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Have you ever noticed the things that go bump in the night? Ever been afraid of what might be under your bed or in you closet? Remember when your parents would tell you that it's all your imagination? Well good ol' mom and dad lied! You were right to be scared of all the things in the dark!

It started as freak cases across the globe, you know the kind of shit you'd skim over in a Tabloid magazine. But recently the cases have began to increase, and of course, the government is covering it up, giving no truth. They just say it was a test gone wrong, or it was part of a rare weather event that hasn't been seen in centuries. Well those bullshit lies end today.

Milan, Italy

Cases have begun to localize in the city, no one is really sure why. Some have noticed, but others are oblivious, trusting whatever the government has to say. But people are vanishing in the middle of the night, others acting as drones like their very essence had been drained. It was getting bad, really bad and still no one had stepped up..not yet anyway...


While a lack of understanding still spread throughout the world, few began to step up. The first were the Churches. Text book rituals, as if they were in a damn Exorcist movie, chanting, masses, all the stuff you'd expect from a movie itself. And, for a while, it seemed like it was working, but that victory was short lived because the monsters came back stronger. As a sort of revenge, they began to attack the churches, setting them ablaze in the middle of the night. Tearing them down left and right. News and media raved about this, causing much panic as to why so many churches were suddenly being torn down.

Over some time several people had noticed the ability to fight back, as if they were granted some sort of magical gifts. Though it was only a small few, they all seemed to be centralized at a high school in Milan. Strange as that was, but only a few people knew, the students themselves, and a mysterious man who began to draw them together. This man seemed to even go as far as to change peoples lives to get them routed to this school in Italy so the students could meet one another.

They battle at night, when the Demons are around, and they attend school during the day, together. But just because they do this together doesn't mean they're all friends. Some wish to hold onto this fame of being a defender of humanity, while others would prefer not to let people know who they are. Some get along while others hate each other with a passion. This is just some of the many things that can separate the children from each other. Each having their own opinion on things.

However, despite their differences, they all know this. There's an evil that sends these demons, and it's slowly making its way into our world...

- Standard ES rules
- No instant romance
- School setting so school ages
- You must train to become adequate with Weapons.
- You will have one Element and a Weakness
- Be Creative. Use emotion, Love or Hate just help the Plot
- This rp is created by EbonWings, Ignis and me. Whatever we say goes. No if's and's or but's. Complain and whine, we kill your character.

Name: First and last name
Age: High school age
Birth Date:
Sexual Preference:
Strengths: Personality and powers
Weaknesses: Personality, mental, and physical weaknesses
Personality: You can describe this in full if you wish, or you may opt to describe your character in no more or less than five words.
Weapon of Choice:
History/Background: Don't write a book
Sample Post: Prefer quality over quantity, but would still like some length to it

Accepted Characters

Username: Kikido
Name: Isabella "Isa" Abandonato
Age: 17
Grade: Senior
Gender: Female
Birth Date: December 28
Sexual Preference: Straight
Appearance: Long raven black hair that falls to the middle of her back, with bangs. Silver eyes, that look tired most of the time, and lightly tanned skin. She is of the shorter side, hitting around 5'3" and is practically a stick, though has a good size of a rack on top.
Hobbies: Reading, drawing, playing violin, sword practicing
Likes: Mornings, cats, music, books, quietness
Dislikes: Evenings, loudness, people who wish to have the fame of being a protector
Strengths: Element of Darkness and swords. She is a rather nice person, kind to strangers who need help.
Weaknesses: Light magic. She looks and acts like she's independent, but really, she wishes to be around people, but can't quite figure out how to be acceptable to others.
Personality: Typical quiet loner girl that usually is sitting by herself reading a book of some kind. When she makes friends with others, she seems to be a different person, but only to really close friends, and even then she will tend to hide what she's truly feeling.
Weapon of Choice: Sword
History/Background: While being born, and living in Italy, she was always able to travel around because of her parents. They were partnered CEO's of the same company belonging to Kim Terra's parents. They would take her around on their travels a lot, but that seemed to be the extent of their parenting skills. Her parents knew they needed and heir to their company, but that didn't mean they could actually parent right. She was more trained to take their spots one day. She wasn't like them though, not in the least bit. She preferred to stay in her room during the day and only seemed to walk around the house or do anything at night. She wasn't always sure why she did this, it just felt right to her.

It wasn't until she came across her first demon in high school that she realized why. She never talks about this event, especially with the other students who fight against the demons. All they know is that she came across a very powerful demon and somehow lived.
Misc: She has a secret stash of chocolate in her dorm

Username: Kikido
Name: Aiden Connolly
Age: 16
Grade: Junior
Gender: Male
Birth Date: January 28th
Sexual Preference: Straight
Appearance: Medium brown hair that falls just above his shoulders and can look almost blonde in the light, along with milk chocolate brown eyes. Very pale, since he usually wears jacket and scarf all the time. He's fairly tall, almost 6' but lacking an inch or two. He's an average build for a teenager, but makes sure to keep in some sort of shape.
Hobbies: Walking around parks to feed birds, reading his comics, listening to his music
Likes: Birds, music, snow, practically anything to do with winter
Dislikes: Summer. Really, he hates the summer because there's no snow. Long boring classes where teachers only lecture.
Strengths: Has the power of ice and cold. Staying positive in almost any situation. Remembering trivial facts an things.
Weaknesses: Anything that can melt his ice powers. Doesn't really stops once he starts stating his random facts. He doesn't really space off, but there have been times where he was lost in thought so much that he hand't realized people had left the room twenty minutes ago.
Personality: At first glance, many would be offset to go up and talk to him. He looks rather cold and might believe he's too good for anyone. But in reality, that's just his resting and spacing out face. He's actually a rather cheerful boy, trying to cheer up anyone that's having a bad day or something.
Weapon of Choice: Anything he makes with his ice
History/Background: Aiden lived a rather normal life in America, having nothing out of the ordinary happen to him. Though, it was strange for him to be wearing a jacket and scarf in the middle of the summer, many friends realized that this was just a thing for him and left it at that. Nothing strange ever happened that would be life altering, until the end of his sophomore year that is.

It happened rather quickly. He felt odd a few minutes before, like something was coming and he just couldn't figure out what. He quickly found out as a portal opened, practically, right in front of him. Thankfully, a lower leveled demon had come through. It was small enough for Aiden to handle it himself as he also discovered his abilities at the same time. Amazed by this, he quickly showed his parents, who, of course, freaked out. Still, Aiden wasn't shaken in the least, in fact, he felt more alive than anything. He showed his friends, and fought demons when he could. Things seemed pretty good.

When he came home one day, De Leon was in his kitchen, talking to his parents. It was quickly decided Aiden would go to Milan, Italy, to learn more about his abilities. Though his parents were worried, Aiden was all about the adventure.
Misc: He always wears a jacket and scarf, no matter the weather. His abilities keep him at a comfortable temperature to wear the jacket.

Username: Avannesa
Name: Viviana Musion
Age: 16
Grade: Sophomore
Gender: Female
Birth Date: May 28th
Sexual Preference: Straight
Appearance: Wild rose hair, long hovering right above her culo. Large turquoise eyes, close to the color of the ocean in Cancun, Mexico. Her skin while fair, has a warm pigmentation.
Hobbies: Dance, she did lots of folk dancing, so she practices often to keep up with her years of training. Not to mention, it makes her feel closer to her family, Italy is a hell of away from home.
Likes: Cherry scented candles, guys and sneaking off to do things you aren't allowed to.
Dislikes: Spicy foods, people who are always whining and anything slightly resembling an onion.
Strengths: Cosmic energy, Viviana draws power from the stars, moons and constellation. She filters the energy through her body creating an extension that can be formed into any weapon. Viviana will always be there. No matter the size of the problem, she will be by your side to the end. Her loyalty is untouchable.
Weaknesses: Mother nature, while cosmic energy is powerful, it is easily blocked. If the slightest change in cloud positioning is altered, Viviana can be weakened. Viviana is very upbeat, she tends to shield the bad with good. Which isn't always the best way to handle things. She's going to explode one day if she doesn't learn to deal with loss. Especially when entering the world of demons.
Personality: Viviana is your typical Latina, very straight forward and no filter. While friendly, she will be as kind to you as you allow her to be. But if you come at her with a fuck you kind of attitude, she won't be afraid to dish it right back. Quick tongue and even quicker movements. Viviana will always try to keep things positive, but mess with her or the people she loves, prepare for the storm that follows.
Weapon of Choice: A bow formed from her cosmic energy.
History/Background: Viviana was 15 when she discovered she had been cursed with cosmic energy. Being from a very catholic family, her mother and father did their best to hide their daughters new found abilities. They didn't want the people of their town to label Viviana a demon and take her from them. But that all changed one unfortunate day after dance practice, when her long time interest offered to walk the girl home. To make things short, a demon appeared, devoured the boy, and forced Viviana to spark her powers and destroy nearly an entire block of houses; and the people who owned them.

Hearing of the incident, Viviana's parents sold anything they could to get her ticket to Italy and into the care of De Leon. Viviana was never the same, tho she masks a lot the trauma with laughter, she scared of her powers. What they are capable of doing not only to those around her, but to her own self.
Misc: Neat freak. While she can be a bit eccentric, Viviana is very neat. She tends to douse her room in cleaning products and always has scented candles on hand for the smelliest of situations.

Username: HextechZydrate
Name: Wrath DeLoncre
Age: 17
Grade: Junior
Gender: Female
Birth Date: October 30
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Appearance: Long red hair, mid length. Golden eyes, a birth defect. White skin. She stands at 5'6'', and weighs 148 lbs. Athletic build.
Hobbies: Studying ancient times, dodging class, lollygagging.
Likes: The moon, music , Autumn, being a protector.
Dislikes: Prissy, stuck-up types; Rain, losing.
Strengths: Can master any weapon she picks up nearly instantly. She's a protector through and through, weather she's battling demons, or bullies.
Weaknesses: Water. She gets a little too emotional when someone attacks people she cares about. She is a head on, no-plan type, getting her into a lot of trouble. with her powers, she can't just will full scale buildings or anything, otherwise her body tries to break itself.
Personality: She's all grins and fun, and flirty as well. She loves being a protector, but doesn't bother to flaunt it; you can see it on her face. She's your typical mouthy american, with a high-velocity type of personality, and a fiery attitude. She's not quick to her temper, unless you threaten someone she cares about.
Weapon of Choice: Staff
History/Background: She knows she'd been passed through orphanages most of her life, because her eye color was very unusual, and she has a drastic fear of water, stemming from somewhere deep within her memory. She prefers to keep that tucked, even from herself.

The very first demon she encountered was at her last orphanage. It erupted inside and destroyed most of the building, killing a lot of the inhabitants inside. Wrath became enraged, ripping apart a stairwell's railing and beating the demon to death with it. That was how she discovered her powers... And also demons. She also discovered she would never be viewed the same again.

Username: AresKnight
Name: Ares Swordman
Age: 18 year old
Grade: 12 grade
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 09/11
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
)b Appearance:) Ares is a medium size male with a uncharacteristic body. He has Shaggy black hair and green eyes which contrast with all his other features since they seem pure. He is 5,9 feet tall in stature and usually wears a jacket ignoring the school dress code as well as headphones.
Hobbies: He enjoys hearing music and singing it out loud when he is be himself, Drawing and petting stray animals.
Likes: Himself a little too much, Competition, Arguments
Dislikes: Being defeated,His family and anybody who becomes his rival in a competition
Strengths: He is a asshole, he enjoys lying to his peers and coming out on top however he has a very strong skill, "The Wind Elemental", This power grants him the ability to move at the speed of sound for brief moments as long as he follow the flow of the wind. He can also dodge attacks and sense enemies hiding, as well as traps.
Weaknesses: Due to his Competitive nature he often gets fooled into traps and more often that not his teammates end up letting him take the fall. His ability also just grants him a quick moment boost at the cost of his stamina, it doesn't last forever so fighting multiple opponents or dodging many attacks will wear it out and leave him open.
Weapon of Choice: Zweinhander.
History/Background: Ares was born on a normal family in fact most his life was normal until he began going to school, being a really hyped kid he studied and soon became the class genius however his 'friends' used him constantly and he became the class deliver boy. Finally after learning that his classmates were just using him he grew selfish.
Misc: He is a total otaku, nerd even if he denies it

Name: Kane Monte
Age: 18
Gender: Dude.
Birth Date: May 13
Sexual Preference: Straight
Appearance: Long, incredibly dirty, blonde hair. Fucking tall, 6' 4" and slim. Scarring, from... complications.
Hobbies: Painting, swimming, and consequently surfing. Vandalism. Sleeping.
Likes: Music, fire-grilled fish and poultry, pure distilled H2O. So much that he won't drink anything else if he can help it.
Dislikes: Anyone trying to but in on what he sees as fun. Sweets.
Strengths: Water manipulation. Near instantaneous travel within it, provided the body of water is calm enough and large enough.
Weaknesses: Can't manipulate water if there is none to do so with, or it isn't liquid, thus Ice and depending on the scenario, fire
Personality: Calm and slow, often rude in the same manner. Somewhat sadistic to the point that he can be a psychological bully at times.
Weapon of Choice: Water, in all its glory.
History/Background: Doorstep baby at an orphanage. Lives in the dorms, at the school's urging, and behest.
Misc: There is more to his abilities than he lets on.

Username: Glitch
Name: Louche
Age: 17
Grade: Senior
Gender: Male
Birth Date: December 12th
Sexual Preference: Women, Thicc women.
Appearance: He's a shady Character.
Hobbies: Skateboarding, Stealing, Doing illegal things
Likes: Other peoples stuff
Dislikes: People who's heads are up their own asses. Also those on a high horse.
Strengths: He's a shifty character. He is good at not getting caught and he's quick on his feet. He doesn't seem to have any special powers.
Weaknesses: Those who are worst off than him make him sick, He has no real mental weaknesses coming to terms with the evil in the world and accepting it for what it is at an early age. His physical weaknesses are the same as a normal human being it seems.
Personality: Don't leave your wallet around him.
Weapon of Choice: Skateboard
History/Background: Doesn't matter where he came from.
Misc: He knows the streets of the city better than most. All the shortcuts and hideouts in the city are under his knowledge. He has a rep on the street for being someone with hot hands. He also seems to appear out of nowhere at times. In places especially odd for him to be. Though it is hard to tell if this is from some innate power, or just his shady nature combined with a little skill.

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Ares stood still shocked as his teammates rushed into action for the first time he was actionless he didn't know what to do but he also felt like this was due to his own fault perhaps if he had paid more attention to the girl this would not have happened regardless it was too late now as Wrath taunted the friend turn foe away and Kane followed. But there was no time to rest there were more demons and Lisa had already begun fighting them ordering him and the kid to stand here and help her, he was not gonna refuse but if what happened to Viviana happen to him would his teammates be sad?. Would anybody even bother chasing after her like Kane did try to save even just one little piece the sad thought of them killing him without remorse covered his mind but he kept it to himself there were demons to kill.

It seems Aiden has grown more confident, performing a quite impressive attack to distract the demons for him as well as planning ahead knowing that he was gonna help the kid the force of winds created by his attacks although not intentionally was gonna be a big boost. He dashed across the cold air and performed several punches into each demon in a blink of an eye they did not even notice they had been hit as a sudden burst open in their chest their innards becoming outwards.[+blue Be careful not to hit me then ill be going in deep]. He remarked dashing towards the demons that Isabella could not focus on giving them a nice elbow smash to their vital areas sometimes a palm strike his attacks didn't kill the demons outright but with the wind to help the momentum of his attacks after a few the demons were pierced by his punches.[+blue... and the kid meet up with other two.... if that...'Demon' leads them to a trap you are best suited to rescue them I can catch up with you with my speed once I am finished here I think this the best plan plus I can avoid these grunts for hours]. He explained once he got a chance to come close to her during the fighting regardless of her choice he grasped a demon claw incoming to his face his hands bleeding from catching something so sharp with his bare hands and with no regard for his own safety crushed the claw with that same hand stabbing it further into his hand but breaking off the demon's arm.[+blue I think you demons made a big mistake...I don't care how fate plays out my death I will make sure to kill you damn scumbags until hell has emptied and the king of hell itself comes to kill me!]. His hand hurts but he didn't care he punched through the demon head with the claw that had been stabbed into his hand and so Ares keep fighting avoiding one or two attacks at the time but due to the vast number of demons one always found a way to slash him somewhere.
  Ares Swordsman / AresKnight / 7h 6m 46s
It was like the world around her had stopped. Everything around her disappeared, leaving her in nothing. The only thing in front of her was one of their own. She had been in this situation before. She had been put in front of her nightmares many times. She knew what she had to do. But each time didn't make it easy. It made it harder. She could feel a little piece of her break and die every time she had to do this. Each time, she prayed this wasn't happening. And each time, her prayers were never answered.

[#3CDDE2 "Is that...Viv?"]

Hearing Aiden, she slowly came back to what was in front of her. Viviana stood in front of the portal, a sort of smirk on her lips. This wasn't Viviana, but it was. There was no denying that it was her with her glowing orbs. Even if a demon could disguise as her, it couldn't recreate her abilities.

Had the demon within her awakened fully now? What were the warning signs? What had Isa missed to see the start of this going downhill? What about De Leon? Surely he would've noticed way before her. What had they missed? It had been a good while since this last happened. Maybe Isa had just grown hopeful?

Before she could do anything, Wrath had rushed to get Viviana's attention away from the rest of them. No. This wasn't the way to do it. This was the worst way to do it.

[#B70303 "Wrath-"]

She heard Kane yell and quickly go to defend Viv from Wrath. No. This couldn't happen this way. Not like this.

[#B70303 "Kane! Get back here!"]

Isa looked around her in a panic. They were down in numbers. More than she was comfortable with, and at any minute the demons would come through. This wasn't good. She had to figure something out to get everything back and figure out what to do. Turning to the two that were left, she had to think of something.

[#B70303 "Alright, you two, don't go running off like they did. We still need to take care of the portal. Wrath gave us a distraction and Kane obviously fell for it too. For now, we focus on the portal and let those two figure it out. Once we get rid of this portal then we turn our attention to Viv."]

That's when the first demons came through. Isa saw them and knew this was not going to be easy at all. These demons came prepared with weapons, but there didn't seem to be that many. Good. Once they killed these demons they could close the portal. Aiden had no ability to close it, and while Ares could, she hadn't seen him close one without some help. That left her, which was worrisome. It strained her to close the portals, taking much more energy than she had to give most times. The demon within her got stronger near portals, and trying to close one seemed to help it gain control over her.

[#B70303 [i 'Looks like we don't have a choice.']]

Isa rushed forward, her sword at her side, ready to swipe. Approaching the first demon she gave it a kick before swinging the blade around to cut open another. The fight would have to be without her abilities until she closed the portal. She didn't want to take any chances and give the demon the upper hand.

[#B70303 "Come on!"] She yelled, going after the next demon to kill.

[center ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~]


Aiden wasn't sure what was going on. First Viv stood in front of the portal. Wrath went and punched her. Kane rushed after yelling something about him coming back so Viv could too. Then the demons suddenly came out of the portal and Isa ordered the two guys to fight with her. What the hell happened to make everyone crazy? The demons?

[#3CDDE2 "I guess we go fight?"] He asked Ares, not sure if that really was the right answer.

They couldn't just stand around though, they were sitting ducks otherwise. So, what was he to do? Well, fight he guessed. Aiden commanded the water from the fountain to rise and flow over to him, freezing in the process. In his hand formed a sort of ice hammer, much bigger than himself. He was still learning how to form said weapons and they sometimes came out too big or too small. This would do fine though. He hoped.

He looked around for a dense crowd of demons gather, finding one near Isa. Quickly, he rushed over, jumping into the air and holding the hammer above his head. With a yell, he swung it down, hitting the ground and shattering into many pieces. Said pieces were sharp, flying in all directions to pierce the demons around him. While some got away with a few embedded in them, others were practically covered in the shards, black ooze dripping out from the holes created. Aiden recovered fast, the shards never harming him. He clapped his hands together then pushed them outward, forcing the shards of ice to follow. They pushed in deeper into the demon's bodies and sent them flying back. Some even flew back into the portal, which Aiden was quite impressed with.

[#3CDDE2 "Seems I'm getting better at this."] He muttered to himself, a smile on his face.

He couldn't really celebrate for long though, more demons coming through. Aiden had never really seen this many demons before. They were all low powered, but he knew about strength in numbers. He just hoped that they could get the portal closed quickly and turn their attention back to Viv and figure out what to do about her.

He felt something suddenly slam into him, sending him to the ground. He really needed to pay attention more...

[#3CDDE2 "Okay...enough daydreaming..."]

Aiden pushed himself up and ran back to the fountain to gather more water to make into ice. What sort of weapon could he make now? Sure he could try the hammer again, but Isa said to never do the same special attack twice in a fight unless necessary. He had to plan this out carefully and quickly.

[#3CDDE2 "Ares! I got a little idea!"] He called. [#3CDDE2 "I'll be a distraction then you take them out!"]

Ares seemed a little annoyed, but Aiden was going to do his idea anyways. Gathering the ice around him, he made his hands into a ball, causing the ice to crush and crumble by the force. A ball was slowly formed above him until he figured it was big enough. He then swung his hands out, the ball flying towards the demons and exploding in the air. White snow suddenly flew at them, almost like a sudden blizzard. It blinded the demons in its path, making a great distraction for Ares to do what he wanted. Aiden was quite pleased with himself that this idea worked. He might try it a few more times in other battles.
  Isabella "Isa" Abandonato / Kikido / 8d 11h 59m 21s
[Handlee [size16 Initially Kane had thought that he'd scared her away. Their foray into the unknown had left their relationship up in the air... Viviana seemed distant afterwards... for a few days. Then out of seemingly nowhere, the situation had reversed itself. Viv came to him. Pestered him far more than usual.

And annoyed as he was, it was nice. She even talked about trying again. Though she adamantly stated it would need to be later, and that heading back into that fray would be something the two of them would need to be prepared for. Kane had all but forgotten the crave. The two had even been on a few dates. Normal dates! Something Kane from a month before was surely against.

The month was short. Far too short.

Now here they were a month later. Viv was in front of the portal; as if she belonged there. As half the team seemed to lose their minds at the sight for some reason, Kane saw a very clear and concise solution. Viv was still in there, something he was sure of. He was going to bring her back. Viv was still in there and he'd be damned if he just gave up on her.

Wrath dashed forwards and suckerpunched Viv in the face. Understandably agitated Viv pursued the girl. So she wanted to deal with Viv herself... she [i thought] she could deal with Viv herself. As if any solution someone so eager to damn her could come up with was a viable solution. Not in his eyes anyway.

[center [+darkblue "Fuck That."]]

Throwing out an open hand he withdrew a significant amount of water from the fountain, forming it into several rather large ribbons.

[+darkblue "You guys can give up on her all you want. But if I can come back, then so can she."]

With that he pursued the two girls, leaving the rest of the group to deal with the summons.

Isa's 'plans' had gone up in smoke just like that.]]
  Kane / Lostax / 24d 6h 10m 24s
Wrath decided, after Isa talked with her breifly, to dissapear.

She told DeLeon she would be back in a little under a month, but she had some things she had to take care of. He made some notion about homework, but said little against the idea otherwise. Perhaps he knew, it would do her some good to get away for a little while.

After that, she flew to a sister city, where there was work to be done. There was hardly a team there, and what little there was, they were getting their asses handed to them. From what it looked like, the demons took out their leader and were running rampage for [i weeks], and on top of that, the portals were still opening. They were scared, and so were the towns people.

Wrath swooped in and, in a matter of days, cleaned up their problem. She noted that even with the amount of power she used, not once did her bones break, and that scared her more than the creatures pouring from the portals. They asked her to stay and continue to lead them. She refused.

She moved on to the next city that was crumbling. And when she had cleaned up there, she moved on to the next, and then the next, and the next. She felt like she'd cleaned up thousands of towns, small and large, but none of that help would clean her conscious. She did what she did, and when she was dead, she would pay for it.

For now...

Wrath took a flight home, which was a good few hours away. She held her bag close to her as she watched the cities below go by so fast. She took note of everything inside her sack: Her new outfit, her new mask, her new weapon, various gifts from the places she'd visited. Her finger squeezed in on a book that had been given to her; a journal stating everything he'd learned about "The Light", giving Wrath more insight than she had wanted.

And the beast within her was so quiet, it was nerve wrecking.

She'd grown accustomed to the voice in the back of her mind, taunting her to go back through the portal, or to do bad things, or to reclaim what she'd given up. What scared her was when they all the sudden just disappeared. What was the thing planning? Where exactly was she lurking at that Wrath couldn't find her?


Wrath paused a few yards away from the front of the building she'd once called home. Things felt different here. Something was not right, and she knew it. She felt the tingle on the back of her neck like she did that day by the tree.

She swallowed hard, slinging her pack over her shoulder before approaching the door. She quietly opened the door, noting that there wasn't anyone nearby when she came in. Good. She made it to her bedroom, throwing her things down and immediately changing clothes.

When she stepped out, fresh and renewed, she met Viv, facing her.

[i "Hola, Amore."] She grinned in a way that made Wrath's spine tingle. And she hadn't hugged her yet... Weird.

"Heya, Viv." Wrath grinned, trying to shake off the feeling.

"I've missed you, [i Miss Wrath]." That did it. The inflection sent every nerve skyrocketing. Who was this person standing in front of her? Wrath kept her grin and chuckled slightly.

"I know... I'm sorry. I needed some time." She shrugged. Viv made to put her arm into Wrath's, and it burned. Viv jumped back, rubbing her arm.

"[i Cara Mia], you're on fire! Do you have a fever?" The Italian slipped from the girl's tongue, and the accent changed just slightly when she did so. Wrath made a note to keep her face clear from the shock of being burned, and her sudden change in language.

"Maybe... I was on a pretty long flight. It was kind of a shock to my nerves. Maybe I'll get some water and sleep it off." Wrath made her way to the kitchen, Viv right on her tail, watching her every move. Wrath remained calm as she got a cup, filled it with water, and downed it. Slowly. When it was empty, she filled it up again.

"Better?" Viv raised an eyebrow to Wrath as she turned.

"A little. Gunna take this with me in case I need more. Sorry our reunion is brief." Wrath grinned before saying her goodnight. She peeked into Isa's room, but they must've been at school already. She closed the door behind her when she found herself in her room.

That girl was not the same girl she'd left.

She knew that now more than ever as she stared down at that portal, a demon with a girl's face on it she once knew. She stood, previously crouched through the debriefing, the bright red smile of her mask the only thing visible by the glow of the portal.

"...Told you to take care of yourself, girl." She mumbled quietly to herself, not really caring if anyone heard her. She pushed through the crowd to stand next to Isa, turning to the girl.

"If she's here, there's going to be a good number pushing through." She said loudly. "I'll keep her attention for now while everyone else takes out the lesser ones." Wrath flicked her arm out and a staff came to her, forming in her hand. "See you on the other side." She grinned behind the mask, even though they couldn't see it, and dashed into the fray, dodging away from the four legged beast and smacking the once-was Viviana in the face as hard as she could muster. The demon-girl growled and turned her attention to Wrath, just as had been expected.

"The monkey chased the weasel~" Wrath singsonged, dodging those annoying energy balls as Viv pursued her away from the others.
  Wrath / HextechZydrate / 31d 28m 48s
Ares spent the month training his wind skill the most he could if he learned anything from his shoulder injury is that he can't rely on big flashy moves anymore and master the speed of his attacks would be most likely key to his victory developing a tactic from watching video games rather than training with the group since he is just a damn nerd like that. From fantasy, he comes with an idea to throw his sword and catch it then swing it, while from a fighting game he comes with a uppercut followed by a drop kick they worked well on the nights that happened during the small month where nothing much occurred always rejecting the help of Isa, Kane, Wrath, Aiden, and Viv, in fact, going as far as avoiding further communications with them he needed to train himself to the utmost limit after all and did not want to show his more friendly side to them.

Today the portal opened at a nearby shopping mart that was gonna be a pain if they didn't fight outside or near a window, Ares would be somewhat restricted. When they get near the center seems the others are going a more sneak approach, Ares, however, just moves into an alleyway near the mart and jumps from wall of a nearby building into wall of the center switching between the two as he gets higher up until he gets to the roof of the shopping mart avoiding most human guards guess nobody would be able to perform what he just did so nobody could expect it. Looking at the skylight in the center of the shopping which led down into where the others where he stops. [+blue Guess I should not make noise]. Ares said to himself opening a glass like it was a door due to their square shapes and intervals as He just jumps down and lands on his legs being forced to kneel to compensate the impact had he been human this would have killed him but luckily he can withstand this no issue as He meets with the team. There he saw it a figure with orbs floating around it seem to guard the portal and it seem familiar to him but demons can have human looks or so he assumed but Aiden mentioned of Viv worried him, could the figure really be her?. Ares was not one to wait around for answers to come to him He runs head first seeing the figure for who it really was.[+blue No, it cannot be!...]. He screams in astonishments breaking the silence
  Ares Swordsman / AresKnight / 34d 15h 53m 22s
It was a little hectic when they arrived back at the dorms. Aiden somehow was given the task of taking Wrath to her room, who was passed out in his arms. He wouldn't admit it, but he did blush a bit while carrying Wrath home. Perhaps there was something there that he hadn't really noticed before.

[#1AB46B "Aiden, a word."]

Aiden had walked out of Wrath's room after laying her in her bed. His cheeks were still a little red and warm, but he didn't really notice. He nodded and followed De Leon to his office, wondering what he would get a lecture about this time.

[#1AB46B "Please, tell me what happened today."]

[#3CDDE2 "I'm not sure on all the details..."] Aiden replied. [#3CDDE2 "But Isa and Wrath went into the portal while Ares and I, well more him, fought the demons coming out. After a while, Isa and a random guy came flying out, followed by Wrath, who passed out rather quickly."]

De Leon listened quietly to Aiden. He already knew what happened, and it took a lot to hide his fury. Instead, he would take this moment to try and teach Aiden before he would get himself into trouble. While Aiden was a good kid, he hadn't really worked with a team before, and he was still new to the knowledge of these demons.

[#1AB46B "Aiden, I want you to listen to me carefully. Don't you [i ever] do what they did today. Going into a portal and stepping into Hell itself is the last thing you want to do. The demon within you is twice, if not ten times, more powerful while in Hell, and has a higher chance of taking over you. If that is to happen...I'm afraid there's no turning back."]

Aiden didn't like the sound of "there's no turning back". He didn't need De Leon to explain what he meant by that. Isa had already said a similar thing about it. Instead, he just nodded, trying to hide the fear he was starting to get over De Leon.

[#1AB46B "Now then, I will talk to Isa about your training. She will be in charge of that, but you will have the responsibility to follow it. We don't know when the next portal will open, and you need to be ready. You've done well on your own, but that won't be enough with fighting with a team, or these larger demons. Now, go and rest."]

Aiden nodded and left the office, walking into the main room. What was he going to do? Everyone else seemed to be missing. Probably either in their rooms or somewhere else. He didn't stand there for long before the door flew open, making him jump. He spotted Viviana walking in soaking wet. Just what kind of adventure had she been on exactly?

[#3CDDE2 "Hey Viv, you alright? Where's Kane?"]

[b "Busy."] She replied, walking towards him. [b "He said he would be back later. I'm going to go dry off, wanna help?"]

He blinked a few times, his face turning a bright red. He could only stutter, Viv chuckling and giving a quick peck on the cheek before walking away. Aiden watched her walk down the hallway, confused out of his mind.

[#3CDDE2 [i 'What the hell was that?']]

[center ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ [b Time Skip] ~ ~ ~ ~ ~]


A little over a month had passed since the daytime portal. Police and news reporters were all over it once the group had left. Isa caught a bit of it on the nightly news that night. People were worried. A portal rarely opened in the daytime, so this could mean the demons were getting stronger. She wished she could tell them otherwise. While rare, yes, they weren't as rare as the public thought. The demons just seemed to be weaker during the day, or at least, that's what it seemed like. They never seemed to fight any big demons during the day.

They had fought demons about three other nights within the time that had passed. Thankfully, everyone had been fully healed by the time the next portal came around, and they were easier to deal with. Isa had been working with Aiden a bit on how to control his abilities. There was only so much she could do herself, having a completely different ability from his. She suggested he talked to Kane, since his was the most similar. But she helped where she could, including teaching him the different demons and how to always be prepared for a battle. Thankfully, the kid caught on quick, aside from a few mess ups, but that was part of learning. He seemed to have taken this job a bit more seriously since his first two battles, so that made Isa a little less worried about him.

She had spoken to Wrath after she was chewed out by De Leon. While Isa did agree with what he had to say, she wasn't going to give Wrath another lecture. The girl had gotten the message very clearly, and De Leon seemed to somewhat understand once Isa explained about the kid being in there. She still had a lot of questions about that kid. He seemed to know a lot more than he was letting on. She hadn't seen him since that day, and she was a little glad. Something about him stirred up the demon within her, making it difficult to hold it back. Something about that light he spoke of kept repeating in her mind. Isa didn't bring it up with De Leon, wanting to figure it out on her own. He was bound to find out sooner or later anyways, so why bother filling him in now.

A knock was heard on her door, Isa looking up from her laptop. Calling for the person to come in, the door opened to reveal De Leon standing at the entrance. Isa expected him to just say dinner was ready, but that didn't seem to be the only thing he came for. Closing the door behind him, he waited a minute before speaking.

[#1AB46B "Have you noticed Viviana's mood lately?"]

Isa raised an eyebrow, not sure what he was getting at. Sure she had noticed the girl a little more tired than usual, but nothing too out of the ordinary. Isa had told her a few times to slow down on the portal tracking. While helpful, it drained too much of her energy and left her almost useless once they actually got to the portals.

[#B70303 "If you're talking about her recklessness, sorry to let you know but you're a little late to the party."]

De Leon obviously didn't appreciate the sarcasm given to him. Isa knew that, which was part of the reason why she said it. Still, she waited to see if he would enlighten her on his concern about the girl.

[#1AB46B "Ever since that battle a few weeks ago, she hasn't seem to be fully herself. She's quiet, hardly speaking. I doubt she's even gotten out of bed today."]

That was a bit concerning. Viviana spoke a lot, and now that she thought about it, she hadn't been tackled into a hug for a while. Had she even seen her at school? It seemed that ever since she came back from whatever it was with Kane she wasn't herself. Viv acted like herself, but with something about her being off. Isa couldn't place it, and just figured it was from whatever happened. De Leon had told her the basic of what happened with Kane, just enough so she knew he was struggling as well. It was foolish to let Viviana follow, but by the sounds of it, Kane didn't have much of a choice. Still, it was rather stupid to think he could win on the demon's home turf.

Concerning Viviana, with her mood change, Isa knew what this could mean, and she didn't like it one bit. She had seen it before, and she knew the results. While she hoped it wouldn't come to that, she knew how little of a chance that was. Still, it didn't mean they wouldn't try. She wasn't going to just give up on someone that quickly after all she had seen. Closing her laptop and putting it to the side of her, she looked up at De Leon to figure out what to do next.

[#B70303 "Do we keep her from fighting for a while?"]

[#1AB46B "I think that will be best, but there are other things we need to consider."]

[#B70303 "She's still going to try to find the portals for us."] Viviana was the only one that could actually track them. While the others could sense one opening, it wasn't as strong. The closer they were, the stronger the feeling. Viviana just used her abilities to find them though. She seemed to zero in on that sense and follow it to the source. None of them could do that and she knew it. So she would go against De Leon's suggestions to rest and try to find them anyways. How would they even attempt to stop her from doing that for a while?

[#B70303 "I'll talk to her when we get back tonight. She's already given me the location for the portal tonight."]

[#1AB46B "Please see to it."] De Leon nodded, opening the door toe leave the room. [#1AB46B "Oh, and dinner is ready."]

[center ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~]


The portal wasn't too far from the dorms. Just down the road a bit and in the shopping center where students would hang out after class. Thankfully curfew was still in place, but because of how popular the place was, it would mean more security around.

Aiden hid with Isa in an alleyway behind some dumpsters. Shifting his scarf around his face, he attempted to keep the stench of the garbage our of his nose. Sadly, his scarf could only do so much.

[#3CDDE2 "You would think that since we take care of the demons we wouldn't have to hide from the cops."]

[#B70303 "Cops don't like to be shown up,"] Isa responded, still keeping a look out. [#B70303 "That's why they're also trying to catch us. If they ever caught us though, they would quickly find they couldn't keep us locked in."]

[#3CDDE2 "Thought this through a bit?"]

[#B70303 "More than you know."]

Isa seemed to have every situation thought out. Anything that could cause them trouble, she took into account and thought of at least one way to get everyone out safely. Isa had mentioned that she had been there the longest out of any of them, so she was bound to have seen some shit that they hadn't. Aiden wondered what that could be, but didn't want to ask. After he had asked about her remembering how she gained her power, he felt that most of these questions were better left alone until she felt it was right to talk about it. If that was ever.

Isa's hand came over his chest, motioning him to get up against the wall and to the ground. Aiden did just that as a light flashed over them. Some security guards were walking around, seeing if anyone was trying to stay out of curfew. One would think they would check behind the big thing hiding at least half of the alleyway, but they didn't, walking off. Guess they figured it was going to be a slow night like most nights so why bother.

[#3CDDE2 "Is it all clear now?"]

Isa looked out for a minute before nodding, stepping out of the shadows. The portal was bound to open any minute now, so they were getting ready. Aiden pulled out a water bottle, unscrewing the top. As it poured it, it froze into a hammer like weapon, hopefully perfect for tonight's battle. If not, he would form it to something else. He just needed to be careful not to lose any bits of ice or he would run out.

He looked over to see Isa with her sword, coating it in her own shadow. Aiden always thought it strange how she had that power out of all of them. He thought all demons would have control of the shadows, being of darkness to start off with. De Leon had explained to them though that while they could hide in the shadows, they couldn't control it. They just had a better understanding of it than they did. Just like certain demons had ice powers, certain demons had complete control of the shadows. Did that mean those demons could overpower the others?

[#B70303 "It's opening."]

Aiden looked up to see something shine in the near distance. The teens were scattered about, looking around for any signs of the portal forming. Once they found it, they would give a signal of a light to the others. The portal was near the center of the shopping center. That was a big open space, so that would be good for them. Hopefully the damage wouldn't be too bad. Wishful thinking really.

The two of them quickly made their way to the center, meeting with the others a few streets before it. Isa gathered everyone around to make some sort of plan.

[#B70303 "Alright, there's a fountain in the middle, so I want Aiden and Kane to always be in reach of that water. But if it gets too much, back away and take some of the water with you. Wrath, you and me will have to go head on, so make sure you have plenty of metal. If you need to, take some from the buildings, but don't take anything that's there for structure. We don't want anyone getting hurt."]

There wasn't much she could really plan. They needed Viviana to be their over watch, but Isa had told her to stay behind. Had something happened to cause Isa to make that choice? He could tell she was tired a lot after battles, but he figured she was just getting used to her own abilities. He was tired afterwords as well, but not as much as she showed. Hopefully they would get along fine without her.

They neared the center, the portal towering over the old buildings. Isa suddenly stopped, causing the others to do the same, Aiden almost bumping into Kane. Looking ahead, he could see why she stopped, confusion coming over him. A figured stood in front of the portal, facing them. Hair floated up in the air and around their face, shades of pink coming off of it in the street lights. Orbs floated around the figure, almost like look outs. Why where they here?

[#3CDDE2 "Is that...Viv?"]
  Aiden Connolly / Kikido / 37d 7h 14m 27s
[+grey "You cant be doin this foreva' kid. You're gonna get caught one day."]

[+teal "You're one to talk. You're the one buying it."]

A gritty man with a scar on his face sat behind the counter peering at jewelry. He inspected it with care determining the value of each item. while going on with his rant formed with a false notion of concern for the boy. Louche had been selling to this fence for a little over 3 months now. And now he's getting cold feet?

[+grey "This ain't about me kid. You have real talent. And you're squandering it on this type of stuff. At first I thought you were another two bit theif but now... Where'd you even get this stuff from? It's real high profile."]

[+teal "Which is why you'll give me more than the usual percent this time."]

[+grey "Which is why I'll give you less than the usual percent this time."]

The shady 17 year old raised a brow confused. [+grey "It's higher profile. Which means it'll be harder to sell. Harder to deal to other fences as well. Not to mention how hot it is."]

Louche let out an annoyed scoff putting his hands on the counter looking at the stolen jewelry. [+teal "I'll just take it to another fence then."]

[+grey "You know I'm the only one left in town that'll deal with your hot hands kid. Give it up."]

He let out a sigh of defeat as he backed off. The Clerk raised a bearded smile as he leaned back in his chair. [+grey "Nine-hundred Fifty. That's all i'll give ya."]

Even though they both knew the real price of the items to be well over ten thousand bucks altogether this was just the way things worked. The boy took the money and walked out. Pulling his board from the bag on his back it was fastened on he began to roll down the streets of Milan. Rolling past unconcerned people as they carried out their every day life. That light. He couldn't stop thinking about it, out of everything that happened in that hellish landscape that was the one thing that stuck out to him. even remembering it had him in a semi trance, like moths to a flame he could hear them screaming even in that split second. Souls, burning out around it as it gave off the most magnificent incandecence he'd ever imagined. He wanted it. That light, he needed to have it to himself. [size20 [+red "Kid get outta the road!"]] He was broken from his daydreaming continuing on before he drew any more attention to himself. He'd been doing that a lot lately. Not to mention how odd he'd been acting since. His urge to steal even when he had no need to was much higher, it was like he was starving. Going out of his way to wreak havoc and heist things that were far above his need. Of course he wasn't dumb. Even with his high profile larceny he still managed to avoid the cops.

But what was happening to him wasn't unsurprising. Somehow he knew to expect these things, He had no idea why but he just did. Like he was following a path he couldn't stray from. And it was leading him on the straight and narrow. The thief stopped on the corner waiting for a rather empty trolley to pass before continuing on. He peered up at the cloudy morning sky. Watching silently as his breath as it left his mouth.

[+teal "Not long before snow falls around here."]

For now he'd head to school.
[Handlee [size16 [center [#560da3 "What is this?"]]

[center [i Her] voice filled his head.

[#560da3 "What is this morsel you've brought? A bribe perhaps."]]

Kane struggled to speak, his words lost in the cold water. Not that what would have been said would have been entirely coherent. The layer of confusion blanking his consciousness wasn't entirely forgiving. I took him what felt like a solid minute to put the pieces together. The first thing he noticed, was a hand. Of course he couldn't see it. On account of it being too damn dark. A soft hand desperately clutching his own. A girl's hand. Viviana.

She was here! Somehow, some way, Viv had fucking followed him. With his vision finally clearing he confirmed it. The pink haired girl had accompanied him to his own personal hell. Up until moments ago Kane was ready for a fight. Ready to either subdue his demon or be overcome himself, however that plan had been washed away now. Instead he made a break for it, wrapping an arm around her, and swimming forwards, in an attempt to find one of the many air pockets of this world.

Minutes. All he had was a few minutes before Viv would drown. Proceeding on he scanning the upside-down buildings and streets around him for anything that might normally hold water. Fortunately they were in a part of town he knew, and he quickly he found himself an intersection that held a large fountain. But the fountain was dry.. or rather, it wasn't dry when it should have been. Something was wrong. Kane shot a glance down each street, looking for something familiar. Unfortunately he couldn't see very far down any of them.

[#560da3 "Better hurry boy. The morsel's running out of time."]

As if [i she] needed to remind him. He picked a street and swam. And a minute later he found himself looking at the same intersection he'd just left.

[+darkblue [i Fuck! She's toying with us!]]

[#560da3 "Just figuring that out now boy? I thought you were smarter than that. Or maybe you aren't. You certainly thought you could come in here and defeat me. Or perhaps you didn't. Just wanted some resolution?"]

[+darkblue [i Shut up! You're breaking the rules.]] He chose the left street in a hurry.

[#560da3 "Say what you will, but in this case, the one who broke the rules was you, was it not? Only fitting that I am allowed to make, what is it? Amendments? Yes. Truthfully boy, you're lucky there are rules at all."]

Kane should have known not to argue with a demon. Particularly when it was right. The left path led him back around to the intersection. Perhaps he could reason with one instead.

[i [+darkblue I'm not going to let this girl drown by my hand. Let her go and you can have me.]]

[#560da3 "Oh you like this one, do you? What makes you think I'd let her go just because you like her? That you can barter with me?"]

Viv was struggling to hold her breath... she wouldn't last much longer.
No matter the cost, he had to get her out.

[+darkblue [i For once in your-]] [#560da3 "[size20 Actually!] I've changed my mind. You may go."]

And just like that, a torrent of air bubbles sprouted from the fountain top, cascading up the sides and pooling in the basin above. He could almost feel her elation, as he had not choice but to fall for what was likely a trick. But now was not the time to ponder. Leaving behind thoughts on the ramifications of their escape, Kane darted for the air pool.

Back in the real world, Kane and Viviana emerged from the very same fountain they'd entered a moment second ago, Kane taking a massive gasp of air, and Viv, coughing and sputtering. Any longer and she would have drown. The duo spilled out onto the sidewalk.

It took Kane only a few seconds to regain his breath and check on Viv who was on all fours, her wet hair forming a face obscuring curtain.

[+darkblue "You alright?"]

Opting to place a hand on her shoulder after receiving no response, he repeated himself.

Not entirely unwarranted, she shouted his hand away before he could.

[b "Don't touch me! Please!"]

[+darkblue "Y-yeah.. you got it."] he said, withdrawing his hand and instead sitting down on the edge of the fountain. Well, she was alive.

After a minute of silence Viviana stood.

[b "Sorry... for yelling. I just... don't think I'm ready for another trip like that."]

[+darkblue "No, it's alright. I understand. Better safe than sorry right?"]

He offered up a half hearted smile to the girl, who smiled in return.

[b "Right."]

Once more their words died off, as the city went about it's business around them. Viviana took a moment to survey her surroundings. They weren't that far from the dorms at present, the trip from before having been seemingly a lie.

Viv was the first to break the awkward silence.

[b "Listen, Kane. I'm going to head back to the dorms now... I still mean what I said before so... Don't - ahm. Don't try whatever that was again. Okay? Not without me."]

[+darkblue "Sure."]

[b "I mean it! Promise?"]

[+darkblue "Yeah yeah. I promise."]

[b "Okay! I'll see you at the dorms later!"]

[+darkblue "Sure."]

With that she walked off leaving Kane to ponder how she managed to bounce back from that experience so quick, and unscathed at that. Maybe she was stronger than he initially thought.

[size9 [center He couldn't have been more [b wrong].]]
  Kane / Lostax / 41d 10h 37m 51s
Wrath opened her eyes to a world a lot more blurry than she remembered. Something shifted in her line of vision, as she stared up. She tried to blink away the obscurity, and as things became more clear around her, she realized that the shifting object was a ceiling fan above her, hardly doing its proper job at the trickling pace it was producing.

It was at this point, that her vision became even more clear and her concious more aware of her surroundings, that she was in a [i massive] amount of pain. Her entire body ached, even though the only thing moving was the steady rise and fall of her chest as she tried to breathe, the air scratching her dry throat. However, she decided that she couldn't just lay there all day.

Slowly, with her entire body screaming at her, she sat up, trying to assess her current situation. Somehow, she'd made it to her room. She looked around, nothing out of the ordinary, but something still felt off. As if on queue, she heard the chuckle, and her entire body tensed, which she immediately regretted. Even after she tried to relax, her mind was on high alert.

[#ef1a06 [i "Well, Well. Sleeping Beauty wakes."]] Said a voice Wrath was all too familiar with. Attempting to swallow some saliva, she looked around the room, until her eyes fell on the mirror across the room from her bed. Her reflection grinned back at her, a more sinister air about her. [#ef1a06 [i "You don't remember what happened, do you?"]] The figure said to her. Wrath, after a moment of silence, shook her head. Her reflection laughed. [#ef1a06 [i "Perhaps it's best that way. It was quite a show... If you like violence, anyway."]] The figure flicked a cigarette Wrath had not noticed she'd had before, and stuck it in her mouth to take a puff. Wrath, panicked, looked to her own hand, but there was no cancer stick there. She looked back.

"...What do you want?" Wrath asked hoarsly. The reflection tilted her head, letting the smoke trail out of her mouth.

[#ef1a06 [i "Power."]] She breathed. "[#ef1a06 [i I want to control] that [i realm. I want to be number one...."]] The reflection grinned. [#ef1a06 [i "What if you could have unlimited power? One that you wouldn't need to have me for? You could just... Have your own."]]

"What's the catch?" Wrath glared at the reflection, to which it responded with a laugh.

[#ef1a06 [i "I'm stuck in your body, idiot. I can't get it myself."]] She mused, taking a hit off of the cigarette once again. [#ef1a06 [i "You help me get it... I leave, and I'll give you your own power."]] [i My own power...] Wrath's mind trailed as she pondered on the thought of what it would be like to have her own body, untouched by the chaos that lurked inside her. [#ef1a06 [i "You could play hero, without my help."]] That last phrase echoed around her like a choir in a cathedral, bouncing around her mind, tantalizing her thoughts with the juiciest information that that [i thing] could give her.

[i Knock, Knock, Knock.] Wrath shot her head towards the sound, immediately regretting the action, as it hurt like hell. She turned back to the mirror, finding herself standing in front of it. She took a step back. When had she moved? How long was she standing there? ...Why was she covered in dried blood? She looked down at her hands and pondered this for a moment before the knocking sounded again. She cleared her throat as best as she could.

"Ye--?" A near squeak came out. She tried again. "Yes?" Better, more controlled.

[#1AB46B [i "Meet me in my office when you've gotten all of that blood off of you."]] A voice rang clear through the door. Her breath hitched in her throat. [i DeLeon.] With a gulp, and a deep breath, she responded with a 'yes'. After that, she heard his footsteps trail away from her door, but the anxiety that she felt never left with him.

As quick as her body would let her, she dragged herself, along with some clean clothes and a towel, to the shower, and washed herself at about the same pace. The hot water certainly helped each aching muscle, but it did not stop it. She thought, breifly, that she might ask Viv to heal her. Another thought told her she deserved every ounce of this. After a few more moments, the underlying anxiety of being in water overcame her, and she decided to get out. She took her time, however, drying off, and putting on clothes, as to delay her meeting.

What was she supposed to say to him?

She threw her towel in the laundry bin close by, and walked down the hall, towards her dread. When she was in front of the door, a voice commanded her to come in. [i I didn't even get to knock...] Wrath thought as she opened the door to enter. Without saying a word, she closed the door behind her, and quietly sat in the chair across from him. The entirety of those actions were monitored by glares from [i him]. They stared at each other for a while before Wrath shifted in her seat, uncomfortable.

"So... I guess this means Isa reported in." Wrath wasn't one for beating around the bush. If he was going to yell at her, she'd rather get to the point of it.

[#1AB46B "She didn't have to."] DeLeon responded, lacing his fingers over his chest as he leaned back in his chair slightly. [#1AB46B "I saw you."] Wrath felt her heart rate pick up a smidgen, but tried to maintain composure. [#1AB46B "I saw you go into the portal. Isa, as well. [i I saw you both.]]" He jabbed that point into her, knowing full well that she would feel guilty about disobeying his rules.

"Leon, let me explain." She tried to give, but he just slammed his hands on his desk so hard, that various objects and nic nacs bounced up, or fell over. Wrath's heart jumped, but she remained stoic. "...Please." She said quietly.

[#1AB46B "I don't ask for very much around here."] He said, getting up suddenly to pace around the room. [#1AB46B "I give very few rules-- All of which are for [i your] saftey-- and I only expect your grades to be good. I let you get away with skipping school, skipping life, I give you a place to stay, and for what?"]


"[#1AB46B You [i disobeyed] one of the rules, and you could've [i died in there]."] He raised his voice as if trying to interrupt him would do little good to him. [#1AB46B "You could've gotten Isa killed, [i too!]"]

"I didn't ask her to come with me!" Wrath yelled, standing up just as suddenly as he had, knocking over the chair. "I'm fully responsible for what happened, but listen--"

[#1AB46B "[i I know you are.]"] He spoke harshly, completely stopping her mid-sentence. There was a tense silence between the two of them as Wrath mulled around ideas in her head before a chord struck with her.

"...What is so important about us not going into the portal?" She asked quietly.

[#1AB46B "I told you. It's dangerous in there, you could've--"]

"Stop." She said, holding up her hand to him. He went into a silent rage. "Just... Tell me what is hiding in there that's so important to you. What is it that you didn't want us to see?" To that, he was silent. She waited, giving him a moment to contemplate an answer, but it never came. He just stood there, glaring at her. "...Fine. Then i'll find the answers myself."

[#1AB46B "If you go back in there..."] He seemed to threaten.

"If you know about whatever's in there, and [i she] knows... There are bound to be countless others who do, too." Wrath said, crossing her arms. "And I don't just mean the humans." DeLeon's glares turned into confusion, and shock. Perhaps the anger was melting away?

[#1AB46B "...So she's awake."] He said, his voice a lot calmer than it was before. [#1AB46B "That means she's interested. She knows."]

"Knows what? Interested in what?" Wrath pressed. DeLeon stared at her for a moment before taking a deep breath.

[#1AB46B "The Light."]
  Wrath / HextechZydrate / 53d 1h 23m 10s
Ares got surprised the girls went into the portal, just what kind of foolish plan was that but he had no time to stop them before he could say anything to them they had already gone in.[+blue I swear I always have to take care of the little kid]. He says signing and performing an elbow behind him hitting a demon in the back of the head which was getting up from a previous beating and noticing Aiden was having problems hiding in a tree like a scared kitty. Not wanting Aiden to die Ares dashed in at quite a speed leaving a sound burst on his trail as he slams his foot into a demon face ripping it off Ares himself cleaning his bloody shoe on the base of the tree Aiden was hiding.[+blue Next time bring a water bottle like the other guy...he does not bring that just to drink you know]. Ares explains to Aiden as a demon grabs his arms from behind had it not been for his injured shoulder this wouldn't hurt.[+blue so you guys wanna play rough huh?]. A demon goes to stab Ares gut from the front, however, Ares jumps up still being held by the demon behind him and the missed attack hits it forcing him to let go of Ares who lands on his back and kicks the leg of all the demons who were surrounding the tree with a spinning move then gets up and uses his wind to fly above the tree then quickly Fly down and land on a demon chest exploding it.

Ares pants and thinks to himself [+blue just a couple more I'll end this fast]. He moves in circles around the demons and they all attacking random directions missing every one giving the Ares the chance he needed he performed a roundhouse kick mixed with the sound speed his wind gave him making his leg a blade as it cuts some demons in half and just then he saw it the Isa had come out a portal he smiled even if he really did not get along with any of them he did not wish to see any of them die, however, she was tired the demons would have to be his responsibility. The last few were watching him waiting for an opening and he was not gonna give it, He punches his way through the last few however this meant his focus on Isa was gone in fact he did not even notice Isabella was gone and Wrath had stepped out the portal until the fight was over.[+blue Deep breaths holy heaven I am never fighting large groups agian...]. Ares exclaims as he stretches his good arm moving back and forward then takes a look at Aiden [+blue hey take care of Wrath I'll find signora Isabelle]. With Wrath taken care for, he walks trying to sense Isabella aura with his wind it appeared to be in a nearby alley so he made his way there seeing her shocked and pretty confused he would wait to ask questions but he had too many. [+blue Are you alright, did you go there to fight off the big boss, what was behind the portal!]. It would seem his question landed on deaf ears she didn't even let him finish or replied to any of them [+blue Yea that thing still there but nothing else is coming out I think is probably gonna close I got this feeling you guys did something...well you'll tell me, after all, I am pretty sure Leon guy says not to move inside portals ...I don't care what he says but I get the feeling you take his words to heart].

Ares escorts Isabella into the dorm leaving her in the front door [+blue I'll check on the portal I told Aiden to escort Wrath I am gonna patrol the portal I can still beat one more wave]. He claimed as he begun heading back but finding the portal gone it had closed guess everything worked fine then everything in his vision turned black but not as in darkness it was visible black an odd optical illusion and in front of him a big rocky door with runes. [+blue Oh, what the hell]. He shouted in surprise as a voice poured out the door [+red Haha well done you are becoming a worthy vessel fighting while injured...but still not enough remember the wind is a playful element, not one filled with arrogance and foolishness]. Before Ares could reply the illusion was gone. [+blue Was this what that bastard Leon said about a demon inside me....what a pain]. Ares had not experienced a lot of the insanity the others had, in fact, his demon had been pretty dormant up until now it seems the more he started to do hard work the more it grew. [+blue I hope Aiden did alright I did gave him a job that will probably earn him a kiss or a slap depending on how he plays it]. He chuckles to himself, but despite his humor something was now bothering him, Isa step out the portal pretty banged up in no condition to move, how did she got into that alleyway or rather why head there it seemed out of character then there were the questions of what they saw on the other side and why did they even went into the portal to begin with. I am gonna have to get some answers...but I doubt they trust me ill have to get hints slowly during casual talks. He muttered to himself walking back to the dorm and waving to everyone and giving a hand signal that the portal was closed as he sat in his room the cat had devoured the chicken entirely already and somehow was nice enough to leave him the crispy one as it sleeps on the floor.[+blue Smart kitty]. Ares said and started chewing on the crispy chicken with one hand and turned his game console with the other and begun playing is favorite JRPG final fantasy not expecting more disturbances for the day.
  Ares Swordsman / AresKnight / 64d 3h 2m 15s
[#B70303 "Ares, don't do anything stupid."] Isa called as he claimed he would take care of it all on his own. Aiden was close behind him, but was looking around for some source of water to use. That would be something she would have to teach him. He needed to be ready at all times, even during the day, despite day portals being rare. Isa was lucky though, shadows were everywhere. Ares was as well since wind was never ending. But for them it depended on the amount of wind and shadows around them. Thankfully, it seemed neither of them would have issues.

She stayed back a bit, giving Ares his chance, but stayed ready. Isa was impressed as she saw Ares fighting with one arm, his other still being injured. Seemed he had been practicing, despite missing the practice sessions De Leon would set up in the gym sometimes. He was also fast, the wind giving him the speed he needed to take on these lower demons. So far, she didn't see any mistakes, though De Leon probably could find at least ten.

Glancing over to Aiden and Wrath, she noticed Wrath heading for the portal. Was she insane? Isa ran towards her, calling out and asking if she was insane. De Leon had always said to never go into the portals themselves. Just defend the area until they could get it closed. They didn't know what was on the other side. De Leon knew, and he wasn't saying anything. All he said was that Hell itself was worse than anything you could think of. The way he had said it sent a shiver down Isa's spine, as it did now when she saw Wrath heading in. However, hearing someone was in there, she knew it was time to go against De Leon's orders.

[#B70303 "Aiden, Ares, protect this area."] She called to the two boys before they stepped in. Isa wasn't going to let Wrath go in there alone. She was powerful and could handle herself, but this was a whole new area. Neither of them knew what they were getting into, so they had to be prepared for anything.

Everything shifted as they entered, the weight of the atmosphere, the heat, and the darkness surrounding them. She thought she felt something crawling up her back, but quickly pushed the thought aside, knowing it had to be nothing. They stepped into Hell itself and up to a demon that had a kid in his hands. So there really was someone in here. How? Did the demon reach out and grab him? That sparked something in her mind. Like a memory, but one that wasn't hers. Or was it?

[center [size8 [b [i "Isa..."]]]]

A pain was felt in her head, making her stumble back. She felt herself fall to the ground, but her mind was drifting off to somewhere else. Somewhere she had been to before, and wished to never visit again.

[center [size10 [b [i "Isabella...]]]]

[#B70303 "No...No, go away..."] She said with a shaky voice. She trembled all over, knowing what was lurking in the darkness that surrounded her. She had only seen it once, but it was enough to burn the image into her mind so she would never forget. She could feel it approaching her, its footsteps being felt all over. It was the only being that could survive here, any others would quickly be killed by it.

[b [i "You know you can't get away from me. You made a deal."]]

[#B70303 "A deal I never agreed to..."]

[b [i "Someone agreed and so it was decided to become a deal. How long can you hold out before you break? I know you're not as strong as she would've been. You're bound to break soon."]]

[#B70303 "I...have ways of fighting back..."]

[b [i "They can only help you for so long and you know that time is coming to an end."]] Its attention seemed to suddenly shift away from Isa and to what was going on outside of her mind. Isa didn't know, but it had to be something major to take this monster's attention. She heard it chuckle. [b [i "So that's where she has been hiding...Who would've known she was under my nose the whole time. Perhaps...NO!"]]

[center ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~]

[right [pic]]

Aiden wasn't sure what he could really do here. There wasn't really any water around and he didn't bring any with him. Because of this, he wouldn't be useful at all. He figured that wouldn't be too bad, he could distract some demons or lead them to someone else to take care of. But then Isa and Wrath decided to go into Hell. Now it was just him and Ares, and Ares was doing his own thing. So what could he do?

[#3CDDE2 [i 'I've been in this situation before, but I always found a way out.]] He thought to himself, standing out in the open. [#3CDDE2 [i 'I don't see a way out of-']]

[#3CDDE2 "Oh shit!"]

Aiden noticed a few demons coming after him. Looking around for something to help, he wasn't having much luck. This really wasn't good. The only thing he could think of was to run, and run he did. The only place that had higher ground was the tree near the portal. Seemed to be the only place he could go while he tried to gather his thoughts.

[#3CDDE2 "Well if I ever wanted to feel like a cat, here's my chance."] He muttered as he climbed.

Looking below, the demons jumped and growled at him, surrounding the tree. He knew it wouldn't be long before they would start to climb up the tree to him. Looking around, he saw a loose branch just a bit out of reach. He could make it though, he just had to watch his step. He held on tightly to the branch above him as he slowly stepped onto another. Just a few steps and he would be in reach of it. The demons noticed this and quickly surrounded the area right below him, waiting for the kid to fall.

Luck was on his side though, grabbing the branch and pulling it towards him. It snapped with little effort and Aiden quickly moved back to the safety of the base of the tree. Now, if any came, he would have some mode of defense. He doubt it would do more than annoy them, but it was something and something was better than nothing.

[#3CDDE2 "Hey Ares!"] He called. [#3CDDE2 "If ya want some more fun, I got more demons around here for ya!"]

[center ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~]

[left [pic]]

Something angered the demon inside her. Isa couldn't see what he could, so she had no idea what Wrath had just done. She didn't know Wrath had called upon the demon possessing her to help them. She didn't know the deal Wrath had made about giving the demon another part of her soul. All she knew was that something happened and now her demon was not happy. He was probably a little weary too, but saying that to him would most certainly mean her death.

Isa suddenly felt herself being pulled out of her mind as her body was thrown out of the portal. Traveling back through, she could see a bright light. The light was out of place for Hell, being bright and warm in a more comforting way. She heard whispers all around her. Many voices talking at once to her, telling her many things. At the moment, she could understand it all. She knew what they were telling her and she knew how important it was. But then that suddenly faded from her mind.

As soon as they made it back through to the real world, she was back in her own body, the demon sinking back down. Her head still ached in pain and she was drained of energy, but she was alive and unharmed. But Wrath, she was still in there. Something happened that caused the kid and her to escape unharmed. But where was Wrath?

[#B70303 "Wrath! Wrath, get out of there!"]

Nothing happened. It felt like hours before the portal rippled again and Wrath stepped out. Isa was relieved, but that vanished as she watched the girl pass out. Isa quickly stood to rush over to her, but was quickly grabbed by the wrist and whisked off to an alleyway.

Pushed up against the wall, his hands at either side of her, she was trapped. She knew how to get out of these situations. Being the daughter of the Abandonato family, she had to learn how to take care of herself during kidnappings and attempted robberies. She knew how to get out of this, but she didn't have the strength. He quickly overpowered her with ease, hardly trying. Still, Isa struggled against him, trying to get free. But then she suddenly stopped.

He had seen the light too, as well as heard the voices. What had they said to her? She couldn't remember anymore. She wanted to know what they said. She wanted to be in the presence of that light again. It was something she knew she couldn't feel anywhere else. No. They couldn't go back to that light. It had to be a trap of some kind. Demons were always plotting new ways to trick humans to come to their prison.

She stated they couldn't, but he wasn't listening. Bringing up the fact that she had a demon within her, she knew he was right. In the end, they were evil. They had powers granted to them by demons. Even if it wasn't their choice, they were now using it. They were using the forbidden power that humans should never have. Even if they were using them for what they thought was good, could they still be counted as the good guys?

Her mind wondered, the demon inside swimming around within her. It knew of that light, and it wanted it. That was its goal now. To find that light again and take it for itself. Use that light, and whatever powers it granted, to gain more power. It slowly surfaced from her now, turning its attention to this kid who had no idea what he was getting into. Her shadow began to tremble and shake, Isa hardly being able to keep it in control. Slowly, the two of them started to agree, wanting nothing more than to take that light.

Their meeting was cut short, Ares calling out to Isa. Before she could say anything else, the kid was gone. It was like he vanished into thin air, leaving nothing behind to even suggest he had been there in the first place. Isa stood there, dazed as she tried to figure out what had just happened. It took Ares asking her again before she came back to the real world again.

[#B70303 "Ah...yea...yea I'm fine..."] She slowly replied, rubbing her head a bit. [#B70303 "Is the portal closed? If so then we should head back, Wrath needs some rest and you still need to heal your arm."]

She didn't really wait for Ares to reply, wanting to get back to the dorms. This was something she needed to tell De Leon. But what would he say about the light she saw? Would he call her crazy? She already was, being possessed and all, but none of them had ever gone through a portal. That was another thing. How would she break it to him that they went against his number one rule? Surely knowing that they went in to save someone would lessen whatever punishment he had for them. She couldn't really think of that now. All that was going through her mind was what the demon told her, and what that kid had said.

He wanted that light power, and he was willing to team up with Isa to get it. Did she really want it though? She had to admit she was curious to know what that whispering was about. She wanted to know the secrets she had lost when she came back into the real world. But did she want the power? If it killed the demon within her then perhaps. But how did this kid think they were going to gain that light?

[#B70303 [i 'Who was he? How did he know me?']] Questions she wasn't going to get answers to anytime soon.
  Isabella "Isa" Abandonato / Kikido / 64d 7h 56m 8s
[muli Ah, so it worked. He wasn't as screwed as he would have been hadn't this worked out like he was told. A blind leap of faith for him but he wondered how long those risky words held true. As he was snatched out of the behemoth's hands and whisked out of the portal with the other woman who came to save him he noticed something.A light in the distance. Whispers came into his mind. They let him know things. Things he didn't want to know, but there they were. For a split second he felt it. What caused all this. The source of the demonic power and then as he was ripped away it was gone. After they appeared back on the side of the living he took a moment on his hands and knees panting before looking up at those around him. There was the woman who gave in to her demon to save him, whether it was an excuse to feel the relief of not having to constantly fight it off all the time or simply because she couldn't think of any other way to save him was irrelevant. She was unconscious. There was Ares in the background finishing off whatever lesser demons that poured out while Louche was in there. And there was one beside him panting just as much as he was if not more. Isa. The leader of the group by the looks of it. She seemed quite exhausted by their little trip. He wondered why that was. Either way his time was short and if he was in for a penny, he was in for a pound.

[+teal "You're Isa aren't you?"]

Before she could answer he got up onto his feet reaching over to her pulling her up and into the nearest alleyway he could find. Ares was occupied and that other woman, wrath wasn't going anywhere.

[+red "You- What are you doing! Why did you go into that portal! Hey! Let me go!"]

She was resisting of course but it seemed that going through that gate took more out of her that she'd have liked. Once out of sight he pressed her against a wall putting his arms against the wall on either side of her stairing her in the face, his scarf jostled away from his mouth revealing his whole face as one of his eyes were their regular blue, but his right eye seemed off. It took on the color of yellow as she ceased her questioning.

[+teal "You saw what was back there too. Didn't you? For a split second but we both saw it together just before we were pulled away."]

She tried to get away from him for a moment but after realizing what he had said she stopped. So she did see it. And it spoke to her just like it did him.

[+red "Why are you.... Why are you asking me? I didn't see anything! So back off before I have to hurt you!"]

She was frantically trying to come up with an excuse to get out of the situation. So he was right. He smiled bringing his hands down onto her shoulders.

[+red "let go of me now or I'll-][+teal You'll what? I can tell. If you were going to use those powers on me you would have by now. You're too busy fighting to keep them down aren't you? You can feel it right? The demon inside scratching at you, Waiting for you to slip up so it can take over. You couldn't attack me if you wanted to, And you don't.]

He didn't know what he was saying. None of it made real sense in his mind but it felt as if this was what he had to do. It was similar to a strange idea on the edge of consciousness and how it only makes sense in that moment.

[+red "What do you want!? Who-who are you!"] The smile on his face grew more wide. She was afraid. He wondered what sort of look he had on his face to make her like that. [+teal "You'll find out who i am soon enough, As for what I want. I want you."]

[+red "What? Me?"]

[+teal "Yes. I need you. That light we saw together. That power. I know you want it too. Do you understand what we could do if we had it?"]

[+red "I... I do... But we! We can't! it's not right!"]

[+teal "Do you really believe that? By that logic what does that make you? A possessed hell spawn along with the rest of them? If that power is evil. Then so are you. No, I want you to help me. Help me obtain that light. That power."]

[+red "I.... How? How could that be possible?"] She came around. He could see it. The shadows behind her eyes lurking around. It seemed the temptation of that strange light was enough to send her overboard. He wasn't talking to her as much as he was speaking to her demon. They were both awake with one eye closed inside her. Both listening, right now he was talking to who she really was. At her most natural state both human and demon. She probably let it slip on accident when she thought about just what she could be with that power. But now she was vulnerable. And he'd use that.

[+teal "Make a deal with me Isa. Steal that power with me"]

[+red "Yes I... I want it... So...-][+blue Isa! Are you alright back there?"]

Ah, Ares was done fighting. Looks like staying any longer would be detrimental to his plan. Ares appeared in the alleyway. And when he did. The only person there was Isa. Standing alone.
Wrath couldn't believe her eyes. That kid just [i walked into the portal]. There was no hesitation to it, just waltzed in as if he'd been there before. It was dumbfounding. She [i felt] handicapped by his actions. She sat there, for about a minute, just staring at the portal, disbelief stricken across her face.

It was after the voices began to get louder and more familiar that she realized what was starting to go on. Lesser demons had begun to pour out from the purple haze, and running up behind her was a gaggle of her crew, minus a couple of their much needed senior fighters. Perhaps they seemed befuddled by her lack of movement as they passed by her and jumped immediately into action. They knew what to do; they [i always] knew what to do.

She knew what to do, too.

Wrath made her way towards the portal, dodging Ares and his wind ability, as well as a demon that flew passed her. She continued until she stood right in front of the portal, the surface of it more reflective than she had anticipated. She looked at herself in it, her face determined, even through the fear. She was about to step in when a voice called out to her.

"[#B70303 Wrath!]" She turned quickly. Isa rushed towards her, and Wrath stuck her chin up just slightly. "[#B70303 What are you doing?!]" She demanded. She seemed pissed off, but the way her eyes darted towards the portal made Wrath realize: [i Isa was just as scared as she was.]

No one had ever done this before. Not that had been recorded, anyway, or even remembered. Wrath could understand Isa's fear.

"There's someone inside." Was all Wrath said. Isa's face fell, disbelief striking her hard. After a moment of silence between the two, Wrath spoke again. "...You know I have to go inside."

"[#B70303 You...]" She said before sighing heavily. "[#B70303 Then I'm going with you.]"

"Isa, you can't. You'll--"

"[#B70303 [i Do not argue with me.]]" She seemed to threaten. After a few moments of silence yet again, Wrath sighed, a smirk spreading across her face.

"Stubborn as ever. Alright, [i fine]. Let's go." She turned sharply towards the portal, and, with a deep breath, took the first step into the portal.

Through the purple haze, Wrath could feel a shift in gravity, becoming heavier as she pulled through to the other side. The second thing she noticed was how much [i hotter] it was. She shot her eyes around as the purple left her vision and blinked, trying to adjust to the darkness. Her feet crunched against rock, and coal, and probably other things she didn't currently feel like considering. Her surroundings were mostly just rocks, and darkness, and after a certain point, she just couldn't see anything at all. There were patches of light here and there, like sun rays, but not quite as natural.

Wrath took a step back from one that was about to pass over her, noticing it burned the ground where it touched as it glided away from her and continued its path of destruction. [i Avoid those. Got it.] She thought to herself, stepping further in. She took a quick look around and--

"[i Ho-ly Shit.]" She said slowly as her eyes traveled upward towards the head of the demon. It was [i massive], towering above her like a skyscraper. And even though its skin was just as dark as the place it lived, she could somehow still see all of it's features. It looked roided out; It was unnaturally packed with muscles. His face was contorted to where it didn't have a mouth, and the skin stretched all the way up over its horns, only leaving two pockets for its glowing eyes.

It was holding something, which was currently keeping its attention, and she couldn't help but take a step back. Her breathing picked up a pace, and she didn't know if she was going to pass out, or throw up. How were they going to defeat [i that?] She gulped, tilting her head towards her comrade just slightly.

"Okay, Isa, i need you to--" A thud interrupted her, and she turned sharply. "Isa?!" she hissed quietly, dashing to her and shaking her gently. "What's going on?" She asked, but Isa only responded with groans as she held her head so tightly, veins popped from her forehead. Whatever it was, it made Wrath that much more tense.

"Not good, [i Not good...]" Wrath whispered, looking up towards the demon once again. Of all the [i dumb things] Wrath could've done, this was only the second dumbest. She looked back down at Isa, whispering her apologies, before closing her eyes.

Time seemed to stand still around her, if only for a few moments, when someone appeared before her. It was slightly blurry, but she could make out features; Red hair, yellow eyes, and a sinister smile that could haunt nightmares for days.

"[i [#ef1a06 I was wondering when you'd call.]]" It was a voice not much farther from Wrath's, but it held a much more seductive tone; scary, and yet alluring. Wrath gulped.

"I... I need to get them out of here. i need to not... Break."

"[i [#ef1a06 And you can't do it by yourself.]]" The dark, yet familiar figure grinned. "[i [#ef1a06 And what do I get in exchange for this... Help?]]"

"I know what you want." Wrath said quietly, to which the blurry image chuckled darkly. "...How much?"

"[i [#ef1a06 This task would not be difficult. Barely a sweat off of my back. Last I took 5%, didn't I? Hmm....]]" The darker self raised a hand to her chin, contemplating. "[i [#ef1a06 "I'll take another 5% this time.]]"

"If it's really that effortless, do you really need so much?" Wrath said to the image. It chuckled yet again.

"[i [#ef1a06 It's the price you pay for wanting to be some kind of savior.]]" The voice spoke. When there was a long silence, the figure tilted her head towards Wrath and broke it. "[i [#ef1a06 What will it be?]]"

After a long moment, realizing she didn't have much time to decide, Wrath gave in. "Fine."

[center [pic]]

When she first opened her eyes, she was astonished by the familiarity of the place. She pulled herself to her feet, looking around. All at once, memories came crawling back to her; She once lived here, alone, feared by near all other creatures that dwell here. Trying to take a step, she kicked something soft, and looked down to check. A girl. She remembered why she was back, and clicked her tongue in annoyance.

[i Not much more to collect, and i can be rid of this form.] She thought to herself with her eyes shut. It was a way to keep composure of all the [i nice] things she'd been doing lately. She took a look around again until her eyes, glowing much brighter than they probably should've been, fell upon the demon. She grinned.

"[i [#ef1a06 I leave for a few years, and I find you taller than ever.]]" She said loudly, her voice dark, and louder than anticipated. The demon's head turned sharply away from the boy it was chatting with to look down at whatever [i thing] you could now describe her as. The demon, although expressionless, had a startled air about him. She smirked at this.

"[#ef7506 [i You!]]" His voice boomed, to which [i she] smirked. "[#ef7506 You're not supposed to be here.]"

"[i [#ef1a06 Neither are you, and yet... Here we are.]]" The demon stayed silent for a while, that is, until [i Wrath] took a step forward. He seemed to growl as she approached, its rumbling getting louder. "[i [#ef1a06 Unfortunately for you, i've got a standing deal to come through on. Hand me the boy and his contents, and i'll be on my way with little to no damage.]]"

"[#ef7506 You no longer hold any title over me, [i Succubus]. Your absence has forced your rank to hardly anything. Even now, I could probably break every bone in your body with a simple--]" [i Immediately], the girl's dark face fell from her smirk to a serious expression. She raised her hand quickly and clenched her fists. The metal from around the demons boots creaked before giving way, completely crunching the contents: His feet.

The demon growled so loud and so long, it split the ground nearby, and he toppled backwards, his grip on the boy vanishing. The weight of the backpack pulled him down fast, giving her only a few seconds to react. Her hand reached again, puling a large chunk of metal from the boot she just crushed, and rushed it to the falling figure, scooping him up with ease before wiling the plate to glide over and drop him right next to her.

"[i [#ef1a06 Lucky you.]]" She growled, plucking the stone from him and examining it. A smirk spread across her face so wide, it seemed unnatural. [i Unnerving], even. "[i [#ef1a06 Oh, and lucky ME, too.]]" She mused. Her eyes, glowing yet again, flicked over to the boy. "[i [#ef1a06 I don't know how you have this, and I don't want to know... But i'm taking it. Think of it as an exchange for your life.]]" She said, a threatening tone to her voice.

"[i [#ef1a06 Now... Take that girl out of here so I can finish my job.]]" She mused, turning back to the demon who had rolled over on his belly and was turning towards her with his hands.

"[#ef7506 [i YOU BITCH!]]" The demon screamed.

"[i [#ef1a06 Woops! Out of time.]]" She said, willing the metal plate to scoop the boy and the one on the floor up and through the portal as a hand came crashing down towards Wrath.

[center ~.~]

Wrath stumbled out of the portal, covered in blood. She looked down at her hands, a major contrast to the green grass behind them. Was it her blood? A voice pulled her from her thoughts.

"[#B70303 Oh my god... What happened!? Are you--?]" Isa said, taking a few steps towards her. Wrath gave a weak chuckle.

"What... You really thought that wimpy thing could take me?" She raised her hand to Isa before her vision blurred. The last thing Wrath remembered was hitting the ground before the world turned black.
  Wrath / HextechZydrate / 53d 46m 33s
Ares looked at Aiden who got into his room and told him about the situation then left fast, well it was to be expected it was an emergency a portal open mid day.[+blue Well that sucked]. Ares made his way to the meeting and looked at everyone there seems Isa came despite her injury and some lower demons had stepped out fighting her, [+blue Time to try a new technique]. With so much wind in open area and In mid day this was perfect he had not grabbed his Zweihander he didn't need it as he dashes towards a demon and punches its way through its chest his own strength was not what accomplished this but rather the high velocity he archived allowing him to have such impact force.[+blue Isabella, I'll handle the and the rest deal with the portal and stay on the reserves I can handle this with one arm]. Ares claimed as he dodged another demon trying to attack him from the back Ares had sensed it. [+blue The wind is nice here they won't be able to touch me]. He says as he moves back then forwards in a flash slamming the demon down with a punch since he was limited to one arm thanks to his injury and of course his legs as he kicks the demon neck cracking it.[+blue I fought people way before fighting not that different just one minor difference, your mind and body stop you from killing people, With demons, however ... I can smile and crush your things and get a good boy star]. Ares says at the lower end demons as he kicks the dead body of one into a live one that was rushing at him, he was gonna be able to hold them back for a while until his stamina ran out or the wind stopped good thing it was an open and wind was flowing regularly.
  Ares Swordsman / AresKnight / 75d 7h 35m 45s
He stood in front of her door for a few minutes. Something was holding him back from knocking and entering, but he couldn't figure out what it was. Nervousness? No, he was hardly ever nervous, especially around girls. He was a class clown type of guy, and always had his cool. But something about Isa and her room Perhaps he should talk it over with someone else? Then again, Isa seemed like the leader of the group, even if she didn't say so herself. Aiden seemed to be one of the youngest in the group, but that was only a guess. He knew Isa was a senior and he was a junior. It didn't seem like anyone was a sophomore, and the fact that he was the newest one there, it didn't seem to help him much. Neither did the fact that he [i really] didn't seem to have a hold on his abilities. Perhaps taking to Isa would help? She might suggest some techniques or something to get him more control. Only one way to find out.

[#3CDDE2 "Isa? May I come in?"] He asked, knocking the door lightly.

He heard a shifting sound before a reply came, allowing him in. Aiden opened the door a bit slow, not knowing if Isa was getting dressed or something. She wasn't. Good. Isa sat up in her bed, a book on her lap, closed and bookmarked with where she left off. She looked up at him, waiting for him to enter and sit, or stand, somewhere.

[#3CDDE2 "I just talked to De Leon and-"]

[#B70303 "He told you about the demon within you."] Isa finished.

Aiden nodded, sitting down on the chair at her desk. It was right next to her bed, but not too close, leaving room for a night stand between. Isa kept her room well cleaned, hardly a crumb or loose paper in sight. On her desk was her mask, Aiden now noticing the little chips on it around the edge. He figured she had been in a lot of battles, but just for how long exactly, and was this mask a witness to all of them?

[#B70303 "I'm guessing you didn't realize there was a demon within you. So that means you don't know how you got your abilities. I call you lucky."]

Aiden was confused a bit. [#3CDDE2 "Lucky?"]

[#B70303 "Demons aren't really that nice, if you haven't noticed."] There was a bit of sarcasm in there, but it wasn't meant to be harsh, Aiden could tell that much. [#B70303 "When they posses people, it can be very...traumatic...Not all the time, but most of the time. So whatever happened to you, your brain decided to lock away that memory. Don't go searching for it. You won't like what you see, and you'll only harm yourself and make the demon stronger."]

Aiden was silent, not sure how to take it. He could tell she was speaking from experience, but from her own?

[#3CDDE2 "Do you remember how you were possessed?"]

A sort of darkness came over her, lowering her head a bit and looking at the floor. It seemed Aiden had struck something within her that she didn't want brought out. He was a pretty open person, and he was good at getting people to open up themselves to him. Talking to Isa though, he wasn't sure if he would be able to.

[#B70303 "I remember..."] She trailed off a bit. [#B70303 "It involved my whole family and I lost someone close to me as a result. De Leon came to my house a little after that and since then, I've lived here. I've probably been here the longest than anyone that's here now."]

[#3CDDE2 "How so? These demons have only been around for a few years."]

Isa looked at him, a strange look in her eyes. Adien wasn't sure what to make of it really, and he was too lost for words to say anything. [#B70303 "I'm sure De Leon has told you, in some way, that there have been more here than just the group you see today."]

Something about that statement sent a shiver up Aiden's spine, which was a first for him. For some reason, it hadn't really hit him that there might have been other students before he came who had fought. What happened to them? Were they all killed by demons?

[#B70303 "Just keep this in mind Aiden,"] Isa spoke, a sense of wisdom coming from her. [#B70303 "Your powers are because of a demon. A demon that wants your soul. For one reason or another, it's decided to lay dormant within you, for now. Keep your mind strong and it'll stay that way. It's the ones with weak minds that don't last long here. They lose their sanity too quickly, and then we have to deal with them."]

Aiden could tell that by 'we' she meant her or De Leon. He didn't like that thought and quickly pushed it away as he gulped. There was a silence between them, one that felt like it had gone on for hours. Hearing Isa's phone ring was a bit of relief for him, finally taking a deep breath as she answered it.

[#B70303 "There's a what?!"]

[center ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~]

[#B70303 "When's the last time this has happened De Leon? Seriously, this is the worst time for this to happen. You remember what happened last time one showed up in the daytime like this."]

[#1AB46B "I know perfectly well Isa. They were good friends of yours."] He ignored the eye Isa gave him for that reminder. [#1AB46B "They can handle it, I'm sure. You need to go back and rest. You're still injured."]

Isa had told Aiden to run and gather the others and meet Wrath where the portal had opened. Not knowing who was all going to be there worried her. It worried her more that Aiden would be there. It was only his second day here and he hadn't had any training yet. Isa still hadn't assigned anyone to him because of the chaos. She had to be there to help them, injured or not. But De Leon wasn't having it. They were arguing in his office after Isa sent Aiden off.

[#B70303 "I need to go out there. I'm fine. And I'll be careful."] De Leon didn't say anything. He just sat at his desk, his hands intertwined with each other as they hid his lips. Isa sighed. [#B70303 "I know they'll do their best, and I don't have doubt in them. I just don't want a repeat of last time. This is the longest we've had a team with this many and I really think we have a chance here."]

He still didn't speak, seeming to stare off in to space. That was unlike him. Had she hit something? Wouldn't be surprised. De Leon seemed to really care for all of them, even when they talked back. But something about him was off this time. Shaking her head, Isa walked out of the office, slamming the door shut behind her. She couldn't just stay here while they were risking their lives. She had done that once, and she told herself never again. Her mind was made up then and there. She quickly walked to her room, grabbing her mask and sword. She didn't give De Leon a chance to stop her, quickly making her way to the front door and running out.

[#B70303 [i 'I'll just have to be careful.']] She thought to herself, rubbing her side a bit as she ran.

[center ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~]

[#B70303 "Wrath!"] Isa called, spotting the portal and the red haired girl. Of course, there were already a few lesser demons stepping out. These were really low leveled. Too low to be this organized.

Isa swung her sword, cutting off the head of one. She flinched a bit, but kept going. She had no idea about the kid that made his way into the portal, so that was not of her concern. For now, she needed to help cut down the numbers before the big boss came.

[center ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~]

Aiden had already texted Kane and Viviana, having not found them in their rooms. All that was left was Ares. He didn't have any hate towards the guy, just a slight feeling that he was going to be a difficult person to work with. Wasn't like he had worked with difficult people before. Besides, it was hard to get him really mad.

He knocked before he attempted to enter, looking in and being careful not to make the door swing too hard.

[#3CDDE2 "Ares, a portal has opened near the school. Isa said to gather and try to get it closed. Wrath is already there."]

Aiden spotted the cat, but now wasn't the time to say anything about it. Without another word, he rushed out to go meet with the others. He had seen a portal open in the daylight before. In fact, most of the demons he battled were during the day, so why was Isa freaking out? Was it less uncommon here? And if so, then why? Questions to ask after this was over.

[center [pic]]
  Aiden Connolly / Kikido / 82d 40m 10s

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