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[b "You act like I would have given you a choice of being nice or not."] That was her murmured response to his words, she smiling contently with a soft huff of a laugh as he kissed her forehead.

[b "Jazz, the only reason I'm even in this walking boot for this week, and the next two, is all cautionary. I haven't needed pain medication beyond Tylenol in a long while—stop worrying so much. You might be the first vampire to get frown-lines otherwise."] Her gaze was firm as she said this, doing her best to convey to him that he should stop worrying. Hell, even Carlisle had told him that her personal doctor's diagnosis on her leg was a correct one as far as the current level of healing was concerned. After a moment, she couldn't help but add, [b "But I... guess I'm having fun? It's not as terrible as I thought it was, and I at least have an excuse to have two left-feet with my foot strapped up."] She snickered, one of those genuine all-beaming Alice smiles he had mentioned not seeing yet automatically blooming to life.

Soon enough some fast paced music was overtaking the entire room the Vegas themed prom was taking place in, and before she knew it she was letting Jasper lead her over to the refreshments table. Once there, Jessica's words made smile in sympathy.

[b "You could always walk up behind him and kick him in the ass or something. Heels are for more than just making legs look nice."]

The Swan girl usually wasn't one for suggesting violence, but the fact Mike was ignoring his date was why she thought saying such a thing was a good idea. The Stanley female had looked thoughtful before grabbing her own punch and walking off.

Once Alice had a cup of punch in her possession whenever Jasper would hand it to her, she'd sip at it delicately as she glanced around the giant room filled with loud music, dancing, and a bunch of people her age having fun at a type of dance she would have sworn she'd never even think of going to less than a year ago to the current time.

Soon enough, she returned her gaze to Jasper, and hesitantly asked, [b "Do you think we could maybe go out to the courtyard to that gazebo-thing they have set up? It's getting a bit too rowdy in here."] Her question was innocent enough, but she plainly wore an expression that practically asked 'and maybe you'd carry me somehow, cause I'm lazy?' laced into those big ol' chocolate puppy-eye powers she then inflicted upon him.
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Shit. He had been hoping it would have been a simple 'we've only met a few times'. Of course there was a long standing history between Jacob's family and her family. That would make this so much easier. [b "Just curious, I guess,"] he brushes off her question with a smile. [b "Wanted to make sure I didn't have any competition to be worried about."] He says it jokingly, but in his head, he's ripping Jake to pieces.

Jasper is careful as he spins them around, minding her foot and keeping her as comfortable as he can. He moves gracefully across the dance floor, unlike the other boys who kept treading on their partner's feet. [b "But, if he's a friend, I suppose I can try and be friendly,"] he promises her, placing a kiss on her forehead.

Across the room, he hears Rosalie scolding Emmett for almost engaging in an arm wrestling match with one of the jocks at their table. At their own seats, Edward and Bella are too busy wrapped up in their own world to notice the looks of disgust on their classmates' faces. [b "Are you at least enjoying yourself? I don't believe I've seen a genuine Alice smile yet. We don't have to stay all night if you don't want to. Just tell me when your leg starts to hurt too much."]

He'd worried about whether or not they should bring her pain pills just in case, but Bella had rolled her eyes and made a joke about Alice falling asleep while dancing and falling down again. 'She'd only break another bone,' his sister had joked.

As the music picks up to a faster beat, he slides his hands down to take hers. [b "I'll get you a drink. Come on,"] he smiles, tugging her gently after him to the refreshments table where Jessica was currently grumbling under her breath. [i "I swear, you snagged the only gentleman in this entire school,"] she mutters to Alice when she gets close enough, motioning to Mike pelvic thrusting all over the dance floor with his jock friends, laughing like hyenas.
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[i They've met?] That thought hot on her mind, she turned her gaze over to Leah in search of some sort of confirmation or such a statement. The Quileute girl who was now under her gaze, however, simply locked eyes with Alice before offering a shrug as a silent 'I don't know when it could have happened, either' sort of gesture.

She had sat down during the brief "conversation through expressions" moment she had with the Clearwater female, but it seemed like in the same instant of her sitting down that Jasper was asking her to dance. The Swan girl opened her mouth, about to ask if he was crazy since due to her walking boot for her leg she practically had, well, a bum leg from the knee down since she couldn't bend her ankle. Alas, she wasn't able to say anything cause he had whisked her to her feet and off to the dance floor.

If Emmett had been anywhere nearby, she was sure he probably would have made one of his ever-self-humoring cracks about how she wasn't only the size of a doll, but as light as one... she, of course, would find something to throw at his head that he always let smack him in stride, though, to the rest of any nearby Cullens amusements.

Once on the dance-floor, she biting her lip to hide a smile as Jasper pulled her close and just pretty much swayed back in forth with her in a very slow circle.

His words caused her to eye-roll, but to begin giggling faintly. [b "Well I did get my purse and, though I didn't find them in the car, I didn't find them on the way back into the school."] Her tone was cheeky, she turning her face from being mushed against his chest so she could look up at him with a grin that matched that same-mentioned tone.

The Whitlock/Hale-Cullen's next question caused her paused, she trying to figure out why he looked so... something. Something she couldn't even put a name too. She barely saw the 'something' in his composed "superior vampire expression" face, but she can still tell there's something after months of knowing him.

[b "I guess you could say... well actually, very much so. That's really accurate. Generations long now, actually."] She glanced off to the side, a thoughtful look coming upon her face as she tried to make sure she was remembering certain things right. [b "Jacob's great-grandfather and mine were friends their entire lives, my Granpda Swan actually babysat Jacob's grandfather cause of, like, a 10-year age gap between them and they, ultimately, became friends. Charlie and his parents spent the first 7 years of his life moving around the country before coming back to Forks, so him and Billy Black have been friends for almost thirty years."] Her she would paused, biting her lip as the thoughtful look remained.

[b "Jake's two years younger than me, so I honestly remember Leah and his two older sisters more than him. About two-years longer of playing games with those three then with him in me memories, and then I haven't been up here in almost ten years, so...."] Alice trailed off, shrugging as she finally returned her gaze to looking him eye-to-eye once more. She didn't know why, but she could still see that 'something' in his face, yet still couldn't place a name to it.

[b "...Why are you asking?"]

The pixie-like girl's voice wasn't accusing or suspicious, just genuinely curious. As genuine as whenever else she just generally spoke with almost anyone, and definitely always present whenever she asked questions of him.
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Jasper has never wished for the ability to taste alcohol more than this moment, fantasizing about chugging whiskey from a flask to drown out the monotonous drawl of Mike Newton. The guy was trying way too hard to impress him, even though there was no need to. They weren't friends. The vampire would have been happy if the table was silent.

Thankfully, he soon takes notice of Alice's scent returning to the room. His eyes scan for her, and almost immediately darken when seeing who she is with. His hand searches hers out when she gets close enough, pulling her to his side. Giving a curt nod to the newcomers, he takes his seat once more, not happy to be in the company of Jacob Black for even one evening. [b "We've met,"] Jasper announces, shaking the other male's hand for her sake.

That would be a story for another day. He did not want to get in to the feuding history of the Cullens versus Jacob's family tonight. As long as the teenager stopped looking at Alice like he'd do anything she asked right then and there, Jasper could try and make the most of this evening. [b "Would you like to dance?"] He murmurs in her ear.

Without waiting for an answer, or protest, he pulls her to her feet and leads her to the dance floor. A series of slow songs had been on, making it easy for him to tug her to his chest and wrap his arms protectively around her. [b "When you said you forgot your purse in the car, I didn't think you'd be bringing more than that back with you,"] he tries to make his voice light, but the jealousy seeps in slightly.

He doesn't like being that guy, but he can feel how Jacob feels every time he looks at Alice. More than that, he can see it in his eyes. [b "I didn't know you were familiar with Jacob's family. Old friends?"] he asks, hoping it comes across as conversational more than confrontational.
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Alice had gone to Jasper's car in order to get her purse, but now she was walking back towards the venue with two Quileutes in two beside her! One was Jacob Black, and the other was someone she hadn't seen since ten years prior, and that was Leah Clearwater.

Like how she used to play with Jacob and his twin older sisters, Rachel and Rebecca, she and the Blacks had always used to play with the Clearwater girl When she had last been to Forks before this past year the Black sisters had been twelve, she and Leah had both been eight, Jacob had been six, and Seth had still been around four.

The reason the two were up from the reserve and at the school? Apparently, due to painfully abrupt break up from her boyfriend/fiance, Leah had gone into a rut. She was graduating a year early with honors on time, for she hadn't slackened in her studies at all the past two months, but she'd still been emotionally rutty. So her father, Harry Clearwater, called in a favor with Forks High School's principal to let his daughter come to prom and Jake, being the honorary brother to Leah that he was, was her escort to the dance of 'the wicked pale faces' at the school.

[#ef4a25 "Oh, Alice? By the way, uh... my dad bribed me with that last part for the Rabbit I'm rebuilding to tell you something—especially since I'm up here anyway."] Jake began slowly and awkwardly, he scratching the back of his head as Leah let out a groan. These actions of course, had Alice pausing in her walking and arching an eyebrow in curiosity.

[#ff597a "You can always just not do it and tell him you did."]

[#ef4a25 "But he'd [i know], Leah! Somehow he always knows. Why else do you think I didn't sneak out last year to go T-pee the school for the Freshman Prank? He sat outside my room or window the entire night! He just [i knew."]]

The Black boy complained, and turned his attention to the Swan girl even as the Clearwater gal beside him muttered something along the lines of, "He's not magical, you're just a really crappy liar", and he spoke once more, [#ef4a25 "Dad told me to try and convince you to break up with your boyfriend. He said if you didn't that, and I quote, 'We'll be watching you'. So... yeah."] Jake nodded his head whilst giving a shrug, Leah shook her head in exasperation, and Alice now had both eyebrows arched high upon her brow.

[b "...Well that certainly isn't ominous or creepy. Nope, not at all."] A beat of silence followed her words, and then the trio cracked up laughing as they continued on their trek to the gymnasium entrance doors of the school. They, like all the ones who had gone in before them and the few still left to arrive to come after, paused at the entrance to look at the papers that gave all the primary tables/seats to the students for whenever they weren't up and dancing or playing some of the entertainment games at the dance. Turns out—likely since Alice knows them—that the duo were placed at the six-person table where herself, Jasper, and Mike and Jessica were seated at. They heading further into the gym , they were all soon at the table.

[b "Mike, Jessica! I think you might remember Jake? He was one of the ones down at La Push beach when we went that one day. The one with him is Leah."] After having gotten some sort of respond from the couple, the brown-eyed girl would turn her attention to Jasper, [b "Jazz, allow me to introduce you to Jacob Black and Leah Clearwater. Leah, Jake? This is Jasper Hale-Cullen."] The girl introduced

Leah offered a smile and a nod in Jasper's direction before taking her seat, but Jacob offered up an honest smile before holding his hand out towards the blonde-haired-and-gold-eyed male in an offer of a handshake.
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The swirling vortex of hormone driven teenagers makes Jasper's stomach curdle. So, when Alice states that she has to get her purse from the car, he eagerly jumps at the chance to get out of the room. However, she shoots this chance down really quickly. [b "You're leaving me here? Is this some kind of horrible revenge for something I've done? I'll get on my knees right now to apologize if it means I don't have to go to that table alone."]

He had been informed ahead of time that the Cullen siblings would not be sitting together at one table. In an effort to force conversation with others, the three couples were divided to three separate tables. To make things infinitely worse, Mike and Jessica were two of the other couples assigned to their table.

Pouting, he realizes he's not going to win this. [b "Just hurry back, okay? I can't promise I'll make it through a conversation with Newton without some kind of sarcastic jab."]

Taking a deep, unneeded breath, he readies himself for a night of awkwardness. Giving a tight-lipped smile at the couple as he takes his seat, they greet him warily. [i "Where's Alice?"] Jessica asks quickly.

[b "She had to grab something from the car. She'll be here in a few minutes,"] he answers.

The table falls in to an uncomfortable silence, with Mike tapping his fingers against the table. [i "Well, I'm sure she's looking forward to this. Most girls do. Anything to get us in tuxedos, am I right?"] Mike laughs awkwardly, nudging Jasper's arm.

Clearing his throat, the vampire tries to play nice. [b "Doesn't hurt to dress up every now and then."]

[i "Please, Mike, have you seen these boys at school? I swear, the entire Cullen family shops at Gucci and Armani for everything. I can't even get you to wear a collared shirt,"] Jessica snorts.

[i Alice, I beg of you to hurry up,] Jasper prays internally.
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Hearing the banter between the two adoptive-brothers, the Swan girl couldn't help but bark a laugh right along sight a somehow musical little cackle release by Bella at the same time. The two 'olders' of the couple began to walk off as Jasper made his near horrified complain about the dancing of today, and soon he was waggling a finger at her.

[b "Oh, my sweet Jazz, don't you know me by now? I would never make a joke implying you were like a 90-year old man."] Alice gasped in mock insult, she putting a hand up to her heart in a dramatic little flourish, [b "...That is much too young. Calling someone only 15 or so years shy of being 200 years old such a young amount would be insulting to 90-year old people everywhere."] And with a wickedly cheeky little grin, full of mirth and kind playfulness despite the teasing, she release into a peal of giggles as she continued to allow him to lead her towards the gym doors.

It was after the photo had been posed for, and just before they'd be able to enter into the venue for the prom, that an absentminded movement made her gasp softly in surprise before she'd glance down at her dress-covered hip. [b "Shoot! I forgot my purse in the car."] She made a face, disgruntled. She trusted Jasper with her life, and knew he'd never let anything happened to her—let alone something at such a simple a thing as a dance—but having her cellphone and pepper spray on herself at all times brought her a sense of comfort. Those were both in her purse.

The short brunette kept her hand firmly in place on Jasper's arm and, looking up at him, she'd roll her eyes a little before saying in a quiet voice only loud enough for him to hear, [b "No vamp-speed like the Flash on steroids. I forgot it, and I can go get it on my own. My leg needs the exercise anyways. Walking cast or no, walking on it a little isn't going to hurt. It's almost fully healed anyway. You go inside and find us a table so I don't have to stand up all night, huh?"] Using her good foot only she'd pop up to tip-toes briefly, would peck a kiss to his cheek, and then would maneuver her arm from his gentle hold. After flashing him a small smile, she'd turn and begin to hobble-off back towards the parking lot.
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Being the gentleman that he is, and partially because Charlie is still watching from the window, Jasper opens her door for her and helps her in the car. Giving a wave to her dad, who only stares back blankly, he goes around to the driver's side to get in next to her. Edward gives a honk as he passes by them in the Volvo. [b "Are you ready for hours of awkward dancing, gross punch, and terrible music?"] he asks with a grin.

Truth be told, he was fairly good at dancing since Esme had taught him to waltz for the past two weeks. Being a major in the military hadn't exactly given him the skills necessary to move gracefully across the dance floor, and he didn't want to spend the night breaking the rest of the bones in her feet.

Multiple limos are parked outside of the venue, no doubt hired so that the jocks can get hammered without having to drive. For a brief moment, Jasper wonders if he should have gotten them a limo, but figures that Alice would want some alone time without the prying eyes of a middle aged man looking back at them through the mirror.

Edward and Bella are already waiting for them when they pull in to the lot. [b "Eager to show off those excuses that you call dance moves?"] Jasper challenges his brother as Alice climbs out of the car.

[i "No. I'm excited to see you twerk,"] Edward throws back casually, unflinched by Jasper's taunt.

The blonde shivers at the mere thought. [b "I'm telling you, dancing was so much better when I was alive. Everyone knew their steps, and there were no thrusting and gyrating asses pressing against you,"] he mutters to his girlfriend, making sure she's steady on her feet with her walking cast.

Crooking his arm, he heads towards the door. [b "And no jabs at the fact that I just spoke like a ninety year old man,"] he adds, pointing a finger in her direction.
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The blonde's comment had made her blush scarlet, and the brunette smiled shyly in flattery from his words as he kissed one of her blushing cheeks. When Jasper muttered what he did as Charlie took pictures, however, she barely resisted the urge to giggle. [b "You were ment to hear that. For after all, you are Count Jerkula. The jerkiest jerk-pire of them all."] She whispered this back with a grin as her father snapped the last of the pictures that Renee had all but commanded him to make sure he'd make, and she'd give in to the urge and would finally break into a fit of giggles.

And then it was time to get going.

Once the boys were out the door the Swan male would temporarily block the doorway to still the girls' path for the time being in order to give them some last words. [#216bb5 "Now you both be careful, you hear me? If something is happening you don't like, feel no hesitation to go to a dance chaperon or even calling me."] He stated, and Alice would fondly roll her eyes with a single nod as Bella would step forward a bit from their side-by-side positioning. [#c5911b "Don't worry about either of us, Charlie! If those two or anyone else gives any trouble, I promise, it will automatically resort to me casting them on fire."] Bella's tone was bluntly serious, but then she and Alice would both break out into giggle and even Charlie couldn't help chuckle a bit.

[#216bb5 "Carlisle and Esme taught you well."] The chief compliment, and then turned his attention to his daughter, [#216bb5 "Have fun.... But only the legal kind of fun. I'm a cop, Als. I'll find out things."] Alice giggled more in response but nodded to her father in order to placate him. Then with the help of Bella the two girls would soon each make their way off to the individual cars. Edward had driven his Volvo, and Jasper had driven his own car. Even though the four were all for going together the boys had ultimately decided they each wanted to drive their own girl in their own vehicles.

...And if it gave them the mercy of escaping the two surprisingly-related-by-DNA females from plotting on ways to make them 'suffer' in situations they found amusing? No one would be the wiser and none the wiser could ever blame them.
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Jasper and Edward sit side by side on the couch, in matching classic black suits, hands folded in their laps as Charlie stares them down from his place on the armchair. His handgun sits on his lap, taken apart as he cleans it thoroughly. [i "So. Prom. Big night for any girl,"] the father starts speaking.

The boys nod simultaneously, terrified of the man, even though he couldn't ever cause them harm. [i "Bella and Alice are good girls. I worry for them. So I'm sure you'll understand my desire for them to have a fun, safe time, at their prom,"] he continues.

[b "Yes sir,"] Jasper's Adam's apple bobs in his throat.

[i "Good. All you boys have to do is make sure they get that fun prom. And to make sure that no one, and I mean no one, causes them grief. If I find out that you've failed at your job,"] he pauses, eyes flickering between the two boys. [i "I'm sure Carlisle and Esme won't mind if I have a private word with you. At the station."]

The brothers glanced at each other before look back to the father, nodding quickly. [i "We understand,"] Edward breaks his silence.

Footsteps creak on the stairs, and all three men turn to watch as the girls descend towards them. Jasper and Edward rise to their feet and straighten their ties and jackets. The copper-haired brother steps forward to help his wife down the final step, praising her beauty as he does so. Jasper struggles to get himself under control as he eyes Alice, looking radiant as always. Walking closer, he holds his hands out to help her down, beaming at her. [b "For someone who doesn't want to go, you look absolutely stunning,"] he presses a kiss to her cheek, playing it safe in front of her dad.

As he steps aside to let Charlie take a picture of them, mostly at Renee's insistence on the phone earlier, Jasper wraps an arm around her waist. [b "By the way, I heard that 'jerkpire' comment,"] he teases her quietly.
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[i Oh, bless the world for the existence of Carlisle Cullen. I so greatly adore the thought of going home sooner than the two-days extra they originally wanted to keep me here for.] She thought this happily, the relief at hearing that information visible on her face. No one could blame her for not liking the hospital, and no one could blame her for wanting to get out of the city she had almost been murdered twice in—by the hands of the same vampire no less—in her short seventeen years of life so far.

At Jasper's words about pain medication, after Edward had been teasing about her active nature, the pixie-like brunette would pout grumpily in a sulk, [b "The only way I'm taking that medication is if someone is there to keep from video or photographic evidence of my drugged-up escapes from being taken."] When Bella quickly assured the girl she would be there to stop that, the Swan girl smiled before playfully declaring to the room aloud, [b "Good! That means both of you boys will be around then. You two shall be our loyal butlers, I'll be the queen, and Bella shall be a princess."]

[#c5911b "I'm older than you, Alice. That doesn't make sense."]

At the other girl's playful mock-scold, the younger brunette couldn't help but pout and, whilst crossing her arms, she'd mutter, [b "Fine. Then [i you'll] be the queen, and [i I'll] be the princess. No need to get so technical."] There was a beat of silence before, abruptly, the two female burst into gales of laughter. The one who was still currently hospitalized burst into a fit of coughs form the ache of her ribs, but none the less continued to snicker through the pain alongside the newly discovered relative.

Oh yes. Those two vampire boys were in even more "trouble" now than they ever had been before. Alice and Bella had started becoming quickly close in a short amount of time, and now that this unexpected tie between them was known? That closeness had speed up hundred-of-miles in a matter of minutes. Those boys were doomed by the combined musings of the two females. That much was certain!

[h3 Three Months Later — Friday, May 22nd at 5:35 pm]
Two months had passed since the incident in Phoenix, and there had been no more troubles for the Cullens or Alice so far. Carlisle had gotten a call from another vampire clan up in Denali, Alaska—a clan that was apparently "cousins" and extended family to the Cullens, since they were also vegetarian vampires—saying the vampire named Laurent had joined their clan to try and feed off of animals. They had called, in a way, in search of Carlisle's approval and of course the blonde doctor-vampire promptly granted it.

Things had gone pretty peacefully in Forks. Alice had to deal with a cast, but with Bella almost constantly over to help her with showers and feminine things , and Jasper and Edward over to help with other things when Charlie couldn't be there and such, things were fantastic. She was over at the Cullens at least three days out of the week, and any other day those three vampire siblings would be present in her home. She had, of course, grown as close as souls with Jasper. With Edward and Bella? With one being her technically biological aunt, and technically being her legal uncle-by-marriage? She grew very close with them as well. Alice quickly had people who were her best-friends and confidants in short months and thought she still saw her other friends, she couldn't deny she loved being with these three the most.

Edward and Bella for company, and Jasper for... well... she was so irrevocably in love with the blonde Whitlock male. It almost scared her how much she had come to love him in less than half a year, but she loved him and wasn't ashamed of it.

Currently though? Currently, the Swan girl wanted to kill Edward, Bella, and Jasper for the torture they were currently putting them through.

[b "I hate you. I hate you, and I hate the two other jerk-pires downstairs enduring the protective stares of my father."] Alice murmured, and behind her Bella would snort while continuing to manipulate and twist Alice's hair in different directions. It still amused both women that Charlie seemed just as protective as Bella now that he had been over Alice. Bella didn't need that protection, sure, but Charlie didn't know that.

[#c5911b "It's just prom, Alice. Jasper wants you to have the human experience! And to be honest... none of us have ever gone to one. I never even went when I was still human. None of us have ever had reason, but not me, Em, Rose, Jas, and Edward all have a reason to go! And... that reason is you. So stop being a brat, huh? Your aunt commands it!"] Bella's words had started off heart-felt and touching, but became joking by the end so, of course, Alice was giggling even as the girl spun her around in her desk chair in order to finish applying last touches to the make-up upon her face.

[b "I have a broken leg that is in a clunky walking cast, and am wearing a sneaker on my other foot to keep from breaking that leg on accident with potentially falling, and I am wearing a dress that makes me look ridiculous."]

[#c5911b "You look fantastic, Alice! Now hush and let me finish before the boys get impatient and come up here, or Charlie decides to shoot one of them just to shoot them."]

Both the vampire woman, and the human woman, would promptly giggle with grins and Alice would slip into silence to allow the older female to complete her work.
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Edward smirks as Jasper rolls his eyes playfully. [i "I think I can handle another relative. But, this gives me the perfect chance to threaten Jasper,"] he looks to his blond brother. [i "If you hurt my niece, I will kill you myself."]

Jasper groans, flopping back in to the chair beside Alice's bed. [b "Oh please, you couldn't even beat Rosalie in a sparring match. Like you could handle me."]

He takes Alice's free hand, the one not currently being gripped by Bella's. He knows he's going to lose some time with his girlfriend, due to his sister's desire to talk and spend time learning and sharing about the family. Still, he knows it'll make both girls happy. For that, he's more than happy to step aside to give them a chance to bond even more. He always has Emmett to keep him entertained.

[b "I spoke with Charlie. They'll be letting you go home soon. Just doing last minute paperwork and whatnot. They want you to do physical therapy, so Carlisle is telling them he'll see over your recovery once we get to Forks. But, I believe we all know you won't follow the doctor's orders of staying put for a while,"] he looks at Alice wryly.

[i "You're lucky she's still in bed. I don't think I've ever seen her sit for longer than ten minutes. Even at lunch she was bouncing in her seat,"] Edward chimes in from his place by the wall.

[b "Between Charlie and me, we'll make sure you at least rest in the evenings. They'll be sending you home with some strong pain meds, so you'll be lucky if you even realize who's taking care of you,"] Jasper jokes.

He didn't like seeing her in this state at all, but he knows if he mopes around about it, it'll only make her more antsy. It's best to just put on a bright face and make the best of it. Maybe Charlie will even let him come over daily to help look after her.
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The shorter-than-average-in-height Swan girl had barely had a chance to move her book out of the way of getting crushed between her body and another's body before her hospital room's door had been opened and she had an arm full of crying, yet not crying, vampire female in her arms. [#c5911b "I've always wanted family.... I mean, I grew up with parents and I'm with Edward and the Cullens now, but... to have actually blood–"] The golden-eyed brunette cut herself off, and the smaller of the two females would smile as she raised each of her arms to carefully wrap around her marble form. [b "Renee would love you too, ya know, when you meet her. I know she can't know who you are but I'm sure she'll love to meet someone I already consider such a good friend."] Alice whispered soothingly, petting her semi-good hand down along the older females hair.

Bella released a soft mixture before a tearless sob and a laugh at Alice's words, and then Edward and Jasper were in the room with the blonde of the two boys making the comment he did. Both girls snorted once—something they'd both always done, though only the men would likely notice that but since it's now known they were related similar responses to things shouldn't be surprising—at Jasper's cheeky comment and Bella would straighten up as Alice was finally able to properly set her book on the nightstand next to her hospital bed. [#c5911b "We'd get along just fine even if we weren't related, Jas. We were doing good before this all happened"] The vampire female complained akin to a whine, and the human next to her nodded in amused agreement at her blonde boyfriend before her eyes flickered over to the bronze-haired vampire in the room. It was the moment that Edward would notice her staring that a cheekily devious smirk would curl her lips, [b "So, Edward... ever think you'd have a niece-in-law? I hear they're murder to have."] Her tone was too innocent as he smirk grew into a fully-blown grin, and beside her Bella would snicker the same moment that Alice would finally release a giggle.

Oh, those two being together just got all the more terrifying. The world would probably crumble to their whims if they'd put their heads together for a mere five minutes in order to figure out a how to be able to do such a thing.
  Alice Swan / animechick98 / 4y 151d 2h 49m 15s
Jasper had been unwilling to leave, but he knew that the nurses wouldn't stop pestering him until he was out of the room, allowing them to do their job of helping Alice change and get washed up. He had taken the time to go back to the hotel to change his own clothes, and converse with his family about what she had told him.

Bella and Edward had been confused at his insistence that they watch the video. They had no idea how they could possibly fit in with what had happened. Still, they had listened, and both huddled around the video camera with brows furrowed.

If it was physically possible, all three siblings paled even more at the information spewed from the hateful blonde vampire they had destroyed. By the look of Bella's face, the girl would be crying if she were able to. A family had been all she wanted, and to know that she has a biological niece in her life that she has been friends with without knowing hits home. She has a blood relative. Edward holds her while she sobs tears that will never come. Jasper's hand covers his mouth, trying to absorb everything he'd heard.

He doesn't even realize Bella is next to him, begging to take her back to the hospital to see Alice, until Edward shakes him slightly. Nodding silently, they work their way down through the lobby, piling in the car, and heading off.

Once there, Bella can hardly contain herself. Jasper is sure she's going to start crying again. The whole situation is one big soap opera plot. Still, this means that Alice is closer to the family than he'd ever thought. When they reach her floor, Bella is the first off the elevator, bee-lining to Alice's room. She barely looks at Jasper for permission before entering. When the boys join them, they both smile softly at the sight of Bella hugging Alice close.

[b "I knew there was a reason you two got along so well,"] Jasper says softly, trying to lighten everyone's spirits.
  Jasper Hale / Kooza / 4y 153d 3h 32m 16s
[b "No, I don't really wanna watch the video at all. Just.... There's a lot of information on there that I think Bella and Edward should both see. James knew who they were before he and those other two ever came into the clearing we were all in."] Her words were soft. Not giving away any true details of information yet leaving more of a sort of ominous knowledge that there was something important on that video recording James had been making.

She would tell Jasper right there and then, sure, but he'd probably think she was still too hyped on medication to truly be thinking clearly. That and it was sorta impossible to believe, what she had heard James spew to her. But it's not like you could get a DNA test with a vampire so the only true evidence really was that tap and her own memories. That and she believed one—if not all—of the Cullens could likely hack into government information to confirm the claims on the video if need be. [i Bet that Edward never thought he might have to deal with an in-law. Not just an in-law, but a niece at that! ...A biological niece of his wife ho is dating his brother. If this was still the "real world" I thought reality to be a few months ago, then that would be such a good story for Maury, Springer, or maybe even Dr. Phil.] The brunette thought to herself in a fleetingly amused moment, and then returned her attention to Jasper a he was obviously doing his best to change the subject to something else.

His story about the elderly lady makes her bite her lower lip hard between her teeth to resist the urge to laugh, for she didn't want to jar her aching ribs at all. And of course it was that moment Renee came back into the room and said what she did. [b "Ugh, mom! ...Someone call a doctor to come and sedate me. Sedate me until my mother stops talking to my boyfriend about how she apparently doesn't care if we act 'PG' around her or not."] Her words were groaned as her cheeks flushed a ruby red from embarrassment, she raising her hand that didn't have the IV in it to cup over her eyes as best as possible despite that 'good hand' being wrapped up in gauze. Of course her mother's response was to simply laugh fondly at her daughter's reaction.

A few hours would pass and it would once more be night. In fact it was roughly 8 in the evening for the sun had set perhaps two hours prior. Alice had been evaluated by doctors all day and it was concluded that her concussion was no threat, there was no brain-damage, and her ribs were all healing nicely. They wanted to keep her for another two days of cautionary observation, but she'd be allowed to go home after that despite the broken leg and other injuries.

Currently Charlie, her step-father Phil, and Renee were all down in the 24 hour cafeteria to grab some late dinner after all three had basically refused to leave the seventeen year old alone so they could all speak with her and spend time with her.

Alice was awake in her hospital bed reading a book her mother had gone out to a store to grab her, carefully turning pages with one hand to read more and more of the story she had as she was awaiting for Jasper to come back to the hospital before the visiting hours would be over at ten in the evening. She knew the blonde Whitlock male would stay all night no matter what, but he still had to get there before the hours were cut off to visit patients.

While she waited and read, she couldn't help but wonder if Jasper had given her vague words from earlier to the family, and if the tap had been watched for the true depth of the information to be known.
  Alice Swan / animechick98 / 4y 154d 9h 1m 45s

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