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To Jasper’s relief, his siblings waited until they were in the safety of their home to yell at him, where their booming voices couldn’t be heard. The blonde male stands there, unapologetic, with his arms crossed over his chest as four pairs of golden eyes stare at him. The emotions radiating from them vary from sheer anger to intense worry. It wasn’t hard to pick out which feeling was coming from whom. Rose looks like she’s ready to pull his head straight off of his shoulders, while Bella’s face reads concern, possibly wondering if her brother had lost his sanity. Edward’s face was grim, and Emmett looked torn between being proud of Jasper’s heroism and disappointment at his rash actions.

Esme enters the foyer, a frown on her face at the sight of what looks to be her quiet son standing in front of a firing squad. “What’s this about?” she asks, working her way between them so she’s separating the rest from Jasper.

“Jasper rescued the girl he’s been telling you about,” Bella answers in a soft tone, almost as if she doesn’t yet believe it really happened.

At this, Esme’s confusion only grew. “What’s the problem then?”

The grinding bone of Rosalie’s jaw becomes noticeable and she snaps. “Your precious Jasper here has probably ruined this family! Yeah, he decided to be a superhero and save the damn girl from getting hit by a car. But did he do it like a normal human being? No! He darts across the parking lot and uses his fucking body to stop the car!” she hisses.

“Anyone could have seen it. We don’t know what this is going to do,” Emmett speaks up, his hands balled in to fists.

“You know as well as I do that no one saw me. Half of the students weren’t even looking in her direction. But tell me, what would you have preferred,” Jasper drops his arms and takes a step closer to Rose. “If I would have let her get hit, there would have been blood everywhere. And I’ve gotten better at my self-control but do you really think I would have been able to hold myself back at the sight and smell of that much blood?” he stares right in to his sister’s eyes, unwavering.

For a second, he sees a flicker of something in her eyes, like she was picturing the aftermath of what could have been. “There would have been too many witnesses and we would have either had to slaughter the entire student body, or wait for the Volturi to arrive and wipe out all of Forks. Excuse me for choosing the more intelligent option,” Jasper continues.

Faster than any of them can move, Rosalie brings a hand up and smacks Jasper across his face, making Esme gasp and the rest of them wince. Jasper just stares back at her. “What about her intimidates you, Rosalie? I can feel it every time she’s mentioned. Alice has done nothing to you, and yet I can sense your loathing and insecurities whenever she’s in the room. Is it because someone that isn’t you was able to get my attention?”

Rosalie growls and stands nose to nose with him. “I hate you sometimes, Jasper Hale. I really do.”

He knows he’s hit a touchy subject. When he had first joined the Cullen family, Emmett was not yet found. Rosalie had attempted to seduce Jasper during a low point in her early days in the family. He could tell that she just wanted to feel loved after what Royce had done to her, but he shut her down as gently as he could, which resulted in her ignoring him for over a month. Watching her storm away from him now, he knows that he has crossed the line. “Was that necessary?” Emmett snaps, shoving Jasper back.

Esme is quick to step between her sons, a hand on both of their chests. “Enough. Emmett, go check on Rosalie. And you two,” she looks at Bella and Edward. “Don’t hound your brother. He saved a life today. We should be proud of him instead of worrying about something that might not even happen.”

Jasper slips away, not bothering to answer anyone when they ask where he’s going. He knew they had called an ambulance for Alice, and he knew that Carlisle was the attending physician in the emergency room today. If he could just wait in his father’s office until he hears that Alice is fine, he will be able to let go of the stiff worry clouding his thoughts.

When he arrives at the hospital, no one questions him as he walks down the hall. Carlisle’s office was down a secluded hallway just around the corner from where the emergency room was. With a light tap on the door, he is called in, and Carlisle looks up from his desk. “Jasper? What’s wrong?” a flicker of worry spikes in his voice.
After filling him in on what had happened at the school, Jasper is relieved to see that Carlisle doesn’t look as concerned as the others had. “I’m going to check her now. Just be a little more careful next time. Wait here, I’ll be back soon,” he pats Jasper on the shoulder on his way out.
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Alice had shut her eyes, on instinct, when she couldn't make herself run. She was too terrified to move, to run, and she felt that if she did she'd wind up slipping on the ice of the parking lot and end up falling, anyways. When something did hit her, well she had to note mentally it more of engulfed her, it wasn't with the force she had expected. The squealing of the tires had stopped, and she forced her eyes open with shocked, shaky breath leaving her and focused the brown orbs to look up at the male in front of her once he placed his hands on her cheeks and questioned if she was okay. Jasper? Her eyes were wide with shock, and she was about to open her mouth to answer before suddenly another of the Cullens, Emmett, appeared suddenly and then just as suddenly he and Jasper were both gone.

"Wait~!" She had begun, trying to move out from the space between the two cars, but then slipped on the ice she had been standing on with a yelp, and bonked her head hard against the side of her truck on the decent to falling down to her ass, one of her legs going under the offending van, and the other folding up towards he chest and slamming her calf against it. "Damn it! Ow..." She brought a hand to the back of her head, thankful not to feel any blood, and the other to her leg to hold the likely to feel throbbing bruise. Suddenly, the screams of all the other teens, and the teachers, hit her as the mob of people made it over to her. That... That all happen in just a few seconds? It was the only solution, otherwise how could they only be in wonder of how the van stopped in just the right way not to hurt her, and then they not know who had saved her?

Within half and hours time, Alice was to Forks hospital, and then forced to wait in the emergency room. She had to be placed in a neck brace in the ambulance, to her utter horror and embarrassment, and as soon as the nurse set her up in her hospital bed she removed the brace and hurled it under the bed. Now, she was just waiting with a sigh and an arm cast over her eyes to block out the light since she felt like she had a migraine.

And, well, she also had that arm placed over her eyes to make it look like she was sleeping the second she noticed Tyler Crowley being wheeled into the room since, due to him not being unconscious once his van stopped though had a nice gash and bump to his forehead, he had been apologizing non-stop until both ambulances came. Now, sine another nurse closed the curtain between the two hospital beds, she removed the arm from her face and released a slow, gentle breath of air before staring up at the ceiling.
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The Cullen siblings stood by their line of cars in the parking lot, quiet talking amongst themselves. “How could you just invite her to join us, without consulting the family first? You need to think, Jasper!” Rosalie’s voice is like a sniper, but Jasper stands his ground.

“It won’t kill you to be social and polite for one lunch hour! Besides, she’s not like the other girls here. She doesn’t look at us like we’re freaks,” he speaks calmly with his arms crossed over his chest.

Bella and Edward were looking between the twins, both silent as if watching a ping pong match. The few times Emmett tried to interfere, he was quickly silenced with a glare from Rosalie. Jasper had been expecting an argument with his sister, but he had planned on it being in the privacy of their own home. Edward stares at Jasper for a moment before frowning. “Clearly after the lunch incident with her violin, she doesn’t seem to have many friends just yet. Maybe it’s for the best that we at least show some hospitality,” he suggests, Jasper having already told him what had happened at lunch.

“Edward, I know it’s hard for you, but be reasonable! Look at her!” Rose huffs, pointing to where Alice was walking alone through the parking lot.
Students were watching her closely, talking amongst themselves. “If anything, this will only make her more of an outcast. I mean, we barely socialize with anyone, and now we’re just going to have the new girl join us? All of us will be on the radar even more.”

Jasper had already been looking towards Alice, having picked up her scent the minute she exited the school. While he could feel her conflicting emotions still radiating from her, he was happy to see that her eyes were no longer red from crying. “Rose, we’ve been the outcasts at every school we’ve attended. Maybe this time I’d like to at least have a friend if I’m going to be gossiped about and stared at,” he glances towards his sister.

The more he was around Alice the more he wanted to become like Edward and the others, and not act on his thirst. He’s never had such a strong desire to fight against his instincts, or to protect someone like he wants to do with her. And no matter what his sister says, he knows that it’s too late to try and change his mind.

The screech of tires stops the argument, and all of their heads turn. For a moment, Jasper just watches, but worry quickly courses through him as he notices the van sliding right towards Alice. He’s rooted to the spot, willing her to move, but she’s like a deer caught in the headlights, and can’t seem to work her feet. Jasper is off in a heartbeat, darting across the parking lot in a flash, protectively enfolding her in his arms. His shoulder takes the brunt of the hit, stopping the van and leaving a large dent in the door panel. He pulls away, his hands on her cheeks, searching her for injuries. “Are you alright? Alice, are you okay?” the words spill from his mouth in a breath.

Before she can answer, two large hands are grasping his shoulders, pulling him away. “Jasper, let’s go! Now!” Emmett growls, dragging him away before anyone can even realize what had happened.
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The rest of biology had been, pretty much, nothing but a bore. She and Jasper finished the lap in less then ten minutes of time. In fact, she had requested of the male seated with he as a lab partner if she could simply do the identification and he did the writing. When she' move to her own paper to write, out of the corner of her eyes she'd see him checking the slides himself, and she smirked just a little rather then feel insulted. When they finished, and ultimately wound up with each of them winning a 'Golden Onion' the two were able to spend the rest of the class talking. The pixie like girl explained the reason it had been so easy for her to identify them was because she had been in the advance course in Phoenix--she had still be around other in her age group and grade, but she and everyone else in all her classes had done work for grades two upper since freshman year.

Now, well, it was the end of the day and Swan girl was simply heading towards her truck with a violin case in hand. It still hurt knowing the instrument inside was totaled, and even if she knew she could never play it again, the brunette held confidence she could at least repair it to a presentable state. Once making it to the back of the truck, she'd stare into the empty bed of it a moment and then glanced up at the sky. It had finished raining for the time being an hour ago, and didn't look like anymore would start up soon, so she didn't feel she had to worry about water freezing onto the case. She went up to her tip-toes lightly, lowering the case in.

When that was accomplish, Alice went back to the flats of her feet with a gently satisfied look while adjusting the place of her bag on her shoulder. But then, her eyes would widen and she'd turn around abruptly at the sound of something that was none other then squealing tires suddenly going off loudly somewhere behind her.
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Jasper nods, chuckling a little. “Yeah, Emmett’s the larger brother. He’s the oldest. After him, it’s me and Rosalie, but she’s the older twin by a few minutes. Bella is next, and Edward is the youngest. It’s nice that we’re all around the same age. It helped the transition when we were brought to our foster parents, Carlisle and Esme. We all get along for the most part, but there are some days where we can’t wait to get away from each other. We’re around each other far too much,” he explains.

He wasn’t lying. The fact that none of them ever slept meant that they were all awake in the house at the same time. Enhanced hearing also meant that it didn’t matter how quiet they tried to be, someone could always hear them. Which was unfortunate when one of the couples decides to get romantic in their bedroom. While Jasper loved his brothers and sisters, sometimes they just got on his last nerve. Emmett’s constant hyper and loud personality clashed with Jasper’s mellow and introverted one. After a few days of being around his oldest brother, Jasper looked forward to his solo hunting sessions. Rosalie’s attitude always left him mentally drained, as her mood swings affected him just as much as herself. And he wasn’t even going to get started on Edward and Bella’s sickeningly sweet love bird behavior. It was nauseating to walk in to the living room to watch the news, and they are sitting on the couch wrapped up in each other, just staring and smiling at one another.

“But I know they’d love to get to know you. Bella is always saying how she wants more friends in this place. Like I said, our family is sort of the outcast of Forks. Granted, we are the spotlighted outcasts of Forks,” Jasper grins, though it slips from his face when their classmates join them.

He hides his amusement at her clear disliking of their assignment. “Look on the bright side, we don’t even have to really put too much effort in to this. I could probably do this assignment in my sleep by now,” he murmurs to her, opening his notebook and almost immediately begins sketching a doodle in the margin.
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At his apology, Alice arched an eyebrow slightly--she had noticed the light bit of cold, but it hadn't really bother her. "Don't worry, it's fine. Despite where I lived before this, I don't really mind the cold. Granted, I prefer if there is snow to go with the cold to make it fun, but otherwise it doesn't bother me. Every year, once I turned thirteen and until obviously this year, me and my mom Renee would drive up to Wisconsin to visit a friend each winter and do the 'Polar Plunge' they have there." She shrugged lightly, smiling a bit more again. In truth, Alice hadn't particularly had fun since one out of the water it was more cold then within it, but otherwise it was interesting experience... It also helped every participant was worth seventy-five dollar as part of a charity to cancer research, and the farther you were from out of state, your worth in the charity winter swim went up.

When Jasper asked if she wanted to have lunch with himself and his siblings the next day, the pixie-like teen couldn't help but have her chocolate brown eyes widen lightly in surprise. "Well.... Sure, I suppose. As long as I wouldn't be imposing or anything, sounds like it might be fun." Her response was light and a bit cheerful. After a moment, though, she slowly questioned, "...Emmet is the bigger one out of your brothers, right?" The brunette honestly wasn't sure. The only members of those siblings she had remembered by name were Bella since she had spoken with her, and then of course Jasper. Rosalie's name was a give away since she doubted either of the blonde's brothers would hold that name, so Edward and Emmet were the only ones she was unsure of.

After a few more minutes, the bell for the end of lunch and classes to start would ring, and it would be mere moments later people would begin to poor into the Biology classroom. When that happened, and their teacher Mr. Roland finally entered, did Alice finally set her eyes on today's experiment written on the chalkboard, and let out a light groan of irritation. "Oh, not onion route again...." She'd muttered softly, pouting with a light glare at the written words as if it was the chalkboard's fault that she had to do this lab again. But, then again, she couldn't complain... Just another easy A.
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Jasper returns her smile with a small one of his own. “You’re right. I wouldn’t have taken no for an answer,” he teases.

He tenses when her hand comes down on top of his wrist, her skin grazing his softly. He has to remind himself to breathe before she notices his lack of movement. Clearing his throat, he slowly takes his hand away sheepishly, dropping them to his lap as she moves her violin case. “Sorry if my hand was cold. I’ve got poor circulation,” he tries to excuse himself, internally questioning why he had made physical contact with her in the first place.

Before he can stop himself, he starts talking again to avoid a silence stretching. He had her smiling again, and he wanted to keep it going as long as he could. “I know that you usually sit with your friends for lunch, but, would you like to sit with me and my family tomorrow? I think they’d really like you,” he offers, leaving out the possibility of Rose’s attitude. “I mean, Emmett can be a little out there, but for the most part, they’re pretty cool to talk to.”

He’s going to be killed. While Edward, Bella and Emmett would be perfectly okay with the newcomer, Rose was likely to tear his limbs off when she found out. It wasn’t that she didn’t like Alice. She didn’t know her well enough to make an assessment. It was that she firmly believed humans and vampires have no business talking to each other. It was hard enough getting her to willingly attend school. It was an entirely different matter to go out of their way to invite a human to sit at their lunch table and converse with them.
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It hadn't been very long after the bit of a tale told, which was spoken from her own lips, that Alice had begun to make herself calm down. Without even looking at the clock, she could tell that lunch would be over and students could start pouring in any moment now. If her guess was right, a bunch of them would either just look at her wrong, or rush over to see why her eyes were bloodshot and she was in tears. And, to be honest, the female didn't want either scenario to pan out so that's why she began to process of calming down.

When he begun to speak again, even if they hadn't completely left her yet, the pixie-like girl forced her sobs to soften so she could hear Jasper's words. By the time he had finished speaking completely, she'd slowly look up at him before speaking, "If this was another situation, I honestly don't think I'd ever feel comfortable accepting something like that--Honestly, I don't think I'd feel right," She paused, moving her hands to wipe away the tears from her face since her eyes had finally stopped trailing out anymore, "But... I feel like you might not accept 'no' as an answer so.... I guess I'll take you up on the offer. I think I can pretty much see you as someone who's stubborn." As a small smile went to the brunette lips, she'd bring up a hand and gently wrap around the long-sleeved covered wrist of his hand on her shoulder.

"Thank you, Jasper. Just... Thanks." Alice said softly, smiling a bit more as she did so. After a moment, she'd glance in the direction of the violin case, and then reach out her free hand and shutting it before pulling it back over to her side of the table. She'd flip the latches shut, and then use the same free hand and arm to lower the case carefully onto the floor. Even if the violin was already totaled, she didn't want to destroy it more! Slowly, the brown-eyed teen thought to herself, Maybe when I get home I can glue it so it's at least back in one piece? I guess it doesn't matter if I can't play it, as long as it at least looks okay again.
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For a few moments, Jasper is absolutely silent. He knows there is no way to comfort her that will make her forget what has happened. He knows all about what it’s like to have something precious from a memory in your past, only to have it be ruined. When he had been in Maria’s army, he would hold his father’s pocket watch late at night when he was alone, recalling what his life had been like before he had been turned. In a fit of rage one night after he had failed to do what she had asked of him, Maria tore through most of his belongings, destroying everything of his that she could reach, including the watch. It had been the last thing he held of his family, and now he had nothing. He recognizes all too easily the look of devastation that is currently on Alice’s face.

It won’t use his powers on her. Not due to the fact that it will be too noticeable when she is so distraught, but because he doesn’t want to alter anything about her, even her emotions. It is a remarkable thing for Jasper to be so intensely wrapped up in a human’s emotions like he is now, but he can’t help it. Even crying and distressed Alice is a beautiful creature. So, all he can do is give her shoulder a gentle squeeze as her sobs calm down.

“I know that nothing I can say or do will make up for this, but I’d like to help you. Rosalie was given a violin a few years ago from a relative, but she’s never touched it. The poor thing is just sitting in a closet collecting dust. I’d like you to take it. It’s not as beautiful as this, but it’s something.”

It’s a lie. Rosalie had never expressed an interest in any kind of musical instrument to even be given one as a gift. But, a little white lie couldn’t hurt. After all, the Cullens’ entire life in Forks was a lie. Jasper just wants her smile to come back, and do anything he can to make the sadness fade without manipulating her. “She won’t miss it, I promise,” he tries to give her a weak smile, to make it more convincing.
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In complete, utter honest Alice truthfully hadn't heard the door open and shut. And, it took all the control she could manage over a knee-jerk reaction to not squeak out of shock from the hand placed upon her shoulder. Her soft sobs, she forced them to lower in volume more as she awaited whoever it was to speak and make known who it was. As soon as she knew it was Jasper, could tell from the deep, but somehow gentle, tone of his voice, she gulped once and slowly rose her head so she could look over at him.

Her usually rich, get soft, chocolate brown eyes had lightened up to lighter, almost grey-brown dirt hue from the tears that had been shed. Along with that, the whites of her eyes were drastically blood shot, so it made the brown of her eyes more prominent. Her cheeks were soaked with tears, her eyes puffy, and the look of sorrow on her face.... It looked like she had her heart ripped out. "You don't have to apologize, you didn't do this...." The Swan girl finally whispered, bringing up her hand and used the heal of it to wipe at her eyes to try and be rid of the tears, but they just continued to flow. "I got a solo song, for the band concert, where it's only one violin playing. The audition was, literally, just yesterday. I have no doubt that.... That this," She paused, gesturing with a light wave of her hand and a sorrow fill look towards the violin, "Happened because of it--It had to be one of the two girls I beat out." A moment later, the brunette girl bit her lip, appearing as if she was either debating on something mentally, or biting back more tears.

"The violin is the reason I'm crying, though, not because of the solo. My grandmother, Grandma Swan, gave it to me, when I was nine. It was, literally, the last gift or possession, that she gave to anyone because she died only two days later. Dad never took up music, so she decided that I should get it since she said she could see the artist within me...." Alice trailed off a sad smile going to her face, but then she glanced to the violin again and her look returned to that pure sorrowed one. "But... Now I have left of her is this totaled piece of what was once something I treasured greatly. I... I haven't been able to bring myself to touch it, because if I do, it... I-It just feels like that's what will truly make it real." Another sob finally left the short, pixie like girl and she closed her eyes while turning her head down to try, though failing, to hide her tears with her bangs as she wrapped her arms around herself as if physically trying to hold herself together.

"I almost lost the violin at my other school, down in Phoenix, freshman year.... I had girl there, and a few guys, in the upper class that held some sort of hate pledge against me. I never showed any reaction to anything they did, and they figured the only way to get to me was through the violin." Alice paused in her story, another sob escaping as she seemed to hug herself tighter, before continuing, "They were gonna burn it early in the morning, and I'm thankful the music teacher got their early then she usually did as well. I had to soak it for a week in cleaning solution to get rid of the smell of lighter fluid, and I hadn't left it at school since. I.... I-I never thought I'd have to worry about that being her for less then a week." With that, she concluded in her speaking as another sob escaped and tears just continued to fall.
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During the course of the weekend after his afternoon visit to Alice’s house, Jasper had camped in the woods a few hours outside of town. He declined Emmett’s offer to come along, knowing that he wouldn’t be in the mood for his adoptive brother’s antics for three days straight. No, this trip needed to be done by himself in order to sort through the thoughts that had been plaguing him. So, he had packed a duffle bag with a change of clothes and took off with barely a word to anyone other than a quick goodbye. He had hunted as soon as he got to the thickly wooded cove, just off of the lake. By sundown on the first night, he had already hunted two deer and began feeling less thirsty.

He appreciated that his family had known to leave him be. Esme had only texted him once, just to say that they looked forward to his return. After that, his phone had remained silent. He spent the time going over his interactions with Alice, and how she had been the lone cause of him slowly letting his guard down. To be honest, he wasn’t sure if he liked it. He had prided himself on being a stone amongst flowers; not letting things get to him like they did to everyone else at Forks High School. It made it easier to go without having to speak to anyone, or feeling the obligation to make them feel better.

He couldn’t do that with Alice.

No matter what he tried to do to keep his distance, he always felt an overwhelming urge to make her smile; to make sure that she knew not everyone was going to treat her differently just because she was new. Jasper knows that he has started on a dangerous path, and that it would be best for him to turn back now. He tried to convince himself that he was going to go back to ignoring everyone, even Alice. But when he got to school on Monday and saw her wide smile as she talks animatedly with Angela, he knows that there will be no going back for him.

Hours later, he sits in the cafeteria with Emmett and Rosalie, listening to his brother’s story about beating Edward at a game of Call of Duty the night before. Rosalie sits quietly in her seat, checking her makeup in her compact mirror. Edward and Bella had not joined them in the lunch room, instead opting to spend their lunch block in the art room so Bella could finish some work. Jasper had been looking over at the lunch table where Alice usually sat, only to feel disappointment when he notices she hasn’t arrived yet.

“And then I pulled the trigger and sniped him from almost across the map, it was crazy,” Emmett boasts.

“I’m sure you really put him in his place, Em,” Jasper answers distractedly.
He’s about to turn his attention back to his own table when he hears Alice’s name mentioned at another table. He grows quiet and listens, a concern building in his chest. An anger stirs in him when he overhears what had happened to her violin. No one was allowed to hurt Alice in any way, he thinks to himself. “Jasper?” Rosalie’s voice breaks through his thoughts.

He snaps his head in her direction, noticing that his own temper was influencing Emmett and causing him to scowl. “Sorry. Excuse me,” he rises to his feet and is out of the cafeteria without another word.

He tries to appear normal, just casually walking the halls. If his siblings were with him, they would know that he’s tracking her scent. It still lingered in the air, more powerful to him than anyone else’s. He weaves through groups of students going in the opposite direction, coming to a stop outside of the biology room. He can sense her through the doorway; the sadness being emitted from her almost making his legs give out. Going against his better judgment, he twists the doorknob and pushes it open quietly, trying to be cautious. He hears the sob leave her lips and feels his anger stir again. Someone had made her cry. Almost silently, he shuts the door behind him, the sound going unnoticed by her as her cries drown out the noise. Jasper makes his way across the room, taking his seat next to her.

He places a hand on her shoulder to let her know that he is there, and looks down at the destruction that used to be her violin. “Alice, I’m really sorry,” his voice is quiet but deep in the empty classroom.
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The weekend, at least Friday and Saturday, had been rather dull in Alice's personal opinion. Well... It had been besides for the fact that her father had asked if she ditched school early Friday, which she hadn't, and that left her curious. After that conversation on Friday, Alice had done laundry, the dishes, took a shower, and then had gone off to her room and fell asleep to reading one of her books. The next morning, since Charlie had work, she woke up and made herself breakfast before settling onto moving back and forth between housework and reading for a few hours. To the Swan girl's pleasant surprise, however, Angela came by around noon, they talked, and Angela stayed for dinner. That evening ending with a hug, and a promise to try and spend a night at one another houses sometime soon so they could just chat the night away.

Now... As for Sunday. Alice had been beaming the entire day and practically tackled Charlie with a hug one he got home from fishing out of pure joy. One Friday, once she got to her band class, the teacher, Mr. Ulster, had stated that for anyone interested and played the violin, the solo song that was to be performed at the concert in a month would be holding auditions that Sunday. Well, not a completely solo, but would be the only violinist to play during the piece. Alice had, originally, decided against trying out for it since she was literally just a few days into being at that school, but when she brought up to Angela that Saturday, she had been adamantly argued into how good it would be to try out even if she assumed she wouldn't get it. And, even tough she couldn't believe it, she did!

And that's how we get to where we are now--Angela and Alice walking down the hall of the school to the lunch room, and Alice smiling in pure joy as she was showing the Angela the music she had received after the audition the day before between herself and the two other students once the teacher decided, on the spot, she would be the one or perform the song.

"I just still can't believe I got the part! Not to mention the song I'll get to perform! I mean, 'My Heart Will Go On' from Titanic? What if I murder it!" Alice exclaimed, switching from bubbly to worry in less than and instant, and Angela let out a laugh before simply replying, "Alice, you'll do great. I've heard you play. Even if I'm a woodwind instrument, I can tell you've got talent with the strings." The pixie-like female blinked, but then smiled happily. But, once he name was called she turned around to see their shared band teacher. "Mr. Ulster, is there something wrong?" The short female questioned, a worried look going to her face. The said man held a grim look, and nodded once. "I need you to come with me, Alice. Angela, go ahead to lunch will you?" Angela nodded, and then both girls did as instructed--Angela continuing on to the cafeteria while Alice followed after the middle-aged man.

In the Lunch Room....

"Hey Angela, where's Alice at?" Jessica questioned before taking a bite of an apple as the said brunette girl sat down. "Mr. Ulster came and grabbed her on our way here--he wouldn't say why in front of me. Must have to do with Alice's new solo or something....." The Weber girl trailed off, but blinked as Eric cleared his throat to gain both the girl's attentions. "I guess you haven't heard... I know why he came and grabbed her. I'm in his earlier class as of today, and when I got there the first thing he asked the class if he knew if anyone knew anyone with a reason to want to destroy one of the instruments. Someone asked what instrument it was, and he said it was a violin from one of the later classes. He didn't say who's but~" "Oh God, someone totaled Alice's violin? That's horrible!" Angela exclaimed, and Eric nodded in agreement.

"Whoever it is, I hope they figure out who." Jessica added, and Mike and Tyler agreed whole heatedly--even saying they'd ask around to see if anyone else knew, and get their teammates for the sports their on to do the same.

To Where Alice Is....

Silently, Alice trailed off down the currently barren halls of the school with her bag over her shoulder, and a black violin case in hand. Why would someone do this? Why! Why did I try out for that damn solo? It has the be the reason! She screamed this mentally, but physically she was willing herself to keep tears from building in her eyes. She's not even here a completely three days and, already, it seems like someone found a reason to hate her.

Alice continued walking, but after about five minutes, she blinked one before finding herself standing outside of the Biology room. I must have done this subconsciously... I damn well know I don't want to go to lunch right now, I'd probably throw up if I tried to eat anything. And, with that going through her mind, she opened the door and stepped into the room. Upon entry, she rose an eyebrow lightly upon seeing the teacher absent, but then realized that there was still the full 45 minutes of lunch left and that the teachers never returned to the classes until 20 minutes before lunch ended.

After a moment of just staring around the empty room, Alice shut the door behind herself and walked over to her desk before sitting on her stool. In that same fluid motion, she also placed her violin case on the table in front of her. The look of in her eyes... One of fear at what truly lay within the case... Mr. Ulster had told her the damage, but she hadn't dared to look at it herself until she was out of any persons view....

Two hands moved to the latches of the case, hesitating before clicking them open and hastily pushing the lid open. A hitched breath escaped her--The damage was horrible. The neck of the violin was snapped off the thing, only hanging on by the strings, and ten the neck was snapped in half as well. The body of the violin? It was smashed in on itself.... In all blunt honesty, it as totaled.

The last thing Grandma Swan gives me... The last gift she gives anyone, and now it's totaled. God, why didn't I take this home with me once the audition was over!? I had that feeling, that gut feeling like I knew this would happen! Why don't I ever listen to that damn instinct!? Why?!! Alice clenched her fists, slamming them against the table and winced lightly from the impact the sides of her hands took but she currently didn't care. She shoved the case aside to the desk space Jasper's things would usually inhabit, and then folded her arms and placed them on the part of the table in front of her before proceeding to bury her face within them. And, in about half a minute, a soft sob escaped her and shook her body with a shudder from the tears.

She always cried randomly--whether intensely happy, sad, angry, etc. But, through the years, Alice had learned to control them when it was just one of those strong emotions at a time. But now... With her feeling such intense rage, sorrow, and sadness... She had no will. She let the tears flow.
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Jasper raises his hand a few inches off of the desk in a small wave. He watches as she walks out the door, thoughts swirling in his head. See you Monday she had said. Could he wait that long? There is a gnawing in his stomach as he thinks about going through the weekend without a glimpse of her. He could always go in to town with hope that he’d run in to her, but it would be too risky, not to mention raise suspicions. In the years that they had made Forks their home, Jasper was the only of the Cullens that was rarely seen outside of school. If he all of the sudden began appearing wandering the streets after the new girl moved to town, word was likely to spread and it would make his life more difficult. Not to mention, it would draw unneeded attention to Alice.

Jasper gathers his things and is the last to leave the classroom. With only a little bit of time left, he doesn’t bother attending the rest of his classes. He leaves his binders and textbooks in his locker, only sliding his sketchbook in to his messenger bag. He winds his way through the crowds of people until he reaches the exit. The parking lot is empty, as expected, which makes it easier for him to slip away without being noticed by wandering eyes.

It isn’t long before he’s riding down one of the back roads, his hair blowing in the wind, his helmet still latched to the backseat. It helped to breathe in fresh air, though he doesn’t need it. All he knows is that he’s heading towards a huge mistake.

Pulling off on to a trail in the trees, he parks his bike out of sight from the road and begins running. His destination is clear in his mind, and he knows it’s going to be empty. Charlie would still be at the station, and Alice wasn’t due out of school for another few hours. He comes to a sudden stop in the bushes, his eyes staring straight ahead at the old house. Sure enough, the truck and police cruiser are both missing from the driveway, and the street is deserted. Jasper wastes no time in hurrying across the street and slipping through the open window he finds as he rounds the corner in to the backyard.

He treads carefully, taking in every detail of the house. Pictures of Alice as a young girl hang crookedly on the walls; her as a toddler waddling along the shore at the beach, a pre-teen Alice reading a book by a campfire. The images bring a smile to his face. Just looking at the photographs, he can still see the playful light in her eyes.

He works his way to the stairs, his movements almost silent. The scent in the air is a mix of Alice’s sweet perfume, and a musky undertone of whatever cheap aftershave Charlie throws on every morning. Jasper follows her scent to her bedroom, where he pushes open the door slowly. It creaks on its hinges as it swings open, giving him a view of her sanctuary.

It’s very simple, and so completely Alice. He sits on the edge of her bed, his gaze wandering the room. In a frame on her desk, there is a recent picture of her and a woman, whom he assumes is her mother. Both are a little teary eyed, and he figures it must have been taken the day Alice moved to Forks. Assorted books are scattered on multiple surfaces, stacked in neat piles to ensure they don’t get damaged. One of her shirts lies next to him on the bed and he trails his fingers over it, feeling the soft fabric.

That’s when he hears the front door.

“Shit!” he hisses, rising to his feet.

The floorboards creek and Jasper freezes, feeling Charlie’s spike of curiosity. “Alice?” her dad calls from downstairs.

Hearing footsteps on the stairs, he throws a glance towards the window, knowing that he won’t be able to throw it open and get out without Charlie hearing and noticing that someone had been in the room. So, he buries himself in her closet, pulling the door closed quietly but quickly. He can hear Charlie enter the room, calling her name once more.

He’s made a mistake hiding in here. It’s too much of her surrounding him. Her shirts hang all around him, brushing against him and filling his nostrils with an overwhelming scent. Jasper’s throat begins to burn and he wills Charlie to leave before he loses control. The rush of blood in Charlie’s veins mixing with the intoxicating smell of Alice is making Jasper forget himself. He pressing a fist against his mouth as hard as he can, biting down on his own knuckle. It’ll leave a scar, but it’s better than slipping up.

When he realizes he’s alone in the house, Charlie returns to the main floor, grabbing whatever it was he needed. The door closes behind him and the lock is slid back in to place. What seems like an absurd amount of time later, the police cruiser drives off and Jasper bursts through the door, making for the window as fast as he can.

The only thing on his mind is that he needs to hunt.
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Upon the moment he began discussing hobbies, she hummed softly and nodded her head a little; it was true, hobbies were entertaining when there was nothing else. Huh... do I have a hobby? Well, she plays the violin, and listens to music whenever in her rooms, and has read almost all of the books she owns for each and every single paperback to have a crinkled fold down the spine.... Yeah, I guess those count as hobbies. Alice concluded happily, a soft smile gracing her features as this thoughts came to mind. "I know what you mean, honestly, about that being helpful when nothing else to do. Believe it or not, I didn't have much to do in a place as big as Phoenix...." She trailed off, lips gently pouting out in the lightest way as she decided to leave out the reason for that was due that she, literally, didn't have any friends back in Arizona. The Swan female didn't know why, but they all always saw her as some sort of freak....

Thankfully, before the short female's thoughts could wander and ponder on the possible reasons as to why her classmates from back home have never seemed to like her, she was yanked from her thoughts by Jasper's question. Her brown eyes blinked once, and then she gave a smile as she looked over to him before replying, "Oh, I'm already in the band as one of my electives. If only I could have chosen to not take Gym.... It was only two years needed back in Phoenix, but then it had to go and be all four years here...." Again, like only about a minute or so ago, Alice's lips pouted ever so slightly again as she remember the fact she had to endure physical education for the rest of this year, and then all of next year, but was quickly stirred from her about to form ranting and whining mind set as the soft sound of paper being torn met her ears.

For a long, seemingly endless moment, Alice stared silently at the photo in aw as her eyes sparked in amazement at the photo before slowly lifting it into her hand to have a closer and better look at it. "This.... This is really beautiful, in all honesty. Thank you." With that uttered, her eyes finally moved from the photo and back to the boy, and the warmest of smiles decorated her features. Suddenly, though, the moment was broken as the bell rang for the end of class, and Alice blinked lightly in shock. "Wow.... Can't believe it's the end of the period already. It went by so fast...." With that muttered to herself mostly as an out-loud thought, eyebrows lightly raised, Alice slowly slipped the photo of the fox into on of her folders before gathering up her things and placing them back into her bag before, then, swinging that same said bag over her shoulder. "See ya Monday, Jasper." As the words left her lips, the Swan female flashed the boy a smile as she stood from her chair and was quickly ushered out of the class by a couple of the girls that she had, thankfully, managed to remember the names of.
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She’s quite selfless, Jasper thinks to himself. He knows of few people who would be willing to give up the life they are used to, just for the sake of someone else’s happiness. Rosalie, for example, could not even be bothered to cooperate with Edward half the time. The notion of Alice being so considerate both interests him and concerns him. It was the type of trusting behaviour that would surely get her in to trouble with some of the people in school. Jasper knew of at least twelve girls that would use it to destroy the pretty new girl, and even more guys that would try to use it to their advantage. And while he was sure that Alice wasn’t naïve enough to allow the boys to get far with her, just the thought is enough to raise a strange new protective instinct in him.

When she brings up his sketchbook, he gives a faint smile and shrug. “I have a lot of free time outside of school,” he says wryly. “It helps to have a hobby when you have nothing to do. With four adoptive siblings, we don’t always cooperate on things like what to watch on tv, or games. So, I started drawing and it’s a peaceful way to spend my time.”

While it was true that his drawings began after meeting the Cullens, it wasn’t as recent as he plays off. He had started drawing back in the fifties, when he was struggling with his thirst every single day. Esme had suggested it, telling him that with his mind focusing on something other than blood, he was less likely to notice the strain it was to be around them. Small doodles turned in to sketches of animals. From there, it progressed to full portraits of his family, and people he saw on the streets. Esme had been right. While it didn’t fully eliminate his desire, it lulled the cravings so that it wasn’t so overbearing.

“Have you considered joining the school band? It’s not large, but it’ll put your talents to use. Trust me, they could use some talent,” he glances at her.

As he speaks, he flips back a few pages in his book, coming across a recent drawing he had done of a fox that he had come across in the meadows behind the Cullen home. Its front paws were perched on a rock, and its beady black eyes were focused right on Jasper. He tears the page out, sliding it across the table to her. “A welcoming gift for you,” he offers.
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