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______ is a feared inccubus demon who has killed an entire city in 5 minutes. He meets a young girl one day. Little did he know about that girl. He soon planned to charm her with his powers, then later on, eat her soul as he did to the rest. But as ____ and the girl began to see eachother more often, he soon learned about her and all of her secrets.

Demon x Timelord OC If you've seen Doctor Who, you'll know little about my character.

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South shrugged and leaned up against a wall. She watched the others around her with an intense curiosity. A small sigh escaped her lips. "Ah... Stupid, naive, humans... You'll never know what's going to hit you all in a few generations."
  Souru / SilverStar101 / 8y 151d 21h 34m 23s
kaito walked around getting to know the place welll and looked up "maybe a better way to look across this city then" he jumped up and climbed to see what was going on and smiled as he saw midnight walking around and stalked her for a bit
  kaito (demon) / shadow_fang / 8y 322d 4h 23m 13s
Souru dropped the chicken. She looked at a bunch of girls with veils covering their faces pass by. "Oooh~! Pretty pale girls... That definitely strikes me in an odd way..." She poked one of the girls, only to be hissed at. "Ah... TimeLords aren't aloud..." She followed behind the line of girls, tilting her head in curiosity.
  Souru / SilverStar101 / 8y 322d 5h 4m 46s
kaito looked at her confused and nodded as she ran off with a chicken on her arms "ok that weird and lets see what this place has" he walked around and smiled "this is my kind off place to live shame i from this period off time" he was getting use to the jumping around time and place
  kaito (demon) / shadow_fang / 8y 327d 12h 1m 2s
"NO PROMISES~" Souru shouted gleefully. She pushed the door open and ran outside. "Welcome to Venice." She paused as a flock of chickens made their way across the street. "By the way, if I guy comes up to you and asks about me and a stolen chicken. Ignore him and run away. DON'T ASK..." She ran into the crowds of people. There wasn't a cloud in the flawless, he sky above them. The sun shined brightly, reveal g Venice's beautiful details.
  Souru / SilverStar101 / 8y 330d 20h 50m 17s
he looked at her and sighed "it was a war zone from the sight i had" he heard the machine stopped "what happened and where are we" he sighed so he walked to where she was and smiled "well we better be somewhere safe for a chance"
  kaito (demon) / shadow_fang / 8y 330d 20h 54m 59s
Souru tilted her head and turned to Kaito. The SG hurdled through time and space as she spoke. "Hm? What do you mean." She wasn't given much time to have a face-to-face conversation with her new friend. Soon after she asked the question, the machine let out a ding. Souru spun around and began to fiddle with the controls again. She silently whispered her mistakes to herself.
  Souru / SilverStar101 / 8y 330d 21h 10s
kaito looked at her and nodded "why not sounds fun to me" he smiled and held that metal off the ship he knocked down from the sky for time place " what was going on it was a war zone"
  kaito (demon) / shadow_fang / 8y 331d 15h 19m 35s
Souru chuckled. "Heh, heh..." She concentrated on flipping the right switches, pressing the right buttons, and pulled the right levers. Last trip was a mistake. She didn't mean to go two million years into the future. She hadn't gotten the timing right on that landing... So that's where they ended up. "We're going to Vennice!" Souru cheered.
  Souru / SilverStar101 / 8y 331d 20h 19m 6s
kaito looked at her when she sounded "more .... please people inthis room size you are mad" he laughed and walked around looked the picture so that he stayed quiet and knew what was doinm
  kaito (demon) / shadow_fang / 8y 331d 20h 24m 21s
Souru chuckled. She pulled down a lever, and the entire ship shook. "This is only the beggining, my dear friend." She clung to a railing near the control panel. "You and I will be seeing much worse than those guys... Maybe some people will even tag along." She smiled and walked up the the panel as the ship stopped shaking. Inside, she was frowning: mainly because she still had to hide things to keep Kaito safe.
  Souru / SilverStar101 / 8y 331d 20h 39m 30s
kaito looked and smiled "ahh there" he smiled and ran towards her and dived inside "haha that was fun and three two one" a huge bang was heard and kaito looked "that teach them" he walked over the main computers and sat down breathing
  kaito (demon) / shadow_fang / 8y 331d 21h 36m 25s
Souru nearly jumped up with amusement. "And the running starts again´Ż×" She sprinted to her time traveling ship that was desguised as a deep blue, old police box. She pulled a ey from her pockets and unlocked the doors. They swung open revealing the controls and other gadgets inside. TheSG was conviniently parked right underneath the building Kaito was at. She waved up at her friend. "KAITO!!"
  Souru / SilverStar101 / 8y 331d 21h 38m 56s
kaito looked around and appeared on a tall building "this get some one attention" he smiled and started to make a fire then destroyed the building getting the ships "hmm that got you then" he walked out and looked up "she be here soon as well"
  kaito (demon) / shadow_fang / 8y 331d 21h 43m 47s
Souru smiled and walked down the stairs. "Well, he's certainly catching on to my little game." She chuckled and slowly walked outside, trying to blend in with the crowd as much as she could. Her violet eyes searched the area for her demon friend, Kaito. She held her special flashlight in her hand, ready to fire at any space ship that recognized her. "C'mon..." Souru urged.
  Souru / SilverStar101 / 8y 331d 21h 50m 46s

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