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hey not sure when you will see this but if you would please tell me how to delete this account and another one of mine i would very much appreciate it thank you
  Urisensangel / 6y 175d 4h 53m 25s
Rusk, how do I shot web?
  laundry / laundrymonster / 6y 176d 12h 28m 16s
Yeah, I need to know how to reset my password......It would be alot of help.
  lily / solitaire / 6y 181d 2h 11m 8s
Hey Jimmy I need to reset my password because my little brother figured mine out. How do I do so?
  Nicholai / AmamiAyumu / 6y 195d 18h 6m 38s
far left under threads is characters clik on wat character ONCE ythen it will become green
  cj44 / 6y 232d 17h 4m 46s
how do you make your username appear Name of Character/username
  Venjix / 6y 233d 7h 37m 30s
how do you make pics smaller?
  ava / yoojinx / 6y 237d 6h 53m 48s
i dont no how to put pics on
  Yumi / yoojinx / 6y 241d 59m 26s
i just accadentaly earased the roleplay from my recent activity pannel what do i do i cant get it back i just went to search and typed in the title sevral times what do i do evrey time typed it in it came up blank the name aka title is dude...wheres my zombie
  Cheese / mysty / 6y 253d 4h 53m 8s
I know this probably sounds stupid but where do I go to change my password? It's probably obvious but I'm a blonde lol
  troublesAfoot2 / 6y 269d 18h 50m 50s
how do you delete an acount?
  joshua485 / 6y 273d 23h 26m 11s
um is the owner here i need help
  murderface12 / 6y 281d 19h 56m 3s
How can you stop a**holes from causing trouble?
  Inrei Shinta / vaminoptra / 6y 284d 3h 14m 18s
Did the FCC or something made you put this on the site?LOL
  The Master / comradbrody / 6y 289d 8h 3m 35s
how do you block some one from PMing you?
  Jinx Rose / egyptiangoddes / 6y 294d 22h 49m 26s

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