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[b "Well, you saved my life for one.... Okay, you've saved me [u a lot], but that first time is what started me on the path to try and figure out the truth. I mean... you stopped that van from squishing me without hurting yourself, and somehow sprinted halfway across the parking lot in a blink of an eye. You saved my life."] Her tone was soft, she offering a small smile before she'd glance down at her lap. [b "When I first met you your eyes were a really dark color, but after the weekend they were almost gold. You, and your sibling, are all insanely good looking. I'll admit that,"] She paused a moment, flushing at that admittance, she reaching up a hand to absentmindedly scratch at one of her cheeks.

[b "You've also always been there when I've needed you, somehow... I don't now how that works, honestly, so I'll wait for you to tell me that one."] Inhaling a breath, the Swan girl would continued, [b "It was hearing that story that I sort of, well, ended up 'seducing' out of Jacob that sealed it. That, and buying that book in Port Angeles. You're fast, strong, and just early today you sprint away from a room full of blood. You're also pale and cold...."] Biting her lip, she debated on saying the one word that screamed loudly in her head.

[b "...You're a vampire. I think you, and your family, are all vampires. Also, despite the situation, I'm really tempted to ask if Dracula was real! And if garlic hurts you, or if a wooden stake could even touch you considering you stopped a car, and if you all sleep in coffins!"] The chocolate-eyed brunette babbled out in a fast-paced and slightly high-pitched tone, clamping her hands together upon her lap, cheeks coloring pink once more, whilst she was now biting her lower lip between her teeth once again. After a moment, Alice would look up and over at Jasper.
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Jasper is slightly hurt at her question, but gives a calm shake of the head. [b "Nothing bad will ever happen to you, if I can help it Alice. If your theory is correct...we will just have to figure out where we stand. You don't have to be afraid of me."]

[i This is it. She either knows or she doesn't. Just stay relaxed and calm. Don't panic. Don't freak out. You'll just scare her. She's already suspicious as to why we're in the middle of nowhere,] Jasper thinks to himself.

When the words finally leave her lips, he feels a plethora of emotions clashing. Relief that he no longer had a secret to hide. Fear that she was going to report them. Anger at himself for not hiding it better. Most of all, however, he was proud of her intelligence, and bravery to face him instead of running.

Looking to the ground, he only gives a mild nod of the head. [b "We were, once,"] his faint trace of a smile is one of sadness.

He wants to hear more. To understand how she figured it out. Meeting her gaze once more, he speaks. [b "Please, continue."]

Hands clench together as he leans forward to rest his forearms on his knees, intrigue appearing on his face. Despite his confirmation, he still doesn't feel the overwhelming fear he thought that he would, should she assume correctly.
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It took her a few moment to follow after him, but once a deep breath had been made she'd hop out of the passenger-side door of her truck and trudge after the blonde Cullen male. His question to make herself as calm as possible seemed a bit odd to her, but she did what he asked and began the process of making herself calm. She thought of Arizona sands, classical music, her Grandma Swan's stories of life before she had passed away, so within a matter of seconds she had reached a level of calmness.

When Jasper stopped, she stopped as well, however she remained standing as her asked his next question. The question on what her theory of him and his family were. She remained there a moment, not saying a thing, but slowly the pixie-like Swan girl would sit down next to him upon the log.

[b "Is something going to happen if my theory is right?"] That had been her soft question after a long tick of silence between them.

Somehow, despite the multiple possible contexts behind her question, she was managing to maintain her calm like he had asked of her. It was a forced calm upon herself, but it was a calm nonetheless. Whenever he would give her an answer, it would placate her enough, so she'd finally claim, [b "...I know you and your family, highly likely, aren't human."] Her voice had been a near whispered as she spoke. The chocolate-brown eyed female didn't say exactly what she thought he and the other members of the Cullens were, but she did at least semi-let known the direction her theory was in.
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He doesn't respond when she calls his name. Instead, Jasper stares straight ahead through the windshield, trying to decide how he was going to go about this. It isn't until he's pulled off on a long forgotten dirt road that he steels himself for the conversation. Turning off the engine, he gets out of the truck.

Jasper walks, hearing her following behind him. [b "Alice can you...just make yourself as calm as possible?"] he asks, feeling slight undertones of worry.

The more relaxed they both are, the easier this is going to be. It's better if he doesn't panic. To stay collected, he needs to be able to focus one hundred percent on his own emotions, without any influence from hers.

Taking a seat on a log, Jasper's foot bounces on the soft dirt. [b "Can you tell me, what exactly your theory is about my family?"] he raises his eyes to meet hers, and internally he pleas that she doesn't know the truth.

If his cold heart was still beating, he's sure it would be hammering through his chest with how nervous he is. What is he going to do if she guesses correctly? How will the family react? Rosalie will demand that they pack up and leave, but Jasper won't be able to bring himself to do it. It would cause another fight for sure; one he most certainly is willing to defend her.
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Jasper's laughter had made her lips quirk briefly before she had fallen back into her thoughts. Absentmindedly, as her mind continued to run in circles, she noted that she really did like the sound of his laugh. It was musical, like his sister Bella's was, but rather than tinkling like bells it was stronger. Like booming, but somehow still gentle, tenor-toned drums.

Her eyes remained closed for a few long minutes, her nausea slowly becoming fainter so she was feeling better the more it faded. The sick feeling was almost completely gone just as her truck would come to a stop, and slowly the pixie-like girl would blink those lovely chocolate orbs open.... Only to be granted to the sight of a old dirt road and trees surrounding them on the left and right.

If she was any other girl Alice would feel worry and fear, but because she was... well... just so [i her], because she didn't have that icy feeling she usually got to potentially warn her of bad things happening, and because it was Jasper she was with? Well... she remained calm. A little uneasy and hesitant, but not fearful. [b "Jasper?"] She question in a soft voice, slowly sitting up straighter than she currently had been. The Swan girl's eyes racked over the Cullen boy, trying to attempt to figure out what might be running through his mind from possibly his posture or expression.
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Jasper can't help it. He bursts out laughing at her description. It was a very human way to view the scent of blood. To Jasper, every scent was different. Some were overwhelmingly savory. Others were sweet, as if made of pure sugar. Alice's, for example, was the most enticing blood he had ever come across. Hers is a blend of floral, and fruity scents, which drives him absolutely crazy.

Getting himself under control, he clears his throat. [b "I'm sorry. I'm not laughing at you. I just didn't think I'd come across someone who hates blood as much as I do,"] he answers swiftly.

She doesn't laugh. She doesn't even seem to hear him. Glancing her way, he finds that her eyes are closed, and her emotions have become a blend of curiosity and disbelief. Above all, suspicion.

Jasper had seen her looks. Had known of her list of theories. The atmosphere in the truck changes to one of tension. Despite being almost to her house, Jasper turns the truck around, heading down a road that will lead them out of town, in to the vast woods.

His jaw tightens with nervousness. She either knew, or she didn't. He could easily correct the situation if she guessed wrong. But if she knew the truth...he doesn't think he'll have the strength to keep hiding it from her.
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Alice had remained totally silent, but then slowly she nodded a bit as she curled up in her corner of the truck as Jasper drove. [b "I suppose I understand, I guess, though I'm not really sure I have any true fear beyond having to do something that involves hand-eye coordination."] The softest of smiles turning her lips she would soon huff a sigh as she let her eyes fall close.

[b "I always get dizzy to the point of near-instantly fainting around blood. Not my own blood, but anyone else who's bleeding. I don't even have to see it!"] The pixie like girl groaned a bit at that fact, opening her eyes and glancing at the open-road in front of them as they drove thru Forks. [b "It's just, God, I honestly swear I can smell blood. I know that should be impossible to really smell it, but I can. It smells like rust and salt, and it's such a nauseating thing so that what ends up making me dizzy. You probably think I'm nuts."] The Swan girl quipped just a bit playfully, glancing over towards Jasper before she'd let her brown eyes drift back closed.

As she sat there silently, behind her closed eyelids her thoughts would dance with her theories on how Jasper did what he does. And, like for the past two and a half weeks, her mind kept coming back to the same conclusion on, well, what the Cullen boy—and ultimately the rest of his adopted family—must be. The thought was impossible, though! ...To Alice's sane mine, at least, but with what she's seen since first arriving int he little town in Forks it seemed to be the only answer to her musings.
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He frowns quickly. [b "Are you alright? Do you need anything?"] The golden eyes roam over her, assessing any damage.

Her question, however, catches him off guard and halts his movements. Was he going back in? Was it even a good idea? He'd have to sit through a lecture from their bio teacher about how inappropriate it is to walk out, which will lead to detention, and a whole mess that he doesn't feel like getting in to today.

So, he shakes his head 'no'.

His lips tug slightly. [b "I think I can help a damsel in distress,"] he motions for her to move aside so he can get behind the wheel, though he makes sure the windows stay down for fresh air.

It isn't long before Alice is asking the question he's been dreading. In response, he says the first thing that comes to mind. [b "Blood freaks me out. I've had bad experiences."]

Not a total lie. He hates every time he has to drink to satisfy his thirst. He feels like a monster. The less he sees it, the better it is for him. [b "I just...blood makes me...not me. I don't really know if I can describe it. Imagine your worst fear being laid out in front of you, and you can't get away. It's like that whenever I see blood. I don't think straight, and I just want to get away from it. It's connected to memories that I'd rather not hold on to."]
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The tiny young woman couldn't help it—she hadn't been expecting the knock on her truck's window, so upon hearing it she had instantly jumped into a sitting-up-straight position and yelped in surprise. Blinking, she'd look over and blush furiously at the sight of Jasper as the blonde boy explained his disappearance from earlier through the window-glass.

It took a few moments for his words to click, but with a sigh Alice would gesture for him to step back before opening her door so they could easier talk. [b "I didn't even notice you left—I was sorta absorbed in my thoughts, and after that I then fainted and cracked my head on the floor upon landing."] Her words were blunt, and glancing at him thoughtfully for a few long moments she suddenly asked, [b "You aren't going back into the school, right? Any chance you could maybe drive me home then, Jasper? I don't think I should be driving right now."] Her tone was honest and when she would, hopefully, receive a positive response from the golden-eyed male she'd smile before knocking her book bag to the passenger-side's floor space before scooting over, sitting int he passenger seat of her truck bed, and then promptly buckling up her seat-belt.

Once they'd eventually start the twenty-minute drive back to her house, there would be a few minutes of silence before Alice would glance over towards him. [b "So... why'd you run out?"] She questioned. The pixie-like girl had heard his 'blood makes me not think' comment, but that wasn't really a reason.
  Alice Swan / animechick98 / 5y 58d 12h 38m 55s
Her scent drifts towards him on the wind. Not her blood; just [i her]. So deliciously Alice. But why was she out of the school? Surely she wasn't coming to look for him? As if the teacher would even let that happen. Still, something could be wrong. It would be another mistake to not check on her.

Taking unneeded breaths to calm his nerves, Jasper gets his emotions and thoughts under control. Rising to his feet, he begins his trek back down the woods, towards Forks High School. It's not hard to find her; especially when her truck door squeaks as she opens it.

Jasper can feel her nausea before he even sets foot on the pavement of the parking lot. He can even hear her talking to herself slightly, which honestly makes a little smile appear.

She doesn't even notice when he approaches her side of the truck. A pale hand rises to knock on the window. [b "I um...I'm sorry about that, in there. Blood makes me...not think,"] he finishes lamely.

How is he even going to begin to explain his freakout? As if she's going to believe that a guy like him gets fidgety around a little blood. Maybe just say that he has a fear of needles? No, that's even more stupid. He's a grown man with various visible scars on his neck and hands. Needles are probably the last thing he's afraid of, to anyone else's thoughts.
  Jasper Hale / Kooza / 5y 59d 1h 44m 36s
Alice was in the office all but five minutes before the nurse suggested sending her home due to her having cracked her head and fainted all at once. The tiny brunette instantly jumped at the opportunity to leave. Mike had left to grab her things from Biology room for her, and within another three minutes she was signed out and doing a slow trek across the parking lot towards her truck as the wind dully blew her short hair around her. [b "The only perk is I didn't have to prick myself...."] These words were muttered to herself. It's not like her own blood made her react that way—hell, she'd hurt herself enough over the years due to her clumsiness to bleed a bit here and there—it was just the smell of other peoples blood that did her in for fainting.

God, that disgusting and despicable smell of it.

Eyes widening with a slight yelp as another wave of nausea overcame her, the shot brunette would stumble slightly upon her feet halfway across the lot and quickly moved over to one of the cars closest by to rest against it for a few moments. [b "Okay, apparently I can't even allow myself to [i remember] the smell of blood right now without keeling over."] This was muttered to herself in a disgruntled tone before shoving off from the random car and after another half a minute she was at her truck. Opening the driver's side door, climbing in, and tossing her backpack on the passenger seat, she'd then shut the door after herself. Just sitting there a few long moment's the Swan girl would blink once before groan and resting her head against the steering wheel with a soft sigh.

[b "If I try driving I'm probably gonna get the truck into a wreck.... Maybe I'll just lay down in hear until school gets out and convince Angela to drive me and my truck home or something...."] Alice thought this aloud to herself in a soft mutter, huffing a sigh as she'd get her chocolate-brown orbs drift shut for the moment.
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Fresh air. That's all he needs. If he can surround himself with the smells of nature, he can focus on something other than the sweet blood oozing through -[i [b NO!]]

[b "Stop it, Jasper,"] he growls to himself, clenching a fistful of hair.

He hadn't even been aware that he had been projecting his own feelings of terror, and at the realization that he had been so careless, he feels even more self-loathing. [b "You should be stronger than this! You've been around long enough to know better! Get your shit together!"] his pep talk is spoken out loud, heatedly.

The blonde vampire starts pacing, the bones of his fingers cracking as he clenches his fists tightly. He could have hurt Alice. [i Alice!] The one person he wants more than anything to protect. Her life could have been over because he can't even control himself around a silly little pin prick of the finger.

In his frustrations, Jasper wheels around and punches the trunk of a thick tree, ultimately splitting it down the middle with a nice jagged crack.

He's going to get in to trouble, he knows, for having left the grounds. Esme will be notified, and he'll have to sit under her stare of sympathy and worry. Something she shouldn't have to do, if he could just get a grasp on this thirst. Emmett and the others can, so why is it so difficult for [i him?]

Sitting in the grass, Jasper rests his back against the tree, willing himself to calm down before everyone in the mile radius becomes affected by his projection.
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At his question about if she missed him she couldn't help but bark a huff of a laugh. [b "Oh yes, most definitely for without you life is boring."] Alice declared playfully, shooting a grin at Jasper and soon enough they were on their way to the Biology room.

On the way there though, Alice didn't notice the whispers.... All she noticed was a familiar, yet rarely listened, sensation of ice beginning to flow through her veins and absorb her mind and body the closer they got to the class. [i Why am I feeling like this? All I'm doing is walking down the damn hallway.] Once they got to the room, the Swan girl figured she had found the reason for that sensation rattling her bones, and the reason made sense to her; the sight of the needles was not one she preferred and she actually did pale. She stood behind Jasper as he spoke to their teacher, and once the boy had gone of their lab-table the pixie-like girl moved over towards their teacher.

[b "Mr. Roland, honestly? You can't force use to do this. You need permission slips before letting kids do blood labs."] The girl declared, and most of the kids nearby who heard her complaint seemed hopeful this might deter the man from making them go through with this 'lesson' for none of them had been given any pre-warning before this day. [#002ccc "Miss Swan, the lab equipment came a week early and it won't kill any of you to prick your fingers. Now take your seat."] The teacher replied in a harsh tone, and the cold icy feeling running through her veins only increased as she slowly moved over and took her seat next to Jasper.

Her mind was focus on the needle she slowly picked up with shaking fingers, she growing paler and paler as her mind focused solely upon the icy feeling absorbing her mind and senses for all of their attention. She wasn't aware to the world around her, to the way people were reacting and things, and didn't even notice Jasper had suddenly bolted out and away from the classroom and leaving people staring after him in shock.

She was aware, though, once the cold feeling of dread was gone and that left the same moment the Cullen boy did and a sense of relief washed over her.

[i God, thank you. That feeling is gone. But what—?] The Swan girl had begun to ponder this in her thoughts, but they were abruptly cut off as her senses were flooded with a strong scent of rust and salt. Her face pale abruptly and dramatically, and with a soft clatter of the needle against the table top did she promptly fall out of her chair an fall the two and a half feet to the ground in a dead faint.

Many of her classmates shouted her name rather loudly in shock, fear, and unease once they heard the dull crack of bone hitting the floor.

Within minutes Mike Newton was supporting the girl, who had thankfully come back to consciousness despite the crack to her head, and began to lead her down the hall to the Nurse's Office halfway across the school from the biology room.
  Alice Swan / animechick98 / 5y 61d 1h 39m 23s
Despite the uncomfortable feeling of the group's blended emotions -ranging from suspicious, to confused, to nervous- Jasper found himself not exactly hating the seating situation. It was easy enough to speak with Eric and Mike, since he and Emmett followed sports almost religiously. Football wasn't one of his favourites, but he knows the necessary information to keep his side of the discussion flowing. He'd always preferred baseball.

When everyone started packing up for lunch, Jasper hangs back with Alice, but smiles at the others and bids them farewell as they depart for their classes. He makes quick work of tucking his hands in his pockets, to avoid any handshake or fist bump that Mike tries to throw his way.

Turning to Alice, he tunes in to what she's saying. With a shrug, his smile turns a bit shy. [b "I didn't mind. They seem really nice. I actually kind of feel like a jerk for not having talked with them sooner,"] he found this was actually true. [b "Besides, Esme says it's good for me to meet people outside of my family. Helps me keep my sanity,"] he ends with a joke.

At her question, he nods, picking up his books from the table, since he'd already brought them along. [b "I was planning on it. Why? Did you miss me?"] he challenges with a grin, before he even realizes what he's doing.

[b "Come on, we'd better go before all the good seats are taken."]

It's hard to not notice the stares coming their way as they walk side by side down the hall. The whispers are almost amusing, but Jasper does his best to block them out. He's actually enjoying himself.

That is, until they reach the biology lab.
And he sees the stations prepped with needles.

Freezing just inside the doorway, he's sure he would have paled if possible. [b "Not today..."] he murmurs almost silently.

[i "Is there a problem, Mr. Hale?"] their teacher looks expectantly from his desk.

Jasper's fists grip tightly. [b "I can't be here..."] his voice trails off.

[i "It's a mandatory part of the class, Mr. Hale. If you skip it, you get a zero, and risk failing. Now take your seats. If you're queazy about blood, just don't look directly at it."]

If only it were that easy, he thinks to himself. Clenching his teeth, he can practically feel the venom pooling in his mouth already. In his chair, his leg bounces anxiously, praying to stay in control. He doesn't want this to happen. Not here. Not to [i Alice]. He had a hard enough time with little bits of blood, let alone the entire class pricking their fingers.

Time seems to move slowly, and Jasper watches as the needles are grasped, and prepped by his classmates. [i] [b "No!"] his voice is almost a strangled cry as he bolts from his seat, right as Alice is about to draw her own blood.

He's out the door with the calls of the teacher behind him. Forcing himself to go at a human pace, he makes for the exit, needing to get as far away as possible. The woods would have to do. He doesn't even care that he's made himself look like an idiot. He just needs to get away.
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At first when Jasper had asked a certain Swan girl with chocolate brown eyes had just stared up at him almost owlishly, she honestly shocked he was there, and her mouth had remained frozen ever-so-slightly open so she had been unable to think up something to say.

The moment that Angela welcomed Jasper to the table for her? Well... she just adored that fellow female even more then she already did. If there was anyone just like Alice, she knew it was Angela. She had a feeling though, almost an instinct, that she and Bella Cullen could be best friends. If given the chance, they could be the best of friends.

When the blonde said what he did, partially directed at her since he was seeing she could 'vouch' for him, the brunette fell into a dramatically thinking silence with a brief hum.

[b "Oh yeah, most definitely a mute. ...Except if I remember right you made a joke or two, and I'm pretty sure we both got scolded for talking my first day here, so I guess that makes you a [i really] loud mute."] Alice stated bluntly, flashing a playful grin as she did as the others at the table seemed to relax from any tension built by the unusual situation and laughed from the pixie-like girls joking words.

The other teenagers at the table lulled back into the conversations they had been having; Tyler and Lauren chatting, Angela and Jessica talking about some show they'd watched the night before, and Eric and Mike talking about sports. And, surprisingly, Eric and Mike had invited Jasper into the conversation and Alice ended up getting sucked into Jessica and Angela's talking. The pixie-like girl sat comfortably and with complete ease next to the Cullen boy, and her ease seemed to allow the table to treat Jasper, well, as they would anyone else. Even without the Cullen male using his powers, the rest of the table was at ease possibly for the reason Alice was relaxed.

Once lunch was wrapping up, and the others had sort of scampered off though Jessica, Angela, and Lauren were lingering around the cafeteria entrance, Alice was left at the table with Jasper as she was packing up a bit of her school work back into her backpack she hadn't finished fully before lunch and, well, finished during. [b "You know.... You didn't have to sit here if you didn't want to. I mean, it was nice but you don't gotta do it again unless you feel comfortable with it. Not that I think you felt uncomfortable or anything, just—"] Abruptly she cut off her own words, blushing faintly since she had been babbling, and slowly she sucked in a deep breath to ease herself before giving Jasper a warm smile. [b "Thanks for sitting with me, Jasper. You can any time and the invite, like I said Friday, is open to you and your siblings.] Her smile growing a little bigger, the girl would swing her bag up upon her shoulder as she stood up from the lunch table.

[b "So, are you going to be Biology today?"] The Swan girl questioned this out of honest curiosity, she swinging her arms slightly as she awaited his answer. She was unaware, of course, that certain blood-typing would be going on in class that day and blood and a Cullen, particularly the 'youngest' ones, didn't mix.
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