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Jasper backs up as she steps in place to take over, feeling her amusement flutter over him. He catches her remark about the sunny weather and remembers to nod with a smile. “Sunny days are always welcome around here. They’re few and far in between. My family is probably going to go camping or something while it lasts. My mom and dad think it’s good for us all to get out and be active.”

The answer is polite and believable, but he knows they’re probably just going to sit around the house and play video games until the overcast returns and they can go back out in to the public. The last time Forks had a sunny day, he and Emmett spent the entire day lying in one of the living rooms, tossing a ball back and forth because they couldn’t agree on a video game to play.

Continuing his duties, he grabs the items she requests and hands them over, watching her skillfully move around the kitchen. “So, does Charlie always come home to a nice home-cooked meal now that you’re here, or does he drag you down to the diner with him so he can get his steak?” he asks, leaning against the counter.

Her father was due home at any time, so he makes sure to keep a bit of a space between them so things appear to be innocent. Jasper knows the last thing any guy wants is to have the father bursting in claiming that his daughter is being taken advantage of. But since he couldn’t hear the rumble of the police cruiser, he figures he still has a bit of time with her alone before he has to worry about the interrogation that is sure to be coming his way.

Surprisingly, dinner doesn’t go as awkwardly as he had been expecting. While Charlie was watching him like a hawk, he was also impressed by Jasper’s manners and respect. And though it took everything Jasper had in him to choke down each bite of food, it was worth it to see Alice smiling again. The minute he left, however, he rushes down the street in his car until he can pull off to heave out everything he just consumed.
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A grin on her face at him accepting the offer to mind the food, the female would turn her attention back to the instrument as the Cullen boy moved off to the stove. Carefully after the lightest of hesitations she would lift the maple violin and the bow of the lovely creation from it's case an raise it to proper positions before then beginning to play after racking her brain momentarily for a song best-suited to play for someone you know, thought then again don't. So, the brunette ended up deciding on a gentle, smooth lullaby.

The music and movement to induce the notes from the instrument came from the pixie-girl effortlessly--they usually did besides for if and when she was learning a new song, but this lullaby always came the most easily. It was the first song she ever taught herself despite a few changes and additions to the original music she had added here and there through the years. Eyes closing briefly here and there, she was sort of lost in her own personal bubble of a world as she played. Then luckily just as she finished the last notes of the piece was the point at which Jasper had let out that small curse which had broke Alice's bubble and the teen would blink before looking to the male. In all honesty.... It took everything within the girl to fight back the urge to giggle that developed from how suddenly the boy had just seemed to have become flustered.

"It's fine Jasper, honestly. No worries and it doesn't look like there's any damage done." With a small smile, she'd carefully set the instrument and bow back in it's case before slowly shutting it and setting the latches back into place with a soft 'click' before moving over to the stove and turning off the burner for the sauce. "You know, I heard on the news there's supposed to be a sunny day or two towards the end of next week--probably gonna be a nice change of the weather no doubt, huh?" She asked, smiling up at him as she then moved to a cabinet and pulled out a cooking sheet before placing all the slices of chicken onto it. She'd then grab the sauce pot and pour the contents into a bowl before moving back to the chicken with a spoon in the free hand the bowl did not grasp. "Do me a favor and grab the Parmesan cheese from the cabinet by the fridge, and then the mozzarella from the fridge as well, please?" She asked of him, glancing at the sandy-blonde briefly before beginning to drape the sauce over the chicken.
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The sheer joy he feels as she lays her eyes upon the instrument fills him with a sense of pride at having pleased her. He watches carefully as she delicately traces her hand along the carvings, appreciating the effort gone in to making it. “It would be a shame for such a beautiful instrument to be sitting around going unused. Rosalie won’t miss it, I promise,” he assures her, after all, she can’t miss what she never had, he adds to himself.

He nods at her offer, moving towards the stove to be ready to complete the tasks given to him. While he waits for the sizzling chicken, he stirs the sauce, trying not to let anything burn. Seeing as they didn’t require food, Jasper hadn’t cooked since before he was drafted to the Confederacy. It wasn’t really a skill he had back then, either. So, he’s sure that he looks like a dork, carefully staring in to the pot with a look of sheer concentration.

As she begins playing, he listens to how the smooth sound compliments her own personality. It’s a relaxing melody, and for a moment he is distracted by the beauty of her playing. He’s ready at the four minute mark, placing the chicken on the plate, and then goes back to stirring the sauce. Only this time, he faces his body towards her so he can watch.

Her slim fingers find the chords gracefully, and the bow dragging across the strings makes a sweet lullaby. He can tell she’s practiced hard to become this good; to be able to play without any crease lines of effort on her features. “Amazing…” he murmurs too quietly for her to hear.

The sauce begins to bubble and he lets out a small curse, trying to get it under control. “My apologies!” he says, both for swearing, and both for being sloppy with his job.

“I’m afraid I don’t do the cooking in my house,” he chuckles nervously, pushing a stray lock of blond hair away from his eyes.
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Alice let out a laugh, shaking her head a bit, "I guess I should have figured as much that be the reason behind any talk at all. Charlie said that people who've seen him around town have been asking him non-stop, so everyone apparently knows. But again, I guess I couldn't have expected anything else from a small town." Finally finishing chopping an dicing the zucchini, she'd sweep it all into a small plastic bowl before before moving onto cutting up the fresh carrots. At his offer to help her with her assignments, the pixie-like teen would blink once. Well now... An I thought he seemed like a sweetheart before. With that thought, she'd glanced over her shoulder at the blonde male with a smile, "I'd appreciate the help, honestly. Even if I've probably done most of it before already, about four day of work will overwhelm me no doubt on my own." With that, she'd turn her attention back to the vegetables as she swept the carrots into the bowl with the zucchini.

As he agreed to dinner, the brunette would just be putting the vegetables into a smaller pot of pasta sauce she had on one of the back-burners for the stove and mixed them around in the re substance a few times before quickly moving her hands to grasp cooking tongs and the other the handle of the frying pan on a front-burner to flip the chicken before the first side she had cooking could burn.

Soon enough, though, the Swan daughter would politely turn her attention from her cooking since all the food was safe from burning for the moment only to freeze an stare the instant her brown orbs feel upon the beautiful instrument within the black case. Alice would walk over, a gently sparkle in her eyes as she brought up a hand and gingerly trace her fingers against the detailed, likely hand-carved patterns upon the instrument, "Wow, I.... I have no idea what to say besides thank you. This is beautiful, Jasper. Granted, with how nice this looks it sorta makes me feel bad like I thought it would accepting it in the first place but, well, you have already confirmed that you wouldn't take no for an answer." She' finally look from the instrument to him an a bright, warm smile would be decorating her features. Only a few seconds ticked by, however, before a look of possibly idea-setting flashed across her eyes.

"If you like, since you've given it to me, I could play a song for you? That is if you're willing to take the chicken from the pan an place them on the plate in about another four minutes and to also stir the sauce once or twice while play whatever song I decide to play." Her smile would still be present as she made this offer though it had softened to a smaller size on her face.
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The sight of her looking her normal self again brings him relief. Quietly, he steps through the front door and shuts it behind him, stopping when she calls for him to take off his shoes. With one glance down at the scuffed brown boots, he nudges them off, sliding them neatly against the wall. He places his bag and the violin case on the couch before walking to the next room. Jasper tries to keep his face neutral against the fumes assaulting his senses. While he’s sure whatever she’s making will be delicious for her and her father, to him, the scents from the herbs and seasonings were too strong. Finding her in the kitchen, he stands awkwardly in the doorway. “You’ve been the only thing people have been talking about,” he answers. “When someone nearly gets crushed by a van, people tend to make a big deal out of it. Especially when it’s the only crazy thing that’s happened around here in a while.”

He gestures to the doorway. “All your stuff is in my bag. You have an essay, some textbook work for biology, readings, that kind of stuff. I can help you with the assignments if you need,” he offers.

For some reason, he doesn’t even hesitate before accepting the dinner invitation. The words are out of his mouth, agreeing to stay, before he can even comprehend his answer. You don’t eat, you idiot! he scolds himself. But he couldn’t back out now. He’d already accepted the offer, and if he changes his mind, he may hurt her feelings.

“I um…I got you something,” he changes the subject, eager to please.
Without a word, he walks out of the room in to the living room. He picks up the violin case, delicately carrying it back to where she is. He finds an empty place at the breakfast table, where he places it down. The metal clips unlock as he pushes them up, opening the shell. “What do you think?” he asks, stepping to the side so she can see the instrument clearly.
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Having heard the knocking, Alice would pause mid-movement of placing the last of the raw chicken she figured she'd need in the skillet on the stove, but then finished placing the last of it before moving over to the kitchen sink, "Just a minute~!" Quickly rinsing her hands since she'd be working with a few more things besides the chicken she had touched, it only took about half a minute before the short teen was to the door, opening it, and blinked once at who it was. But, after that brief blink, a small smile would go to her lips. "Hey Jasper, you can come on in. I'm making dinner so I can have it at least close to being done when Charlie gets home, so you can either head to the living room or follow me to the kitchen if you want." With that stated the brunette turned and walked off into the house, calling over her shoulder as she headed back into the kitchen, "Shoes off at the door if you don't mind!"

Glancing at the chicken on the stove and guessing by the amount of slightest of browning at the bottom edges against the pan, the pixie-like female figured she had about another three minutes, so she could start chopping the carrots and zucchini--she decided to start with chopping the zucchini. "So... People at school still chattering about me almost dying? Angela called a couple days ago and said they were still pretty-much taking about it non-stop.... Oh! Also, did you bring my homework assignments? The Swan girl called out her question, tacking on the second question in an after thought in a slightly louder voice then usual since she didn't listen to the sound of his footsteps to determine if he had gone off to the living room or had in fact followed her to the kitchen. Dicing the the green vegetable against the cutting board, and glancing at the time, Alice nibbled her lip while pondering a moment before slowly offering, "Would you maybe like to stay for dinner? It won't be ready for like an hour almost, you're still welcome to stay if you want."
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At 3:40 on Friday afternoon, Jasper sits in his car outside of the Swan residence. It had been nearly a week since the last time he saw her, and as he thinks about his actions during that time, he grows increasingly worried that he may have gone a little too overboard as he tried to keep his head busy, so as to not think about the fact that she wouldn’t be at school. One such example of this would be the brand new copper coloured Nissan 350z he was currently sitting in, a random purchase he had made a few days prior when he and Emmett had been in Seattle. He had thought that a new car would keep him busy, but it backfired when he found himself thinking about how badly he wanted to see her sitting in the empty seat next to him.

The day before, he had gone out and purchased the new violin he had promised her. The hard-shell black leather case housed a beautiful and intricately designed maple violin. Elegant carvings decorate the instrument, enhancing the work gone in to making it. Jasper knows he probably should have bought a less extravagant violin, but he had instantly thought of Alice when he saw it on display in the music shop.

Seated behind the wheel in front of the house, he works up the courage to get out. He was nervous, especially since he wasn’t sure how Charlie would feel about him showing up. He had done his job and gathered each assignment she would need from each of her classes, and bundled them with an elastic band before putting them in his messenger bag.

Opening the door, he grabs his bag and slings it over his shoulder before grabbing the violin case. He takes an unneeded breath before knocking on the front door, waiting for someone to answer it. He can hear her in the house, moving around the kitchen; her perky mood was notable as well, something that had been missing the last time he had seen her. “Hello,” he murmurs when the door opens, yet he makes no move until he is invited inside.
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"So my truck's getting towed home?" Alice questioned as she walked slowly along-side her father, just the lightest of limps in her step due to the intense, aching bruise she had on her calf. "Yup. There's not a dent on it either, surprisingly enough. You'd think that, even with it being solid medal, some sort of dent would have happened from the end of the van slamming hard enough at just one point to not even swerve for the entire side of the van to go flat against that dinosaur, huh?" Charlie commented, then questioned in response. All the short brunette teen did in response, however, was nod her head and reply with a basic, "Yeah."

The father and daughter got to the police cruiser, Mr. Swan instantly getting into the car and the drivers seat. The Swan daughter though, however paused briefly as she swore she saw a head of family blonde hair, but then shrugged it off, got into the front seat of the cruiser, and soon enough they were leaving the parking lot of the hospital.

Four Days Later; Friday, 3:35 p.m.

"Got it!" Alice exclaimed happily, smiling as she slid the last piece of her handy-work into place.

On Tuesday, Charlie had spent the day babying the pixie-girl though the man wouldn't admit that's what he was doing. Wednesday, though, Alice had finally told him what happened to the violin. After the mustache-clad officer had dusted the instrument for prints, Charlie had come home from work that day baring wood-glue, wood paint, and gloss lacquer to put on over the wood-pant once it would dry. Oh, that father had been hugged to death by his daughter that day.

So now, for all of yesterday and up until now today, Alice had be working on carefully gluing her precious musical moment from her Grandma Swan back together and she finally finished. Now, she'd have to wait about a half and hour for the last of the glue to settle and dry, but then she could begin to apply the paint that would fill and cover the slight cracks left from where the instrument had originally broken.

It could still never be played again, but at least it be whole.

After a moment, the short-teen stood and stretched out her back before beginning to move around the kitchen and gaining the possession of ingredients from the fridge and cabinets before moving over to the counter by the stove and beginning the process of cooking dinner.
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“Well?” Jasper asks, jumping to his feet once the door is closed behind Carlisle.

“She’s going to be okay. I don’t suspect there is anything drastic to worry about. She’s got a slight bump on her head that I told her father to watch for, but other than that there isn’t anything she, or you, needs to be concerned about. However, I advised her to take the rest of the week off from school,” the older male informs him, taking a seat behind his desk.

Jasper lets out an unnecessary breath. “Okay. That’s good, then,” he mumbles quietly, sinking back in to his chair.

Carlisle leans forward, resting his arms on his desk. “She also requested that you bring her any homework that she’s going to have by the end of the week.”
Jasper glances back towards his father. “Can I trust you to do this without drawing any more attention on yourself?” Carlisle adds.

“Yes, I’ll be fine,” Jasper answers.

“I don’t have time right now, but when I get home I need to know exactly what happened. Esme called me after you left. I think she knew you were coming here. She’s worried. I want you to go and clear your head. She told me that the others were on your case about it. There hasn’t been any reports on the news yet,” he gestures to the muted television on the wall, “So I’m not that worried about anyone being suspicious of you. But that doesn’t mean that this can be a reoccurring habit of yours to save her whenever she may be in danger.”

Jasper gets to his feet and nods, heading for the door. “And Jasper,” Carlisle stops him. “I’m proud of you, for saving someone’s life. Her father would have been destroyed if anything had happened to her,” he smiles reassuringly at Jasper.

Giving Carlisle a faint grin back, Jasper leaves his office. He mumbles farewell to the nurses that wave goodbye to him, pulling his keys from his pocket as he heads towards the parking lot. Unfortunately, he had parked his bike only a few spaces away from where Alice and Charlie were currently heading towards their car. Keeping his head down to avoid eye contact, Jasper tries to quietly move away from them, hoping to get to his bike before they noticed his presence.
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When the doctor who was going to care for her finally came, Alice almost didn't need an introduction to know this was Doctor Cullen. If that was from her own intuition, or because like all the Cullen children despite no relations seemed so ungodly... Perfect, in the sense of modern beauty.... To be honest, if she had to choose one that was to go with her gut, she'd say the first of two choices.

Half way through the re-checking of all her vitals, Charlie came and managed to ream out and threaten Tyler Crowely about revoking the poor kid's license, despite the fact the boy was far more beat up from the accident with the condition of a concussion, a gash to the head, and a broken arm. Thankfully, though, Alive got her Police Chief of a father to calm down enough to give her classmate a few moments of piece before a nurse and another doctors wheeled Tyler if the concussion might be worse then they assume by visual and apparent bodily and sensory conditions alone of the teen male. The pixie like female's injuries that had gotten her father so riled up, though, ended up only being a deep-tissue bruise to her calf from when she fell and hit it on the van, which could make walking a bit painful a few days, and then a bump to the back of her head that was given her a migraine.

Dr. Cullen prescribed her some basic pain medication, but also told Charlie that it might be best to keep her home the rest of the school week, which would be for days, and for him to stay home one to two of those days with here to make sure there isn't a chance she doesn't have an allergic reaction to the medication or actually have a concussion that's too minor to realize is there. Before the doctor could have a chance to leave the emergency room, though, Alice had made up her mind about something and, despite the painful discomfort it cause to move so quickly, she hurried after him.

"Dr. Cullen!" The brunette female called, and boy was she thankful when he stopped talking, and turned to see what it was she needed. "Dr. Cullen... I have Biology with your son, Jasper. Earlier today we were talking and he let slip about a," the Swan girl paused, thinking briefly before continuing, "Jasper accidentally let slip about a... hobby of his. I had to leave class early, got call out by the band teacher just after that happened. With how the kids are at school, I doubt he'd want anyone to know since it could cause them to ridicule him and his siblings more." Alice stopped again, glad the lying section of what had happened was done with. None of that had happened at all, but it's not like she could say a message about what she truly wanted to leave a message without getting assume crazy.

"If it was anyone else who heard about this secret hobby, they'd probably blab about it to anyone and everyone but... I'm not just anyone else." The brown-eyed girl had glance own to the ground, before looking back up with honest, confident eyes and finally finished. "So, just please let him know his secret is safe with me, okay Dr. Cullen? Oh! Also, could you ask Jasper to, that is if it's not to much trouble, if he could maybe stop by my classes and bring me the rest of my homework for the week on Friday after-school? I'd appreciate it." Alice smiled, and with the lightest of farewell waves she turned away from the doctor, walked back to Charlie, and walked out with him from the emergency room once getting her medicine prescription from a nurse for the pharmacy.
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To Jasper’s relief, his siblings waited until they were in the safety of their home to yell at him, where their booming voices couldn’t be heard. The blonde male stands there, unapologetic, with his arms crossed over his chest as four pairs of golden eyes stare at him. The emotions radiating from them vary from sheer anger to intense worry. It wasn’t hard to pick out which feeling was coming from whom. Rose looks like she’s ready to pull his head straight off of his shoulders, while Bella’s face reads concern, possibly wondering if her brother had lost his sanity. Edward’s face was grim, and Emmett looked torn between being proud of Jasper’s heroism and disappointment at his rash actions.

Esme enters the foyer, a frown on her face at the sight of what looks to be her quiet son standing in front of a firing squad. “What’s this about?” she asks, working her way between them so she’s separating the rest from Jasper.

“Jasper rescued the girl he’s been telling you about,” Bella answers in a soft tone, almost as if she doesn’t yet believe it really happened.

At this, Esme’s confusion only grew. “What’s the problem then?”

The grinding bone of Rosalie’s jaw becomes noticeable and she snaps. “Your precious Jasper here has probably ruined this family! Yeah, he decided to be a superhero and save the damn girl from getting hit by a car. But did he do it like a normal human being? No! He darts across the parking lot and uses his fucking body to stop the car!” she hisses.

“Anyone could have seen it. We don’t know what this is going to do,” Emmett speaks up, his hands balled in to fists.

“You know as well as I do that no one saw me. Half of the students weren’t even looking in her direction. But tell me, what would you have preferred,” Jasper drops his arms and takes a step closer to Rose. “If I would have let her get hit, there would have been blood everywhere. And I’ve gotten better at my self-control but do you really think I would have been able to hold myself back at the sight and smell of that much blood?” he stares right in to his sister’s eyes, unwavering.

For a second, he sees a flicker of something in her eyes, like she was picturing the aftermath of what could have been. “There would have been too many witnesses and we would have either had to slaughter the entire student body, or wait for the Volturi to arrive and wipe out all of Forks. Excuse me for choosing the more intelligent option,” Jasper continues.

Faster than any of them can move, Rosalie brings a hand up and smacks Jasper across his face, making Esme gasp and the rest of them wince. Jasper just stares back at her. “What about her intimidates you, Rosalie? I can feel it every time she’s mentioned. Alice has done nothing to you, and yet I can sense your loathing and insecurities whenever she’s in the room. Is it because someone that isn’t you was able to get my attention?”

Rosalie growls and stands nose to nose with him. “I hate you sometimes, Jasper Hale. I really do.”

He knows he’s hit a touchy subject. When he had first joined the Cullen family, Emmett was not yet found. Rosalie had attempted to seduce Jasper during a low point in her early days in the family. He could tell that she just wanted to feel loved after what Royce had done to her, but he shut her down as gently as he could, which resulted in her ignoring him for over a month. Watching her storm away from him now, he knows that he has crossed the line. “Was that necessary?” Emmett snaps, shoving Jasper back.

Esme is quick to step between her sons, a hand on both of their chests. “Enough. Emmett, go check on Rosalie. And you two,” she looks at Bella and Edward. “Don’t hound your brother. He saved a life today. We should be proud of him instead of worrying about something that might not even happen.”

Jasper slips away, not bothering to answer anyone when they ask where he’s going. He knew they had called an ambulance for Alice, and he knew that Carlisle was the attending physician in the emergency room today. If he could just wait in his father’s office until he hears that Alice is fine, he will be able to let go of the stiff worry clouding his thoughts.

When he arrives at the hospital, no one questions him as he walks down the hall. Carlisle’s office was down a secluded hallway just around the corner from where the emergency room was. With a light tap on the door, he is called in, and Carlisle looks up from his desk. “Jasper? What’s wrong?” a flicker of worry spikes in his voice.
After filling him in on what had happened at the school, Jasper is relieved to see that Carlisle doesn’t look as concerned as the others had. “I’m going to check her now. Just be a little more careful next time. Wait here, I’ll be back soon,” he pats Jasper on the shoulder on his way out.
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Alice had shut her eyes, on instinct, when she couldn't make herself run. She was too terrified to move, to run, and she felt that if she did she'd wind up slipping on the ice of the parking lot and end up falling, anyways. When something did hit her, well she had to note mentally it more of engulfed her, it wasn't with the force she had expected. The squealing of the tires had stopped, and she forced her eyes open with shocked, shaky breath leaving her and focused the brown orbs to look up at the male in front of her once he placed his hands on her cheeks and questioned if she was okay. Jasper? Her eyes were wide with shock, and she was about to open her mouth to answer before suddenly another of the Cullens, Emmett, appeared suddenly and then just as suddenly he and Jasper were both gone.

"Wait~!" She had begun, trying to move out from the space between the two cars, but then slipped on the ice she had been standing on with a yelp, and bonked her head hard against the side of her truck on the decent to falling down to her ass, one of her legs going under the offending van, and the other folding up towards he chest and slamming her calf against it. "Damn it! Ow..." She brought a hand to the back of her head, thankful not to feel any blood, and the other to her leg to hold the likely to feel throbbing bruise. Suddenly, the screams of all the other teens, and the teachers, hit her as the mob of people made it over to her. That... That all happen in just a few seconds? It was the only solution, otherwise how could they only be in wonder of how the van stopped in just the right way not to hurt her, and then they not know who had saved her?

Within half and hours time, Alice was to Forks hospital, and then forced to wait in the emergency room. She had to be placed in a neck brace in the ambulance, to her utter horror and embarrassment, and as soon as the nurse set her up in her hospital bed she removed the brace and hurled it under the bed. Now, she was just waiting with a sigh and an arm cast over her eyes to block out the light since she felt like she had a migraine.

And, well, she also had that arm placed over her eyes to make it look like she was sleeping the second she noticed Tyler Crowley being wheeled into the room since, due to him not being unconscious once his van stopped though had a nice gash and bump to his forehead, he had been apologizing non-stop until both ambulances came. Now, sine another nurse closed the curtain between the two hospital beds, she removed the arm from her face and released a slow, gentle breath of air before staring up at the ceiling.
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The Cullen siblings stood by their line of cars in the parking lot, quiet talking amongst themselves. “How could you just invite her to join us, without consulting the family first? You need to think, Jasper!” Rosalie’s voice is like a sniper, but Jasper stands his ground.

“It won’t kill you to be social and polite for one lunch hour! Besides, she’s not like the other girls here. She doesn’t look at us like we’re freaks,” he speaks calmly with his arms crossed over his chest.

Bella and Edward were looking between the twins, both silent as if watching a ping pong match. The few times Emmett tried to interfere, he was quickly silenced with a glare from Rosalie. Jasper had been expecting an argument with his sister, but he had planned on it being in the privacy of their own home. Edward stares at Jasper for a moment before frowning. “Clearly after the lunch incident with her violin, she doesn’t seem to have many friends just yet. Maybe it’s for the best that we at least show some hospitality,” he suggests, Jasper having already told him what had happened at lunch.

“Edward, I know it’s hard for you, but be reasonable! Look at her!” Rose huffs, pointing to where Alice was walking alone through the parking lot.
Students were watching her closely, talking amongst themselves. “If anything, this will only make her more of an outcast. I mean, we barely socialize with anyone, and now we’re just going to have the new girl join us? All of us will be on the radar even more.”

Jasper had already been looking towards Alice, having picked up her scent the minute she exited the school. While he could feel her conflicting emotions still radiating from her, he was happy to see that her eyes were no longer red from crying. “Rose, we’ve been the outcasts at every school we’ve attended. Maybe this time I’d like to at least have a friend if I’m going to be gossiped about and stared at,” he glances towards his sister.

The more he was around Alice the more he wanted to become like Edward and the others, and not act on his thirst. He’s never had such a strong desire to fight against his instincts, or to protect someone like he wants to do with her. And no matter what his sister says, he knows that it’s too late to try and change his mind.

The screech of tires stops the argument, and all of their heads turn. For a moment, Jasper just watches, but worry quickly courses through him as he notices the van sliding right towards Alice. He’s rooted to the spot, willing her to move, but she’s like a deer caught in the headlights, and can’t seem to work her feet. Jasper is off in a heartbeat, darting across the parking lot in a flash, protectively enfolding her in his arms. His shoulder takes the brunt of the hit, stopping the van and leaving a large dent in the door panel. He pulls away, his hands on her cheeks, searching her for injuries. “Are you alright? Alice, are you okay?” the words spill from his mouth in a breath.

Before she can answer, two large hands are grasping his shoulders, pulling him away. “Jasper, let’s go! Now!” Emmett growls, dragging him away before anyone can even realize what had happened.
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The rest of biology had been, pretty much, nothing but a bore. She and Jasper finished the lap in less then ten minutes of time. In fact, she had requested of the male seated with he as a lab partner if she could simply do the identification and he did the writing. When she' move to her own paper to write, out of the corner of her eyes she'd see him checking the slides himself, and she smirked just a little rather then feel insulted. When they finished, and ultimately wound up with each of them winning a 'Golden Onion' the two were able to spend the rest of the class talking. The pixie like girl explained the reason it had been so easy for her to identify them was because she had been in the advance course in Phoenix--she had still be around other in her age group and grade, but she and everyone else in all her classes had done work for grades two upper since freshman year.

Now, well, it was the end of the day and Swan girl was simply heading towards her truck with a violin case in hand. It still hurt knowing the instrument inside was totaled, and even if she knew she could never play it again, the brunette held confidence she could at least repair it to a presentable state. Once making it to the back of the truck, she'd stare into the empty bed of it a moment and then glanced up at the sky. It had finished raining for the time being an hour ago, and didn't look like anymore would start up soon, so she didn't feel she had to worry about water freezing onto the case. She went up to her tip-toes lightly, lowering the case in.

When that was accomplish, Alice went back to the flats of her feet with a gently satisfied look while adjusting the place of her bag on her shoulder. But then, her eyes would widen and she'd turn around abruptly at the sound of something that was none other then squealing tires suddenly going off loudly somewhere behind her.
  Alice Swan / animechick98 / 7y 123d 10h 16m 59s
Jasper nods, chuckling a little. “Yeah, Emmett’s the larger brother. He’s the oldest. After him, it’s me and Rosalie, but she’s the older twin by a few minutes. Bella is next, and Edward is the youngest. It’s nice that we’re all around the same age. It helped the transition when we were brought to our foster parents, Carlisle and Esme. We all get along for the most part, but there are some days where we can’t wait to get away from each other. We’re around each other far too much,” he explains.

He wasn’t lying. The fact that none of them ever slept meant that they were all awake in the house at the same time. Enhanced hearing also meant that it didn’t matter how quiet they tried to be, someone could always hear them. Which was unfortunate when one of the couples decides to get romantic in their bedroom. While Jasper loved his brothers and sisters, sometimes they just got on his last nerve. Emmett’s constant hyper and loud personality clashed with Jasper’s mellow and introverted one. After a few days of being around his oldest brother, Jasper looked forward to his solo hunting sessions. Rosalie’s attitude always left him mentally drained, as her mood swings affected him just as much as herself. And he wasn’t even going to get started on Edward and Bella’s sickeningly sweet love bird behavior. It was nauseating to walk in to the living room to watch the news, and they are sitting on the couch wrapped up in each other, just staring and smiling at one another.

“But I know they’d love to get to know you. Bella is always saying how she wants more friends in this place. Like I said, our family is sort of the outcast of Forks. Granted, we are the spotlighted outcasts of Forks,” Jasper grins, though it slips from his face when their classmates join them.

He hides his amusement at her clear disliking of their assignment. “Look on the bright side, we don’t even have to really put too much effort in to this. I could probably do this assignment in my sleep by now,” he murmurs to her, opening his notebook and almost immediately begins sketching a doodle in the margin.
  Jasper Hale / Kooza / 7y 123d 10h 51m 45s

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