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Jari looked a bit surpised at her when she said she liked the outdoors, many people of their age almost never go outdoors. "Nice to meet you Amelia." He stood up and nodded. "Sure, I would like to walk with you." In the park there was a fresh smell of pine trees that the wind was blowing from the huge forrests on the other side of the town.

"Are you here alone and do you live here?" He asked curiously as he wanted to know more about her. He started to walk over a small path with Amelia next to him. Many birds where flying over the path and they where singing as they where sitting in the trees. It was very silent in the side of the park where they are. Jari liked the calm and peace around him.
  Jari / Assis_Thalere / 9y 70d 14h 29m 48s
"I really enjoy the outdoors," Amelia explained to him as she reached out to shake his hand. His grip was firm, and his hands felt smooth like silk.

"I'm Amelia..." Introducing herself, she returned his hand and gave him a warm smile. The sun was hanging low in the sky as it was growing late in the afternoon. It cast an orange and pink skyline along the mountains in the distance.

"Maybe you'd like to walk with me?" It was rare for the girl to request such a thing from a complete stranger, but she was eager to hear what was on this boy's mind considering the fact that he seemed so alone. A splash was heard from the pond, and she scratched the back of her head, waiting for a response.
  ((Amelia)) / Demie-Chan / 9y 71d 8h 8m 6s
Jari smiled as she apoligised. "It is fine.." He said softly and looked back in her eyes. "Sadly enough I am out here just on myself, are you here on yourself?" He said as he broke eye contact for a short moment to look over the pond as some beautiful fish where swimming just in front of him. As he met her eyes again he stood up and pointed his hand out to reach her hand. "Sorry for not have said my name, I am Jari." He smiled felt a cool breeze comming from the side of him as his hear slowly moved from side to side in it.

Jari liked the way how the girl was dressed and he thought that she would be a very kind person. Her necklace caught his eyes and it was really beautiful. "Your necklace is very nice."
  Jari / Assis_Thalere / 9y 71d 8h 17m 21s
"Ahh... I didn't mean to disturb you." Amelia waved her hands in front of her face in a fluster as if to apologize to him. "I was just curious why you were out here all by yourself..." Her voice seemed to crack.

She gulped when she realized that she, too, was alone in the park. Amelia brushed a lock of her abnormally neon pink hair behind her ear with a warm smile painted across her small lips.

She looked down into his eyes as she questioned him, knowing that it was best to uphold good eye contact when speaking with someone. Yet, it was as if she were drawn to his eyes. They seemed to hold so much sorrow, pain, and loneliness. Perhaps this boy required some company?
  ((Amelia)) / Demie-Chan / 9y 71d 8h 32m 11s
Jari looked at the circles that appeard in the water from the slow movements of his hand. He looked a bit further away and noticed by the reflection of the water that a girl was walking towards him. Slowly he sat up straight and turned his head towards her, he noticed her collorfull hair and smiled gently towards her. Why would she walk to me? He thought and wasn't so much used to have girl attention. At school he was always an calm guy that was always kind towards his friends. Jari was a bit nervous but he smiled gently as always. "Hello." He said to her as he raised his hand out of the water and rested with his hands backwards on the gras.

The sun was shining warm down on him as it was just above the high mountains that where visible above the huge trees. Large birds where flying over the park as they had their nests in the huge oak trees.
  Jari / Assis_Thalere / 9y 71d 8h 44m 55s
Amelia sighed merrily as she trotted through the park without a care. It was good just to get out of the house, being that it was so stressful during the move. Coming from the large and quite popular city of Chicago, Illinois, she wasn't accustomed to the rural surroundings of the small town in which she now resided.

The park was a place of calming and tranquility that she had grown quite fond of. The abundant amount of oaks towering above like the skyscrapers lining the sky in Chicago was something to admire. The weeping willows hung over a sparkling pond as if they wished to touch their luscious leaves against the crystal waters.

Amelia slowed her pace as she noticed a male approximately her age leaning over the bank, gazing into the water as if contemplating his own reflection. "He looks lonely..." Amelia thought to herself as she then proceeded to approach him.
  ((Amelia)) / Demie-Chan / 9y 71d 8h 51m 15s
Finally the summer holiday arived in the small town where Jari was living. His parrents died two years ago in an car accident on a small dirt road that was going from the small town where he lived towards the big city many miles away. It was very dark that night when the accident happend, there was a large truck comming from the other direction. The driver hasn't slept for a long time and he was to tired to react fast enough...

Jari walked all alone over the large street that was in the small town. He enterd the park as he was wearing typical summer clothes. He looked over a small gras field where many parrents where playing with their childs, a smal smile came on his face as he thought back of the happy moments that he had with his parrents many years ago. "I wish they where still here..." He said with a soft sigh and sat down on the edge of the pond. Jari arched forward as he looked into the water at himself and moves with his finger slowly trough the water. He had felt lonely for a long time, especially now the holiday started and he didn't had school to distract him.
  Jari / Assis_Thalere / 9y 71d 9h 9m 52s

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