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She nodded her head and accepted the blonde male's words as truth; she believed that he would at least try. However thinking back to the sort of... sense she was getting off of him almost, and from the remembrance of his expression at the college males from weeks ago in Port Angeles, she believed that he trying to not do anything to Ronny Knox would no doubt be very hard.

When Jasper suggested what he did Alice blinked in surprise, eyebrows raising, and silently she contemplated his answer. [b "If Charlie doesn't have him thrown in a cell still on Monday we can go right ahead with that plan of action, and even if Charlie [u does] have/still have him in a cell then,"] The brunette paused a moment, deciding how to word her statement before continuing, [b "...Even if he does, I wouldn't mind ya sort of spending the school days with me, Jasper, provided you can withstand being around the other people I'm already friends with like Angela, Jess, Mike, etc. Feel free to invite your siblings along too, if they' want to sit with us. From the little bit I've seen about them at school I think all of them but your twin would enjoy it. Especially the way she apparently tried to 'burst me aflame' with her eyes all week."] Alice had stated honestly, though her last statement in concern of mentioning Rosalie solely was a bit more playful.

The Swan girl would glance around, eye landing upon a clock in the room before huffing a soft sigh, [b "Think you could drive me home now? Charlie's already gonna be livid once he finds out, and I doubt coming home at the curfew he set rather than before might make him even more so."] Alice requested softly, but suddenly she froze briefly as a though came to mind before she looked at Jasper and softly asked, [b "Um... what should I do about shoes? Mine are caked from the outside in with mud, and outside it's still freezing and filthy...."] Her voice trailed off, a meek smile, as well with the faintest of blushes, going to her face to match her tone of voice.
  Alice Swan / animechick98 / 6y 11d 14h 44m 9s
Jasper is immediately happy that he had not promised her to behave himself. This man deserves pain. Worse, he deserves death. How [i dare] he put his hands on her! His emotions must be clear on his face, because he catches her staring, and he drops his gaze.

A silence stretches between them, until he forces himself to speak. [b "Your father is a smart man. I'm immensely grateful that he had taken precaution with you. I can't promise that I'll be calm if I see this guy on the streets, or at school. All I can say is that I'll try."] [i Try not to kill him in front of everyone], he adds mentally.

[b "Alice, I think I need to make a point to this Knox guy. Would you give me your permission to sort of spend school days with you, between classes and at lunch? I want to give him a warning, that you have protection if he tries anything again. Even if he just wants to make you look weak. I'm your friend, and I won't let him get close to you again. I promise."]

It might be an excuse to get close to her again, but at least it has a purpose. He wants her to feel safe, and know that she has someone she can trust in this stupid town.
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[b "Now Jasper, we've just agreed that our friendship is gonna continue so it won't do ya good to get arrested by my dad if you go and likely murder or maim some idiot."] Alice lightly scolded, she flashing him a smile of her own that was more playful than anything else before her expression sobered as she thought of how to best begin her tale.

[b "First, to state the obvious; you've been gone two weeks, Jasper. For this past entire school week a senior named Ronny Knox, the football captain or otherwise as the idiot who calls himself R.K., has been pestering me constantly for a date. He wouldn't take no for an answer. He must have asked me at least over a dozen times since Monday until I finally agreed yesterday to a date tonight to, honestly, just get him to shut up.] The pixie-like brunette sighed, snuggling a bit more comfortably into the corner of the couch she was curled up in before continuing, [b "Mike, Eric, and Tyler had offered to gather up a few of there friends if I really didn't want to go to get the guy to back off, but like I said I figure at least one date would placate him so he'd leave me be. That, obviously, wasn't the case."] At this point she closed her eyes briefly before laying her head upon the arm of the couch she sat on.

[b "There'd been a murder this past week, one of Charlie's friends was found mauled to death by something that had apparently been human in his fishing boat out on the water. Because of this, and being protective in general, Charlie sent me off with pepper spray tonight for my date. And I'm really thankful he did otherwise I would have gotten worse than this, and I know I don't have to say out loud what would have no doubt happened if I hadn't had that spray."] The Swan girl opened her chocolate-brown orbs, looking at Jasper once more and granted him a weak and dimmed version of her usual smile as she gestured lazily once towards the bruise on her face from where Ronny had not only hit her, but his her with the hand that held his football ring.
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Jasper chuckles lightly. [b "I think the lunch arrangements can be made. I think Bella wants a new friend, anyways. She can only take so much of Rosalie."]

Her words hurt him. Is that the image that he'd given her of himself? That he was a hot-head? The thought made him frown. [b "I don't mean to give you that impression. My family and I...we've gotten a lot of unwanted attention from the people in Forks. Since we've got here, it's been like we're animals in a zoo to be spectated. I've just built up a lot of walls in order to have some kind of privacy,"] he explains.

Jasper is about to ask what her theory is, worry stirring in him, but he's distracted by her movements as she drinks the cocoa. It's almost taunting, and his eyes drift to her lips where the chocolately film is, until she wipes it away. He actually has to force himself to look away before he is caught staring.

He's grateful when she starts speaking again, giving him something else to think of. [b "I would like to know, but just be aware, I can't be held responsible for what I might do to the guy, if I find him,"] he answers with a wry smile.
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[b "...Is that invitation to eat lunch with you and your siblings re-opened then? I know last time it was kinda vetoed by almost getting crushed by a van, but is it reopened?"] Her response had come after a long pause once Jasper had finished speaking, but once she finally had spoken herself a soft smile curled her lips before her expression sobered to a gentle look, [b "I understand, Jasper.... Well, no, I don't understand. I wish you'd tell me why, even though I think I may know why—as insane as the answer seems to me—I won't say cause it will probably make you mad. But, I'll understand if there's time I just can't be around you. You don't have to give me a reason for it. I'll just take your word."]

Huffing a soft sigh, she'd pick her cocoa mug back up and begin to sip away at the chocolatey beverage once more with a content little look to her face as she did. Upon pulling the cup away this time he had a thin line of chocolate forming a cocoa-mustache upon her upper lip and due to feeling the air hit the wet spot she'd lift her thumb, swipe away the chocolate, and popped her thumb tip into her mouth to suck away the flavoring now upon the naturally pale digit as a bit of playful thoughts danced through her mind, [i Maybe I can convince him to come over every day just to make me hot chocolate cause, wow, this is pretty damn delicious. Sorry mom, but you have been replaced as 'Top Cocoa Maker' on my list.]

Once that minor little task was done she popped her thumb back out of her mouth, wiping the saliva away on the back of her other hand before Alice would look to Cullen boy once more.

[b "Do you want to know how this, um,"] The Swan girl paused briefly, using one of her hands to gesture towards the ring-imprint bruise upon her face, [b "All happened? I can tell ya if you want. After all, you were my knight in shining armor once more. That, and I feel fine with telling you."] The brunette's tone was honest, and as she awaited some form of an answer from the blonde she'd sip the last of her hot chocolate out of existence.
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Jasper shakes his head, his hair falling in to his eyes. "It's not what I've done that's the problem. It's what I haven't done."

His eyes are full of regret when he meets her eyes. "I was a jerk, and I shouldn't have given you that ultimatum. It wasn't fair of me, especially since you've been nothing but a caring friend to me. I just want you to believe that I truly on did it because I care about your well-being, and safety. Please, understand that."

Leaning forward in his seat slightly, Jasper rests his elbows on his knees, running a hand through his hair. "I could have prevented what happened tonight, if I hadn't have left," he murmurs quietly to himself.

"I won't tell you to stay away again, if you don't want to. In all honesty, I don't think I'd be able to in the first place," his voice becomes more audible as he looks to her again. "Alice, we can be friends. In fact, I'm sure my mother will thank you endlessly for having cracked the code to my anti-social behavior. have to understand that there will be times when I just can't be around you. Please, don't take it personally."
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Alice decided to make no verbal comment as the blonde boy defended his honor for his kitchen skills, however her small smile did grow a bit due to the humor she found in his words.

She instantly, though carefully, accepted the mug into her small hands before raising it towards her face and simply inhaling the chocolaty soothing aroma of the beverage a few moments. Upon hearing his question she instantly returned her attention from the cocoa back to him. "...I guess I'm feeling as alright as possible right now. I mean a bit shaken, yeah, but besides for some bruises here and there I still got my dignity." That had been her reply after a brief pause, the short brunette honestly not sure how to answer so she hoped that what she said had been understandable enough as to what she was currently feeling like. Of course she didn't know that the pale-skinned male with her could feel her emotions, but honestly her words matched pretty well with the emotions emitting from her.

She hadn't noticed him looking at the bruise upon her face or the anger flare within his eyes while staring at it, but when he spoke once calming himself down she nodded at all the info given before following after him into the lounge.

Once into the room she notes that there is a sofa and two arm chairs, and though the armchairs look comfortable she takes up one of the corners of the three-seat sofa since there is an end table she could rest her mug upon. The silence that follows the duo sitting seems tense, though not awkward, so Alice happily raises her cocoa towards her lips and once blowing briefly upon the warm beverage would take a slow, long, and content drink. In fact... she had only just pulled the mug away from her lips before she managed to hear the blonde Hale boy' barely audible apology.

The pixie-like brunette's attention instantly snapped over towards him, her chocolate brown eyes blinking owlishly a few times before a look of confusion would take over her features. Turning away only briefly enough to set her now half-filled cocoa mug down, she'd soon look back to him again before slowly and softly questioning, "...What are you sorry for? You haven't done anything to me."
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Jasper had heard her, long before she actually spoke out. He smiles faintly, still working on her drink. "I'll have you know that while my skills are limited, hot chocolate is easy enough to master," he retorts, pouring the steamed milk in to a large mug.

Mixing in the cocoa powder, he finally turns to look at her. Alice appears so much more vulnerable in Bella's slightly larger clothes. Then again, she still looked far more desirable than Jasper is willing to let himself acknowledge. Breaking eye contact, he walks quietly over to her, holding out the mug. "How are you feeling?" he asks.

Just looking at the bruise ignites the flare of anger in him again. Realizing he's staring again, he shakes his head. "Uh...let's sit in the lounge. You can drink that and warm up. Once you're ready, I'll take you home. Carlisle and Esme always leave one of their cars here," he says, as an answer to why there will be a jet black Lexus sitting in the garage.

The room is quiet, as Jasper perches across from her in one of the cushy armchairs. "I'm sorry, Alice. I'm so sorry," his voice is quiet, and barely audible.
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The shower she would take would be the longest she'd taken in a while. Thanks to her short hair bathing in any sense usually took perhaps fifteen to twenty minutes took nearer to half an hour. It may not seem that dramatically long to some, but it did to her.

Once she was finally clear of all mud she was thankful there were towels hanging on a rack for she hadn't checked before hand, and it would take a matter of perhaps five minutes after the water for the shower had stopped before she was completely dried and changed. Alice moved her dirtied by mud shoes and clothes to a corner of the bathroom for the time being, hung the jacket Jasper wrapped around her earlier upon a hook on the back of the door, and then she headed over to the full-length mirror that was also the the bathroom.

The shirt with Debussy on the front was a bit large on her, the sleeves going perhaps and inch past the ends of her fingers, but those rolled up easily enough. The sweatpants she wore had in fact been loose, though the drawstring tightened them up just fine, but the length of those where more dramatically long on her and even with them rolled up a bit the fabric still bunched around her ankles. Her eyes moving from the clothing, the Swan girl would look at her face and wince. Charlie is gonna flip.... I won't lie, though, I kind of want him to. A bruise was forming that was currently nasty and near-violent red coloring just bellow her eye, though she knew in just one to two days time it would take on darker coloring to blueish-purple.

Unfortunately, she had been right in her guess earlier; Ronny Knox had hit her with the hand holding his football ring for a pretty decently detailed impression of the ring was a good part of the fresh bruise.

Her right hip and arm felt rather sore as well since she had landed upon them when being shoved out of the car, so she assumed she had bruise forming there as well but at the moment felt no desire to check for sure. So, with a softly huffed sigh she'd pad barefoot over to the bathroom door, open it, and immediately have her senses assaulted by the delicious aroma of cocoa.

The smell caused the pixie-like bruette to pause a moment, but once the brief instinct to pause passed from her system she'd flick the bathroom light off ad began to follow the scent of chocolate towards what was likely the kitchen of the cabin. Peaking into the room just a bit hesitantly, she'd blink once at the sight of a kettle, a cocoa tin on the counter, and Jasper apparently being the one to use the objects.

"Well, you kept yourself busy. Considering the way you almost murder veggie sauce... should it be a miracle you didn't burn the cabin down by boiling water?" Alice's voice was playful as she asked this of him, the slightest of smiles curling her mouth as she finally stepped fully into the kitchen.
  Alice Swan / animechick98 / 6y 56d 12h 47m 50s
When she disappears down the hall, Jasper collapses in to a chair and runs his hands through his blonde locks. Desperately, he tries to get his anger under control, before he snapped unintentionally at Alice. She wasn't the reason for these feelings. He wants to physically hurt the man who had dared to touch her. He wants to make him scream, and beg for his life, just for even thinking of causing her pain.

"You are in far too deep, Jasper Hale," he rubs at his eyes.

He can hear her down the hall; every water droplet hitting the tub, and the swirl of the fan. Quickly, he forces his thoughts away from her being in the shower. That would just lead to lustful ideas that were sure to get him in trouble. He's already got the police chief's daughter in a secluded cabin in the middle of nowhere; the last thing he needs is to make his feelings clear under these circumstances.

While he waits, he wanders in to the kitchen, where basic foods were kept, in the event to keep up appearances, though it was highly unlikely a human would ever enter the building. Not exactly an impossible thought, is it now? he thinks wrly to himself, grabbing a canister of hot chocolate from the cupboard while a kettle heats up on the stove.
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Upon hearing Bella speaking Alice instantly opened her eyes brown eyes, since she had honestly begun to doze due to the warmth of the truck despite still being caked in mud drying more and more by the moment and becoming itchier because of that fact.

Jasper had apparently bee focused upon something else, for he had only given a grunting 'hmm' in response to his sister before the Cullen female claimed they were to their destination. The pixie-like female raised her head, taking in the faint outline and details of the cabin her eyes could make out since the truck's headlights were angled away from it. It seemed in the same moment she did that Jasper was out of the car, and she was able to turn her head just in time for him to say she could warm up and get clean clothes inside. She let him help her down out of the truck, absentmindedly noting him saying something in Bella's direction again, and within a couple minutes time they were left standing there and the truck was gone.

In another several minutes they were suddenly inside the cabin and Alice had her eyes widen at the decor inside the cabin. It wasn't overly-fancy, but it was still lovely... and a large bookshelf taking up a corner of the bedroom was very tempting. When Jasper speaks again, she instantly turned her attention towards him, and as his words registered she managed to nod in understanding a bit once before he was off into a bedroom that lead directly off of the living room. During the seemingly brief moments it took for him to find the clothes her attention wandered to things about the room again but the moment his voice sounded her attention refocused upon him yet again.

"Okay." With those simple words Alice walked forward, taking the clothing into her hands since the mud upon them was fully dry, though kept them at half-arm's length since the mud on her torso was still wet here and there. The short brunette glanced at the writing on the shirt, and blinked once before smiling, "Y'know, I like Debussy. My mom played a bunch of classical music growing up. I don't know many composers by name, but Debussy I definitely know since he wrote the classical songs I liked the most." The girl would turn her to stare at him, smiling briefly up at Jasper with a kind look despite the expression seeming exhausted as well. She turned after a few moments and headed off down the hall, and after peaking into three rooms down that way, she finally found he bathroom.

Flicking the light on, she'd step inside before shutting the door after herself. Within ten minutes time, the shower's water could be heard running to signal the beginning of Alice's showering.
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Jasper grits his teeth, staring directly out the windshield, trying to get his rage under control. Someone had hurt her. They had physically put their hands on her. And he wasn't there to stop it. Why the hell had he been so stupid? The weight of her resting against him makes him wish that he had not been so stubborn.

"Jazz? Jasper?" Bella's voice pulls him from his thoughts.

"Hmm?" he grunts.

"We're here," her voice is calm, despite the radiating tension.

Sure enough, they were pulled up in front of a quaint log cabin, hidden deep in the trees. Jasper opens his door, carefully sliding out from beside Alice. "Come on, you can warm up inside. I'm sure there's clean clothes you can borrow," he says softly, helping her down.

"Tell the others I'll be back later. I want to make sure she gets home safely," he tells his sister before closing the door.

As the truck leaves, Jasper fiddles around in one of the bushes until he emerges with a spare key. The cabin is completely dark when they enter, but a quick flick of the light switch bathes them in a warm glow. Jasper moves around the sitting room, turning on lamps to make it brighter. "The bathroom is just down the hall. I'll grab you some clothes from Bella's room," he tells her.

The only thing that he manages to uncover is a pair of old sweatpants, and a long-sleeved shirt with 'Debussy' written over piano keys. "I think these'll work. There's a draw string, in case they're too big," he emerges from the bedroom, still not making eye contact with the girl.
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Absentmindedly she had heard the sound of a car, and swore she felt the shifting of headlights, but with the way her face was buried against her knees with her eyes closed she couldn't confirm it and didn't really have the energy as of now to raise her head and bother checking. When the sound of the musical, warm, and semi-deep tenor rung through the air with her name as it's voice, the pixie-like girl couldn't help but jump slightly where he sat due to surprise and raise her face from it's hiding place upon her knees.

The sight of Jasper easily set her raging motions to ease. Not to a complete rest, and if you need a comparison think of an anti-itch lotion to a bug bite. Seeing the blonde didn't rid Alice of her emotion's completely, but just having her eyes upon him was easing her for the time being. As the male's jacket slid around he, despite it being almost comically large over her petite frame, the poor girl instantly released a shuddering sigh a relief at the shelter the fabric instantly gave her against the cool wind.

A few moments later when Jasper's cool hand touched her cheek she thought that maybe she should mind since she was already cold, but the cool touch felt good against the throbbing bruise forming to near where his hand touched.

"I-I pepper sprayed a guy, h-he hit me, p-pulled he c-car over, and then tossed me out on the side o-of the road without my j-jacket or phone. I r-rolled into a ditch full of mud." Her words had been shaky as she spoke, her voice soft and a bit horse, but she had managed to respond so at least she wasn't in any full form of shock. At the sound of another voice Alice had jumped slightly again, but since Jasper responded back she just automatically assumed it must be one of his sister

When the blonde-haired boy ask for her to go with him, to trust him, it only took a few brief moments of staring into those silently pleading eyes for her to nod her head once as a silent agreement. She willing moved as he helped her to her feet, leaning slightly into the one arm embrace-like hold he had upon her, and once they got to the truck she willing slid into the front and released a sigh of relief from the heat within the vehicle. Once Jasper got in as well, and they'd begin to be driven off by Bella in the driver's seat, it would be a few minutes before Alice would lean against Jasper, close her eyes, and pull his coat closer around herself as she tried to relax.
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As they near the Forks town line, Jasper grows tense, suddenly. "Do you smell that?" he looks to his sister, a frown etched on his features.

Bella's own forehead wrinkles with confusion. "Yeah, I do. Why does that smell familiar?" she asks.

Just then, the headlights of the truck flash on a figure, huddled at the side of the road. Jasper only needs to see the profile before he's throwing the door open. "Alice," is all Bella manages to hear him say as he jumps out of the truck, before she even pulls over.

There is evident distress radiating from her. Whatever happened to her, he's immediately ready to fix it. "Alice?" his voice carries out in to the dark, still night.

He doesn't need a light to see the tear tracks on her face. Whipping off his jacket, he wraps it around her shoulders quickly, seeing the puffs of air forming in front of her with every breath. "What the hell are you doing out here?" his hand rests on her cheek, tilting her head to meet his eyes.

"Jasper, is she okay?" Bella calls, stepping out from the truck.

"I don't know!" he answers. "Keep the truck running, and crank the heat. I'll take her to the cabin, let her get cleaned up before I take her home," he adds, taking in her muddy, and dishevelled appearance.

What makes his jaw lock, however, is the glaring red mark forming on her pale skin. "Alice, I need you to just trust me, and come with me, alright? You'll be safe. I promise, okay?"

Jasper's eyes stare in to hers, silently begging. Keeping his arm on her, he helps her to her feet, and walks back to the truck with her. Since it's only a bench seat in the front, he lets her slide in first, so she can sit between him and Bella. "The cabin is only a few minutes from here. I'll drop you guys off, and there should be a car there for you to take back in to Forks."

What she doesn't mention is that the 'cabin' is actually the private home that Esme had built for Edward and Bella, to give them time alone after they had gotten married. Jasper figures it's safer to just call it that, rather than admit the truth as to why two 'teenagers' have their own place.
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She walked onwards on for twenty minutes straight; despite how sore her body was, how much the no doubt ring-impression bruise upon her cheek that was forming beneath the mud there started to throb more by the minutes, or even though due to the combination of cold mud having caked and started to dry upon her body alongside the chilly wind she felt absolutely frozen she kept on walking.

However, just a couple minutes after a roughly twenty-minute marker poor Alice just had to sit down, so she did just that by sitting down on the gravel and sand mixture that made up the shoulder of the road where cars didn't drive upon. Once she sat as comfortably as possible on the sand and gravel she instantly folded her knees up towards her chest, wrapped her arms securely around her knees, and closed her brown eyes before burying her face against her same-mentioned knees.

Ever so slowly as a few more minutes ticked by, the true weight of what had almost happened began to sink in as well as an overview for her life in Forks so far. Let's see.... I've barely been here a little over a month, but I've already almost got crushed to death by a van, just two weeks ago I would have no doubt been... been raped, Her thoughts paused, she shuddering at the mere thought of the word before her thoughts then continued, and after I would have been raped then I no doubt would have been killed, and then there's tonight. So, in a little over a month I've almost died once, was almost raped and killed, and now almost raped again. As her thoughts finished, one big difference between those first two times and this time rang through her mind; Jasper Hale of the Cullens wasn't present.

When he had saved her from the wreck, looking back the pixie-like girl realized his presence was likely the only reason she hadn't had a panic attack. Next when he saved her in Port Angeles from that group of drunk college guys, him being around her for the immediate time after the incident was likely the reason she hadn't gone into shock. That blonde with the gold-like eyes wasn't here this time though, and as that fact sunk in more and more Alice began to shiver from the emotions of fear and sadness leaking into her system to mingle with her irritation, and the tell-tale stinging beginning to build in her eyes whenever to many strong emotions filled her at once.

Even if he was here, him being gone another week should be answer enough. You promised that when he came back he still wanted you to stay away, then you would. He's not gonna want you around just because he makes you feel safe. Alice mentally scolded herself with these words, but that didn't stop a soft sob managing to hitch her breath as the tears managed to start leaking from her brown eyes even though they were tight shut. She was freezing cold, she was filled with linger fear, she was irritated beyond believe, and she was sad. So, the Swan girl simply let the tears flow.

She knew she probably should keep walking, but she just didn't have the will to right. Besides, if she wasn't home by midnight Charlie would no-doubt round up a search party and come find her eventually. It had been about eight when she had left the house, so it was probably almost nine by now. If need be, she'd wait three-ish hours or so... if she didn't get hypothermia by then, anyways.
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