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Upon hearing Bella speaking Alice instantly opened her eyes brown eyes, since she had honestly begun to doze due to the warmth of the truck despite still being caked in mud drying more and more by the moment and becoming itchier because of that fact.

Jasper had apparently bee focused upon something else, for he had only given a grunting 'hmm' in response to his sister before the Cullen female claimed they were to their destination. The pixie-like female raised her head, taking in the faint outline and details of the cabin her eyes could make out since the truck's headlights were angled away from it. It seemed in the same moment she did that Jasper was out of the car, and she was able to turn her head just in time for him to say she could warm up and get clean clothes inside. She let him help her down out of the truck, absentmindedly noting him saying something in Bella's direction again, and within a couple minutes time they were left standing there and the truck was gone.

In another several minutes they were suddenly inside the cabin and Alice had her eyes widen at the decor inside the cabin. It wasn't overly-fancy, but it was still lovely... and a large bookshelf taking up a corner of the bedroom was very tempting. When Jasper speaks again, she instantly turned her attention towards him, and as his words registered she managed to nod in understanding a bit once before he was off into a bedroom that lead directly off of the living room. During the seemingly brief moments it took for him to find the clothes her attention wandered to things about the room again but the moment his voice sounded her attention refocused upon him yet again.

"Okay." With those simple words Alice walked forward, taking the clothing into her hands since the mud upon them was fully dry, though kept them at half-arm's length since the mud on her torso was still wet here and there. The short brunette glanced at the writing on the shirt, and blinked once before smiling, "Y'know, I like Debussy. My mom played a bunch of classical music growing up. I don't know many composers by name, but Debussy I definitely know since he wrote the classical songs I liked the most." The girl would turn her to stare at him, smiling briefly up at Jasper with a kind look despite the expression seeming exhausted as well. She turned after a few moments and headed off down the hall, and after peaking into three rooms down that way, she finally found he bathroom.

Flicking the light on, she'd step inside before shutting the door after herself. Within ten minutes time, the shower's water could be heard running to signal the beginning of Alice's showering.
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Jasper grits his teeth, staring directly out the windshield, trying to get his rage under control. Someone had hurt her. They had physically put their hands on her. And he wasn't there to stop it. Why the hell had he been so stupid? The weight of her resting against him makes him wish that he had not been so stubborn.

"Jazz? Jasper?" Bella's voice pulls him from his thoughts.

"Hmm?" he grunts.

"We're here," her voice is calm, despite the radiating tension.

Sure enough, they were pulled up in front of a quaint log cabin, hidden deep in the trees. Jasper opens his door, carefully sliding out from beside Alice. "Come on, you can warm up inside. I'm sure there's clean clothes you can borrow," he says softly, helping her down.

"Tell the others I'll be back later. I want to make sure she gets home safely," he tells his sister before closing the door.

As the truck leaves, Jasper fiddles around in one of the bushes until he emerges with a spare key. The cabin is completely dark when they enter, but a quick flick of the light switch bathes them in a warm glow. Jasper moves around the sitting room, turning on lamps to make it brighter. "The bathroom is just down the hall. I'll grab you some clothes from Bella's room," he tells her.

The only thing that he manages to uncover is a pair of old sweatpants, and a long-sleeved shirt with 'Debussy' written over piano keys. "I think these'll work. There's a draw string, in case they're too big," he emerges from the bedroom, still not making eye contact with the girl.
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Absentmindedly she had heard the sound of a car, and swore she felt the shifting of headlights, but with the way her face was buried against her knees with her eyes closed she couldn't confirm it and didn't really have the energy as of now to raise her head and bother checking. When the sound of the musical, warm, and semi-deep tenor rung through the air with her name as it's voice, the pixie-like girl couldn't help but jump slightly where he sat due to surprise and raise her face from it's hiding place upon her knees.

The sight of Jasper easily set her raging motions to ease. Not to a complete rest, and if you need a comparison think of an anti-itch lotion to a bug bite. Seeing the blonde didn't rid Alice of her emotion's completely, but just having her eyes upon him was easing her for the time being. As the male's jacket slid around he, despite it being almost comically large over her petite frame, the poor girl instantly released a shuddering sigh a relief at the shelter the fabric instantly gave her against the cool wind.

A few moments later when Jasper's cool hand touched her cheek she thought that maybe she should mind since she was already cold, but the cool touch felt good against the throbbing bruise forming to near where his hand touched.

"I-I pepper sprayed a guy, h-he hit me, p-pulled he c-car over, and then tossed me out on the side o-of the road without my j-jacket or phone. I r-rolled into a ditch full of mud." Her words had been shaky as she spoke, her voice soft and a bit horse, but she had managed to respond so at least she wasn't in any full form of shock. At the sound of another voice Alice had jumped slightly again, but since Jasper responded back she just automatically assumed it must be one of his sister

When the blonde-haired boy ask for her to go with him, to trust him, it only took a few brief moments of staring into those silently pleading eyes for her to nod her head once as a silent agreement. She willing moved as he helped her to her feet, leaning slightly into the one arm embrace-like hold he had upon her, and once they got to the truck she willing slid into the front and released a sigh of relief from the heat within the vehicle. Once Jasper got in as well, and they'd begin to be driven off by Bella in the driver's seat, it would be a few minutes before Alice would lean against Jasper, close her eyes, and pull his coat closer around herself as she tried to relax.
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As they near the Forks town line, Jasper grows tense, suddenly. "Do you smell that?" he looks to his sister, a frown etched on his features.

Bella's own forehead wrinkles with confusion. "Yeah, I do. Why does that smell familiar?" she asks.

Just then, the headlights of the truck flash on a figure, huddled at the side of the road. Jasper only needs to see the profile before he's throwing the door open. "Alice," is all Bella manages to hear him say as he jumps out of the truck, before she even pulls over.

There is evident distress radiating from her. Whatever happened to her, he's immediately ready to fix it. "Alice?" his voice carries out in to the dark, still night.

He doesn't need a light to see the tear tracks on her face. Whipping off his jacket, he wraps it around her shoulders quickly, seeing the puffs of air forming in front of her with every breath. "What the hell are you doing out here?" his hand rests on her cheek, tilting her head to meet his eyes.

"Jasper, is she okay?" Bella calls, stepping out from the truck.

"I don't know!" he answers. "Keep the truck running, and crank the heat. I'll take her to the cabin, let her get cleaned up before I take her home," he adds, taking in her muddy, and dishevelled appearance.

What makes his jaw lock, however, is the glaring red mark forming on her pale skin. "Alice, I need you to just trust me, and come with me, alright? You'll be safe. I promise, okay?"

Jasper's eyes stare in to hers, silently begging. Keeping his arm on her, he helps her to her feet, and walks back to the truck with her. Since it's only a bench seat in the front, he lets her slide in first, so she can sit between him and Bella. "The cabin is only a few minutes from here. I'll drop you guys off, and there should be a car there for you to take back in to Forks."

What she doesn't mention is that the 'cabin' is actually the private home that Esme had built for Edward and Bella, to give them time alone after they had gotten married. Jasper figures it's safer to just call it that, rather than admit the truth as to why two 'teenagers' have their own place.
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She walked onwards on for twenty minutes straight; despite how sore her body was, how much the no doubt ring-impression bruise upon her cheek that was forming beneath the mud there started to throb more by the minutes, or even though due to the combination of cold mud having caked and started to dry upon her body alongside the chilly wind she felt absolutely frozen she kept on walking.

However, just a couple minutes after a roughly twenty-minute marker poor Alice just had to sit down, so she did just that by sitting down on the gravel and sand mixture that made up the shoulder of the road where cars didn't drive upon. Once she sat as comfortably as possible on the sand and gravel she instantly folded her knees up towards her chest, wrapped her arms securely around her knees, and closed her brown eyes before burying her face against her same-mentioned knees.

Ever so slowly as a few more minutes ticked by, the true weight of what had almost happened began to sink in as well as an overview for her life in Forks so far. Let's see.... I've barely been here a little over a month, but I've already almost got crushed to death by a van, just two weeks ago I would have no doubt been... been raped, Her thoughts paused, she shuddering at the mere thought of the word before her thoughts then continued, and after I would have been raped then I no doubt would have been killed, and then there's tonight. So, in a little over a month I've almost died once, was almost raped and killed, and now almost raped again. As her thoughts finished, one big difference between those first two times and this time rang through her mind; Jasper Hale of the Cullens wasn't present.

When he had saved her from the wreck, looking back the pixie-like girl realized his presence was likely the only reason she hadn't had a panic attack. Next when he saved her in Port Angeles from that group of drunk college guys, him being around her for the immediate time after the incident was likely the reason she hadn't gone into shock. That blonde with the gold-like eyes wasn't here this time though, and as that fact sunk in more and more Alice began to shiver from the emotions of fear and sadness leaking into her system to mingle with her irritation, and the tell-tale stinging beginning to build in her eyes whenever to many strong emotions filled her at once.

Even if he was here, him being gone another week should be answer enough. You promised that when he came back he still wanted you to stay away, then you would. He's not gonna want you around just because he makes you feel safe. Alice mentally scolded herself with these words, but that didn't stop a soft sob managing to hitch her breath as the tears managed to start leaking from her brown eyes even though they were tight shut. She was freezing cold, she was filled with linger fear, she was irritated beyond believe, and she was sad. So, the Swan girl simply let the tears flow.

She knew she probably should keep walking, but she just didn't have the will to right. Besides, if she wasn't home by midnight Charlie would no-doubt round up a search party and come find her eventually. It had been about eight when she had left the house, so it was probably almost nine by now. If need be, she'd wait three-ish hours or so... if she didn't get hypothermia by then, anyways.
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The first stretch of the drive is silent. Jasper is left trying to figure out what he could say to his family that would make up for his extended absense. Esme would be worried, and would no doubt fawn over him the minute he walks in the door. Carlisle would welcome him back calmly, and make the least of a show. Emmett and Edward would be alright, but Rosalie was bound to punch him the second she sees him. Hell, probably before he even gets in the house.

"How have things been?"

"Quiet. Esme has missed you, and the boys moped around the house. Apparently Edward's chess games aren't as much fun for Emmett. He's missed his wrestling buddy. We've been waiting for a call, but we haven't heard from you."

He sighs an unneeded breath. "I needed to get away and clear my head. I hope you understand."

Bella shrugs. "We all need time away sometimes. It just worried us because it's uncommon for you to not be in contact. Esme thought you'd lied and run off."

"I wouldn't do that. I love you all more than that."

"Jazz, we know. You know how she is. Quite the mother hen, at all times."

The sky changes from early morning to the evening. They're forced to wait a few hours through an excruciatingly long customs line passing from Canada back in to the United States.

The dialogue is more open, the closer they get to home. Jasper's surprised by how much he's missed it. "I actually can't wait to be back," he says, settling back in to his seat.

"I'm sure Alice can't wait to see you, either," she quips.

His head snaps to look at her. "I wasn't..." he tries to defend himself, but it falls flat.

"Rosalie blames her for you leaving. We all told her it was your decision."

"I screwed things up, didn't I?" he asks, referring to both aspects of his life.

"It's quite possible, I won't lie," she admits.

The closer they get to Forks, the darker the sky seems to be, with the lack of streetlights as they wind through the old highway.
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Two weeks.... It had been almost a complete two weeks—already had been if you were counting it as school-weeks. Once the beginning of that second week had begun with no sign of Jasper, it had been that Tuesday Alice had glanced towards the Cullen and instantly snap her attention back to her own sitting because all she had been met with was a glare from the blonde known as Rosalie. The look, full of anger, had made a shiver run down her spine and actually forced her to the point of feeling so nauseous she had gone home early once stopping by the nurses office.

Also, for the entirety of this past week she had been asked, repeatedly despite having said not he first time, to go on a date with a senior at Forks High School known as Ronny Knox; a boy who was the closest thing possible to a playboy in this small town.

He had just kept asking and asking.... The boy just wouldn't take no for an answer, and rather than Eric, Tyler, and Mike getting needlessly in a fight with the guy to try and get him to back off the pixie-like Swan girl told them to relax before then explained to her group of friends she'd go on a date with him once to shut him up and that would be—hopefully anyway—the end of it. She had finally agreed to him yesterday which was Thursday, and after some talking with Charlie that resulted in him giving her a can of pepper spray once being convinced she'd be fine. Part of the reason for Chief Swan's hesitance was because just the past Wednesday of the current week had a long-time friend had been... well... brutally murdered in his fishing boat, and the footprints found suggested it was someone human.

So, well la! A gift granted of pepper spray due to a father having twice the need to be protective.

It was currently Friday night, the night of her 'date' with Ronny. Alice had been picked up by the boy half an hour ago and they had begun to head to Seattle to where the large theater was playing a movie that wasn't in Port Angeles... and as of roughly five minutes ago she had been practically thrown out of his car on the side of the rode, and rolled down into a mud-filled ditched.

The tires of Ronny's car would squeal and drive off to continue on his journey to Seattle, and a few moments once the vehicle was out of site would the poor Swan girl crawl out of the ditched to stand on the side of the road. "Groping bastard!" Alice snapped after him in a loud and harsh shout, though she knew he was long gone, and as a gust of wind blew harshly around her the poor girl gave a shudder from the chill.

She was wearing a grey long-sleeved shirt with one of the sleeves now currently torn open from collar to elbow, a pair of black jeans, and a simple. She would have had her coat... but that was in the bastard's car along with her phone in one of the side pockets. The short brunette did have her wallet on her, but the only thing in it was her license.

Alice stood there a moment, glaring off in the direction Ronny Knox had driven, but after a moment she'd close her eyes before looking down to her hand that clutched something she was very thankful to have had; Federal Brand Pepper-Spray. "Thanks, Charlie...." This was whispered softly whilst staring at the almost-empty canister before shoving it into her jeans pocket before turning and beginning the hour-long while walking travel time back to Forks.

I had a bad feeling ever since I agreed to go out with him on the 'date' tonight, even if the only reason I did it was to make him leave me alone. This was thought to herself before absentmindedly noting, even to her own surprise, that over anything else irritation was what she felt the most. Not fear, but irritation.

As she continued the beginning of the hour-long trek back to Forks along the only highway that led through/into the town, she did a mental assessment; her entire body was caked in mud from head to toe, but due to lack of stinging sensation she didn't believe she was bleeding anywhere. The brown-eyed girl was sore, and her face specifically hurt due to Ronny having hit her before hard upon the cheek but other than that and being freezing cold due to the chilly breeze and wet med, she figured she was pretty okay physically.
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He opens his mouth to argue, but quickly shuts it. Her eyes are already closed, and Jasper is well aware that at this time, he wasn't going to win this argument. So, he's out of the room silently, and before she even utters the second number.

Thanks to Edward, and his ever-invasive mind reading, Jasper doesn't even have to explain where he's going when he begins packing his things. It pains him to know that he's making Esme sad, and Rosalie even more angry, but he's grateful that they understand well enough to let him have this space. However, Esme does reach out to stop him at the door. "You will be back, won't you?" while she knows he will, the nagging doubt is still evident in her eyes.

"I promise. I just need to clear my head. Without you trying to help, Edward," he adds wryly, looking over their mother's shoulder.

If anything, Alaska only made him more frustrated. The endless hills of snow and trees did little to distract him. Despite the efforts of the Cullen's adoptive relatives, Jasper barely moves from his place in the guest cabin. At least, until Bella arrives on the twelfth day, nearly a week longer than he intended to be gone. She manages to talk him in to coming home, and he agrees, if only to make the sad look on her face disappear. In silence, he packs his things and he joins her in her truck, still her most prized possession. "I'm in trouble, aren't I?"

"At least you're aware of it," is all she says in return.
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"I think I could just as easily get caught up on a week's worth of homework, thank you very much...." That had been her instant response to that comment about him being able to get caught up easier if he took a break, the lightest bit of petulance in her voice as her lips had pouted, but her expression relaxed into a sobered look as the blonde continued to speak.

When the pale-skinned boy claimed to have already let her know is decision, Alice noted immediately that he wouldn't look her in the eyes as he spoke though she didn't call him out on it. "I know my own decision too." That had been her statement, she returning to a casual silence as Jasper spoke again and once he was finished the pixie-like girl simply stared at him a moment before huffing a soft sigh that almost made her current level of irritation audible. "Look, I don't know about you but I am tired, and you should probably leave before Charlie wakes up and comes in her with a shot-gun." Despite being irritated, the slightest bit of dry humor entered her voice, "So, I'm gonna close my eyes, count to ten, and while I'm counting you just leave my house however it was you got into it. Sound good?" She promptly decided to to not await a response, and closed her eyes whilst bringing up a hand to cover over them as well for dramatic effect. In her head she counted to the number she declared she would, and once she opened those chocolate-brown eyes of her's she wasn't surprise to find the boy gone.

The Swan girl glanced around her room a moment before walking over and shutting her window With that task done she headed back over to bed, curled up under her covers, and within a matter of minutes she was back to sleep.

And though it was faint and blurry by morning—the only true remaining facts being that of nature and sparkles likes diamonds—that had been the first night Alice Swan had dreamt of Jasper Hale of the Cullen family.
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"I was hoping that your choice would be to follow my advice," he admits, running a hand through his hair, as she huffs.

Her proposition peaks his interest, but Jasper is wary before she continues. It would be easy enough for him to skip school for the week. No one ever seemed to question Carlisle and Esme when they pulled the kids out for random 'camping trips'. He's convinced that the teachers wouldn't even bat an eye at his absence by now. "If anyone should take time off, it would be me. It will be easier for me to get caught up on what I miss."

It was a tempting offer. At least, in order for her to make her decision. "I think it's more important, however, that it is you who thinks about this, during the week. Think about whether or not you want to risk being around me. You know my decision," he avoids eye contact, since he knows the lie is obvious, anyways.

He didn't want to be away from her. It was the exact opposite of what he wanted. Still, he didn't have a choice. What kind of monster would expose an innocent person to this lifestyle? He could barely look at himself in the mirror, how would she be able to look past that, or even survive being around him? While his thirst had been tamed for the most part, he still had occasional slip ups, in which Edward and Emmett have to step in before he hurts someone.

"Alice, the last thing I want is to hurt you. Believe me, if there was another way, this friendship could work. I don't regret helping you, or the time we've had to become acquainted with one another. I'm just trying to save you from inevitable disappointment," he reigns in his own sadness before it emulates to her.
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The short brunette obviously hadn't listened to Jasper as he tried to declare she leaving him alone and just accepting the fact that he didn't want her bothering him any longer. Even though he claimed it wasn't anything she'd done, it's what it felt like; she was some annoyance being cast aside. However if the reason she didn't try to listen to his reasoning was of her own will, or the fact that she was too emotionally caught up in her rant, well... the truth of it may never be clearly known.

When he the blonde male was suddenly so close to her, having moved across the room to stand in front of her body in a inhuman speed, Alice... had a surprising reaction. She hadn't tensed, though she did jump in surprise. Oh no, the only truly reaction beside the jumping was to level the boy with a stare of her brown eyes. Then Jasper had reached up and his cool fingertips brushed away her tears... she didn't flinch from that contact either, allowed him to perform the task, but once he was done she looked down at the space of carpet between them before taking a small step back so they could have a bit more than a simple foot of space.

"Aren't I allowed a choice at all?" That had been her simple question as she finally looked back up to him, but well before the Cullen male could likely answer she simply huffed a soft sigh whilst bringing up one of her hands to swipe away any possibly remaining tears upon her face. "Look, maybe we could make like a deal or something with... with whatever the issues are here." She stalled in her speaking briefly, her subconscious mind trying to shout forth an answer it already knew due to all the info she has gather, but she didn't listen due to how... impossible it seemed.

After a few moment she finally continued, "Maybe one of us could take like a week-long break from school starting Monday. You should probably be the one to take it since you've been in school much longer and more here than I've had the chance too, but if need be I'm sure Charlie can arrange one for me." A soft smile curled her lips as she thought of her father's gentle swing upon the town and had no doubt he probably could get her a week off if he promised to come pick up all her schoolwork for the little mini-vacation beforehand. "If after that week, no matter which of us who it is that takes the break, if you still want me to leave you alone, then I will, Jasper. But no matter what you decide after the week, I'd appreciate some sort of answer to why you seemingly broke, like, a personal rule by being nice to me. Sound like a deal at all?" The short brunette finished her explanation of her 'deal' that she held in mind, and silently she awaited his answer.

In the honesty of her thoughts, she had to admit... the promise that if he still wanted her to leave him alone once the sabbatical was over would be a hard one to keep. He was so, so fascinating. Jasper Cullen was remarkable and enticing in her books, and despite she not spending a grand amount of time with him during her first month in Forks, she dearly wanted the chance to spend more time. If she was to be honest, Alice wanted to know everything and everything about him, and the past that seemed to make him believe wasn't deserving of being a shared burden.
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He wants to answer her question, but finds no answer within himself. What was it about her that made him break his strict resolve? No matter how hard he tries, Jasper can't give her an explanation. So, he remains silent while she continues her rant.

As her emotions rise, and become more jagged, he feels himself being overwhelmed. His golden eyes close, and he tries to get a hold of his composure. "Alice, I know it's hard to understand, but please, listen to me. It's for the best. You will be much happier," his voice is pained.

The hurt radiating from her causes him to be even more guilty. "I'm not trying to-" he's interrupted when she continues to speak.

Jasper stands, a defeated look on his face. That is, until she poses her last question. He's across the room in an instant, standing in front of her, his eyes flaring. "Regret is the furthest thing I feel towards you, Alice. I'm full of nothing but relief that I was able to help in any way, to keep you safe."

Frustrated, he presses his palms over his eyes. "Can you just...can you just calm down, please? It's very distracting," he begs, drowning in her sadness.

The tears on her face are like a slap to him, and his inner battle against his will caves, and a freezing hand comes up to wipe the tears away. "I am bad for you, Alice. My life is not something you want to be involved in. The Cullens took me in and saved me, but my past is not something that anyone should bear witness to, in any way."
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At the his dry humored words about how he didn't 'technically' break into her house and bedroom since breaking in would apparently entitle malicious intent, and also her window was open, the small brunette arched an eyebrow but didn't verbally comment on his words. He thinks he's so funny, and I bet he thinks being 'funny' must make him cute too. This was thought to herself in slightly teasing disbelief, but Alice would be a liar if she tried to decline the fact the edges of her lips had quirked up just a little.

However his expression soon became serious, and as he began to speak again with an equally serious tone her own expression sobered up as she started listening to all of the words he was speaking to her. By the time he finished his little speech about how according to him she should just trust his words and stay away from him and the rest of the Cullens. The pixie-like female stared at him blankly a few moments, but finally she spoke, "...Why were you even nice to me in the first place, then?" That had been her softly whispered question whilst her expression morphed to one of minor hurt that only masked the true level of sadness that was beginning to bubble.

"You gave me a sketch of a fox my first day and drew me a map for my last couple classes too. You also offered to let e eat lunch with you and your siblings, you gave me a violin to replace mine that got totaled, and you've saved my life twice," She paused there, enunciating the word 'twice' strongly to prove she hadn't been reduced to the point of second-guessing herself on knowing he'd saved her from Tyler Crowley's van earlier in the month, but soon enough she continued, "And now you're saying I have to stay away from you, or even your family who've never even talked to anyways save for Carlisle, and you expect me not to be mad about it?" Her tone had hardened into a guarded, icy whisper in an attempt to mask the hurt but what the poor thing didn't know was that no matter how well he tried to hide it that the Cullen boy in her bedroom would always be able to feel exactly what her emotion was.

Abruptly the short female shrugged out from under the cocoon of her comforter blanket and stood up upon her two feet on the opposite side of the bed instead of standing up on the side Jasper had knelt to the floor upon.

The Swan girl paced the room a moment whilst biting her lower lip, but then she snapped her attention to him as anger began to well up with the hurt she already felt, "Is this because I asked how you've done what you done? Cause if it is then excuse me for not being so narrow-minded that the only thing I notice about you and and your family, at least the members I've seen I haven't seen your foster mother yet, are many other things besides just 'pretty' and looking like you stepped out of a Renaissance-era painting." Her tone remained the guarded, icy tone she force upon it, she trying her best to not physically or verbally show her emotions. "Actually, you know what? It's hard to not notice you're different at all considering you ran clear-across a parking lot to save my life and stopped a van with your damned pack, and it's also hard to not help but notice you're different when you just 'by some miracle' happen to be there when I needed you again just mere hours ago!" Her voice had raised to a whispered shout, she shooting a glare his way. To be honest, the short girl would be a liar if she tried to claim she hadn't notice the stinging of tears building up in her brown eyes. It was the frustration, the hurt... the giant concoction of emotions was forcing her body to want to let the salty devils flow.

"From the time I've spent with you in school and out of school—though it's not a large amount since half of last week was canceled and I've only been in classes five times so far because of all the other drama that's happened already in my first month here—I can tell that you are not a stupid boy, Jasper." She'd glance away fro him, starting to pace a bit again.

"Also, I doubt these abilities of being able to save peoples lives is something recent. So, if you won't answer me how you've done what you've done, and are just giving me some warning to say away from you and your family, at least answer me this one question before I ask you to leave my house. Just one honest answer...." Pausing, Alice would hold up a single finger as she leveled her watering chocolate-brown orbs upon him, "If you knew saving me was gonna just be unneeded drama, why didn't you just let the van crush me? Or let those men do whatever the hell they were going to do that was no-doubt gonna end up with me dead as well? It seems it would have saved you you all this... this...." It took her a moment, uncertain of what word to use, but then she settled on one and finished her question, "...It seems to me it would have saved you what I can only see as regret on your part if you'd just let me die in the first place." Her voice was soft as she said these final words, and the glare he 5-foot nothing self had been leveling at him that barely had a harsh edge at all to begin with lost whatever possible malice that could have been in it as a few of the salty devils known as tears finally trickled down her cheeks.
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Jasper gives a faint smile at her groggy state. "I know you're sleeping, but I need to talk to you." The smile is gone as he remembers the reason why he came.

When she finally acknowledges his presence, he sits back on his heels, avoiding her eyes. "I didn't necessarily 'break in'," he clarifies softly. "That would imply malicious intent, and I promise that there is none. Plus, your window was open. I didn't break anything, technically."

Realizing that his dry humor is not particularly helpful in the situation, he shuts up for a minute. Of course, he had planned everything he was going to say. But now, sitting next to her bed, he has forgotten everything. "I just..." he begins. "I need to talk to you about what you said earlier. That you were suspicious, and making your own assumptions."

Seeing that she was about to interrupt him, he starts talking again. "I promise, this is important. But, it's also going to sound incredibly insane, and I need you to trust me when I tell you that you have to stay away from my family and I."

Jasper takes an unneeded breath. "Alice, we're different than the other families. There's a reason why we're always cold, and missing days from school. I'm only telling you this because I don't want you to feel hurt, or offended when I'm suddenly not around anymore. It's nothing you've done. Do you understand? I just can't trust myself."
  Jasper Hale / Kooza / 5y 207d 10h 5m 8s
When Alice first heard the sound of Jasper's voice and the feel of his cool arm, she grunted while turning her head and buried her face deep against her pillow. She was laying on her stomach, arms wrapped beneath her pillow, and her head had been turned to the side so she could breath deeply before being disturbed from her slumber. "Ugh... leave me alone, sleeping...." Her voice was muffled, but after a few moments of this sleep-induced stubbornness, she realized the voice she just heard was not one that was supposed to be able to wake her up. Lifting her face halfway out of her pillow, the small brunette would blink her chocolate-colored eyes a few times in the dark.

She'd instantly move away from the hand touching her arm, reaching for her bedside lamp on the other side of her bed, flicking it on, and pulled herself up into a sitting position to face towards who was in her room. "...Jasper?" The Swan girl murmured, bringing one hand up to her eyes in a fist to try and rub the urge to sleep from them, and her other hand when to her hair to try and calm the no-doubt present haystack. "It's like...," The girl would pause, glancing at her bedside alarm clock before looking back to the Cullen boy, "It's almost three in the morning."

The girl was silent a few moments, staring at him, before she finally spoke up again, "Considering that Charlie isn't awake he didn't let you in, especially not alone in my room despite him seeming to think you and your siblings saints compared to the rest of the people our age in Forks... so that means you broke into my house somehow." Her tone was blunt, she staring at him again as she tried to decide if she should be worried or scared. Honestly, she felt a little uneasy at his sudden appearance, but who wouldn't feel uncertain with someone you barely know appearing in your bedroom in the wee hours of the morning?

"So...." Alice paused, trying to decided what she should ask considering the circumstances. "...What do you want? Is it important?" Her tone was blunt, she blinking once as she pulled her comforter up around her, wrapping it snugly around her body due to the fact her open window caused a draft in the room.

The thing looked larger than it already was cocooning her small frame in such a way, but then again anything not made specifically for her size of person looked abnormally huge while simultaneously making her appear even smaller than usual.
  Alice Swan / animechick98 / 5y 209d 18h 2m 43s

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