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As he kissed her forehead, said his goodbyes.... she didn't respond verbally any longer. Her eyes fluttered and her heart cracked more as another of his infinite promises were broken. [i Lies. Everything was always lies. Just lies.] And with that last thought would be how Alice slipped into the forced bought of sleep. Tears still upon her cheeks trailing off her face and dripping to the forest ground beneath her as Jasper lowered her down.

An hour or two would pass before the chilling air that came with the closer to got to sunset. She barely stirred at first, but then with a jolt she sat up straight and glanced around wildly. What happened came crashing back down, and her face fell in the purest pain. The sky had changed color so she knew it had been well over an hour.... Charlie would be home not too long from then. He was always home by sunset.

The Swan girl knew all of this, but... found she didn't care. The pain. The numbness that had settled and the fuzziness she felt from her very soul all overrode everything else. [b [i "Jasper."]] She whispered his name. A call she knew he wasn't near to hear... and likely wouldn't be again.

And it was with an agility and grace that she had never found skill for before that she was upon her feet, scrambling, and bolted into the depths of the woods. In the direction away from her home and the rest of civilisation. Away from her truck that still housed her jacket. Running without protection into the frigid air, in a quaint town, in a state far up north. Air that would get colder than it always was to her unprotected form.

She didn't care. All she did was keep running.

[h3 Saturday, September 21st at 3:29am]
Twelve hours. It had been nearly a full twelve hours since anyone in town had seen or heard from Alice Swan. All that had been left was a note on the cork-board in the kitchen that said she had apparently gone on a walk with Jasper in the woods... and she didn't come back.

A majority of Forks' and the Quileute Reservation's capable adult males had rounded up and began coming the the vast forest in a search party at behalf of the desperate-and-beloved police chief of the area.

The short young-woman was unaware of the panic she was causing. And if she was... the usually loving, always compassionate, empathetic girl likely wouldn't care. Not then. Not in that moment.

She had been running for hours. Every inch of her bare skin were numb, and even the covered parts of her limbs were much the same state. She couldn't really feel them as she moved any longer and her run had slowed to a stuttering pace, but she still kept walking deeper and deeper.

Her tear tracks had lightly frozen into white flecks upon her face, eyes still bloodshot. Naturally ivory-colored skin a now unhealthy pale besides for where it flushed an unhealthy read from Washington's chilly autumn air.

Alice's breaths were softly gasping every few minutes or so with a painfully tearless sob. It wouldn't be too much longer before she released her first proper sound in her hours of running from [i everything]; that sound was a scream as she tripped and tumbled down a stiff incline in the forest. Crying out in pain as she tumbled over branches and pebbles and rocks and plants. By the time she reached the bottom her ankle was throbbing—as was a wrist—and had a few dozen bloody scratches here and there upon her visible skin.

She laid there, blinking slowly as if in a daze, and then with a hitching breath the girl let out a wail before curling into a ball. The physical pain having been what finally broken the true damn holding her emotions.

Within a matter of seconds she was crying her heart out to the forest where nothing but the animals and nature could hear her pain.

Those who had become her safeplace, and [i he] who had become her rock, wouldn't come to her rescue.

Her tears fell harder at the realization.

She cried and screamed until her voice was hoarse and her face was red with grief just as much so as cold.
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Jasper doesn't know if he can take the waves of anguish washing over her, almost drowning him. His eyes close briefly, trying to regain his composure and steady decision. He hates himself for this. [b "You'll understand,"] his voice breaks slightly, [b "That this is the best possible thing for you. There'll be no danger. You can live your life without the risk of me."]

He wants to reach out and pull her in to his arms, to comfort her from every little ounce of pain rushing through her. Unfortunately, it'll only make things worse for both of them. [b "You may hate me for the rest of your life, or you may forgive me. I'll have to live with either one you choose. But I'll live knowing that you have a chance to live a happy life without me. You survived seventeen years without me, and you'll have many more ahead of you. It'll be like I was never here."]

Finally allowing himself to breakdown slightly, he steps forward. He can practically feel her shivering with sobs. As lightly as he can, Jasper presses his lips to her forehead in farewell. [b "You will always be my only love, Alice Swann. I promise you that."]

Once more, he does something he had sworn to himself never to do. Gradually, he covers her with a drowsy weight, slowly adding more until she's falling forward towards him in a slumber. Gently lowering her to the ground below, Jasper ensures that her head is pillowed comfortably, brushing a lock of hair away from her forehead. [b "Goodbye, Alice."]

He doesn't give himself a chance to hesitate before he darts off in the direction of home. If he could cry, he knows that tears would be pouring from his eyes. A guttural sob is desperate to escape, but he won't let it. He deserves to feel this pain. He deserves to feel it for the rest of his existence.
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She felt like she'd been stung with his response. With his moving away. [b "I... I-I wasn't making a joke, Jasper. I was being genuine—my mom's been doing that with a lot of gifts since I was a kid. Or just not wrapping them at all—I'm accident prone. You know that."] She replied hesitantly, offering up a meek smile that fell near instantly as she curled her hand against her chest. Having felt a pain in her heart from him having jerking away. Rejecting her from touching him. As she really upset him that much with what she'd just said?

That feeling of cold dread she was subconsciously ignoring since the moment she'd hopped out of her truck and saw him? It suddenly forced itself to the forefront of her mind as he spoke. Growing in intensity but despite the power and the pain it caused her mind and soul, it didn't affect her physically like it had months prior before James, Laurent, and Victoria had come into the baseball field. It froze and burnt her all at once, but she stood stone-still as his words branded into her in multiple ways.

[i He doesn't want to keep me... doesn't want me anywhere [u near] him. He's [u leaving], and the others—Bella and Edward—had to have known. That's why they didn't answer. That's why they've all left you hanging and anxiety-ridden over the loss of contact from them all week....!] Her thoughts continued in that endless cycle with a variety of variations of these thoughts. They all led to the same thing... but if she properly thought of it with her conscious mind it all but break her. She was broken enough in this moment.

She had remained frozen, that feeling of dread filling her to a point of intensity that it should have her not breathing. Have her crumple to the ground. But it didn't it.... it grew and grew more until, suddenly, it stopped dead and just sat. Heavy and waiting.

Her emotions fuzzed. They'd always been a bit fuzzy, but now they fuzzed in a way that was near akin to how Edward described the way Bella's unreadable mind was for him.

It would be easy to mistake this loss of emotions from the otherwise emotive girl as she being in a form of shock. It be expected . There'd be no reason for Jasper to assume other causes.

Alice continued to stand there, now having both hands curled against her chest. She was silent. She was still. The only thing visible of her was her was her shoulders moving in breathing thanks to her head being bowed to hide her face behind chocolate-brown hair.

[b "...Oh."] The Swan girl whispered, voice soft. And that was all she said. She didn't look at him. Didn't do anything. Just kept standing there.

What else was there to say in a situation like this?

She didn't know, and she didn't have the energy to try and imagine similar scenarios.

She didn't even have that of dread.

She... didn't even know exactly how she was feeling in that moment.

It would all crash down on her from the inside out soon enough, no doubt, but as of now she felt... nothing.

A girl of near love and kindness incarnate wasn't able to feel anything. And for the time being she wasn't scared of that fact. The now was still consuming her.

Jasper was [i leaving] her. The Cullens—her biological aunt and her married uncle—were [i leaving her] too, no doubt.

[i What did I do wrong?] Was the only thing that broke the otherwise repetitive lines of thoughts.
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Jasper lets out an involuntary gasp and jerks out of her reach. His eyes clench shut as he tries to focus on what he's come here to do. [b "I just...I don't think you understand, Alice. This isn't a joke."]

He can't look at her. If he does, he'll crumble. He hates himself for the fact that he's about to hurt her in an unforgiveable way. Alice. The girl who is nothing but sweet and caring towards anyone. He was going to hurt her and there was nothing she could do to stop him. He's a danger to her, and he's going to make it clear that he doesn't intend to keep her in that situation.

[b "I should have listened to Rosalie. She was right,"] he chokes on the words. [b "This was never going to work. Don't you see? I couldn't even control myself over a paper cut. What would happen if something worse would have gone down, and none of them were around to stop me?"]

The thought alone makes him shiver. [b "I can't do this anymore. I can't be selfish and keep you around when I could lose control like that again. I'm sorry."]

Taking a step back, he finally raises his eyes to meet hers and he puts on the stoniest expression he can manage. [b "I'm ending this, Alice. We're over. It's best that you don't come around me, and I intend on making sure that you don't. As of tonight, I'm leaving Forks. You can hate me, and move on with someone new, but I have to accept that reality. It's for the best."]

If it was possible, he could feel his heart clenching in his chest. He will never forgive himself for this. He will hate his existence for the rest of time. He has done the exact thing he promised her he would never do, and that was break her heart. In time she will learn, Jasper convinces himself, that he wants what is best for her.
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The fact she expected him there and had longed for the sound of his voice over the past several days didn't change the fact that she jumped with the slightest of squeaks at the call of her name.

And there he was. Her soldier-boy.

It was at this point that she noticed the cold feeling coming back... on a certain level. In the back of her mind. Her conscious mind ignored it on a near frighteningly level of intensity, for how could Jasper of all being give her that cold feeling? It had to be a fluke.

Him walking a bit into the wood behind her house didn't strike her as odd for they had gone outside to chat and spend time together before whenever Charlie got a little to 'Police Chief Daddy' as they spent time in the living room. The fact Jasper wasn't saying anything did strike her as a little odd, but she ignored the oddity even as it caused that unacknowledged cold feeling to grow more and more as the seconds ticked on.

By the time five minutes had passed they had already walked quite a ways from the house. It was still visible, sure, but it was at least a half-mile back.

The Whitlock male's words caused her confusion a moment, but then her face filled with empathy that gently flared from her. [b "Oh, Jazz,"] She walked closer towards him whilst using one of various nicknames she had personalized for him, [b "None of us could have known that would happen. Next time I have a party you all should just wrap the presents in plastic—no paper cuts."] Her voice was gentle, no tone of teasing beyond her comforting words.

Now that she stood beside him she reached out, intending to place her hand upon his forearm to struck her thumb at the skin of his wrist. It had become a comforting gesture between them both ever since she received her second scar from James, the one of her wrist, months ago. It near perfectly mirrored one of Jasper's own scars and it became a focal point of their first comforting touches towards one another if either needed it.
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It has been the hardest thing Jasper has ever had to do in his life, but he'd forced himself to avoid any and all contact with Alice. He'd also been staying away from the family home. Every single ring that left his phone drew his attention.


One after one, call after call, days after days, his family has tried to reach out to him, but respect his space enough to not go looking for him. Bella and Rosalie are the only two who haven't. Bella, he assumes, has been busy with Alice. Rose on the other hand is probably just pissed off that he'd gotten himself in to this mess. He can practically hear her now, telling him what a fool he's been to think this could have lasted.

He only realizes that he has to see Alice sooner or later after Edward sends him a scolding text.

[i You owe it to her to say something. Time to break your silence, Jasper.]

The words flashed up at him from his phone, and he grit his teeth as he realizes that his brother was right. He would see Alice. But not to reconcile.

He was waiting for her in the trees behind her house when he sees her pull up. His non-beating heart ached at the sight of her, but he steeled himself against his emotions. [b "Alice,"] he calls loudly enough for her to hear.

Gesturing for her to follow him, he turns back to the trees to take an unneeded breath. [i Now or never.]

It takes almost a full five minutes before he's able to look her in the eye. [b "I'm uh...I'm sorry. For everything. You have no idea how terribly I feel about everything. It never should have happened. Any of it."]

He wants to reach out and touch her, but he knows that if he does, he's a goner.
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All of her injuries had been very superficial and minor. Alice was just a bit of a bleeder. The small gash on her arm only needed fifteen stitches and Carlisle was sure it would heal with a type of scar that would fade in a year or less.

It was within ten minutes after the wound was cared for and the house was fully sanitized that Edward would arrive with the news that Jasper didn't feel comfortable coming to take Alice home and that he'd speak with her later. The Swan girl was crestfallen, yet understood, and in the end it was only Bella who took her niece home. That ended up with the older girl staying the night and Charlie being all for it . It was up in the room that the shorter girl had asked if her aunt though Jasper was mad at [i her] for what happened, which was ridiculous, and she was quickly reassured. Alice still felt unease since the Whitlock boy himself hadn't been the one to bring her home but didn't voice her fears.

And now here the two relatives were. The mortal curled up against the immortal one. Bella usually stayed the weekends with her when Jasper had to go hunting. Sometimes Edward stayed to; he spoon Bella and Alice would be curled up against her aunt's chest. Charlie of course didn't know Edward stayed too sometimes.

Right now it was only the aunt and the niece though. The human currently nodding off since it was getting pretty late into the night at this point.

[b "Bella?"] Alice muttered out sleepily, eyes barely fluttering open.

[#c5911b "Hm?"]

[b "Something bad is gonna happen."] Alice paused with a yawn, not noticing the way the immortal woman she was curled up against tensed in both worry and concern.

[#c5911b "What do you mean?"]

[b "It's just that feeling... when I know [i something] is gonna happen. Don't know what, and don't know when or how, but it'll be... sometime soon. The feelings too faint right now though."] The small teen found herself curled more into her aunt's side. It was one of the things she absolutely adored about Bella—she had no fears on affection. Then again she had apparently been a 'newborn' with supernatural levels of control against wanting human blood so that probably contributed to it. Nonetheless Alice found herself snuggling into the stony embrace as much as was comfortably possible, still wrapped in her blanket like a burrito.

[#c5911b [i "Nothing] is going to happen, Alice. I promise. Not as long as me and the rest of the family are here. Us and especially Jasper all love you too much. Well... Rosalie tolerates you, anyway."] Bella's tone was serious throughout until that playful last bit, and it pulled a sleep snicker from her niece who was physically just a little over a year younger than herself. Alice took her aunt's words to heart in the throws of tiredness and she kept them with her when the older female left back to the Cullen family home the following afternoon.

That foreboding feeling of coldness and dread remained throughout the weekend though. Flickering to near nothing, flaring up like fire, or simmering down to a dull burn over and over again. But once Monday hit and none of the Cullen 'children' were present at school? When she got not a single phone call from anyone? Not from her aunt or uncle who were her closest friends after her boyfriend? Not a single ounce of contact from Jasper, the mentioned boyfriend, especially? That cold feeling became constant. Steadily growing as the days dragged on without the vampires present. Anxiety building up inside of her at the loss of contact from them.

[h3 One Week Later — Friday, September 20th at 3:40pm]

It had been a week since her birthday, and Alice was on edge. The Cullens hadn't been in school in a week, no one had responded to the messages or phonecalls she had made Alas, nothing. Her human friends asked where they were, she told them it was a small vacation of some sort as far as she knew and that was that.

As of right now though? She was forcing her truck to drive as fast as possible to get home. ...It would still take her at least fifteen minutes to get home but that was a little quicker than the usual twenty.

She had gotten a text message from Jasper during the last class of the day and she had been antsy throughout the entire thing. He had said he was out her house, and now that was where she was speeding to.

Upon getting home she didn't see his car in the drive way. Not fully odd but he usually brought his car when he came over during the day because how else would he get home after leaving for the night—leaving as far as Charlie knew, that is. But it didn't matter! She was finally getting contact from one of the the vampire family. She had been starting to get worried sick!

The very short pixie-like female hit the break on her car, shut it off, and jumped out of the truck door and decided to leave all of her school stuff in the cab of the vehicle for now. She shrugged off her jacket on the way home, so despite the slight chill she'd be fine. The tiny brunette glanced around, wondering if he was actually waiting in the house.

[b "Jasper?"] She called out, starting to head toward the front door just in case he actually was inside the house. She didn't notice the fact he was slowly walking out of the nearby treeline. In fact, she didn't even notice that the constant feeling of dread had vanished... if only temporarily.
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Jasper falls back against a thick tree trunk, sinking down until he's seated with his knees drawn to his chest. His hands grip chunks of hair as he tries to comprehend the seriousness of what just happened. [b "I fucking knew it. I fucking knew this would happen,"] he utters over and over.

[i "Jasper, you need to get a hold of yourself,"] Edward commands, trying to be diplomatic but the blonde can hear disappointed laced through his words.

[i "It wasn't your fault, Jas. You didn't know something like this would happen,"] Emmett is a little more understanding.

[b "Of course it's my fault! I'm weak!"] Jasper barks back, eyes flashing with anger. [b "I'm a danger to her, there's no point in pretending!"]

[i "You didn't hurt her. We got you out in time."]

[b "But I [i wanted] to hurt her,"] he sobs. [b "All I felt was the need to feed on her. I promised I wouldn't ever hurt her, and look what I did! For chrissake, it's her birthday and I tried to kill her."]

[i "She's no worse for wear. If anything, she's worried about you,"] Rosalie joins the conversation as she steps towards them from the trees. [i "It was close, though."]

[i "Not helping, Rose,"] Emmett gives her a stern look.

[b "She's right. It was too close. She shouldn't forgive me. She should hate me right now,"] Jasper sinks his teeth in to his lip. [b "She should be damning me to hell, not worrying about me."]

The siblings are quiet for a brief period of time. The weight of the eventful evening is settling on their shoulders like a toxic curse. They had thought that this could work. Had actually hoped that it would. But the doubt has finally broken through the false happy ending.

[i "We have to go back soon. She's going to want to see you,"] Edward treads carefully.

Jasper shakes his head violently, rising to his feet. [b "Not a chance. I'm not going back there tonight. You and Bella can see her home. I don't trust myself."]

[i "I'm sure Carlisle will have patched her up by now,"] Emmett tries to rationalize with him.

[b "I don't care. I'm not risking it again. Not when it's Alice on the line."] Jasper locks eyes with Edward. [b "Please. Just do this for me."]

The only reason he agrees is because it's his niece, and he also wants to guarantee her safety. [i "I'll tell her you'll talk with her later."] With that, he hurries back to the house.
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[b "You know it's kind of pointless to hide behind someone you're a foot shorter than, Jazz. They can just leap over me to get at you."] Alice's words were playful, she giggling as she glanced over her shoulder at her ridiculous boyfriend. Honestly, who would have thought someone from the Civil War, who sneaked into the war underage and became one of the youngest Majors for the south half of the United States, could be such a goofball? She honestly hadn't expected it, but then again she had known the goofball fact before the 'used to be a civil war soldier' one so it was easy to fuse the two.

The information that she was getting more than food as a birthday present may not have shocked her, but it still did make her pout and huff a soft breath of resignation. [b "Alright. Time to endure this horrible fate you've all chosen for me."] Her words had the dramatic little flare of her touching a hand to her forehead as if she was moments from fainting, and it did pull a few snickers and laughs from a couple of the other Cullen family members in the room.

Emmett's gift had been a genuinely nice surprise. She had no doubt the stereo had been and expensive one but it be nice to be able to get more stations in her care. And clearer ones without a doubt. That didn't stop her from chucking the box's wrapping paper at Edward for his tease, or the actual empty box at Jasper for his. It's not like it hurt them so she chucked them hard. Didn't do anything, but she could at least dream it worked even a microbe of a touch.

The sight of Bella's present set her on the wary, for the box was long but not very tall. Resigning herself to whatever her aunt may have bought she put on a smile that came easier than she thought it would in the face of getting gifts.

Then everything went to hell in a hand-basket. You'd think with her legal first name being 'Mary' that she'd have a little more luck in avoiding such intense levels of hellish bad luck.

To be quite honest? Alice barely noticed anything had happened. One moment her finger was stinging and the next there was ringing in her airs and gasping for breath after the wall she had flown across part of the room to slam into. Her forearm having shattered the frame of some modern-art picture and of course she got a glass filled, bloody wound on the same arm of the paper cut in the first place! By the time she was able to take in her surroundings perhaps only a single minute had passed. Bella and Carlisle were both helping her up to her feet, Esme was coming into the room with a towel, Rosalie was standing in the doorway to the living room, and Edward, Emmett, and Jasper were no where to be seen.

[i Jasper!]

Alice's eyes widened as what just happened finally kicked in, and with a mournful look she glanced towards the opened glass-sliding doors to the backside of the house. [ii Oh, Jasper....] Her heart ached for the non-ageing male but she supposed she'd just have to do her best to help him through what just happened later. For now she could tell her aunt and the good-doctor would in no way let her out of their sights until she was no longer bleeding from that gash. She could at least do something for now, though.

[b “...Rosalie?”] Her voice was hesitant but it had gained the blonde vampire's attention. [b “Can... C-Could you go help Edward and Emmett make sure Jasper doesn't beat himself up to bad about this? It's not his fault. Tell him guilt tripping himself is forbidden on my birthday.”] She offered a weak smile and soon enough she was being led off to Carlisle's study by both he and her aunt adopted father while Esme went about bleaching the room from all traces of blood.
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[b "I'm just impressed he didn't burn the house down,"] Jasper smirks, dodging as one of the rock-shaped cupcakes gets thrown his way.

[i "If you make a mess of my house, I will break you,"] Esme interrupts the fight with a stern look.

Like a scolded child, Jasper moves behind Alice, taking her hand as though he's completely innocent. [b "Clearly we'd get you more than cupcakes and food. They haven't stopped shopping for weeks."]

Emmett is first up, handing her a fairly light box. Jasper raises an eyebrow when she opens it to find it empty. [i "It's a new stereo! I've already hooked it up in that excuse of a truck that you drive,"] he boasts proudly.

[b "At least something on that thing is from this century,"] Jasper winks.

[i "I don't know. I heard the bass on that thing. It might make a bumper fall off,"] Edward chimes in.

[i "Next present!"] Bella pushes forward with her own box.

Jasper moves aside and watches eagerly. He hadn't known what her aunt had gotten her, since he was banished from going shopping with her in fear that he would let the secret out. He almost poked fun at his girlfriend for taking so long when the room seems to stop.

He smells the blood before he sees the droplet hit the floor.
He feels his throat burn.
He sees Emmett rushing to intercept him, pushing Alice out of the way roughly.

Jasper snarls and tries to break free of the tight hold, struggling to get to Alice as venom drips from his mouth. [i "Get him out!"] Carlisle yells, hurrying to the human's side.

[i "Jasper, stop! What are you doing?"] Edward has jumped in to help haul him out of the house, and in to the woods.

[i "Enough! Knock it off! Are you out of your mind?"] Emmett bellows in his face, taking him far enough that they can't even see the house any more.

The tightness in his chest loosens and Jasper becomes aware of the world around him. Flashes of what just happened pass before his eyes. [b "Oh god..."] he stammers, shoving himself away from his brothers. [b "What the fuck did I just do..."]
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The little pixie-like girl let out an snicker at the mentioning of a show, biting her lip before promptly needing to roll her eyes. [b "No wonder the south didn't win the war if this is how a general acts..."] She muttered cheekily, grinning before breaking into a little fit of giggles.

[b "And Emmett already got me one of those forever ago, remember? And [i that one] already barely fits in my room. It took over the new desk chair you bought me,"] She made a face, [b "I know I've had it for months, but you should know I'm still silently scolding you for buying me an orthopedic one at [400 dollars.] Why did I even need that?"] She made another face, shaking her head at him in a way that could be described as a precious mixture between fond and exasperated.

Soon enough the girl found herself pouting by the time they arrived to the Cullen family home, muttering roughly around the lines of how 'guilt tripping isn't attractive' as she was led up the steps and through the front door. Instantly finding herself assaulted by motherly-vampire hugging and warm calls of 'Happy Birthday!'. [i There are worse fates to have to face,] she'd admit at least that even if just mentally. No one, especially her, could resist the happiness Esme seemed to radiate whenever she had extra opportunity to spoil and pamper someone.

The cupcakes she had been presented with by the big bear in the family had made her arch an eyebrow, plucking one lopsided-treat from the tray to hesitantly take a bite. They were a little dry, and perhaps a little too much sugar as well, but otherwise they were pretty okay given the fact that vampires couldn't taste normal food like anything more than a human may be able to stomach charcoal. [b "These... are actually pretty good, Em! Better than your former tries,"] Like the ones that gave her food poisoning a month ago. [b "Thanks, big guy."]

Alice looked around the room and, arching an eyebrow, couldn't help but playfully ask, [b "Any chance that food is the only type of presents you all got for me? Cause if it is then I'll stop complaining right now."]

It wasn't the only type of presents there would be; she already knew that. It was in her nature to be a near constantly adorable little sass, however. At least it seemed to have been ever since she'd met the Cullens, met Jasper specifically, and had finally had connections to start feeling comfortable in leaving the shell of a girl Phoenix teenagers had been determined to try and make of her.
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Jasper can't help but snort a laugh at her pout. [b "It's a birthday party, not a ritual sacrifice. And for the record, Bella threw a shoe at me when I suggested the party might be too much. Have you ever had a vampire throw a shoe at you? It is not fun. So, after that little fiasco, I figured it was best to let your aunt do what she wanted. No way am I getting in the way of familial bonds."]

He had fully intended to get her that balloon, but the only ones the Forks grocery store had in stock were Congrats on the New Baby! ones. It probably wouldn't have gone well if anyone from school had seen him purchasing it. [b "I'll make it up to you and get you a giant teddy bear bigger than you. I know where to get one."]

When the pull in to the long driveway of the Cullen mansion, he brings her hand to his lips to press a kiss on her knuckles. [b "Just try and enjoy this. It's our first party, ever, as vampires. Esme was practically vibrating in her shoes with excitement. One party, and it'll never happen again."]

He can see his mother in the window briefly, before she darts off again. Jasper opens Alice's door and helps her out, keeping her hand firmly in his. [b "She even got two cakes because she didn't know if you preferred chocolate or vanilla,"] he winks at her with a grin, leading her to the door.

They aren't even in the living room before shouts of [i Happy Birthday!] greet them. Esme darts forward and wraps her arms around Alice, beaming widely. [i "Jasper warned us that you might not come if we did this, but I'm so glad you're here! You deserve a party after the trouble you've had lately."]

[i "I baked all afternoon with Esme,"] Emmett boasts, proudly holding up a tray of misshapen cupcakes. [i "This is my batch."]
  Jasper Hale / Kooza / 3y 93d 3h 29m 0s
His teasing was met with a frown. The Swan girl lifted her head away from it's resting place, crossed her arms, and arched in eyebrow as she gazed at him. [b "That 'hating you forever' thing? Teasing me about being old definitely qualifies you for that too, you annoying soldier-boy. At least I'm not a cradle robber."] She pouted dramatically, but this kind of teasing between the two was common. Soon enough a grin split her lips and she rested her head contently against his shoulder. [b "You're lucky I like you."]

The lightning bugs fluttered in the air about them, the stars high in the sky framed by the line of the trees surrounding the beautiful field of flowers they had abducted as their own for the night.

[b "I mean it though, Jasper. No party. The balloon I will accept, however."] Her words were soft spoken despite playfulness for she didn't want to ruin the peace of the moment. To delicately punctuate her words she turned her head, kissed his dress-shirt clad shoulder, and then returned to the relaxing silence.

[h3 Three Months Later — 13th of September, Friday (6:35pm)]

[b "I am hating you so much right now. That forever thing? Very close to it, Jasper Whitlock."] Alice's words were blunt and frustrated. With arms crossed over her chest she glared at the dashboard of Jasper's car, sulking rightfully as she was being driven towards the Cullen residence for none other than a [i birthday party.] [b "I can't believe you helped plot against me!"]

Today was her 18th birthday, and she had managed to keep it secret from all of her human friends at school. Charlie had gotten her a gift, and so had Renee, but she had expected it from the two. The photo album she could fill and the beautiful digital camera were sweet, thoughtful, and her parents joint points were true; they'd be great for documenting her last year of high school.

However, her immortal aunt, Bella, and her uncle-by-marriage, Edward, hadn't listened. None of the vampires of a certain family had. Not even the one who said he'd do [i anything] for her. Protect her from anything.... but his sister.

[b "...You didn't even get me a balloon and slippers to soften the blow."] She finally muttered, huffing as she glared at him in that sulkily endearing way as they drove closer and closer to the large, lavish house in the forest. It was like a deer trying to scare a lion into submission.
  Alice Swan / animechick98 / 3y 93d 3h 51m 22s
Jasper grins wryly. [b "Oh no, not the garlic. However will I survive such a punishment?"] he drawls.

It always amused him when she poked fun at the stereotypes of vampires displayed through countless books, television shows, and movies. It's not the first time she's threatened him with garlic, but it was a step above threatening him with holy water. [b "Then you'll be stuck with a vampire who has garlic breath. Then you'll have no one to blame but yourself."]

The mention of her birthday makes him stiffen slightly, but it's unnoticeable to her. He wasn't going to mention anything about the party that Bella and Edward had been planning. They've never had reason to celebrate, and now that they've found their niece - an aging mortal no less - they've been on a determined mission to throw the best party Alice has ever had. Of course, the birthday girl in question wasn't privy to that information. [b "I cannot confirm nor deny the potential or non-existent plans of a day of the month that coincidentally coincides with the day of your birth,"] he answers diplomatically.

Since it wasn't his plan to begin with, she couldn't blame him for any of the plans. That doesn't mean he wants Bella on his case for spilling the secret. Alice will just have to grin and bear it, considering that trying to tell Bella and Edward what to do has never worked out for anyone in the history that Jasper has been with the family. [b "As far as I'm concerned, I'm just going to get you a balloon that says 'Over the Hill', and give you a pair of slippers. That's what happens when you get old, right?"]

She was a far way off from his own age, but he was going to have fun with this while he could. It's not often he can poke fun at her like she does with him.
  Jasper Hale / Kooza / 3y 93d 4h 34m 31s
Alice wasn't capable of holding back the small, bubbly laugh that was induced from Jasper's kissing behind her ear. She even went as far as she playfully bat her fingertips at his nose but there had been no form of genuine heat behind the gesture.

She soon found her expression sobering as much as his own seemed to have so suddenly as the blonde brought up his reasoning for liking the moments that they had alone together, and with a gentle look she wrapped her arms around his. Her head coming to a rest upon his shoulder. There was nothing she felt she could say to ease his anxiety... especially since even trying to verbally speak of that incident caused her own anxiety to spike. It also always caused the new crescent scar on her right wrist, and the older scar upon her left hip, to each burn with phantom pains.

So like any other time he mentioned it, she offered silent comfort by getting as close to him as possible physically.

Soon enough mentions of a waterfall and and her hunking plastic accessory and the mood was brought back to the proper amount of lightness.

Chocolate-brown eyes rolling good-naturedly she'd give a soft hum of thought, [b "Well the waterfall part sounds nice, but the teasing of my footwear is cruel and unusual. You are ruining a perfect night, Mister Whitlock! Now shush, before I find some garlic to sprinkle on you."] Her tone was as serious as possible , eyes shutting briefly to keep up the facade.

[b "And I hope you realize the fact I let you convince me to go to something as ridiculous as prom means that I'm not letting you throw me a birthday party. Or buy me presents."] Her words were murmured bluntly and, despite the seriousness of her voice, there was that hint of playful teasing in her voice all the same as she cracked an eye open to glance up at him. [b "If you so much as even attempt otherwise I will hate you forever."] These words of course held no level of seriousness at all, and that much was made excessively clear as she flashed him a cheeky grin.
  Alice Swan / animechick98 / 3y 94d 14h 34m 10s

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