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Ariana Areington has just been banished. Her home, her normal life, her family and friends, all left behind in the magick realm. While she's being sent into the human world to attend high school. Yup, High school.
She is stuck now in the middle of the stinking pit of normality, its driveing her up the wall. She doesnt want anything to do with any of the "normals" as she calls them. All of these mortals just annoy her, and she keeps to herself. Until one day she runs into a few people in the town, a few people like her. Apperently this spot was often used for banishment of Magick users. So they form a group. Adventure ensues.

Okay to be honest the plot is a little weak atm. But its modeled after the first rp i ever made on ES so i'm copying it to here, to see, if this rp can spark my love like it did the first time.
Violence-Hell yeah
Swearing- i dont generally care but try not to have it every other word
Lit-ish please- paragraph posts are best
Species: shapeshifter/witch/worlock/magick user/elemental/vampire/demon/fea/ anything and everything is accepted.
Short backstory:
thats about it. JOIN PEOPLE!

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<Hmm, I'm not about to start pitying you, cause you probably don't want it.>
  James Young / JamesYoung / 10y 62d 4h 11m 4s
ugh yeah but i can never find rps that suit my sort of interestes spacifically.
  Ariana Areington / torinchan / 10y 62d 4h 18m 13s
<Yea, I can understand what you mean, it used to be the same for me as well, but I've kinda given up on even making my own roleplay in the end, cause it got so bad>
  James Young / JamesYoung / 10y 62d 8h 17m 52s
<Its hard to keep an rp like this going with just a couple of people. its not a terribly serious rp but it coudl be alot of fun if people would just join and roll with it do whateer they feel like. Alot of different plot lines can be introduced but NO ONE FUCKING JOINS. None of my rp's. Like no one ever joins. I dont get it, there not bad ideas or anything i mean right? do people just not join anything anymore just make their own? Thats not right. ugh it makes this site just as frustrating as the old ES!>
  Ariana Areington / Torinchan / 10y 62d 9h 42m 59s
<I'm still around ... and wondering if something was going to happen>
  James Young / JamesYoung / 10y 62d 9h 53m 4s
<UGH This rp is going to fail if we dont get more MEMBERS Come on people JOIN!!!>
  Ariana Areington / Torinchan / 10y 62d 9h 56m 9s
James was pacing about for a moment, thinking of a plan, his assistant, Ryan, was watching his master patiently, though on the inside was almost worried about him and wondered what the older man would think of. Suddenly James stopped and smirked slightly to himself, his long tongue licking his lips.
"Ryan! Give me one of the experiments!" James ordered, causing the young man to nod and rush off to please his master. Soon the young man was back and James looked at the experiment, almost admiring the creation. "It's so beautiful." James admitted passionately. "Send her out." James chuckled slightly, as he looked at a clone ... of his sister. Jessica Young.
  James Young / JamesYoung / 10y 85d 9h 17m 20s
<Hey guys please delete your OOC's its kinda annoying when they interupt the rps. Thanks.>
  Ariana Areington / torinchan / 10y 85d 9h 49m 24s
<oh...ok then.....>
  Vetis / kohako / 10y 86d 6h 57m 10s
<idk....i dont even know where you at>
  Vetis / kohako / 10y 86d 7h 4m 21s
<hello....all that i know is happening as me and Katheryn are skipping school and hanging out at Vetis' apartment>
  Vetis / kohako / 10y 86d 7h 22m 29s
"Thanks."He said as he patted the bed for her to sit.
  Vetis / kohako / 10y 86d 11h 19m 18s
<<Alright I'll be here>>

She walked around the room. Then turned to him, smiling again. "its wonderful, Vetis."
  Katheryn Sonsaney / BillieBelle / 10y 86d 17h 32m 42s
<hey igtg....ill be on later though...maybe>
  Vetis / kohako / 10y 86d 17h 39m 16s
He looked down at her and nodded.
Once they made it to his place he opened the dor and lead her backto his room."It aint muc...just a two room apartment."He said s he smiled at her and sat on the bed in his room.
  Vetis / kohako / 10y 86d 17h 42m 3s

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