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Alice was silent as Aro observed her, she swallowing slowly once more after giving a brief nod to his apparent compliment of her uniqueness.

Then he asked a question, and she protruded her lips slightly in thought.

[b "...You have no reason to trust me."] Alice began, raising her eyes with a sparm of something that screamed of the girl she had once been before that entire mess on her birthday. She could be that girl again, if it meant keeping Bella and Jasper from some sort of punishment... and potentially save her own life, but that wasn't a concern for her at the moment.

[b "I could tell you of the wonder of the once-upon-a-time very close, familial blood relation between Bella and I, though we discovered that by chance after an intense incident."] Her shoulders were straight, but she was trembling just slightly. [b "I could show you this scar from that incident I hold on my wrist, from a tracker who was once obsessed with Bella, and came after me instead once seeing us both in the same clearing,] She rolled up her sleeve, [b "But to do that, I would also need tell you how I have a similiar scar on my back, stretched from growth, that's aged with me for the past thirteen years of my life—since I was barely five years old, if you need such a carification, which was also caused by that tracker."]

[b "He attempted to kill a child in a capital city after committing other murders, and nothing garners more attention and focus from Americans than a dead, white-child on the news. Were it not for the passing of some unknown second vampire, I would have died that day, and the world would not have rested until they figured out what the strange, acidic substance in a bite-like wound on a toddler were,"] She rolled her sleeve back down, dropping her arms to her sides. [b "I can tell you that I'd give my life for the Cullens—for Jasper—and that even months of abandonment has not changed that. After all, I ran here on a whim to stop Jasper's acts, knowing very well I could have been caught in your lawfully punishing crossfire if... I'd been too late."] She had stuttured slightly, but then recomposed herself with that naturaly radiance that just always spoke of Alice.

[b "I could tell you all of these things, Lord Aro, but testimony is logically the weakest form of evidence. If any of these reasons are worth trusting me, then I suppose your trust in me was earned."] Alice spread her arms, breathing in slowly once and letting it out in an even slower exhale. [b "I have never gone searching for your world, Lord Aro, but it has come for me in various ways. Yet, I've never said a single thing. Not as a scared child, having face a traumatic experience. Not as an teenager a mere year ago, and not now—as a legal adult—would that change."] She offered a small smile, [b "If any human has any sort of right to expose the vampiric world, the right would situationally seem to belong to me, but... I would [i never] expose what exists here."]

The small girl lowered her arms, the attracting becon that just seemed to be her would in unison fall to normal levels. [b "It is your choice to trust me or not, Lord Aro. Is my word valid, or is it untrustworthy? I could preach poetic in the possitive all day, but that would be biased, and would likely seal my invalidity if I felt such a need to defend myself."] And with that the girl folding her hands together, tucking them behind her back and closing her eyes.

The sensation of cold dread lingered in the oddest way she had ever felt; it wavered between the burning cold of fear and the soothing warmth of relief, and even with as much as she had practiced listening to this instinct she had discovered, she knew not what it was telling her in this instance, and thus she had no idea what incident's outcome would be.
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Under any other circumstance, Jasper would have swelled with pride at how impressive Alice Swan was. At that moment, however, he wanted her to stay quiet and safe. [b "She isn't any threat to us,"] Jasper spoke out, trying to pull her back behind him.

[i "She has sworn not to tell anyone of our existence. Alice can be trusted,"] Bella added.

Aro stayed quiet. Rising from his throne, he took slow steps until he stood right in front of them. [b "Step aside, Mr Hale."]

Jasper tensed and for a moment, considered putting up a fight. Bella took his hand and gave a faint squeeze, forcing him to recognize that there was nothing threatening in Aro's emotions. With a hesitance, he stepped to the side.

Aro's smile brightened. [i "You are an exquisite creature, aren't you?"] he inspected her like she was a rare gem. [i "It's not often we get a human in here as company, and not dinner."]

The two men still seated smirked and laughed to themselves, as if finding this to be entertainment. Aro circled around Alice, making Jasper's stomach clench with anxiety. [i "Tell me, Alice Swan. What reason should we have to trust you? Clearly, you know that you pose a severe threat to our kind. All you have to do is open that pretty mouth of yours, and we could be exposed. So you need to give me reason to trust you."]
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Vampires. She had met one new vampire in the past year beyond the family and hunters she had initially met, and... he had been nice. She had a feeling these ones wouldn't be so nice. Nonetheless, she had offered a small and genuine smile to each of the guards when they'd glanced at her, and she saw them each arch an eyebrow before they'd looked away.

She'd given one to the girl too, but the blonde had blinked at her before that oddly serene smile had returned and the group had been off to the depths of the Volterran underground.

The chamber was intimidating. Beautiful, but intimidating.

The three men sitting in the large thrones were equally as intimidating.

She tensed as the one with an out-of-place smile came foward, she swallowing once, and then the vampiric male's eyes had come to focus on her. Delving into her fluent Italian, she offered a smile. She was not a good liar by any means, but she could be composed. She had learned how to do that very well the past year. [b "Saluti, signore. Sono Alice. Sei Lord Aro, giusto? È un piacere incontrarmi, anche se vorrei che le circostanze che portassero a questo incontro non erano state causate da tale confusione e tensione."] When Carlisle had mentioned old 'friends of very high authority' from Italy during the summer before her birthday, he had mentioned how they enjoyed not having to use languages other than Italian.

The man had also mentioned that it was part of the reason his old friends enjoyed feasting on American toursists, but Carlisle had changed the subject without further clarification.

[i [b Translation:] Greetings, sir. I am Alice. You are Lord Aro, correct? It is a pleasure to meet you, though I wish the circumstances leading up to this meeting had not been caused by such confusion and stress.]
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He shook his head, pulling away to hold her face in his hands. [b "Everything has been my fault. I shouldn't have left. I tried to make you safe and I could have killed you. I'm so sorry,"] his voice did break that time.

[i "Guys,"] Bella tried to interrupt them.

[b "I'd take it all back. I'm sorry. I want to come home with you,"] he pressed his forehead against Alice's.

[i "Guys!"] his sister yelled.

Turning to look at where she was gesturing, Jasper was quick to hide Alice behind him. [b "We're going to go. No harm done,"] he raised his hands to show innocence.

The girl gave a faint smile. [i "Aro has requested your presence. There is no option in the matter."]

The Cullen siblings looked at each other, knowing there was not going to be a peaceful negotiation. [b "Stay close to me,"] he murmured to Alice beside him, clutching her hand tightly in his.

One guard followed behind them as they walked the halls Jasper had just been in hours before. He knew they were likely aware of what he had planned, but should also recognize that he hadn't had the chance to go through with it. The Volturi, however, were not ones to see a silver lining.

[b "Aro,"] Jasper greeted the leader in the middle, who stared back with that unnerving smile.

[i "Mr Hale,"] he responded. [i "I must say, I'm disappointed. I thought we'd had an understanding when you left here. And now look, we're right back to the beginning."] His eyes flickered to Alice. [i "You are new, however."]
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Alice felt concern when Jasper appeared so... dazed. She didn't know it was possible for a vampire to be in a daze. As he lifted her long locks to smell their scent she parted her lips, about to speak, but then Bella had come in and proceeded to hug them both. The girl was unsure who she was calling an idiot, but considering she had been called such half a day earlier, she assumed this time it was directed at the Southern-born blonde.

She stepped back as Bella shoved Jasper into a wall, the short thing just biting her lower lip as Jasper's gaze finally locked on her.

In the next moments she wondered if she had somehow died, because what he did was not familiar at all. He clung and held onto her without any seeming caution beyond his own strength. To be smothered with kisses and having his face burrowed into her neck was not something she was familiar with, but her tears quickly returned as she wrapped her arms around him just as desperately.

[b "I'm sorry, Jasper. I'm sorry. It's okay. We're... w-we're both okay."] The Swan girl hiccuped out softly, sniffling. She felt so bad for the guilt she must have caused for him.

It was as they clung to each other that she made her hold as tight as possible, comforted in knowing her strong hold couldn't hurt him, because she'd know the holding would have to eventually come to an end. She knew this wasn't a permanent thing, and that... they'd be gone again. But, she clung onto the moment, thankful she had stopped the tragedy she had almost caused.

It was then that a familiar echo of faint dred tickled her senses, and two male figures appeared at the end of the hall. Between them, a petite blonde figure would appear a moment later.
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His eyes were still glazed over like he wasn't quite seeing her, but through her. [b "Death isn't so bad if I get to see you,"] he pressed his palm against her cheek.

Jasper barely paid attention as she shoved him back into the lobby of the building. [b "You're different,"] his forehead wrinkled slightly as he took in her new appearance.

His hand snagged in her hair, feeling it under his fingertips. [b "It's so long,"] he leaned forward to breathe in the scent of her shampoo.

The door burst open and Bella came storming in. She wrapped her arms tightly around both of them, and Jasper knew she would be crying if her body was capable of it. [b "You shouldn't be here,"] his eyes narrowed and tilted in confusion.

[i "You're an idiot, do you know that?"] Bella released him, only to shove him into the wall.

[b "Why are you..."] his voice became more lucid as his head cleared.

The light went on in his head. [b "Alice?"] his voice broke.

He gathered her in his arms and peppered her face with kisses. [b "Alice!"] he cried into her neck, holding her as close as he could without hurting her.

[b "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!"]

Bella stepped aside to give them the moment of clarity. She looked away, though a teary smile lingered on her lips.
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The memory of his natural scent had done him no justice.

The sound of his voice, somehow gravely in disbelief yet still endlessly beautiful, had also not been done justice by her memory. She clung onto him, trembling with tears already. Her emotions were back to overwhelming her when anything to intense came, and she was filled with relief and joy and panic. She was crying, and it wasn't from pain in the first time in forever.

The festival thrummed onward, no declaration of notice being made.

No ripping and snarling that she was somehow accustomed to hearing when vampires attacked now.

She hadn't failed.

She had saved him.

[b "I'm alive,"] She gasped out, raising a hand to cup over the one he had on her cheek. [b "I'm warm, I'm breathing, and I-I'm [i crying]. I'm here, a... and you aren't dead."] Her thumb shifted, and in an action denied when he left her half a year ago, she rubbed it at the scar along his inner wrist in a long-forgotten-and-now-remember gestured of comfort.

[b "You have to move, Jasper. You have to get back inside. [i Please]."] She pushed at him, surprised when she was actually able to stumble him back into the clocktower building's foyaer, and managed to kick the grand doors shut with a solid [i thump!]. She trembled in his hold, looking up at him.

She would not look how he remember, with how long her hair was now and that slight gauntness in her cheeks, but she was so clearly alive. Her heart was beating, her cheeks were flushed from crying already despite how little it was, and her scent was unmistakable.
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Their rejection had rung in his ears for the past hour. No matter how much he had begged and pleaded, they refused to honor his wish of death. The Volturi, in all of their grim history, had denied his request. It would have made Jasper laugh, had he not grown desperate enough to find an alternative solution.

The festival. The streets were flooded with tourists and locals. It would be the perfect location to execute his plan. The Volturi would not deny him if he broke the cardinal rule of their existence. Humans must not see them for what they are. Under no circumstances was it allowed to happen.

What better way to bring about his death than breaking that rule?

[i It's for her], he reminded himself. [i Alice.]

He had thought of little else but her since Bella had told him what had happened. He was torn between ripping Jake to pieces and mourning for his lost love; the girl who had taken her own life because of him.

What kind of monster was he? He had driven her to suicide. And now it was only right that he take his own life. In some kind of reparation for Alice's loss. Though no one would mourn him like he did for her.

He waited for the toll of the bell. Twelve o'clock. When the sun is highest in the sky. Jasper's eyes were unfocused as he shed his jacket in the shade, taking the first steps forward into the sunlight. His own eyes closed against the light, ready to accept the fate that was going to meet him.

Until something slams into him with enough force to catch him off guard and force him back into the shadows.

[i That scent.]
[i The familiar hug.]

[i Alice!]

Jasper's brain short-circuited as his eyes flew open and he took in the small woman clutching at him, trying to comprehend what was happening. [b "Am I dead already? Did it work?"] he traced a hand along her jaw.
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She had almost stopped. She had considered it, but Jacob's guilting plea for her to stay had been cut off. Alice gasped, staring in shock as what seemed like an eternity lasted only several seconds. The short girl could do nothing after her vampiric aunt had dropped the teenaged werewolf, however, because she had been scooped up, rushed to the car, buckled in by the older female, and then they were zooming off. It all felt faster than two heartbeats, and it was.

[size15 [font "Times New Roman" [b "They're going to say no,"]]] Alice whispered, her eyes starting to glaze over as she recalled what she'd seen. [size15 [font "Times New Roman" [b "They could say yes, but not likely. It flickers away too fast. They're leaning towards saying 'No'. They'll offer him to join them, but he'll decline. Instead, he'll create a scene to force the issue. To force them to rip him apart. At noon, beneath a clock-tower, he'll glow like a second sun."]]]

This time the smell of her own blood did get to her, knocking her out of it, and she reached up to wipe it away. Despite her nausea from the rusty, salty scent, she was more shaken than anything. [b "...Bella? How do I know that?"] Alice whispered, looking over at the female. The girl did not know, and said as much.

The two family members separated by a singular supernatural distancer would lulled into a shared, stressed silence as they drove speedier than legal towards Seattle. They had the first of a few flights to catch.

[h3 Sunday of March 13th — Volterra, Italy — 11:55 a.m.]
There was red everywhere, and she ran as if her life depended on it... because, really, it did.

She had done some unmentionable things to herself in a desperate attempt at being able to feel something, anything, when Jasper had merely left her. Considering she currently felt nothing still but thrumming fear, she didn't want to think about what she'd do to herself if Jasper died because she hadn't run faster enough.

Mary Alice Swan bobbed and weabed her way through hoards of red-cloaked humans celebrating the St. Marcus Day festival, her insides buzzing and her senses filled with a familiar cold dread that was far more powerful than she ever recalled—even when she was heading to her perceived own death via James, the dread had not been this burningly cold.

She ran without grace, stumbling, but she did not pause even as she slammed hard into the edge of a large fountain before a clocktower.

A large clocktower, on a rather elegant looking building, in the town square, that was just beginning to thrum with the noon hour. It was thrumming with the highest point of the damningly sunny Italian day.

Alice lunged into the fountain, racing across it, and managed to hop back out of it without falling.

Alice ran like a bat out of hell, hair that had grown long over the past half a year was billowing behind her in some enchanted-esque vision that was only damped by her desperately fearful look, the slightest gauntness in her cheeks, and the fact that her clothing was now soaking wet.

She saw [i Him.] She saw him walking out of a set of carved wooden double-doors. She saw [i Him] standing there, pulling at his shirt, and his eyes shut tight as the last thrums of the grand clocktower's bells began to thrum.

She raced faster, up the steps, and lunged at Him while he was still in the shade of the building's arches.

Not so long ago from the current moment, Laurent had declared what she appeared as.

She had been a burning star that was glowing and enchanting, but had turned into a gentle black-hole of nothingness. Of merely existing, rather than living and enticing all that saw her.

She had been a star.

The star had died.

[b "Jasper!"]

The exact same microsecond she wrapped her arms around Him, pressing her face into his chest, every single part of her that made her [i [u Alice]] escaped the almost supernaturally emotional withdrawl she had sunken into. Her emotions had been gone, unable to be felt or toyed with, but now they were there. Everything that was her was there, waving out like a fired stronger than than the sun itself.

A star had died.

It reborn itself from its own ashed.
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Jake watched as Bella's features took on a look of sheer panic. [i "What do you mean, Volterra?"] she called as Alice ran to her room. [i "Alice, what did you see?"]

[b "What the hell is Volterra?"] Jake snapped, grabbing her arm before Bella could chase after her niece.

The vampire shoved him back and got right in his face. [i "Volterra is where the leaders of the vampires are. The ones who decide our fate. Where vampires go to die,"] she hissed.

Jake didn't know how to react other than remain emotionless. Bella huffed and stormed past him, moving to the stairs. [i "Alice, we need to go right now!"]

The werewolf stood between the girls and the door. [b "And where the hell do you think you're going?"]

[i "We're going to save my brother. Alice is the only one who can do that now. Move, Jacob,"] Bella's tone left no room for games.

Jake looked to Alice, silently pleading with her to reconsider. [b "And what am I supposed to tell Charlie? That you've gone off to god knows where to save the guy who left you in the middle of the woods? No, not happening."]

Bella grabbed him by the throat and pushed him against the wall. [i "You don't have a choice, mutt,"] she growled at him.

He couldn't breathe. As hard as he tried to rip her hand away from his neck, she was overpowering him. As black dots started blinking in his vision, he felt Bella drop him to the floor. [b "Alice,"] he wheezed out, watching as they piled in the truck.

Bella didn't even wait for Alice to buckle her belt before she threw the truck in drive and sped off. [i "You need to tell me everything that you saw. What is he doing?"]

The vampire's stomach churned in fear at the thought of not finding Jasper before he did something incredibly stupid.
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Alice had slowly been coming back out of the shell of a girl that had formed, but hearing and seeing Bella and Jacob arguing in such a way had near instantly made her look almost as haggard as she had when carried out of the forest by Sam Uley month ago with sprained limbs, bleeding cuts, dehydration, and hypothermia. [b “The both of you stop it!”] She nearly shouted, getting between the two. Their bitter words continued after her interference, sure, but at least they weren’t moment from ripping and hitting at each other. She had seen what a Quileute shifter could do to a vampire, she didn’t want to see that damage again, and she also didn’t want to see what the damage could be the other way around.

The argument quickly came to a head when she heard a name she hadn’t dare think in month, let alone having heard anyone speak: Jasper.

Sound hazed out as Bella took her hand, she idly noting that Jacob and Bella seemed to be arguing once more. Her eyes stared owlish and blank, and she suddenly collapsed to the cold ground with a gasp as she was returned to the current moment. Blood trickled from her nose, but for once it wasn’t bringing her nausea. She could hear Bell and Jake frantically asking her what was wrong and if she was alright, but she couldn’t focus on that. All she could focus on was something that had been like her dream that had long faded from reappearances, but this ‘dream’-this vision-came with more intensity than even her near death experiences.

Alice gasped out a word she shouldn’t know, but Bella would know, and that word was: [b “Volterra.”] Saying nothing more she scrambled to her feet, bolting up the path to her house despite sore limbs, scrambled to open the door with fumbling fingers, and raced up the stairs to her bedroom. She grabbed her phone, threw open her closet, emptied her backpack, and quickly began stuffing clothes into it. Moving to her dresser, she grabbed undergarments and her passport, and then rushed across the hall to the bathroom what was needed from there. She was on an autopilot, unsure herself of what she was doing, but she knew one thing for sure, and that was that she had to beat the striking of a high-noon town clock less than 24-hours from striking.
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[b "Don't worry, bloodsucker. I'm not pleased to see you either,"] Jake snarled at the new guest.

Bella's back arched and she stood as tall as she could muster. [i "And I'm sure you're about to tell me how you've kept her safe and you haven't encouraged her reckless behaviour,"] she snapped.

Jake crossed his arms over his chest. [b "Seeing as you left her all alone, I don't think you're in any position to judge how she's chosen to move on."]

The vampire's eyes flashed. [i "It wasn't my choice to leave her. It was to protect her, you mutt."]

A growl ripped from his chest. [b "Don't act like your pathetic brother isn't the cause for all of this!"]

Bella shoved him. [i "Jasper's an idiot, yes, but I never wanted my niece to be hurt. You were here, you should have stopped her! Or were you fine watching her die, as long as you got her attention for a little while?"]

Jake raised a fist and bared his teeth. For a moment, he almost struck her. The only thing stopping him was Alice pleading with them both to stop. His hand lowered and he eased his glare. [b "You don't know what the hell you're talking about. You misunderstood the situation. That's your fault, not ours. So now that you see you were wrong, and Alice is here and fine, why don't you go back to wherever the hell you ran off to."]

Bella's jaw tensed and she looked between the two. [i "I'm here because Jasper knows what I saw. He took off. We haven't found him in two days, and I can't see him. I've never been this out of sync with one of my siblings before."]

She turned to Alice and took her hand. [i "I'm worried about him. He was breaking down when I last saw him, and then he was gone. He needs to know you're okay, before he does something incredibly stupid."]

Jake huffs. [b "He chose to leave. Why should Alice care what he does?"]

[i "Because he has never hated himself more than he does right this second, and if we don't find him, I won't have a brother anymore,"] Bella yelled back.
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Alice let out a scream of surprise as her hood was slammed on, she going tense and snapping her now wide-eyed gaze to what she was sure to be Victoria on the hood of her car... but she just ended up blinking a few fluttering blinks. Her mind had stalled, going blank, as it slowly tried to register the person with a fist in a now new dent on her hood.

Her breathing has stalled, but then then with tears already starting to poor down her cheeks, she let out a sobbed near-shout of, [b "Bella!"] Alice threw her truck's door open, stumbling in a fall out of the raised vehicle, but scrambled back up to her feet. Reaching the vampire woman—a woman who was family by blood, though blood no longer ran through her veins—the short, young-adult of a teenager hugged onto her, burying her face into the shoulder of the the four-inches taller woman, and then started to sob.

A harsher sob left her as Bella grabbed her shoulders, making her think she was getting shoved away, and she quickly spoke, [b "I... I-I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't have hugged you, but I just-"]

[#c5911b "Do you mind explaining how you're alive?"]

Alice blinked, confused. [b "...What?"]

[#c5911b "Your email,"] Bella said, looking like she'd cry if she could. She also looked torn between re-initiating the hug, or choking the girl. [#c5911b "You said you were going to jump off a cliff! Why the hell would you try to kill yourself!? What about Charlie? What about-"]

[b "I wasn't trying to kill myself."] Alive finally said, hiccuping out a sob. [b "I went cliff-jumping. Recreationally. It was... fun."] She sniffled, wiping at her cheeks. [b "None of emails were being read, s-so I didn't see the point in elaborating. I just sorta... started using your email as a journal. It made me feel better. I... I-I didn't think you'd read it."] Another sniffle.

Bella looked at her, searching for a lie in her biological nieces face but, finding none, she let out a shaky breath and finally re-made their hug. The taller brunette tucking her face into the sobbing teenagers hair. Holding her close. [#c5911b "...Alice?"]

A sniffle as heard before she turned her head, glancing up at the older female. [b "Y-yes?"]

[#c5911b "What is that God-awful wet dog smell?"] Bella bluntly asked, grabbing the sleeve of the lent clothes currently dwarfing Alice's already petite frame. Giving them a sniff, the vampire's nose scrunched up more. It made sense, for she hadn't been here when the Cullens had first met the Quileutes.
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The last few months were both a blessing and a curse. Just as he and Alice had been growing closer and it appeared she could potentially get over the blonde vampire, she would fall right back in to a slump and leave Jake feeling like he would never be good enough. How could he compete against someone who haunted her dreams? So, he withdrew.

It didn't take long for him to realize what a mistake that was. He was more miserable than usual, and began to push away his friends. Whenever Billy and Charlie got together to go fishing, Jake would wait like a lovesick puppy for any information regarding the Swan girl, and how she was holding up.

When they finally became friends again, Jake didn't quite know how to handle her. Getting too close would be detrimental to him, but staying too far away left him sulking. So, he found a painful happy medium. Any time spent with her was better than nothing. Even if it meant just being friends.

Until she went and jumped off a goddamn cliff.

Jacob didn't know if he'd ever felt such fear before. He hauled her out of the water and did CPR for longer than he cared to remember, waiting for her to take a breath. [b "Come on, Alice. Breathe,"] he encouraged her as she coughed up the water in her lungs.

His heart was still racing as he held her in his arms outside of her house. He was afraid that if he let go, she'd disappear on him. Jake was content to sit with her until Charlie got home, but when she opened the door he knew they weren't alone.

[b "Don't move,"] he warned, eyes darting around to find the source of the scent.

He didn't have to wait long. A hand slammed down onto the hood of Alice's truck, leaving a fair-sized dent. [i "Are you out of your mind?"] Bella yelled, looking like she was torn between hugging Alice, and ripping her head off.
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Alice's sobs had quieted to silent shakes, tears still trickling slowly down her cheeks as she was settled into the bed. She was silent as Jacob went about talking all he did, she flinching a little when she noticed his eyes stray to the violin case that had been the final piece in creating an even deeper heartache than before.

[b "...Just sit with me for a while?"] She finally managed to ask, her voice a hoarse whisper.

Bloodshot eyes were met with brown, a very small eighteen year old was wrapped into the embrace of a sixteen year old. Alice cried herself silently back to sleep, but in those moments she...[i [b felt]] truely. The first time she'd actually felt anything in the past 24-hours, and it was just more of new, seemingly unending pain mixed with a warm, small comfort.

She felt truely for the last time in what would become a long, grueling three months of an swirling void.

[center [b [i ~ ~]]]

[#ff0000 [size14 [b [i [font consolas Apologies! This email address has been blocked from accepting mail]]]]]
[size14 [font consolas [b September 28th, 2015 - Sent at 9:42 p.m.
Sent To: [div [i [b [center Bella Cullen]]]]]
I'm sorry. I don't know what I did wrong, but I'm sorry. Did I do something wrong? He didn't tell me. He just left me. Whatever it is I did, I won't do it again. Just... please talk to me. Tell me what I did? Please? Is he okay? Please respond, Bella. Please.

[b [center * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *]]
[#ff0000 [size14 [b [i [font consolas Apologies! This email address has been blocked from accepting mail]]]]]
[size14 [font consolas [b October 20th, 2015 - Sent at 1:15 a.m.
Sent To: [div [i [b [center Bella Cullen]]]]]
I keep having nightmares. I don't really sleep anymore. My hair is getting longer. Is everyone okay? Where are you? None of your emails work anymore....

[b [center * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *]]
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[size14 [font consolas [b November 30th, 2015 - Sent at 12:31 a.m.
Sent To: [div [i [b [center Bella Cullen]]]]]

I quit my job at the Newton Market a while ago. Don't know if I said. I have a 4.02 GPA. Going to be Salutatorian if I keep it up. I might even be joint-Valadictorian with Jessica Stanely. I also left the orchestra. None of that really matters anymore outside of school.

I hope you're all okay? Are you okay? Please tell me.

I'm still so sorry if I did anything. I never meant to do anything wrong. I don't know what I did to make you all hate me. I don't know what I did to make him hate me. I'm sorry.

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[size14 [font consolas [b December 25th, 2015 - Sent at 12:01 a.m.
Sent To: [div [i [b [center Bella Cullen]]]]]
Merry Christmas. I bought you all presents with the last of my money. I know you all probably don't care, but I thought I'd let you know. I got a new radio too, with some Christmas money from Renee, since the other radio got taken back out when you all left.

Happy New Year too, by the way. I.... honestly don't know if I can stand to send another email.

Please respond in 2016?


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She texted Bella emails every day. They all said: "This address has been blocked from accepting mail at this time" It was the only theraputic thing she truly had for months. After the 5th failed email, she started using it like a journal. She kept out the worse things she had done in that time, sent what she saw as the least worrying. She knew that the female vampire would never read it, but she didn't care. She didn't want the "ghost" of her living-undead aunt to even potentially have worries.

Even if she knew none of the Cullens cared for her any longer.

For three months, Mary Alice Swan was... numb. So numb. All things of momento and brightness had been slowly stuffed into her closet. Her grades had reached a level of perfection even higher than their previous because she did nothing else with her life but go to school, eat when at home with Charlie, sleep, have nightmares every night, and then go to school again.

All the changes to her physically that came over this period of time grew more prominent at a slow, steady pace. She lost a little weight from her already dainty frame, her hair grew longer without her keeping it trimmed at that curly shoulder-length any longer. The longer length made the curls stretch out, flatten a bit. There were bags under her ages. And, also, there was then a few things that she kept hidden from everyone for obvious reasons.

The glow of emotion had left her. She was no longer bright and radiant. Alice had been a star. Now, it was likes he reached a far too early supernova. There was nothing left of her but a gentle blackhole.

She would have stayed this way until graduation.

She [i would] have, but then her father had said he and Renee and Phil had agreed she should go to Florida.

Thus, she had planned a night out with Jessica Stanely to keep from being sent away. The girl agreed, they went to shop and see a movie, and afterword things had occured....

[center [b [i ~ ~]]]

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[size14 [font consolas [b January 19th, 2016 - Sent at 10:4901 a.m.
Sent To: [div [i [b [center Bella Cullen]]]]]
Hey Bella! I got another job. At a bar. I'm singing. The owner liked my voice. I'm also up to a 4.03 on my GPA! Jessica and I are near perfectly matched. We think they'll either Vala us both, or go down to the about 1000th's place in the decimals.

Also, I found two motorcycles for sale on the curb. I brought it to Jacob after not seeing him for a few months. We're going to start working on them tomorrow! Seth and Leah are going to hang out too. It's... gonna be nice, I think.

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[size14 [font consolas [b February 14th, 2016 - Sent at 3:34 p.m.
Sent To: [div [i [b [center Bella Cullen]]]]]

So, I thought it be smart to go to a group movie on Valentines' Day with Jacob and Mike Newton. So much testosterone, the rest of the group bailed. Jake and Mike both had to go home sick.

I hope they're okay. Oh, I also fell off the motorcycle a few days back, but I'm fine. Just bumped my head. The adrenaline is... nice. It made me feel a little alive again, ya know?

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[size14 [font consolas [b February 28th, 2016 - Sent at 6:59 p.m.
Sent To: [div [i [b [center Bella Cullen]]]]]
Jacob says we can't be friends anymore.

I think I'm going to go hiking. Find someplace that makes me happy.


[center [b [i ~ ~]]]

The months of January to March had been utterly insane. She'd near been attacked by Victoria, but was saved by Laurent and, apparently, Laurent's equally vampire uncle named Kumboh.

Then... wolves had come, and Laurent had lost an arm when Alice knicked herself bleeding because he struggled with the 'vegetarian style' so recently assimilating into, but his death was avoid when Kumboh had to throw Victoria off of his nephew before the redhaired vampiress could do any more damage. The wolve then gave chase after Victoria, and Kumboh helped Laurent reattach his arm. The long-dreds male decides to head back to Denali, but before he left, he had said something to Alice:

[i [#94724c "You radiated a warmth and a purity that, even while in fear, was capable of drawing one in. It's what made me decided to go against James and Victoria, in the end, because I felt the desire to make sure you didn't get hurt."] The man had cupped her cheeks briefly, struggling with the formerly removed arm, before he moved away from her. [#94724c "Now, it's like looking at a beautiful ornament whose light went out and was never replaced. I am sorry—so sorry—that the young Mister Whitlock hurt you in such a way. You did not deserve it."]]

Alice hadn't been able to understand what he meant, but he was gone before she could ask, and Kumboh offered to drive her truck home in order to get her away from the dangerous place.

It led to a vampire joining the police force of Forks And the hunting of large wolves in the forest. Hunting that never bared fruit, however, since there was a secret she had dreamed the answer to that nigth after a visit from a half-naked Jacob who burned as warm as fire....

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[size14 [font consolas [b March 3rd, 2016 - Sent at 9:51 a.m.
Sent To: [div [i [b [center Bella Cullen]]]]]
Jake and I are friends again.

In fact, I'm now friends with an entire big group of idiot boys down in La Push. It's awesome.

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[size14 [font consolas [b March 11th, 2016 - Sent at 2:15 p.m.
Sent To: [div [i [b [center Bella Cullen]]]]]

I'm gonna go jump off a cliff and into the ocean! It's gonna be amazing.


[h3 Friday of March 11th, 8:10 p.m. — Swan Residence]
Harry Clearwater had a heart-attack while he, like other men from the Rez, covered up the tracks of wolves in the woods while hunting with the police and men of Forks.

Of course, Alice hadn't found that out until she'd almost died cliff-jumping into the water. The adrenaline rush had been amazing—she'd heard and saw who she desired with the magic of the rush of fear—but then the waves had been too strong. She'd hit her head and nearly drowned, but Jacob had pulled her out and given her CPR.

They didn't tell Charlie, understandably. He took her back to his house, she changed into lent clothes after a shower, she slept, and then he drove her home. Charlie was at the Clearwaters, already starting to help Sue Clearwater and the Quilleute Tribe Elders with the legal and personal funeral arrangement. Billy Black was over there as well.

But like stated, Jake had droven her home... and that's where they were now. In her truck outside of her house, she curled up against the warmth that was the werewolf, an 'almost' happening that she wished to avoid, but as she opened the door... he pulled it back shut with a look of panicked determination on his face. [b "Jake? What are you doing?"] Alice asked, but she could see his nostrils flaring and was fearing the worse.
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