didn't want it hanging over his head that "he was dangerous" wherever he went. Sirius, James and Peter made him feel like he was just a normal person like everyone else. He felt like he belonged.
He followed them out to the carriages. In the back window of one of the "horseless" carriages, he could see a glimpse of long red hair. He wondered if James saw it too, and if that would be their carriage.
  Remus Lupin / AidoChild / 8y 173d 20h 23m 32s
James had not a look of worry on his face from what Remus had told him about Lily finding out he was a werewolf if she got close to them . Instead he just laughed with amusement. "yeah there is nothing to worry about. I honestly dont think Lily is the type to do anything or say anything if she finds out. Besides she would probably want to be your friend to,mate. Look and Sirius,Peter,and I. We know your a werewolf and we are best of friends. People wont be afraid of the werewolf side of you because they know you are one awesome person" he said with a grin before getting up and grabbing his bags. "now come on. stop being such a pouty face and lets go before we are the last ones to arrive at school"
  james potter / lavired / 8y 176d 20h 2m 4s
Sirius shook his head when he saw James smirk at the outburst between Lily and Snape. Things will never change with James will they. The mood was mischievous and relaxing but when he heard Remus mention about the secret that they kept between them. Everything became quiet and serious, no one spoke for the moment till Sirius stood and ruffled Remus hair.
“Don’t worry about it. She seems like someone who will understand plus she also looks like she can keep it a secret if we ask her too.” he smiled trying to lighten the mood. He turned to grab his luggage mentioning to Peter to do the same.
“Well we should get going. We don’t want to get there late and miss Lily.” Sirius said as he walked out the door followed by a chocolate smudged Peter. Sirius looked behind him as he waited for Peter to catch up with him.
“Geez Peter what in the world did you do to with the chocolate? Were you trying to wear it like make up?” Sirius lectured as he grabbed Peters wrist and pulled him towards the carriages hoping to find something to clean Peters face.
  Sirius Black / eternalybeloved / 8y 178d 18h 2m 39s
Remus gave James a look, mentally disapproving of the fight he started between Severus and Lily. He didn't say anything out loud though. He wouldn't have even had time to say something about it if he wanted to with how quickly the subject switched onto him. His face turned grim, and he stood to collect his school trunk. Peter may have been curious about Remus' expression too, but he was more involved with getting the last bits of chocolate from his fingers.
"If Lily does become close to us, James..." started Remus cautiously. He wanted James to figure it out without him saying, but he couldn't read on his face that it was clicking or not. With a sigh, he continued on. "She'll start to know us more, and find out things that may be... be bad for her to know." He lowered his voice as his mood darkened. "How many people do you know that want to be friends with a werewolf?"
  Remus Lupin / AidoChild / 8y 179d 5h 34m 53s
James heard all the fussing that was going on out in the hallway between Severus and Lily. The fussing made him grin a succesful grin before he pulled his head back in the compartment. With the same grin and a chuckle added to it,he looked back at his friends in complete proud mode. "I do believe this is going to be a very good year. now shall we get our stuff and go? or is some of us still freaking out about something?" he said the last part as he glanced at Remus with a slight tilt of his head. He was curious as to what had his friend all choked up and freaking out when Lily was around. Was the werewolf shy around girls? or was something else on his mind. He couldnt have been shy around girls since he talked to them himself so what was the cause of his episode? Whatever the reason was he was going to have to figure it out later. Right now he just wanted to get to hogwarts get situated and make Lily his.
  james potter / lavired / 8y 182d 2h 52m 22s
Severus was still staring after Lily in shock when Lucius and the others moved over to him. The arm jolted him out of his stupor and furrowed in eyebrows to get a glare ready; he really didn't like being touched by people... unless that person was Lily, of course.
He turned to Lucius, completely missing him wiping off his sleeve, and noticed the whole pack was around. He wanted to tell them to butt out, or to get lost. He wanted to tell them nothing and just sulk off like he would usually do. However, he didn't do any of those things. Lily's outburst had hurt him, yes, but it also made him feel like he was losing her to James Potter. The outburst only seemed to strengthen the love he had for her and he wanted to make it up to her, and to win her over. Obviously, he wasn't doing so well on his own. He wasn't entirely sure if he wanted their help, because he wasn't entirely sure they would even want to help. He just... needed someone to confide in since his number one confidant was the issue at the moment.
"I have to show her I'm a better guy that Potter," he seethed as his eyes wandered back in the direction that Lily disappeared in. "I can't lose her." They had known each other since they were young which had to mean something! They had to be meant for each other.
  Severus Snape / AidoChild / 8y 182d 3h 24m 45s
Lucius turned to see the yelling, he shared the same feeling. But maybe Serverus may come to his senses and let them handle that mudblood. Lucius looked back at bellatrix with a grin "love to" he simply said as he walked over to serverus and put his arm around him. Lucius' nose wrinkled at being so close, and seeing his greasy hair, did he even bathe...? He quickly shook it off and spoke up "trouble in paradise?" He said with a sly grin, and pulled away quickly brushing his arm off before Severus could see.
  shadow_kitsune28 / 8y 183d 18h 51m 19s
"Of course," said Bellatrix with an eye roll. She snickered at her cousin, who was blushing fiercely now. "Hello, Lucius," she said, moving out from behind Bellatrix at last since she was failing miserably at hiding.
Bellatrix perked up when she heard yelling and turned her head to watch Severus and Evans.
"Who does the little mud blood think she is raising her voice at a pureblood?" hissed Bellatrix, although she still had a crazy smile on her face. This little fight was amusing to her and she wondered how it would affect Snape.
When the red head stormed away, Severus stood in shock right where she had left him.
"Should we go over and see what kind of delicious drama has unfolded?" asked Bellatrix with excitement. "Maybe he'll let us teach the stupid little mud-blood a lesson!"
  Bellatrix Lestrange / AidoChild / 8y 187d 5h 9m 50s
Lily almost spun around and glared at James. It wasn't the invitation to sit with him that bothered her, since she would actually like that. This was the first meal of the year and she'd have to stick to her own table anyways, and the four were pretty interesting to be around. What irritated her was the timing of the question. Couldn't he have asked when she wasn't with Severus? Of course he couldn't; this was James Potter. All she knew now was that she would have an even harder time of calming Severus down. At this moment, Severus Snape was giving Lily a hard, accusing look.
There was something about it, however, that pissed Lily off even more than James' timing at an invitation. Severus and Lily were just friends and had other friends. Severus had friends that Lily didn't like. She couldn't stand Lucius and Bellatrix, but she had to be around them sometimes when her other friends were busy or if Severus was in one of his moods. Why couldn't she have some care-free friends to hang around? She never got on Severus' back about his choice of friends even if she disagreed.
Lily looked over her shoulder at James and smiled. "Sure, why not?" she answered before her and Severus slipped out the door.
Severus' jaw dropped as he stared at her. She was starting to get that guilty feeling, since she did accept James' offer on a spur of the moment anger that was already starting to dissipate.
Lily spun towards Severus with an exasperated look. "Severus, please! Why can't I? It's not like I'm going to be best buddies with them. They offered and it would be rude not to accept! I can't sit with you today anyways."
Severus' look was still hard. "Why would you want to, Lily?" he asked in an accusing tone that ruffled Lily up again.
"Maybe it's a good change of pace from being surrounded by a gloom cloud all the time!" she blurted out before spinning on her heel and taking off towards the carraiges. She regretted it the moment she said it... but wouldn't look behind her. She didn't want to see that wounded look in Severus' eyes. She would have to talk to him later... if he would talk to her at all...
  Lily Evans / AidoChild / 8y 187d 5h 9m 24s

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