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thanks i will do that.
  Markus Wells / shykriaisevil / 9y 19d 23h 38m 12s
Or contact his gmail username JimmyRuska. He hardly checks his PM's on here..
  cj44 / 9y 21d 17h 30m 17s
I know, send a mail to Jimmy and link the things where that/those persons have been doing bad things. ^^
  RollingGirl / 9y 21d 17h 41m 39s
yeah same here i tired of people acting like a itch to me.
  Markus Wells / Shykriaisevil / 9y 22d 1h 31m 0s
I need to know how to report people >.<
  Cody {Anime} / Sada / 9y 22d 14h 9m 4s
how do u report people?
  Markus Wells / Shykriaisevil / 9y 26d 23h 34m 31s
Why is there no function to block a user from private messaging you?
  Ryan Bently / Uratan / 9y 27d 1h 44m 3s
  Savage / 123lionclan / 9y 45d 18h 57m 41s
Terms are accepted upon registerring.
  oops / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / omio / 9y 115d 21h 52m 37s
How do I accept??
  Cierrah / 9y 115d 22h 8m 11s
How do I accept these terms?!?
  penumbra / 9y 137d 15h 52m 54s
I need to report a hacker. His username is thinkofanumber. He asked to join my thread and when i allowed him in he changed permission so that he was the thread leader and I was only a member so I couldn't edit anything. I hit back on my browser and it took me to the thread edit screen so I was able to remove him from the member list and put myself back as a leader again. I want him banned before he is successful at stealing someones thread or possibly their account.Please private message me how this hacker will be dealt with. Thank you for your time.
  Artimus Alexander / samuel_alex / 9y 174d 15h 41m 51s
Ok so maybe its because I'm on my Droid, but how do you accept the terms of agreement? I read it all and couldn't find an agree button
  YuukiKuranMeikoS / 9y 181d 11h 5m 44s
how do you change passwords
  vampiredemon2 / 9y 233d 7h 13m 20s
all it has is just a red "x"
  Lief / vahicrafter9 / 9y 246d 21h 52m 22s

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