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Jasper laughs and smile against her hair, pressing a kiss behind her ear. [b "I can assure you that my intentions are nothing but innocent. Well, as innocent as they can be. I might be immortal, but I am still terrified of your father."] As old as he is, Jasper knows well enough that you don't mess with a man's daughter, or he'll make your life a living hell.

[b "I just thought we could have some time alone together, away from prying eyes. We don't get that often, since we're either at school, or my family is nearby. Especially with all that's gone on. I need to remind myself that you're still here."]

It might be greedy to say, but he means it. Every since the showdown with James at the ballet studio, Jasper has needed to be as close to her as he can. The memory of her lying on the floor in intense pain will never be erased from his memory. He can still feel her agony. So, he's been more affectionate than usual, and looks for any reason to touch her, or be near her.

[b "Since you like this place so much, maybe we'll have to go on an adventure one day to find a spot of our own. I'd rather not share with those two. Maybe by the waterfall,"] he suggests, already having a place in mind. It would be well hidden that they could stay for hours and not come across another person.

[b "How's your foot? You were dancing remarkably well for someone who claimed that they couldn't. And for someone currently walking around in a giant plastic cast,"] he teases, eyeing her boot.

She'd looked so happy on the dance floor with the other girls that he couldn't help but smile like a dork while standing with Edward and Bella. It was nice to see her so carefree.
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[b "Bella is literally my aunt and Edward, just as literally, is now my uncle. I'd probably just have to ask and they'd hand it over whenever we wanted it."] Her tone was playful and fully so, no tone of seriousness at all. Though that was a very possibly reality the Swan girl would never do such a thing. There wasn't a manipulative bone in her body.

...At least not that level of manipulative. She's like any girl and has her dad wrapped around her fingers at times, after all. That was about as far as any 'manipulation' went in regards to her.

She snorted as he gave her bragging rights though somehow reading him, she put a hand on his forearm to comfort him. [b "You know I don't like bragging, Jasper. It be unfair to tell those girl all the expectations they're boyfriends will never reach."] She grinned cheekily, giggling before returning her gaze to roaming around the field even as he helped her sit down on the ground.

Fireflies littered the area, a full moon was high in the sky, and the stars were as clear as in some pictures she'd seen made of ancient night-skies. [i This is one of my favorite things about Forks. Always will be...] She thought to herself, smiling softly with the light of her stars twinkling in her eyes before returning her gaze to main favorite-thing about Forks.

[b "Any specific reason you brought me out here, or is it just part of that Southern-prince charm?"] Alice curled her small arms around one of his and leaned her head to rest it upon his shoulder. [b "Because if there's any sort of intentions behind bringing me here, whatever they are, they're working."] Her tone was heavily filled with teasing and play, and she giggled before grinning up at him once more.

That's how it always was with them. Genuineness, playfulness, happiness, and fun. It was natural and so easy. If they were normal people one of them would likely be destined to get sick of it... but then again he was over 100 years old and she'd been bitten by the same vampire twice without getting changed, so there you go.
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He can feel her excitement and joy, which makes his chest swell with pride. [b "Technically Edward and Bella claimed this spot when we moved to Forks, but I think we can steal it for tonight. What they don't know won't hurt them. And if Edward happens to find out because he's being a sneaky pest, then I will simply have to fight him for the rights to this place."]

Jasper is teasing of course, but he would be more than happy to attempt to buy this land for her if it meant seeing this reaction again. [b "You should see this place in the daylight. All of the flowers practically shine under the sun. Deer graze here as well."]

He'll leave out the detail of the one time he had slipped and hunted a deer in this exact meadow, something which Bella had been upset about. Something about ruining the sacred ground of the meadow. When Jasper had pointed out that at least he hadn't fed on a human, her grumpiness faded in to a smirk, leaving her walking off muttering under her breath about how she'd kill him next time.

Fireflies lit the air around them, hovering at various levels to give off a comforting glow of dim light. The crickets were chirping too, adding to the atmosphere of outdoor relaxation. [b "Feel free to brag to your friends about how fantastic I am as a boyfriend. It'd be a good revenge for all of the times their boyfriends called me a freak."] He's only slightly bitter.

Removing his jacket, he lays it down on top of the flowers and helps her to sit. [b "This would be better with food, but something tells me that warm blood isn't exactly your idea of a fancy dinner,"] he jokes, pressing a kiss to her temple as he settles himself down beside her.
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The poor pixie-short female's already intense blush only grew even more prominent from Jasper's teasing. It be absolute truth that by the time he had finished escorting her to his car that she was pouting huffily and releasing a groan of embarrassment from his tease he'd spoken while opening the car door. [b "Shut [i up], Jasper....."] She whined, lips still stubbornly pouted as she gave a weak swat at one of his shoulders before allowing him to help her climb into the car.

A calming silence that they easily achieved together was soothing during the beginning of the drive, but the blonde's tease soon broke her good mood and petulantly she pulled her chap-stick from her purse and, knowing there's no way it would mess with his driving or hurt him, she lobbed it at Whitlock male's temple with a cheeky smirk. A giggle passing her lips. [b "Bad decisions are natural occurrence, soldier-boy. They'd eventually happen for all of them either with or without a prom. I don't need your powers to know that."]

Then the silence returned besides for some easy conversation between the two.

Soon enough the drive came to a stop. The Swan girl had closed her eyes as she enjoyed the gentle sooth of the soft classical music serenading their little duo through the car speakers, but as her door was opened she blinked back to full awareness as he helped her out of the care.

[b "And where is 'Here' exactly?"] Alice asked, arching an eyebrow with a curious scrunch of the face. Lips upturning at the edges slightly in show of fighting of a smile in desire to have some form of a serious expression. Slowly, though, she turned her gaze from him in order to start glancing around.

As those chocolate-brown eyes of hers finally registered the sight she was being gifted with around her she couldn't help but gasp softly, she lifting a hand to cup over her mouth softly from awe and surprise.
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Jasper spares a glance over at the giggling girls Alice left on the dance floor, raising an eyebrow from the amused and smug emotions coming their way. [b "Is everything..."] he turns to ask the pixie girl, only to be ignored as she talks to his brother and sister.

He waits patiently as they say their goodbyes, and then takes her by the hand to head back to the car. [b "Should I be worried about what the girls said to you? You're looking a little red in the face,"] he tries to pry, opening the door for her and waiting for her to sit.

Seeing as she wasn't upset or angry, he doesn't think he has much reason to be concerned about the interaction. Still, if there is a chance for him to tease her and get her more embarrassed and bashful, he wouldn't pass it up. [b "Do I need to defend your honor?"]

The roads are empty due to the late hour, so it won't take long for them to reach their destination. Still, he doesn't rush. The ride is half the fun as they wind through the curving roads, trees surrounding them. [b "I'm glad we went. It was nice to see you having fun. Even if I was overwhelmed by teenage hormones that are only going to lead to bad decision later."]

Soft sounds of swing music plays through the speakers, courtesy of Edward putting all of the classics on his iPod. It was a relaxing mood after the constant thumping boom of the prom music. Jasper's head would be throbbing if he was still able to get headaches. [b "Though I'm very glad we don't have to go to another prom. I don't think I could go through another dance with guys eyeing you all night. I almost broke a few jaws tonight, but I promised to be on my best behaviour. I don't think your dad would think highly of me if I got arrested on prom night."]

As they pull off to the destination, Jasper turns off the car and puts it in park. [b "We're here,"] he says, walking around to her side of the car and taking her hand.
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Jessica had succeeded in having her on the dance floor for ten minutes before Angela convinced her to show mercy and all three sat down. All in all, she was away from Whitlock-Hale-Cullen male for maybe a solid forty minutes before she decided she didn't really want to stay much longer at prom. The music was really annoying and, to be honest, she'd love to just go around and cruise with her blonde boyfriend until it was time for her to go home.

[b "You know, I think I'm gonna head out with Jasper. I'm feeling tired."] Alice stated, and slowly raised up from the chair she was seated in thanks to some help from Angela, but Jessica's cheeky expression caused the short female to pause. [b "...What? What's with that face?"]

Jessica just ended up giggling, and Angela rolled her eyes. [#bf224c "What Jess here is trying to do is insinuate, without directly saying so, that you and Jasper are going to go somewhere and do the 'horizontal tango' together. Especially since you told us earlier your curfew isn't for another couple hours."] The Weber girl explain.

And poor Alice of course blinked before flushing one of the brightest red-blushes possible [i and then] nearly falling over as she stumbled back from the two girls with a squeak. [b "Oh, look! My pain meds are kicking in and I'm getting tipsy from it, so I better go. Bye Jess! Bye Ang!"] And with that she hurried away from her two friends as quickly as her walking boot would allow, and the good nature laughter from the other two females followed after the blushing pixie-like girl.

Said still blushing-girl soon made her way over to where not only Jasper was, but Edward and Bella as well. [i Or rather, my aunt and uncle.] Her brain thought up, and though she was still blushing insanely she smiled genuinely at all three.

[b "I'm read to go, Jazz."] She spoke up, smiling at the blonde before turning her attention to Bella and Edward. [b "And I'll see you two for dinner tomorrow, auntie and uncle, since Charlie invited you and you masochists accepted?"] She asked of the married couple in a whisper, only loud enough for herself and any vampires in the room to hear.
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Jasper smiles in to her hair, pressing a kiss to the inky black strands. [b "I don't know about mystical or magical fairy gardens, but I have a few ideas that we could do. We'll leave in a little while. Wouldn't want to be accused of cheating you out of your prom experience."]

The overcast was making it chilly out, and he grows concerned for her. [b "Let's head back inside. I think your friends want to have some time with you. Jessica mentioned something about getting you on the dance floor."]

Stepping back, he takes her hands in his and presses a kiss to her knuckles. The thump of the music is practically strong enough to restart his long dead heart. Emmett and Rosalie are doing something far too sexual on the dance floor, drawing the attention of their classmates. Edward and Bella are off by a corner, smiling at each other and talking quietly to themselves.

[b "I don't mind waiting while you go and have fun. Being in the crowd isn't exactly appealing to me. Too many...hormones,"] he smiles softly at her, tracing her jawline with his thumb.

He gives her a light kiss, and nudges her in the direction of her friends, stepping back to go to Edward and Bella. [i "Don't feel like dancing?"] Bella asks him playfully.

Jasper gives her a disgusted look. [b "That,"] he points to their more outgoing siblings. [b "Is certainly not dancing. I think I'll avoid that as much as I can. Besides, I don't know how to dance to this music."] Hell, he couldn't even pick out what genre was playing.

[i "It's your first prom, you could at least look more excited,"] Edward says.

[b "I'm plenty happy,"] he defends himself, his eyes falling on Alice as a smile tugs at his lips. He just wanted to get her alone.

[i "Just remember there is a police officer that will hunt you down if you don't behave tonight, Jasper Hale,"] Bella winks at him.

The blonde male laughs. [b "I'll be on my best behavior,"] he promises.
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His joke about being a boring date made Alice shake her head fondly at him, and she couldn't help but tease him a bit. [b "You're super old, it's a woe I should have expected!"] And then she gave him a cheeky grin in response.

Jasper's next words, of course, made her have to bite her lip to hold back the chance of letting out a laugh too soon.

[b "Says you, the boy who has admitted to having sneaked into my bedroom both when I have and hadn't been home before, let alone aware of it happening. That is obviously the class we're missing these days, right?"] She made her tone a little accusing, but the smile on her face easily let him know that she wasn't actually bothered by this fact at all. ...She still loves teasing him for the hell of it however, for though the vampire male can't blush she just loves seeing how flustered he gets when him having done anything 'ungentlemanly' is mentioned.

Giving him a long minute to get flustered and a bit worked up all the same, the Swan girl finally released a laugh before leaning her head against his chest once more. Once situated in that ever comfortable position, she began to genuinely think upon the two options he had listed before her for, even if she wasn't necessarily [i bored] at the dance, she wasn't really having all that much fun with it either.

[b "Well... I don't really want to go home yet. I mean, I'm not even expected to be back for another three hours still,"] She paused, looking up at him in a teasing way. [b "But unless you know of some sort of mystical and magical fairy-garden you haven't shown to me yet, I guess taking me home is one of our only options beyond just driving around."] And there she goes as always, morphing logic, reasoning, and playfulness all into one.

The pixie-like girl would be 'Alice!' if she didn't, after all. It was just her natural personality.
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He can't help but smile at her insistence that she didn't quite agree with him. Having gotten to know Alice, he wasn't the least bit surprised that she would be slightly disappointed that he didn't let her transformation complete itself. There would be no convincing her that he'd done what he knew was best in that situation. Even if she were to become one of them, he'd rather her at least make the choice in her right mind, rather than a snap decision he'd made himself to keep her with him.

Jasper was fully aware that she was going to fight him on this every step of the way. He just had to be careful how he bickers with her about it. To someone with a pulse, this existence probably seems like heaven; never aging, practically immortal. They never see the pain of having to live a lonely existence, never getting close to anyone. For now, however, he could let her have her belief that she'll change his mind eventually.

[b "Last I checked, you were quite fond of this accent and pretty boy looks,"] he teases her, forcing his drawl to come out a little thicker.

He hears the yawn and checks his watch behind her back. [b "Am I that boring of a date that I'm putting you to sleep?"] he jokes.

It wasn't quite that late, but she was probably still on her medication to help with the pain. [b "I can take you home if you want. I'm sure we wouldn't miss much. We could also go for a little drive and have some time to ourselves, if you'd prefer not to go home right away,"] he offers a few suggestions.

Inside, the music turned to some thumping dance beat, practically shaking the wooden platform of the gazebo under their feet. What ever happened to swing dance music, Jasper thinks to himself, despising whoever put together the playlist for the evening. [b "No class, these days,"] he murmurs playfully to her, running a hand up and down her back soothingly while he waits for her to make her decision.
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The Swan girl had turn her gaze to look down at their feet between them at some point during his little speech, and when he kissed her forehead her chocolate-brown eyes drifted shut and her teeth bit between her lips as she began to think it all over. Her standpoint she had honestly just realized [i really was] a standpoint, and did her best to understand the Whitlock vampire-males apparent standpoint on the matter as well.

[b "...I do understand why you stopped it, I guess. I even appreciate it in an odd way, because now that I look back on it I can't help but be thankful that my parents didn't have to go through the pain of wondering what happened to her daughter after she 'left to help a friend' who doesn't even exist."] Alice sighed slowly and softly, closing her eyes, but then after a few moments of silence she'd look up at Jasper with a firm dedication in her eyes. [b "However..."] She began, her tone that natural gentleness it always was with the same sort of expression to match, but holding a firmness in both that showed her natural determination, [b "It isn't only your choice. I have a choice too, you know."]

She let that sit between them a few moments, and then she sighed softly again before wrapping her arms around his middle and burrowing her face against his suit-clad chest. [b "I don't want to argue about it, and I don't want us to fight. I'm just letting you know that no matter how much you bat your pretty-boy eyelashes or use that Southern drawl on me, that it's not gonna change my mind on the topic."] Her words were blunt, but full of unmistakable teasing, and with keeping the side of her face resting against his chest she'd turn her head up and smile at him in a cheeky mixture of playfulness and loving fondness.

On the inside, though, her thoughts firmed on one point; she really would never give in, even if she'd like to believe she does understand where he's coming from on his point of view. It was her choice too, and she already knew with confidence what she wanted. But being human, and him immortal.... As long as she could be with him in moments like they currently were she was plenty content with how her life was.

[i For now, anyway.] The Alice added as a mental tail-note to her thought process, and despite the prom still going on inside of the building, and them standing out in the slightly chilly night air, she released the slightest yawn.
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Jasper's jaw tenses as he tries to figure out how he can justify his actions. He knows that she's likely unhappy about what he did, but he had to try and make her understand. [b "Alice...this isn't a way of life,"] he starts to say, pausing slightly to consider his words. [b "This is not an existence that you want."]

He looks away momentarily before meeting her eyes once more. [b "I saved you from a life of never getting to do the things you love. You'd never be able to eat your favourite foods again, or feel the wind on your face. Everything that makes being human special is taken away from you. Forever. There is no getting it back."]

He tries to recall the things that he'd liked to do as a human. Swimming, and horseback riding. Nothing that would bring him joy any longer. The water wouldn't have a cooling effect on him, refreshing him as it had before. How could he have condemned her to a life of the same cruelties? [b "I know right now that you probably think it was selfish of me, but I promise you that I was only trying to help. I wouldn't wish this on anyone, Alice. It is a guarded life. You can't grow close with anyone because eventually they will wonder why you're still young, while they've aged forty years. They will die, as you live on. Saying goodbye over and over is a hard thing to go through. The people you love fade away while you're forced to keep going."]

Jasper presses a kiss to her forehead. [b "Believe me when I say that I want you, forever. But please don't ask me to take away the one thing that can ever truly bring you happiness in this world. I couldn't bear to do that to you, Alice."]

He's desperate for her to understand why he did what he did. He doesn't want her to hate him. This life probably seemed appealing, but it was the exact opposite. It was a life of solitude, never staying in one place, and never living a real life.
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[i You probably won't be happy about where I want this line of questioning to go at all.] The Swan girl had thought, barely resisting the urge to sigh as she did so.

Soon enough she had asked the question of if she could even ask her question, his laugh and teasing causing her to smile faintly before the silence started to loom and her expression became reserved and worried before she finally found the courage to speak.

[b "Jasper, why did you save me?"] Her question was vague, but it was clear about exactly which incident she was questioning that 'why?' on as far as he having saved her life for. [b "You could have let the venom spread... I could have been like you by now."] She continued, her voice just as softly spoken and hesitant as it had started off with.

Alice had glanced down from looking at him at some point before having finally talking, almost a bit genuinely afraid of how he might respond, but slowly she looked up and allowed her brown eyes to lock with his golden ones. Despite the slight muffled sensation of her emotions, and fully muffled in some cases she was so easy to read. She wore her heart on her sleeve, and anything she was feeling could be read through her eyes just as easily as felt. Or in the cases when emotion couldn't be felt for some reason, it was at least there. Her nervousness and worry was obvious.

She truly had been wondering on this since the hospital a couple months prior, just as she'd claimed. The pixie-like girl honestly didn't know why he had stopped it. ...To be fully honest, it had begun to make her feel some self doubt. They and the entire Cullen family figured that Jasper was about physically nineteen, maybe a little closer to the age of twenty but about nineteen all the same. He would age any more and the fact that Alice would still age, and that he would live forever had caused her some strong anxiety, self-doubt, and worry.
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Jasper is wary of where her questioning is going, but he refuses to lie to her. Caring about her is an understatement. He'd thought he'd made that very clear by risking his life going after James for her. But, he supposes it doesn't hurt to let her know more often. [b "You know I care for you, Alice. Very much so,"] he says carefully. [b "But I get the feeling that you already know that. I'm also feeling that this is going somewhere that I'm not going to be entirely happy about,"] he tries to give a light smile to make the mood a little less tense.

Seeing that his response did little to ease her mind, he gives a more genuine smile. [b "I promise that you can ask me anything you like. I'll do my best to answer, even if I don't want to. I want you to feel comfortable enough to not worry about upsetting me. There is nothing you can say or do that'll make me change my mind about us."]

He continues to lightly sway them, waiting for her to figure out how exactly she wants to go about asking her question. Jasper is patient as always, not wanting to rush her and get her flustered. When she finally asks if she can ask him a question, he practically barks out a laugh. [b "Yes, Alice Swan, you may ask me a question. Make it easy though. I'm told us blondes have a hard time understanding things,"] his eyes are playful as he waits.

Could something be wrong? Was she not happy? Maybe she was trying to gauge his happiness to find an easier way to let him down. Was he not putting her at ease, ensuring that she was safe from the nomads that had been with James? The battle of questions wages in his head as he looks down at her, the loud thumping music from inside being the only source of sound in the quiet of the night.

[b "Alice? What is it?"] Jasper asks again when he's only met with silence.
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She can't help but giggle a bit as he pulls her into his arms once they get to the center of the raised gazebo, and she gave a playful little swat at his chest for he tease. [b "Now see here, Mister Whitlock, you and I both know if anyone is the sweet talker, it's you."] Those were he equally teasing words right back, and she giggled once again as she tucked her arms between their close bodies, and rested her head against his chest as she simply rolled with the little bit he was slowly spinning them to step in circles.

At the blonde's next teasing words in regard to Jessica, the Swan girl can't help but inelegantly snort before turning her head to try and hide her widely grinning face by burying it against his suit-clad chest. [b "You're such a dork."] With that being her only muffle reply, she huff a soft and content sigh and let her eyes drift shut as he manged to weasel that kiss onto her temple.

After a few seconds, she'd raise her head from where she'd hidden her face against his chest, and would look up at him while slowly biting her lip in that well know little tell that showed she must be starting to think pretty hard upon something.

[b "Jasper... you care about me, right? So you can ask me anything, and I can ask you anything? We'd be honest with our answer and wouldn't lie to each other, right?"] She had almost used the word 'love'—a word that neither of them had proclaimed to the other just yet, and she didn't believe this would be a good instance to use it in considering the topic she had decided to slowly breach.

Once she got some sort of confirmation for her first question, the pixie-like brunette would hesitate for a few long moments before softly asking, [b "Can I ask you something, then?"] After speaking Alice would glance around, surprised the other couples who had been in the gazebo area before them had all left. Then again, it was a bit chilly out and they had been out there longer than she and Jasper so far, so the other couples had probably just headed back off into the warmth of the building.
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Jasper snickers behind his own cup that he doesn't even sip from. The image of Jessica marching up to her boyfriend and deftly kicking him in the ass is almost too good to picture. [b "I'm sure the threat alone will scare him,"] he assures their classmate, who marches off to berate her date.

He is almost too willing to give in to Alice's request to go to the gazebo. The rush of hormones and untamed emotions in the room was starting to make him nauseous. [b "Gladly,"] he murmurs to her, hooking an arm behind her back and gracefully escorting her from the room.

The air is nice and breezy, and refreshing after being in a banquet hall full of sweaty dancers. The quiet of the night sets a romantic mood, and he deftly pulls her in to his arms once they are in the center of the gazebo. [b "Trying to get me alone, Alice Swann? I'll have you know that my mother raised me right. Don't think you'll be sweet talking me out of my clothes tonight,"] he teases, feeling lighter than he has since the whole James incident.

The dull roar of the party inside isn't even enough to deter his attention away from her. As long as she's safe in his arms, Jasper couldn't care about anything else going on around them. [b "So tell me, what is your master plan of getting me alone out here? Didn't want to share me with Jessica?"] he grins, pressing a kiss to her temple as he lightly sways them from side to side, being mindful of her walking boot.

He stays in-tuned to their surroundings while they dance, wanting to make sure that he doesn't let his guard down enough that something could go unnoticed by him. Who knows where Laurant and Victoria were hiding out. They could be waiting for the exact moment to pounce, and get their revenge over the death of their friend. Jasper would be damned if he let them get close to her again.
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