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Hi, I forgot my password and username a long time ago so i got a new RP account. I would like to request for this account only to be deleted. Thanks appreciate it.
  Hannahsmyth2323 / 5y 277d 12h 27m 51s
Hello, I'm Recon.
  Recon / Reconation / 6y 109d 14h 28m 54s
I would request that my account on this site be deleted, please. It's under Firemaiden, and I don't think I'll be needing it anymore.
  Firemaiden / 6y 173d 32m 6s
Could you please remove my account
  Dragonessrisa / 6y 221d 12h 52m 26s
I had a blond moment and forgot my username ans accidentaly made this account. May you please remove this account from this site?
  ShowMeHowToLie / 6y 228d 12h 2m 17s
I wish to delete my Account. It's OmenGeraud. I don't plan on using This account any more. Thank you :)
  OmenGeraud / 6y 234d 22h 38m 10s
Can you please delete this account? I don't plan on going on this site anymore.
  chinafunsize / 6y 253d 18h 8m 53s
  alexchambers / 6y 296d 19h 46m 2s
Okay, thanks.
  Mikage-chan / 6y 320d 16h 58m 19s
You can only delete your RPs and characters. There is no wipe-all feature because it would affect other people's RPs.
  Cat / Webmaster / 6y 325d 14h 16m 46s
Will you delete my account, please? I can't figure out how.
  Mikage-chan / 6y 325d 14h 43m 16s
Will you delete my account please....
  Tra (Shy) / Trallyn123 / 6y 330d 10h 23m 9s
hey, i need this account turned off or banned. i have been told i need toget offthis site, due to things ive done in the past. Ifyou could please ban my account, my mom would be happy..
  rainbowkitteh / 7y 82d 9h 43m 53s
Can you delete my account please? I am going to make a new one.
  Assis_Thalere / 7y 89d 5h 40m 17s
Um Im new here and could use some help uploading a pic
  Akazukinmirrra / 7y 91d 23h 52m 35s

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