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She smiled softly at him, slightly blushing. They are nice apartments. She said and pulled him the rest of the way to the apartments. well here we are, now to get get into my home.
  Misa Amane / darkelfprincess / 7y 208d 4h 22m 20s
Light held onto her hand softly but firm enough so as to not drop it. It felt nice in his hand and for a moment, the thought crossed his mind that he might not be dammed after all. He pushed it quickly away knowing it was not the truth. "I think I know the apartments you are talking about. Had a friend that used to live in one, they are pretty nice." he said as he let her pull her along.
  Light Yagami / X__SWEETdeception / 7y 208d 5h 3m 28s
She smiled and looked up at him, enjoying males that were taller than she was. It is to the right, over by where the park is. She said softly and began to lead the way.
  Misa Amane / darkelfprincess / 7y 209d 5h 48m 23s
Light wrapped his fingers in between her's and lead her out of the coffee shop and put into the bright sunshine. "Which way to your place?" he asked softly looking down at her. He mentally noted just how much taller he was than her, never really paying attention before.
  Light Yagami / X__SWEETdeception / 7y 212d 8h 23m 55s
She giggled softly. Perhaps we could stop at my apartment on the way over and I can see what I have. She wasn't sure if she had anything that was less revealing. When he offered his hand, she took it and stood, picking up her cup as she did.
  Misa Amane / darkelfprincess / 7y 213d 4h 18m 34s
Light smiled again, "Well I kinda like it, but maybe for meeting my mom a little less clevage would be good." he said still smiling. He stood and tossed away his empty cup before coming to stand beside her. He offered his hand to her to help her stand up.
  Light Yagami / X__SWEETdeception / 7y 213d 6h 32m 36s
Sounds like a deal. She said softly. She absolutely loved his smile. Is my outfit alright, or do you suggest I change? She asked noticing the slutty outfit she was wearing.
  Misa Amane / darkelfprincess / 7y 214d 4h 30m 24s
Light couldn't help but smile as she giggled, she was adorable. He sat his drink down and smiled. "I'm sure she would love to meet you as well. And thank you. If you want, I can take you to my house now so you can meet her." he said still smiling.
  Light Yagami / X__SWEETdeception / 7y 214d 4h 32m 46s
I would love to meet her. And that is really wonderful to hear that. Congratulations. I wish you the best of luck. She said and giggled, sipping her drink.
  Misa Amane / darkelfprincess / 7y 214d 4h 41m 32s
Light nodded his he's softly, it made sense, she was pretty. "I see, my sister would probably love you, and more than likely know you by sight." he laughed a bit before sipping on his drink again. "Well as I already the away, I go to the university, I'm the top student in all of Japan, but I study hard and really work for it." he said with a soft smile on his face.
  Light Yagami / X__SWEETdeception / 7y 214d 4h 47m 5s
She smiled and laughed softly. I don't go to school. I am a model, so I spend all my time modeling. She said softly, not really wanting too much attention for that would draw an unwanted crowd.
  Misa Amane / darkelfprincess / 7y 214d 4h 52m 36s
Light smiled his response as he sipped his drink. "Nothing comes to mind immediately. I suppose I'm curious about where you go to school and where you work. Obviously not the university, I would have seen you there, your blonde hair sticks out quite a bit." he said with a small smile on his face.
  Light Yagami / X__SWEETdeception / 7y 214d 8h 19m 49s
She sat down when he held out the chair for her. Thank you very much, Light. She said and smiled softly. What would you like to talk about? she asked him softly, taking a few sips of her drink.
  Misa Amane / darkelfprincess / 7y 217d 10h 5m 23s
Light nodded when the man handed them their drinks and he told them the cost. He pulled out his wallet and paid before placing a hand in the small of the girls back leading her over to a small table with two chairs. He pulled one out for her to sit in and pushed it forward once she was in it. He took the seat across from her and took a sip of his drink.
  Light Yagami / X__SWEETdeception / 7y 221d 7h 3m 16s
She ordered a small hot chocolate with whip-cream on it. She was desiring chocolate. Thank you. She said to both of them as she took a sip from the cup.
  Misa Amane / darkelfprincess / 7y 224d 10h 29m 2s

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