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“You get used to it after a while. My sister, Bella, was the same on our first day,” he says, for some reason feeling the need to make her feel better after sensing her embarrassment.

“Mr. Hale, unless you’re discussing your assignment, I don’t think that now is the best time for a conversation. Miss Swan, I’d appreciate it if you stayed out of trouble on your first day,” Mr. Roland announces from across the room.

Jasper looks back at his work, feeling a mix of emotions. On one hand, he was happy that he had a reason to ignore her. On the other, he was disappointed that they couldn’t talk. He thinks about how he would have just continued the conversation if it had been one of his siblings. Being vampires had few perks, one of which was the ability to communicate with each other so quietly that they could go unheard by the humans around them. Stop it Jasper! You’re supposed to be doing what Edward said! You’re supposed to go about the afternoon without thinking or speaking to her he reminds himself.

His pencil twirls in his hand as he stares at the words in the textbook without really reading them. He spares a few glances at her while she works, noticing how carefree she seems at the moment. He thinks about how there is still a few more periods left in the day, and remembers how she said she kept getting lost. Before he knows it, he’s ripped a page from his binder, sliding the message over to her with the words May I see your schedule? written across it.

When she complies and hands it over to him, Jasper quickly scans the page. At least, he notes, they would only have this class together. It would make things easier for him without having to worry about running in to her in his final few classes. He pulls another paper out and glances at the front to make sure that Mr. Roland wasn’t coming their way. Once he’s satisfied that he won’t be confronted once more, he sets to work writing her out directions in point form. Follow these and you shouldn’t get lost. It’ll save you from getting frustrated he writes at the bottom of the page, sliding that one over to her as well.
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From the sort of greeting she was granted in return, Alice just glanced at him silently again another moment before shrugging and beginning to take down the notes she needed to. It was almost like she expected that kind of reaction either that, or she didn't mind how brief it was. His tone may have been yes, and had also made his greeting sound insincere, but it was still a reply no less, so it was fine enough. When she heard a voice of another male, asking for Jasper by name once opening the class room door, she didn't bother looking up; from the response the teachers gave, and from the way the male spoke, she could easily guess it must be one of his brothers who came and asked of him.

That boy's vocal tone sounded like a natural tenor, not too low... Must have been that less bulky one from lunch Jessica mentioned with the hair... Edward was his name, I think... Or Edwin...? The Swan girl pouted a bit as she tried to remember the name of the other Cullens Jessica had less than kindly spoke of to her when she questioned who they where, though the only ones she could remember the names of where the females and, of course, who she sat next to. After a moment, the short female gave up on trying to remember, and went back to her notes simply, she humming just a little while she couldn't help but swing her feet back and forth since they where no chance of them touching the ground; especially since the chair she was seated on at the lab table, like all the other lab table chairs, was a tall stool.

As the class door sounded again, Alice like every other student in the room glanced at the door, though she simply glanced up to see who it was before looking back to her notes she was taking. If Jasper was back so soon, the emergency must not have been to bad, so felt calm instead of curious. What's the point of being curious of someone else family business? Not to mention, why did everyone else seem so interested. I can almost literally see almost each and every person in this class spreading fake stories on what the emergency was... Wouldn't shock me... For a moment, she sighed and shook her head when she finally admitted to herself that this town raised nothing but gossipers save a fair few; no wonder why her mom had wanted to leave.

The pixie-like girl blinked in confusion a few minutes later, though, when the teachers came over and spoke to Jasper about possibly lending herself his notes so she'd be ready for the test. It's not like I'm not here, you know. You could ask me if I need notes or not, I probably already did this test... Alice though, pouting a little since she felt a light blow at her ego, though didn't voice anything because there was a chance she might need notes considering she threw out all her old notes from her old school on a spur of the moment since she was free of it for an entire week before she moved up north here to Forks.

When Jasper slid his notes across the table to her, she picked them up, glancing them over and smiled a little; yup, she actually did need these. She had almost not been prepared for that test at all since she hadn't figured out a way to take notes that helped her to understand things in this part of biology, and by some chance she had managed to pass with a C, so need say she felt a bit relieved. "Thank you." She told him, nodding a bit with the soft smile still on her face before she grabbed her folder, and then placed the notes she had been given into them

A moment later, when the blonde male questioned her, Alice blinked before slowly looking over to him. "Um... I think pretty okay..." She said, her expression meek as she did so. But, a moment later, she sighed as if in defeat before looking over at him again. "Actually, pretty horribly. I've gotten lost at almost every turn in this school today, and I had people showing me the ways I needed to go. I was in a school at least ten times this size and I could find things instantly, but here every class is so close, I guess it's just hard to remember where everything is since rooms could easily be in one area when you think it's in another...." She pouted a bit to herself, she honestly not understanding how she had gotten almost lost so easily throughout the day. "I even got lost coming to this class, and when I finally stopped and complained to myself, I was right outside the room. The girl couldn't help but giggled a little as she admitted that fact, though it was a bit embarrassing on her part, it still was funny.
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Jasper’s eyes had been focused on the table top, his pencil sketching a doodle on the blank first page of his textbook. His classmates talk amongst themselves while the teacher shuffles through some papers at his desk. Just start the class already he thinks to himself, not wanting to hear about the latest shopping trip that the girls in front of him had gone on. He hears the door open and in an instant, his attention snaps to the front of the class. You have got to be kidding me… he tries to sound disappointed in his head, but he knows that the tightening in his chest is from something else entirely.

“You must be Alice. I’m Mr. Roland, welcome to Forks High School,” his eyes scan the class for an empty seat. “Just get settled at the back table, next to Mr. Hale. Jasper, I trust that you’ll help our new student out.”

She seems so lively as she makes her way down the aisle greeting people. The closer she gets to him, the more overwhelming her scent is. When she takes her seat beside him, he’s gripping his pencil so hard that it snaps in two pieces. He notices that a few people around him start fidgeting in their seats and he realizes that his antsy behavior is affecting them. He quickly gets himself under control and keeps his gaze at the front of the classroom as Mr. Roland starts writing on the board. That is, until she decides to introduce herself, smiling at him from her seat. “Pleasure to meet you,” he replies bluntly, growing silent immediately afterwards.

He isn’t going to be able to spend all semester sitting next to this girl. His desire is much greater than it has ever been before. However, the burning in his throat blends in to a chaotic mixture with her bubbly emotions. From outside the now open door, he catches the familiar scent of his brother passing by in the hallway and he desperately cries out, in his head.

Without missing a beat, the bronze haired Cullen makes a beeline for the door and knocks, interrupting the teacher. “I’m sorry Mr. Roland, but I need to see Jasper for a moment. Family emergency,” he lies smoothly.

“Make it quick, Jasper,” the teacher barely has the words out of his mouth before Jasper is on his feet and heading towards the door.

The boys walk down the hall, seeking an empty classroom. They find one in the basement of the school and quickly duck inside. “What happened?” Edward demands.

Jasper leans against the wall, a hand rubbing his forehead. “I need to leave. I won’t be able to do this. She’s sitting right next to me!”

“Jasper, you need to calm down. The more you panic, the more dangerous the situation is going to get. You don’t want to slip in front of an entire classroom. Don’t even focus on her. Just get through the day, that’s all you have to do,” Edward’s voice reaches his ears. “Don’t breathe her scent in if it helps. Just don’t be obvious about your discomfort.”

Jasper feels Edward’s emotions relaxing and he knows that he’s doing it to help. “I’m talking to Esme about this. She has to understand,” Jasper hates how weak he’s making himself sound.

“You’ve been at this for how long Jasper? You can’t quit now, it’ll only set back your progress. We’ll help you. Just go back to class and we’ll discuss it after school. You’ll be fine; just don’t pay so much attention to her, or her scent.”

They wait a few more minutes while Jasper gets himself under control. When he returns to the class, all of the heads in the room look at him as he returns. Most of them look wary of him, like something else must have happened in their ‘screwed up’ family. Alice however, he notices, doesn’t seem the least bit suspicious. He slides back in to his seat and tries to follow Edward’s advice. His jaw is tense and his back is stiff as he sits perfectly still, the only movement coming from his hand as he jots down his notes with the bottom half of his broken pencil.

Halfway through the class, the professor wanders over while they do their work, stopping next to their table. “There will be a test in a few days, so Jasper, why don’t you lend Alice your notes. That way she’ll be able to catch up in time. Jasper is one of the top students in the class, so you should be able to follow his work with no troubles,” Mr. Roland looks at Jasper expectantly.

At first, he wants to politely decline, realizing that if she touches his things, her scent will be all over his notes. However after a moment’s hesitation, he thinks of a possible solution. If her scent gets on his homework when she gives it back to him, he’ll be able to acclimatize himself to it. With a little bit of time, he may be able to become unfazed by it if he exposes himself to her scent on a daily basis in the safety of his home. “Of course, Sir,” he replies, his voice deep, even while hiding his Southern drawl.

He takes the notes that she will need out of his binder and slides them across the table to her. Everything is written in a neat scrawl across the lines, not the typical messy male handwriting. “I have copies on my computer at home, take your time with them,” he adds, trying to be polite while the teacher is still there.

"Excellent, thank you Jasper," their teacher turns and walks back to the front, stopping every now and then to check the progress at other tables.

"Have you um...have you been finding your way around alright?" Jasper hears himself asking, stumbling over his words as he struggles to act normal like their classmates, who all chat to their partners.
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"Please, Alice, please! Join the debate club, of please join?" Angela had been begging, she doing the most torturous of puppy faces to the short female. Alice bit her lip, she having been trying to avoid eye-contact since she had left the lunch room early and Angela had followed, but finally sighed; she's given up. "Okay, okay. I might join. I'm not saying yes, and I'm not saying no, but I will come to the meeting for Debate Club during lunch tomorrow, okay?" Once she finished speaking, the female couldn't help but smile once she was hugged by the brunette girl with glasses. They had taken to leaning against a wall in the hall, but once the bell rang, they each pushed off in unison.

"Now Angela, go away so we can get to class." Alice stated in a playfully dismiss tone, and the girl in mention couldn't help but raise an eyebrow, and then question, "Don't you need help finding your next class, though?" It was an honest inquiry, no doubt; especially since Alice has gotten lost almost even with her guides today. "I would like help, no doubt, but at the risk of you trying to get me to join another group, I think I can manage." Alice replied with a smirk, and then both girls laughed a little bit before going off in their separate directions down the halls.

It was five minutes after the bell rang for classes to start that Alice was on her own in the halls, she stopping in the middle of the hall and groaning once glaring at the map. "I swear to god, does the damn Biology room even exist? I can't find it!" She exclaimed to herself in a whisper she'd be the only one to hear herself speak. Suddenly, though, she slowly looked up and across the hall from her before she got the meekest of looks once her eyes landed on a door with the word 'BIOLOGY' printed across the class window in big, black, bold letters. Smooth, Ally. Real smooth... The poor Swan girl couldn't help but think that to herself, and then sighed before walking across the hall and entering the classroom.

The teachers was still at his desk when she arrived, and once he introduced himself to her and told her where to sit, did Alice finally glance at the classroom to see where she was seated. Her eyes scanned over the talking pairs at miscellaneous lab tables, until her eyes landed on the table she had been directed to sit at, and she blinked once. After a second, she shrugged to herself, and walked over slowly while giving a few 'hi's and 'hellos' to a couple of various people she had met throughout the day.

Once to the lab table, she slowly sat down while placing her book-bag onto the floor. She stared at the front of the class a moment, and then slowly looked over at the boy she was seated with. "So.... You're Jasper, right? I'm Alice Swan. It's nice to meet you." She said this to him with pure sincerity and honest kindness and warmth, she flashing him a kind smile before turning her attention away from him as she reached into her bag on the floor to pull out what the board said was needed for class that period.
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The Cullen table quiets down and they all go still as they listen. Jasper looks to Edward, who wears a similar expression of shock. Were they hearing this correctly? The girl who had just moved here was defending them, despite knowing nothing about them. Rosalie is the only one who seems unimpressed. Jasper looks at the new girl as she exits. Before he knows it, he’s on his feet and following her, keeping his distance. He’s so distracted by his thoughts that he doesn’t realize that his siblings had gotten up and come after him. Emmett grabs his shoulders and pulls him in to the empty music room, while the rest of them pile in behind them. Edward shuts the door and leans against it. “Jasper, I said no!” he snaps.

The others look at their blonde brother, confusion on their faces. “What exactly were you planning on doing?” Rosalie crosses her arms over her chest.

“Nothing! I just… I got distracted, that’s all. A moment of weakness,” he defends himself.

Emmett shrugs. “She seemed like a cool chick. I mean, no one’s ever defended us before. Not even teachers.”

“That’s not the point! She probably just wants to get in Jasper’s pants,” his twin is clearly not happy with their conversation.

“Don’t make her out to be like that! I didn’t feel any sort of lustful emotion coming from her. Maybe she is just genuinely nice,” Jasper snaps, surprised by the rush of anger he feels at Rosalie insinuating such a thing.

You don’t even know her, they’re right, he thinks.

“Exactly, you don’t know her. We can’t risk anything Jazz, you know that,” Edward tries to be understanding.

The first bell chimes over the speakers, announcing that there is five minutes to get to their next class. “Just keep away from her, and you’ll be fine,” Edward opens the door.

Rosalie wastes no time in pushing past Jasper with a flick of her hair, exiting the room first. Emmett follows her, an apologetic look on his face. Jasper walks towards the door, noticing Bella staring at him. “Sorry Jazz,” she murmurs, turning and leaving with Edward.

Jasper weaves his way through the hallway, nearly gagging on the amount of body spray and perfume fill the air. His locker is thankfully right next to his next classroom, so he doesn’t have to hurry to make it on time. As he’s spinning the dial on his lock, someone grabs his arm. “What is it Bella?” he asks without turning.

“I just wanted to make sure you were okay. There’s something off with you.”

He gives a sharp laugh. “When I figure it out, I’ll let you know.”

“Edward is just trying to help.”

“You know what Bella, I’d really appreciate it if all of you stopped treating me like a ticking time bomb. I can feel it. All of the unease when we’re here, the uncertainty about whether or not I’m going to snap. You think I don’t notice? How am I supposed to get better if my own family doesn’t trust me?” he’s speaking quietly so that only they can hear each other, but by the last sentence, his voice is a little more raised and he shuts his locker with more force than necessary.

Bella looks uncomfortable, like she wasn’t expecting him to snap at her like that. “Get to class Bella, and tell Edward that he can stop worrying. I won’t do anything to mess up the precious life we have in Forks,” he’s quiet again, his eyes to the floor.

He feels guilty as she walks away, her hurt washing over him. He shouldn’t have snapped. Bella had been nothing but kind to him since she had joined the family. With a sigh, he leans against his locker and closes his eyes. That is until he picks up that scent again. He sees her from across the hall, no fear emitting from her even though she had just told off possibly the biggest gossip queen in the school.

He quickly ducks in the classroom and takes his seat at the back, slouching in his chair and trying to make himself as invisible as possible.
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Alice had glanced over, though she honestly hadn't noticed that she had caught the Jasper boy's eyes with her own. When his hand hit the table, it only caught the attention of those at the tables around the Cullen's but none that were farther away. For example, her own table with the other people she had met throughout the day didn't seem to notice it and the only reason she knew was because she had seen the action take place.

The short girl had gone silent while contemplating all of Jessica's words and mentally deciding, on the spot, that she didn't like the girl's personality at all or the way she viewed others. She had seemed decent before now, so maybe it was just with the Cullens in particular she was this... rude. Despite whatever it may be, the girl couldn't help but have a slightly rude thought run through her head of, I thought blondes got smarter the farther they are from the sun.... Guess I was wrong.

"Alice, is something wrong? Don't be worried about the descriptions Jessica gave if they freaked you out or something. The Cullens never talk to anyone besides one another." Angela told the female, worried that Jessica might have scared the poor girl off.

"No, it's not that..." Alice began, her tone reassuring but she paused, glancing down a moment and that caused both female's she sat with to raise an eyebrow, before the short girl continued, "I know I've only been at this school half a day so maybe I don't have the right to decide so early on, but... I don't think Cullens are freaks." At that statement, Angela simply left an eyebrow raised out of curiosity as Jessica's jaw dropped before she disbelievingly questioning, "What do you mean? Did you not hear everything I just told you?"

"I heard everything you told me, Jessica, and I still stand by what I stated; they aren't freaks. So they don't talk to people... what's the big deal of that? Maybe they've had bad experiences in the past with kids at school or something else. And so maybe four out of the five of them are technically dating a sibling if you go by legal matters, but what does that matter? It's not like they are actually related, so what's wrong if they find love with someone who is already close?" Alice paused, she grabbing her empty lunch trey and standing up.

"The Cullens are not freaks, psychos, weirdos, or any other cruel label that could possible be granted. They are likely different, I won't deny that if your ridiculing tone is anything to go by, but that doesn't mean that they should be exiled for it. They are no doubt perfectly normal, sane, and average people by they're own standards even if those standards don't match to those of anyone else. Just because they are different from you does not grant you, or anyone else else, the right to judge a style of life, personality, or social norm that you aren't familiar with."

It was with those parting words Alice gave a kind smile that was oddly intimidating from the short girl after her speech, that had only been humanly loud enough for just Angela and Jessica to hear. After a moment of leveling her eyes on the blonde female, the Swan girl turned and walked off and out of the cafeteria with her back-pack over her shoulder. She dumped her trey in the drop-off bin on the way, and Angela hurried off after her to begin a process of begging her to join the debate team since that had been one hell of a speech.
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More than once throughout the day Jasper thinks that he won’t make it. He could hear every whisper, see every glance, and feel everything around him. During every class there was bound to be one group that would take turns glancing in his direction, making comments under their breath. They were the usual rumors he had heard before; that he was adopted from an abusive home, that he was a self-mutilator, and that he had anger problems. The most amusing one so far was the one about him being gay, because his brothers had girlfriends but he didn’t. Blending the words with the fluctuating emotions, he began to feel as though he was getting the first headache he’d had since he was changed.

By the time lunch comes around, he quickly throws his books in his locker and steps outside, relishing the clean air before students file out after him and he grumbles. Edward appears at his side moments later, his face serious. “You’re doing fine,” he encourages, knowing the struggle his brother faces.

“You think Esme would be okay with having a dropout for a son?” Jasper asks with a bitter laugh, pinching the bridge of his nose with his fingers, closing his eyes.

“I think she would kill you for making her look like a bad parent. Come on, the day is half over. Just get through the next few classes and then you can stay locked in your room all evening. We’re going to the cafeteria to meet Emmett and Rosalie. Why don’t you join us?” Bella gives him a small smile of sympathy.
“Fine,” Jasper mumbles.

He doesn’t tell her that he’s been struggling since he saw the new girl arrive. He had caught her scent between classes and every time he wanted nothing more than to follow it until he found her. Edward however, knows exactly what’s been running through his head. More than once on their way to the cafeteria, he sends Jasper a warning look. He isn’t sure if it’s irritation from Edward knowing every thought that passes through his head, or anger at his brother acting as though he has power over him. Stay the hell out of my head! Jasper thinks, glaring at Edward.

The minute they enter the cafeteria, Jasper knows that she’s here somewhere. He can smell that sweet aroma of her and his eyes dart around trying to locate her. Edward grabs his arm, drawing his attention back to them. “Don’t,” he warns.

Emmett quickly suggests that they get a table before the students around them notice that they are just standing there. They can all hear the murmuring around them, signaling that they’ve caught the attention of some of their classmates. When they take their seats, that’s when Jasper sees her. He recognizes her small frame, and notices the slightly hesitant look on her face as she’s goes about getting her lunch. He feels Edward kick him under the table but he pays him no attention.

He’s felt thirst before, but this is something new entirely. It’s more than wanting to feed. He feels a yearning and pull to her, something that he’s not felt before. It frightens him a little. Before she can feel his eyes on her, he looks away, so that he doesn’t get caught staring. “You’re being an idiot,” Rosalie says, shooting him a look over the top of her magazine.

“What?” Jasper plays innocent.

“We know you’re staring at her. Don’t be a fool Jasper, you’re better than that,” she ends the discussion.

He tries to be less obvious, poking around his lunch tray at the food that he wasn’t going to eat. Until that is, he hears the Jessica girl utter their name. At the same time, he feels a rise in interest coming from each of his siblings. One by one, they hear brief descriptions of themselves.

“Bella’s the brunette. She’s quiet and doesn’t really interact much. It’s kind of weird.” At this, Bella rolls her eyes.

“Edward is the one with the kind of crazy hair. He’s pretty smart. Him and Bella are like, glued at the hip. They’re always together. Rosalie’s kind of a snob. She’s the blonde. She’s dating Emmett, the big guy. I swear, he’s on steroids or something. He’s kind of dumb, to be honest,” Jasper snorts in amusement but covers it with a cough when Emmett glares at him.

“And Jasper is the blonde guy on left. Don’t even bother trying to talk to him. I’ve heard he’s got this really messed up past that caused him and Rosalie to get adopted by the Cullen family. Oh yeah, they’re all adopted, by the way. Dr. and Mrs. Cullen took them all in. Jasper and Rosalie are twins, but the rest are from different families.”

He knows he should stop listening, but he can’t help it. “And the creepy thing is that they’re dating each other. Like, I thought that was illegal, or something. It’s weird! Bella and Edward are quiet about it but it’s clear that they’re hooking up. Emmett and Rosalie are a little too open about it. They’re always making out by their cars after school. Jasper’s not dating anyone but then again, I don’t think anyone would want to. The guy’s a freak. Look at him! He looks like he’s at a funeral or something.”

Jasper raises his eyes and sure enough, locks his gaze with hers. If his heart was still beating, he knew it would be racing. He feels his throat burning as he drops his eyes, and Edward stands up. “Come on Jasper, I think you need some more fresh air.”

“I’m fine!” Jasper hand slaps down on the table as he looks back at him defiantly, aware that he’s brought attention on them.

Edward slowly sits back down but watches him carefully, clearly not comfortable with the thoughts running through Jasper’s head.
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Despite feeling a slight unease like she, how to put this, might have been being watched when she first arrived at the school, the entire day for Alice had been boring yet also interesting at the same time.

Forks High School may have been a small school, but the poor Swan girl had still gotten lost until she met a boy. His name was Eric, and she thought he was pretty bubbly which was nice; so when he asked if he could do an interview with her for the school's news paper, she couldn't say now because she didn't want to dampen his kind mood. He had shown her to her first class, and thankfully led her to her second class; Gym Class.

During this class, she met to more people; Jesse and Mike. She had, unfortunately, hit a volleyball straight in the back of the head with a volleyball. When having run over to apologize, they introduced themselves, and Jessica came over and introduced herself as well. They both were a little.... Disturbing to her, they seemed to nice, in a way. Mike for a reason she didn't know; and Jessica maybe because she liked Mike...? She'd have to hang around them more to know for sure, though she had a feeling that's what it was. She could almost literally see them together.

Her third class had been her best, at least that what the short girl consider, to be the best so far, because she had made friends with this girl named Angela. She liked the girl, and she also seemed like the only sane person she'd met.

But, alas, that is how we are where we are now; It's fourth period, which is lunch time, and Alice is at a table with Eric, Mike, Jessica, Angela, and a few other people she'd met throughout the day though didn't remember the names of just yet.

Mike and Eric where having their own conversation, and Alice was talking to Jessica and Angela though she honestly let them do most of the talking; She was new, so she wanted to here what was going on around her by listening to the two females. Their conversation was pretty interesting, to say the least. She was honestly shocked to not here anything about teens being pregnant or something; it was an almost common topic at her school back in Phoenix.

Silently, the short, pale girl looked around the cafeteria to simply take in the look of the place, and nothing caught her attention... Until her eye landed on a certain cafeteria table. "Jessica? Angela? Who are they?" Alice questioned, gesturing in the direction of who she was referring to once looking back to the two females. both girls blinked, looking over, and Angela simply went back to her food as Jessica smirked and then spoke, "Them? They're the Cullens."
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“Jasper, get in motivation, now!” Rosalie snaps, tossing his messenger bag at him.

He rolls his eyes and drops it to the floor, going back to his book. He can feel her irritation growing as her hands go to her hips. “We don’t all get joy out of being ogled all day Rosalie,” he throws a quick glance her way, a smirk finding its way to his face when she stomps out of the room with a huff.

He knew she would never admit it, but she loved the attention. She would mask it around the others, but he could feel her pride swelling with each lustful gaze from the boys she had class with. Of course he would never say anything about it. The last thing they needed was for Emmett to massacre a bunch of high school boys for checking out his wife. Then again, it would get us out of Forks, he thinks to himself.

“Don’t even think about it,” Edward’s voice pipes up, entering the room with Bella on his arm.

“We’re leaving. It wouldn’t be a good idea to skip three days in a row. We could cover for your ‘illness’ for two, but three is pushing it,” they both look at him, waiting for his answer.

“Go, I’ll take my bike. That way if I need a quick getaway I can just leave on my own,” closing his book, Jasper rises from the couch.

As his siblings get in to their vehicles and speed off down the drive, Jasper hangs back and stops to look at himself in the mirror. He tugs at his shirt sleeves to make sure they are covering the scars marring his marble skin. He didn’t need the quizzical looks from the other students, wondering if he was suicidal like at their last school. While the ones on his jawline and neck are still clear to him, to the human eye they are practically invisible unless they are close by him. And that was something he rarely allowed.

He drapes his messenger bag across his chest, shortening the strap so it doesn’t hang low while he rides. His bike is already waiting for him in front of the house, the pearl white Ducati standing proudly with his helmet resting on the seat. He slips it over his head and tightens the buckle, even though he didn’t need it. He was more likely to damage the road than the road would him were he ever to crash.

The ride gives him a last little bit of freedom before he’s exposed to the hormonal hallways of Forks High. He had made sure to hunt the previous night with Emmett, so he wouldn’t be so tempted during his classes. Still, it was hard enough sitting through period after period with the depressed, lustful and downright neurotic emotions mentally crippling him for hours at a time. They would almost become suffocating after a while, and he’d have to make a quick exit after each class to try and find some solitude before doing it all over again.

When he arrives to the school, he still had time to spare. He notices Edward’s Volvo and Emmett’s Jeep parked side by side, so he pulls in to the remaining spot next to them. As he pulls his helmet off, he hears the roaring engine approaching before he sees the large, decaying truck enter the parking lot. He stays still as the small girl basically jumps down from the cab with her bag, walking across the pavement without making eye contact with anyone. Without warning, Jasper feels his jaw tense and his chest tighten. He watches until she disappears in the school before dismounting the bike with a shake of his head. It was a new kid, so what? It’s nothing to overreact for. At least, that’s what he tries to convince himself as he follows her intoxicating scent from the parking lot in to the building, trying to control himself.
  Jasper Hale / Kooza / 6y 265d 18h 53m 29s
Alice sighed softly, looking around but still keeping her eyes on the road in front of her as she drew in her big, red Chevy truck. The truck was a bit old, and a bit noisy and she only got it yesterday, but she already loved it. She has just moved to Forks, Washington yesterday to live with her father, Charlie Swan; the chief of police. She wanted her mother to be able to move around with her new husband, Phil, while he tried to get a spot in major-league baseball. She knew it saddened her mother to have to stay home with herself while Phil wen ton the road, so she decided to move to Forks; the wettest place on the planet. But, she honestly found the place beautiful in it's own way just like Phoenix was in it own way too.

Alice has lived in Phoenix almost her whole life, but, she was as pale a sheet despite it. She never got tanned, but she was outside quiet a bit. Of course, She was lathered in sun-screen by her mother for the first 10 years of her life so her skin wouldn't get burned to bad, so that explains some of the paleness. Alice loves outside, built she just protects herself form the sun.

A few moment later the Swan girl smiled, pulling into the Fork's High School Parking lot. Finally here... She thought, she was a bit nervous though. It was about the middle of the school-year already and she was the short little pixie girl coming in new. She isn't really a pixie but she called herself that because she's only 5"0 exactly. Alice jumped as she parked her car and shut it off; it backfiring. Great, just what I need... She thought to herself as she saw a bunch of kids lookign over in the trucks direction. She covering her blushed face by putting her head against the steering wheel. And then a minute later she hitched her back up on her shoulder and got out of her truck.
  Alice Swan / animechick98 / 6y 266d 1h 4m 46s

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