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Been forever since I updated this. Uhh. Hello summer, I suppose. :D SUMMER ACTIVITIES MUST COMMENCE. Go to a giant pool.
Darcy still isn't married yet...

And she needs to do it asap because I want cake.

Hurr murr Hurr Hurr! Maw.

darcy, when you read this, I just want you to know: I'm hungry.
love, your ever-cute-and-in-need-of-more-erasers Snow.

P.S. When are you going to send Beast to me?


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You ARE the grandma of ES. Or godmother. Fairy godmother. There, that's better isn't it?

All you gotta do is teach them Avada Kevadra.
I'd join that.

Same..I look at my old writings and I'm like, who's that sexy poetic creature?

All about habit I guess - I'm sure you'd have pick it back up by now once you got back into practice.
  SnowJin / 1y 219d 2h 53m 1s
I think that I am going to make a simple rp about magic.
Murder magic.
Maybe. Something easy to write to.
Mind is like mush.
Making me second guess all of my words.
Fingers dancing awkwardly across the keyboards
because they have forgotten the steps.

  pipsqueak / Darcy / 2y 92d 2h 35m 50s



Snow? o3o

I feel so old on this site now.
Like. The Grandma of ES.
  pipsqueak / Darcy / 2y 97d 6h 53m 4s
;-; We're both married, Darcy. MARRIED.

Two years ago, wouldn't have seen this coming. :<

Sorry I can't attend your celebration though, I'd really like to come, but at the moment my passport is with the UK Home Office. They're sorting out my EEA residence card.

I'll be there in spirit though. Eat lots of cake for me. Q_Q

Also I'm starting to cook for myself now. Like, really basic stuff, which involves a lot of boiling. Like boiling udon, boiling frozen vegetables, melting down Japanese curry sauce...
I'll probably upgrade to cooking stuff with oil next year, maybe.
[size10 All the husband's fault. He's forcing me to feed myself. T^T]
  Fragile / SnowJin / 3y 254d 13h 27m 13s
You can't just name him guy, that would be confusing. And Beast fits in your pocket? o.o

Yea, we have health stores here. So...farms, churches and banjos? Farms are further out of London. Lots of churches everywhere. Its more trains, shopping malls, buildings.

I'm doing a masters in children's literature. Am like studying kid's books and crazy literary criticism. Which is hard to explain to people who cannot fathom how a children's book can be complex and deep.

It's like I'm registered at one clinic, so when I make an appointment, they give me whoever's available- unless I make special requests like asking for one specific doctor or gender. At the moment they suspect it's a gut virus, so they asked for a stool sample. Gonna be gross doing that.

Totally a cute little red wagon with flowers on the side.
  Fragile / SnowJin / 4y 155d 9h 27m 13s
Ugghh. I shutter at the thought of a life without cheese. I have no idea how people give up dairy. Well, those that have too don't really have much of a choice. Hopefully some of those vitamins help you out. Or at least help you start feeling better. Where do you get yours at? Like a local health store? I have no idea what the term for them would be over there...Ugh.... Vitamin stores? Maybe?

Are eggs a thing there? And farms? Like, farms are the shit here. Well, the part that I am in. Farms and churches. 0-0

Maybe you have an ulcer? That could be a thing. Is there anyway you can change your doctor to someone else? Or do you HAVE to see that one doctor forever~

What ARE you doing? Do you like your lecturer?

I'm sure if Beast can fit in my pocket, then you will be able too as well.
A little red wagon?
Ah, so that is his name. I was just going to name him guy.
  pipsqueak / Darcy / 4y 157d 43m 41s
I bought like a load of pills the other day- vitamin C and all the shit. Bee pollen. I have missed bee pollen. They're so tasty. I think I had some iron pills, not sure about magnesium. I have like pills lying around everywhere, I'm just not taking all of them on a regular basis- yet. I definitely think I've become extremely lactose intolerant. I had indian food the other day- indian food filled with coconut milk and strong cheese- and boy, did I have the worst tummy ache in my life. Now I'm not sure if I'm just sensitive to acidic food, or if my body cannot stand dairy. I hope not. I still wanna have cheese in my life. :(

I'm also noticing if I squish my stomach when I'm sitting, like when I'm hunching over or something, my left side hurts. :T Definitely something wrong. But the doctor was like, 'It's probably the acid. Or the urinary tract infection. Or indigestion/lactose intolerance'. So she just prescribed me omeprazole. ;-; It could be the infection, but I doubt it. Feels like a stomach ulcer. Omeprazole could help with the ulcer, but usually they would give antibiotics to help with that too. Eh, we'll see. If I still feel the pain in a week, I'mma go back. But at the moment, I feel so fattttt. I am not used to having a tummy that...that wiggles at me. And jiggles.

My lecturer would totally court me, I'm so hot. *flips hair*
Nah, I definitely think she took me on because of the topic I was doing and not me personally. ;-;

I am a tiny human. *-* Have you got a pocket big enough for me though? D:
I was totally thinking of getting a little cart thing so that Grunt can pull me around. Grunt = new guy.
  Fragile / SnowJin / 4y 158d 8h 17m 2s
Mumble grumble bumble

Oh my. You are so tiny. Such a tiny human. Come ride in my pocket! c:
That should be a story. Write our story Snow. Tell the world of our tale.

Yeah, you are assigned a supervisor to look over your studies based on your last name and they throw you to them. Unless one of the supervisors has had you in a class before and asked to have you. Sounds like some weird courting thing.

"What is this pain in my stomach doctor?"
"Nothing to worry about, you're just getting fat." He replied curtly.

I giggled way too hard at that. Though truth be told, I don't think that is the case. Maybe it is something with your acid level combined with your stress level? You and stress have never been the best of friends, mainly when it comes to your health. Could be some of the things that you are or have been eating aren't going well with your body anymore? I've never had stomach issues, just the heart. NOW if you get some chest pain... Hurm. Have you ever taken magnesium capsules? NOT tablets. But the capsules? You could give them a try, that might help you de-bloat.
  speedster / Darcy / 4y 158d 8h 33m 23s
I'm like a whole foot shorter. I'm 5'2". xD

Hm, really? I thought all cats went crazy for catnip. Maybe you haven't been feeding her the fresh kind. She wants first grade freshly cut catnip. o.o

Our supervisors are to guide us on our dissertation and make sure we're not writing nonsense, I guess. o: I dunno, I thought supervisors on dissertations were always a done thing. Maybe only in the UK. Your supervisors sound like what people here call department officers. Like admin person. Supervisors in the UK are more like lecturers who specialize in some field- so mine's a lecturer who taught me the module British Literature 1960s to Present. So she's more likely to know where I would want to go with my disso.

Nah, always had a weak body. My immune system is really bad, and the stress makes it worse. ;( Well, the one I saw yesterday was kinda young. I got a bit worried because usually after you tell someone that your tummy is bloated even when empty and you get abdominal pains after eating- the doctor would usually check your tummy and press in different places to see if it hurt anywhere. The doctor I saw didn't even touch me. So I'm not sure if she diagnosed me properly. Cuz I still get bloated, and I have pain somewhere on the left side of my tummy- hopefully it's not anything serious. I was given omeprazole, but that only helps with lowering the production of my stomach acid. Not sure it helps with the bloating much, but we'll see. Could also be some sort of damage to my digestive system due to the amount of acid my body produces. Or bacteria in the intestines causing the bloating. I don't know, but I really wish she could have poked at my tummy a bit and tell me what was up with the pain on my left side. But eh, I'll take this pack of medicine and see how it goes.
I could always just be getting fat. ;-;
  Fragile / SnowJin / 4y 158d 13h 47m 33s
Called it. Though 6'3? Dang. How tall are you? Or rather how much shorter at you compared to him :p

OLD ASS CAT. You could. Minus the catnip, she doesn't fancy that as much as one would think.

Eh. That sounds, eh. The only time we needed to see a supervisor here was to look over what classes to take and what lectures we needed to attend, unless your supervisor is the teacher or such. Murder those shampoo snatchers.

You get sick so easy D: Is it because of moving to a new place, you think? And that sounds ANNOYING. The moving and having to find register all over again. However, I am super glad that you got rid of that nasty lady. Is this one better then her? Prolly, a rock seemed better then her.
  speedster / Darcy / 4y 159d 57m 4s
Funny you said that. He's like 6'3" and gave me a piggyback once on our walk home. o.o [i Totally get carried everywhere.]

Aw, only 6? She's not too old. I will bribe her with food and catnip.

We had to submit ideas and stuff. Gonna be meeting up with my supervisor to discuss it. I've sent in my idea as wanting to look at war in children's literature, but I was also quite interested in Bakhtin's theory of Carnival. Might work that in somehow- maybe look at power structures a little. Ye, I do like the whole private bathroom thing and not having to worry about people using/stealing my shampoo.

Basically every time you move to a different area, you gotta register with the surgery/practice that's in your area. So I was living in Putney, and now I live in Streatham. So I had to register with a new practice, so no more nasty lady who thinks students don't live in the 'real world'. But I had an appointment today, and was given some antibiotics and antacids, so hopefully things will sort themselves out. Stress is definitely making all this worse though. I'm getting the flu again, after having just gotten rid of it last week. ;-;
  Fragile / SnowJin / 4y 159d 5h 46m 21s

And by take care of, you mean give you piggy back rides around London?

Psh. Good luck with that.
Been trying to tame this creature with food for years
She is going to be SIX this year.

Ohhh. That sounds a lot nicer then other place by far. I wouldn't mind strictness if the price in return was a private bathroom. Had to share in the dorms, was not a big fan of it in the least. Have you started on it or have some idea what you are going to write?

Get that checked up on. That sounds about the same here, though you CAN walk in, it takes a few hours for the doctor to have time to see you. Do you have the same doctor/nurse take care of you everytime? Or do you get a different one each time? Cause I remember you telling me about the one that was kind of a butt. Or at least I recall her acting like a butt because of your stress.
  speedster / darcy / 4y 160d 1h 7m 9s
*Ding ding ding* [I D'Arcy has been caught!]

Yep, new guy moved in. ;D So now I got someone to take care of me again.

I would totally tame Beast with food.

Got an ensuite bathroom this time. So totally nicer and private. I get to sit on the toilet all day. Nicer landlady, but with more responsibility comes strictness. But she leaves us alone for the most part. Will do. Erm. I'm only having one class this semester, basically. Gotta write my dissertation that's due in August.

I've got a list of health problems that I need to go to the doctor's with. One thing I hate is the British health system, you gotta make appointments in advance, and there's always huge lines so it's like scrambling to get tickets for some really popular band. I'm sick of bring sick, so hopefully I'll get it sorted tomorrow.
  Fragile / SnowJin / 4y 160d 1h 29m 2s
-Rolls around in the Masterball-

Well, I figured as much. Since stuff and stuff. Did the other move in? Or was it one of your friends that moved in?
Maybe I'll just have her as the entertainment, come feed the large cat like creature. Or just throw food at her to keep her from attacking you.

Is the bathroom nicer then the other place? I'm just glad that you don't have to deal with the same landlady that really didn't do anything. Say hi to mom for me. And Merlin. How many hours are you taking this year? I only have this semester then I'm done.

I did~
Mhm. I'm taking care of myself, mostly.
How goes it you with?
  speedster / darcy / 4y 160d 2h 8m 38s

'm not getting married to Sam. So you gotta totally invite me to yours. I want cake! Beast is more likely to eat your rings than carry em anywhere. Probably shouldn't risk it.

New apartment is good. I had to kick Sam oit and get someone else to move in cuz we broke up and Sam was being bitter and shit. My mum is good, dad is kinda like hi-bye. Masters is tough and scary and very lonely-you're left to down on your own in research.

Go find something to eat. And take care of your health- it's the one wealth we should all cherish cuz bad health is hell.
  Fragile / SnowJin / 4y 160d 2h 41m 54s

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