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A man was driving home from work, in the middle of the night so find a woman laying in the middle of the street, with no one else around.

Fair enough?!


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"It's okay" she said, looking at her hands. She looked up to see a doctor still there. "When will he be able to leave?" She didn't like being in hospitals for this long. She wanted him to remember, but didn't want him to do it in a place like this.

  Jana / belletheselkie / 7y 185d 21h 45m 28s
"Well it seems that hes just as annoying as always. not doing his homework..." he trailed off. he was talking to himself of course but Jana didnt know that. He scanned toushiros memories before speaking again. "im sorry i worried you Jana"
  Toushiro / umbreonmaster / 8y 100d 17h 9m 30s

The owner? Jana didn't know what he was talking about. "Yeah, you woke up the first time not knowing who I was."

  Jana / BelletheSelkie / 8y 156d 10h 36m 21s
"Again?" He was a little confused then he realized what had happened. "I am so sorry. I should have known what was going on from the start. I could hear the owner, but not him, so i just thought..." He trailed off.
  Toushiro / umbreonmaster / 8y 157d 15h 39m 17s

"Because I didn't know you would forget me... again." She sighed and slumped down in her chair.

  Jana / BelletheSelkie / 8y 158d 12h 32m 52s
As he read the note she had wrote he was starting to peice things, from the note, back together. He couldnt really remember any of it. but he knew it was true. "Why have you taken the time to write it all down when you could have simy told me?"
  Toushiro / umbreonmaster / 8y 159d 18h 28m 41s

Jana looked at the doctors and back at him. "I will be right back." She stepped out to the nurses counter and asked for a pad of paper and a pen. Once she obtained them she sat against the wall outside of Toushiro's room and began to write him a letter explaining their relationship. About an hour later she went back into the room and handed him the piece of paper.

  Jana / BelletheSelkie / 8y 161d 6h 1m 20s
"How is it my dear" he began in a soft tone "that youre at my bedside, crying non the less, and you dont know who i am?" he was a little confused as to who he was himself, but he didnt wanna let the others notice the absence in his eyes.
  Toushiro / umbreonmaster / 8y 163d 9h 23m 46s

Jana had began to choke on her tears and stopped. She was incredibly sad, up until he has woken up and spoke. It sounded like he was a whole different person. She looked at him with red, tired eyes and asked who he was.

  Jana / BelletheSelkie / 8y 163d 11h 30m 5s
He woke up just a few minuteslater. This was a whole new person. His eyes gazed around the room. Taking in every single detail as if it were impotrant. He noticed a girl next to his bed. She had been crying. Other people were standing around him in lab coats. They were doctors, he concluded. He has memorized every aspect of what he could see before he spoke. This was a different accent than his normal voice. He had an american accent before, not it was sort of a soft irish accent. "May I presume that I've been in some sort of an accident?" He asked to no one in general.
  Toushiro / umbreonmaster / 8y 167d 7h 12m 53s

Jana felt Toushiro's lips leave hers. As she opened her eyes she saw him on the floor, unconscious. She fell to her knees crying for this man she barley knew.

  Jana / BelletheSelkie / 8y 167d 7h 23m 6s
He felt passion in their kiss and as soon as the doctors came in because the monitors were going off he dropped to the floor unconscious.
  Toushiro / umbreonmaster / 8y 167d 12h 10m 2s

Jana didn't know what was going on, and it startled her a bit. But after a while she settled and kind of liked the forcefulness. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back.

  Jana / BelletheSelkie / 8y 168d 7h 36m 25s
He got out of the bed and walked over to her. He grabbed her by the back of the head and violently pulled her up to him before he started to kiss her roughly.
  Toushiro / umbreonmaster / 8y 168d 21h 19m 31s

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Her cheeks went back to normal even though she liked being looked at like that.

  Jana / BelletheSelkie / 8y 170d 11h 47m 17s

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