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Jasper smiles softly in sympathy. “If it makes you feel any better, the only friends I have are my family. We move so frequently that after a while, we just decided there was no point in trying to make new friends. Carlisle transfers hospitals every few years or so, wherever his skills are needed. It was easier to not get attached and then have to leave and start all over again.”

By the time she finishes eating, the restaurant has already begun to empty out, save for a few tables scattered around the dining room. Jasper pays the bill and stands up first to pull her chair out for her. His car wasn’t far from the restaurant, but it would still give them a few minutes to walk. Since Emmett was taking his new vehicle home, there was no point in waiting for him. “Well, at least I have the peace of knowing that you are safe, and got a good meal,” he grins slightly at her. “Now to get you home before your father sends out a search party since it’s getting late.”

The air was cool, and a little damp, but he knew that walking too close to her wouldn’t be good. With his temperature being permanently freezing, he couldn’t very well make the excuse of trying to keep her warm. So, he takes off his light jacket instead, offering it to her.
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The two of them had lulled into a short silence, a comfortable one if Alice was to be completely honest, and the soft music in the background over the speakers was even more relaxing as she ate some more of her food. When the waitress had come back, asking Jasper yet again if he was positive about not ordering, the teen girl had raised an eyebrow lightly at the older women's behavior. Talk about being obvious and oblivious...? This wasn't thought rudely as she watched the women leave, but rather in disbelief. Doesn't no still mean no up north like it does down south?

When the question of how she was adjusting to Forks, and a mention of how it was probably used to a faster paced style and more entertainment for weekends and such, it's safe to say it brought the Swan girl up a little short on how to answer. Biting her lip, she'd ponder the best solution to this question. If it was anyone else like Jessica or Mike she'd probably lie, but... even though she knew more about those two, and would more than likely lie in this answer to them—maybe even to Angela too if she asked!—the short brunette just didn't feel compelled to do that with Jasper. Oddly, now that she was thinking on it, she never felt compelled to lie to him once yet. The girl remained in silent pondering a moment more, but then sighed softly.

"Well, I am adjusting just fine. Like I told you before I do love the cold feather of Forks just as much as the warm weather of down-south... Though not seeing the sun everyday is a little unnerving," she'd grin a little playfully, before continuing, "But, as for the life-style? The pace of things? ...To be honest, the pace of things that have been happening up here is more lively than anything I did down in Arizona." The girl would fall silent, wondering to herself if she truly should be truly honest with this boy, and the only response her mind and own senses gave her was; 'Yes. Trust him with the truth!'

So, after that maybe five-second pause she'd speak again, "Remember how I told you that there were kids in my orchestra class who didn't like—pretty much hated me—me down in Phoenix? Well... They weren't the only ones. I sorta didn't have any friends. I mean, I had a couple in elementary school, but even then it was just a few. At the start of middle school I had maybe one or two left, and by the start of freshman year I had none. The only reasoning any of them ever gave was that they thought I was a freak because of how nice I was and how I seemed to like... just 'know' some things." Alice would shrug her shoulders, not really clarifying what she meant by 'knowing' some things. She'd look down to the table with a slightly slumped posture, as if waiting judgement as she took a sip of her drink.
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Jasper smiles softly. “Well, as long as I don’t get on the Chief of Police’s bad side, I guess we’ll be okay.”

The restaurant was a quiet, pleasant atmosphere for the most part; something Jasper was grateful for at that moment. Soft classical music plays over the speakers in the background, delicate piano riffs covering the silence between them. He waves off the waitress when she returns to ask him yet again if he wants to order. “How are you adjusting to Forks?” he asks after a few moments. “I’m sure it’s a lot less fast-paced than what you’re used to. I think the only entertainment is the weekly football games.”

His leg bounces nervously under the table, moving quickly up and down. He wants to make a good impression. He wants her to know that he can be her friend, though the realization of his willingness to be so stunned him. Small talk was not exactly his strong suit, especially since his only real contact with other people is when he is with his family. Even then, he’s more likely to sit quietly and listen while the others contributed to the conversation.
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The pixie-like teen had honestly only been seconds away from snapped her fingers or throwing a wadded-up napkin at the boy sitting across from her in order to try and gain his attention back from the thoughts he currently seemed so buried into as he, in her opinion, seemed just the slightest bit spaced out... But, then again, wasn't.

"Oh, did he now? Never thought someone as big and intimidating-looking would have to weasel someone into shopping with him so he wouldn't have to on his own. Was he gonna try to make you carry stuff or something? He not as strong as he looks?" This was questioned out playfully, Alice's giggle following in suit after her words. Glancing down at her book briefly the brunette had to drum her fingers twice in a row against her leg in order to resist the urge to begin reading it as she awaited her food and conversed with Jasper. Looking back up she'd blink just in time to see the male with her seemingly glaring off in one direction before, a moment later, someone came bolting from that direction and left outside. She had caught a glimpse of the man's face, looking as if he was about to have a panic attack though a brief glimpse she remembers of him from early had showed him completely calm.

Before she could question if Jasper saw what happened, however, her meal arrived.

Having gotten a few bites in the Swan girl's eyes would widen from light shock at being thanked... again. "Jasper, honestly, you don't have to thank me. I mean, you brought me my homework, and that lovely violin... I had to pay you back in some way. I mean, you're really kind... I felt like I was free-loading or something without returning it somehow." Muttering a bit due to embarrasment her cheeks were flushed a light pink by the time she finished speaking. But, then the question on if her father would might be angry that the boy with her would be bringing her home instead of her friends, the girl ended up humming in thought before speaking, "No, I don't think so. I'll just tell him the parts of the truth he needs to know; I was out with Jess and Ang, they wanted to do more shoping and I wanted to get a book. Then from they're we'll say I ran into you, we lost track of time since you were also escaping from things you don't really enjoy shoping for, and by the time we realized Jessica and Angela had eaten without me. Then, like the gentlemen you are you offered to buy me dinner and then to drive me home." With a light smile she'd flash his direction, Alice would then go back to slowly eating her food.

The brown-eyed female figured that her father didn't need to know what almost happened—last thing she needed was her father setting up man-hunts.
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Jasper’s attention was focused on the mention of Jake, and his family. He was all too familiar with the Blacks, and he knew that the young male of the family was acting stupid for Alice’s sake. The treaty was well-known between the Cullens and the Blacks, and it existed for a reason; still, he was grateful that Jake at least played it off as folklore, instead of letting their secret out. He’s drawn out of his thoughts only by realizing the girl was staring at him, waiting for an answer.

“My brother, Emmett, wanted to come in to look at some stuff, and I got roped in to joining. Apparently it’s a good thing I did,” he adds, his eyes locking on to hers.

A spike of lust in the emotions around him draws his attention to a man a few tables over, whose eyes were clearly looking Alice up and down. Narrowing his own golden orbs, Jasper sends a rush of anxiety and fear his way, pleased when the man bolts from his chair and hurries outside, his face pale and beginning to sweat. “I wanted to say thank you again, for inviting me to dinner with you and your father. He’s always entertaining to talk to. Though I’m not sure he was pleased that we were alone in the house together. Then again, most dads wouldn’t be,” he smiles softly.

Her food arrives and he stops talking to allow her time to take a few bites. “Charlie won’t be angry that I’m bringing you home, and not your friends, right? After all, he thinks you’re out with girls right now,” Jasper notes, not wanting her to get in to trouble.
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Seconds, mere seconds, and Alice was blinking in confusion as Angela and Jessica were walking off giggling and Jasper was ushering her into the restaurant, "Okay, okay... Mister Bossy--yeesh." Smirking at him in a gently teasing way she'd soon follow him and the hostess to a table and, with a smile, would take her seat he pulled out for her and happily plant herself within it before scooting in. She noticed the way the waitress seemed to be trying to gain Jasper's attention. When none was granted, well... the pixie-like girl couldn't help but smile a little at the light ego boost. Looking to the menu, the brunette would quickly skim it before ordering some cheese ravioli with a side of garlic bread, as well as a Pepsi.

Once the waitress was off, returning only moments later it seemed with a soda before being gone again, Alice would take the book she had been holding upon her lap beneath folded hands and place it upon the table-top. "I mentioned stories earlier--Jacob the old friend I sort of, well, persuaded into telling me lightly against his will with the promise of not telling her told them to me.. He's two years younger than me and I honestly remember his older sister, Rebecca and Rachel, more than him. But, he's good at stories... He didn't believe a word of what he told me though." Rolling her eyes lightly, she'd smile a bit. Why she threw in the fact Jake didn't believe the stories and saw no wrong in letting her know? Alice honestly wasn't sure... She just had a strong feeling that the fact was needed.

"After he told me I spent ages looking up the histories of each the stories and then like some rabid-fan of a celebrity or something and, well.. Tonight happened because of the same curiosity the stories brewed....." Trailing off with a meek expression as she remembered be scolded by the male sitting across from her earlier, she'd shrug a little. After a few moment of silence, the Swan daughter would question curiously, "What brought you to Port Angeles today, Jasper?"
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Jasper stands quietly while the three girls talk, but he can feel the curiosity building off of her friends as they look at him. He could also feel Alice’s yearning to eat, and can practically hear her stomach growling. “If you ladies don’t mind, I myself haven’t had dinner yet. If you are on your way home, would you mind if Alice stays to keep me company? We didn’t quite finish our conversation,” he puts on his charming smile.

The two girls let out breathy giggles, both stumbling over their words as they bump into each other while walking down the steps. Even with his enhanced hearing, all Jasper manages to catch is that they will talk to Alice later. Placing his hand on her lower back, he gives her a gentle push forward. “I’m going to get you dinner. I can tell you’re hungry,” he murmurs to her, motioning to the hostess to seat them at a table for two.

Jasper pulls Alice’s chair out for her to take her seat, and then sits himself across from her. He slides the menu across to her, forgoing ordering anything. “Get what you want, it’s on me,” he tells her, not bothering to look at the waitress who seems interested in catching his eye.

He isn’t sure what to make of Alice’s emotions. The anxiety from her encounter was still rattling her slightly, but the feeling was covered by a more curious one. She had mentioned being down in La Push, which was setting him a bit on edge. The only stories that came out of La Push were the tales told by the Black family. But surely, they wouldn’t have betrayed the Cullens, would they?
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"Well, the other day I went to La Push with a few of the kids from school, I ran into an old family friend I haven't seen in ages, and he told me couple stories... I wanted to buy a book to read up more on it. Angela and Jess were dress shopping... It's not like I meant to get lost for it to get this late before trying to head back--I got side-tracked admiring some stuff in an antic shop..." Muttered meekly due to feeling properly scolded, her cheeks would flare in the lightest of blushes as a light shrug accompanied her words.

Once he dropped her hand Alice would stare at him a moment after he gave what couldn't be considered as anything but a down-right beg or plea, --"I promise, Jasper.... But only if you don't tell Charlie. Last I need is him coming to play, 'Big-Bad Police Chief Daddy.' Y'know?" Smiling gently, she'd begin to lead off once they started walking again and were back in the proper part of town. When the Cullen boy apologized for fighting, also explaining why, Alice waved a hand in half-hearten dismissing gestured. "It's fine --though I don't condone violence, even I can't deny that sometimes it is just needed." Smiling over at them, it would lull into gentle silence besides for the sounds of the city round them.

Soon enough they'd reach the restaurant she was supposed to be at ages ago--it taking mere moments for Jessica and Angela to come and swarm towards her. Neither noticing Jasper just yet. "Thank god--Alice! We were worried! We were thinking to call Charlie soon... You have to get a cellphone...." Angela scolded with a worried tone, so Alice cowered with a meek smile as she scratched the back of her head. "We're so glad your okay! But, well... We kinda ate while waiting for you..." Jesse declared, then muttered which caused Alice to sigh slightly, "It's fine, you two. I'm not hungry, anyways. We could just get going...." It was a dirty lie--the short brunette felt starved but she didn't want to make them sit with her as she ate.
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He feels better when her hand grasps his, and she takes refuge behind him. The jock is still rolling on the floor with muffled sobs, clenching his face. Hearing Alice plead behind him, he can't help but walk away and give her what she wants. "I'll kill you myself next time," he warns the others, throwing a look over his shoulder at them.

He's quiet as they walk, trying to get himself under control. His eyes were still glowing gold, which was good. He had hunted the day before and wasn't in any danger of attacking an innocent person. "What were you doing out here? Port Angeles isn't the place for you to be wandering off by yourself," he scolds her but his voice is tired.

He stops after a few minutes, dropping her hand to rub his eyes and clear his head. "Alice I know this may seem to be overprotective but please, do not be down here by yourself again. Promise me," he stares at her.

When they start walking, he lets her lead the way to where she is supposed to meet the others. "My apologies about fighting that guy," he mumbles as they walk. "I was taught not to be violent in front of women.
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Alice had felt like either something horrible that could be considered worse that death, or death itself, was what was going to happen to her the moment one of the drunkard males had grasped her shoulder before yanking her around to face him. Her pulse had been racing greatly, and her face had paled to a deadly white state out of fear. The brunette had been trying to ignore the catcalls and brash tones--simply quickening her pace and ignoring them but it apparently hadn't been enough.

Luckily, it was in the same instant she was grabbed that the pixie-like teen heard a voice she had been becoming very familiar with, and was very thankful to hear. "Jasper!" Relief instantly flooded her veins, and the icy feeling of dread and darkness running through her veins had vanish. Whatever variables that were in this blond male being in Port Angeles to save her... She was thankful for. The Swan girl remained silent as the largest male went to take a swing at the Cullen boy though her eyes widened in concern... Until she heard the crack of bone when Jasper bunched the drunk male in the jaw.

There was no hesitation when Jasper had held his hand out towards her--Alice instantly sprinted away from the group of drunk men, latched one of her smaller hands onto his, and used her other hand to latch onto the back of the boy's coat in a vice-like grip as she half-way hid behind him while eyeballing the drunk group mere feet away from them. Sparing a glance at the blonde boy, she'd look back to the group simply to assure they hadn't moved. "Jasper... Let's go. I'm fine, just... Just lead me back to wherever it is you came from cause it has to be a better place in town than this area...," Pausing, the brown-eyed female would look back up at Jasper, "Please, I need to go find Angela and Jessica anyways--I was supposed to meet them almost two hours ago now."
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Jasper hadn’t wanted to come in to Port Angeles that day. He had fought with Emmett to let him stay home, but the larger man had all but dragged him out the door towards their cars. So, Jasper had followed him in to the city, all because the curly-headed vampire had wanted to look in to getting a new dirt bike. However, they weren’t even in the store that long before a familiar scent flooded Jasper’s senses.

Snapping his head towards the window, he walks over to it, his eyes scanning for her face amongst the few people walking down the street. “I’ll see you at home,” he calls over his shoulder to Emmett as he exits the shop.

Losing track of her momentarily, he breathes in her scent, finding her tracks once again. He beelines down the street in search of her, turning the corner sharply as he keeps his distance, but maintains his search. Picking up a more overpowering stench of vodka, Jasper’s jaw clenches as he hears a few men catcall to her. He spots them following after her, and can feel her unease building. He keeps himself from growling, biting back the urge to rip them apart then and there.

However, when he sees one grab her shoulder, roughly turning her around, he picks up his pace while maintaining a human speed. “Hey! Why don’t you leave the little lady alone?” he snaps at them.

The jocks blurt out in laughter, the largest one turning to Jasper, mimicking his stoic expression. “That’s cute, cowboy, but why don’t you just fuck off. Wouldn’t want to hurt you,” he replies.

Taking a menacing step forward, Jasper’s knuckles crack as his hand turns to a fist. “I’d like you to make me,” he says lowly.

The drunk male looks to his friends before trying to take a swing at Jasper. Dodging easily, Jasper pulls back his strength, but the cracking of bone is evident when he breaks the guy’s jaw. The others look nervously between each other, clearly too intoxicated to want to try and fight. “Alice, let’s go,” Jasper holds his hand out to her, yet his eyes still stare down the others.
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That night had one surprisingly well to Alice' surprise. Despite her father being a private type, she had to admit she was surprised that Charlie hadn't tried to interrogate Jasper for being alone in the house with her.

Turns out her was saving the interrogation for her and her alone for once the blonde-male left. It wasn't much of an interrogation--honestly it was just a question of if she liked him or if she was interested in any boys in town. Nevertheless, those two questions alone had her ruby-red in the cheeks by the time she managed to escape up the stairs to her bedroom where she began to start working on her homework that built up from her medical leave at home.

Unfortunately, however, she made the mistake of letting Jessica an Angela know that the Cullen boy had come for dinner when they each called that night and the popped up that Saturday morning and ended up spending the night while Charlie promptly escaped the possible 'girly talk' by going down to the Quileute reservation to spend the day with Billy Black and go fishing.

That upcoming week at school had been lots of well wishes and nothing else. But then unexpectedly school ended up being canceled that Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday due to some of the water pipes bursting. So Wednesday it had been cloudy and expected to rain though high school kids were still roaming everywhere around town. Then early Thursday morning she had been called by Jessica an talked into meeting her, Mike, Angela, Tyler, Eric, Lauren and a couple others at Newton's Store to head down to the beach on the reservation. When there, she had run into none other then Billy's son Jacob Black. The Swan girl vaguely remembered Jake--she honestly remember his twin elder sisters more despite them being two years older then herself like she was two year older than him--but, once going off to talk with him she was amazed with how fast they clicked.

Alice couldn't help but question of him what one of the males that had come to the beach with him had meant, though, about the Cullens not going there. That's when she heard the story of 'The Cold Ones' straight from Jake's lips and ended up promptly feeling like a dork hours later when she spent all that time searching up stuff on her computer about cold ones (vampires) and searched for a place she could try and find a book on them, and the nearest place for that was Port Angeles. She worried on if her truck could make it or not so she had decided not to go but that decision was cancelled out when Jessica called Friday night asking if she'd go with her and Angela dress shopping that Saturday for the girl's choice dance that in two weeks since Mike had agreed when asked by Jess and Angela had Eric agree when she asked him

That's how the pixie-like female ended up where she was now--book she desired having been found and purchased but she was lost on her own in the city with Jess and Angie off on the other side of town with streetlights on and the stars out.

"Great, just great...." Alice muttered, sighing dejectedly as she continued walking in what she hoped was the proper direction. She brown-eyed girl had passed a group of about seven drunk, and likely college-aged men but thought nothing of it as they where going in the direction off and opposite of her current one. But, ever since she made eye-contact with one briefly she'd had the horrible, sickening feeling in her stomach that made her feel like the blood in her veins was running ice cold.
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Jasper backs up as she steps in place to take over, feeling her amusement flutter over him. He catches her remark about the sunny weather and remembers to nod with a smile. “Sunny days are always welcome around here. They’re few and far in between. My family is probably going to go camping or something while it lasts. My mom and dad think it’s good for us all to get out and be active.”

The answer is polite and believable, but he knows they’re probably just going to sit around the house and play video games until the overcast returns and they can go back out in to the public. The last time Forks had a sunny day, he and Emmett spent the entire day lying in one of the living rooms, tossing a ball back and forth because they couldn’t agree on a video game to play.

Continuing his duties, he grabs the items she requests and hands them over, watching her skillfully move around the kitchen. “So, does Charlie always come home to a nice home-cooked meal now that you’re here, or does he drag you down to the diner with him so he can get his steak?” he asks, leaning against the counter.

Her father was due home at any time, so he makes sure to keep a bit of a space between them so things appear to be innocent. Jasper knows the last thing any guy wants is to have the father bursting in claiming that his daughter is being taken advantage of. But since he couldn’t hear the rumble of the police cruiser, he figures he still has a bit of time with her alone before he has to worry about the interrogation that is sure to be coming his way.

Surprisingly, dinner doesn’t go as awkwardly as he had been expecting. While Charlie was watching him like a hawk, he was also impressed by Jasper’s manners and respect. And though it took everything Jasper had in him to choke down each bite of food, it was worth it to see Alice smiling again. The minute he left, however, he rushes down the street in his car until he can pull off to heave out everything he just consumed.
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A grin on her face at him accepting the offer to mind the food, the female would turn her attention back to the instrument as the Cullen boy moved off to the stove. Carefully after the lightest of hesitations she would lift the maple violin and the bow of the lovely creation from it's case an raise it to proper positions before then beginning to play after racking her brain momentarily for a song best-suited to play for someone you know, thought then again don't. So, the brunette ended up deciding on a gentle, smooth lullaby.

The music and movement to induce the notes from the instrument came from the pixie-girl effortlessly--they usually did besides for if and when she was learning a new song, but this lullaby always came the most easily. It was the first song she ever taught herself despite a few changes and additions to the original music she had added here and there through the years. Eyes closing briefly here and there, she was sort of lost in her own personal bubble of a world as she played. Then luckily just as she finished the last notes of the piece was the point at which Jasper had let out that small curse which had broke Alice's bubble and the teen would blink before looking to the male. In all honesty.... It took everything within the girl to fight back the urge to giggle that developed from how suddenly the boy had just seemed to have become flustered.

"It's fine Jasper, honestly. No worries and it doesn't look like there's any damage done." With a small smile, she'd carefully set the instrument and bow back in it's case before slowly shutting it and setting the latches back into place with a soft 'click' before moving over to the stove and turning off the burner for the sauce. "You know, I heard on the news there's supposed to be a sunny day or two towards the end of next week--probably gonna be a nice change of the weather no doubt, huh?" She asked, smiling up at him as she then moved to a cabinet and pulled out a cooking sheet before placing all the slices of chicken onto it. She'd then grab the sauce pot and pour the contents into a bowl before moving back to the chicken with a spoon in the free hand the bowl did not grasp. "Do me a favor and grab the Parmesan cheese from the cabinet by the fridge, and then the mozzarella from the fridge as well, please?" She asked of him, glancing at the sandy-blonde briefly before beginning to drape the sauce over the chicken.
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The sheer joy he feels as she lays her eyes upon the instrument fills him with a sense of pride at having pleased her. He watches carefully as she delicately traces her hand along the carvings, appreciating the effort gone in to making it. “It would be a shame for such a beautiful instrument to be sitting around going unused. Rosalie won’t miss it, I promise,” he assures her, after all, she can’t miss what she never had, he adds to himself.

He nods at her offer, moving towards the stove to be ready to complete the tasks given to him. While he waits for the sizzling chicken, he stirs the sauce, trying not to let anything burn. Seeing as they didn’t require food, Jasper hadn’t cooked since before he was drafted to the Confederacy. It wasn’t really a skill he had back then, either. So, he’s sure that he looks like a dork, carefully staring in to the pot with a look of sheer concentration.

As she begins playing, he listens to how the smooth sound compliments her own personality. It’s a relaxing melody, and for a moment he is distracted by the beauty of her playing. He’s ready at the four minute mark, placing the chicken on the plate, and then goes back to stirring the sauce. Only this time, he faces his body towards her so he can watch.

Her slim fingers find the chords gracefully, and the bow dragging across the strings makes a sweet lullaby. He can tell she’s practiced hard to become this good; to be able to play without any crease lines of effort on her features. “Amazing…” he murmurs too quietly for her to hear.

The sauce begins to bubble and he lets out a small curse, trying to get it under control. “My apologies!” he says, both for swearing, and both for being sloppy with his job.

“I’m afraid I don’t do the cooking in my house,” he chuckles nervously, pushing a stray lock of blond hair away from his eyes.
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