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Her offer takes him by surprise, but it sparks a flare of joy in his chest. She actually still wants to spend time with him. [b "If you're sure Charlie won't try to shoot me if he comes home, then sure. It'd be hard to explain why the bullet just bounces off."]

Jasper keeps a respectful distance between the two, more so as to not tempt him to brush his fingers across hers. Inside, he's welcomed by the warm feeling that is Alice's home. It's not immaculate like Esme keeps their own house, but it has a coziness to it that comes with a small-town charm. It makes him miss his childhood home.

[b "How about Star Trek? I haven't seen either of those movies. I've seen just about every Western under the sun,"] he offers her a smile.

As he sits on the couch in her living room, his eyes wander the photos on the walls while she sets up the movie. He'd turned down her offer of popcorn, explaining the repercussions of a vampire eating human food. He has never even tasted the snack that so many people seem to be obsessed with when it comes to watching movies. Even if he wanted to try it, it wouldn't taste like anything other than charcoal.

When the opening menu comes on, Jasper becomes hyper-aware of what is appropriate when sitting next to her. Should he make a little more room? What if she thinks he's trying to make a move? He should definitely scoot closer to the arm of the couch, so she doesn't feel crowded. He's so lost in thought, that he doesn't notice the movie has started.
  Jasper Hale / Kooza / 4y 312d 10h 56m 15s
Surprisingly she didn't respond in a worried way of any sort upon hearing the powers of Jasper's two siblings, Edward and Bella. They're a super-couple. Literally. Biting at her lower lip to attempt fighting off a grin, she'd resist laughing at her corny bit of mental humor.

When he let his powers slip the poor girl didn't know what was happening, for the only thing she realized was that she was suddenly going through a lot of emotions that were oddly positive to almost the highest of degrees. Alice blinked in confusion, staring ahead of herself before snapping her attention back over to Jasper as he spoke. She blinked once more, but then a smile spread across her face. And the pixie-like Swan girl couldn't help but giggle as the blonde beside her admitted to what he'd done to members of the football team before.

By the time they get to her house—she giving him directions along the way—Alice had been having a thought slowly bounce around in her mind. By the time he'd eventually park the car, and deciding that... well... she didn't exactly want to stop spending time with the Whitlock of the Cullen's male just yet, and also because she still had some questions, the girl came to a decision. [b "Um... do you like John Wayne movies? Or... Star Trek or anything?"] Her question was hesitant, she biting at her lower lip a bit before continuing, [b "Cause if you want, before you have to face the choirs at home, I wouldn't mind one bit if you'd like to come inside for a while."]

Now that she was finished speaking, she'd offering up a small and soft smile.
  Alice Swan / animechick98 / 4y 312d 12h 47m 6s
To a certain extent, yes, the legends are true. He tells her that much. [b "Some of us get powers upon the transformation, and others don't. Esme and Carlisle, for instance, didn't receive any kind of special ability, and neither did Rose or Emmett. Bella, on the other hand, can protect people. Like, shield them, if they are in danger. Edward can read minds."]

To have a little fun, he lets his power slip through and runs through a vast amount of positive emotions, from joy to excitement, before finally setting Alice back at calm.

[b "I have the fun power. I can alter someone's emotions. It's fun when I'm bored in class, and make the football captain get super horny for the teacher. It passes the time,"] he jokes.

They are nearing her house. He slows the car down and makes an effort to ask her to repeat the directions to navigate the side roads. The last thing he wants is to pull up without hesitation, and give away that he has memorized every route to her home, without intending to.

In the driveway, Charlie's police cruiser is absent. Another late night, no doubt. Jasper didn't like the possibility that Alice would be alone for hours after he has gone, if her father is working at the station. It's not that he doesn't trust her to take care of herself. It's more along the lines that he feels better knowing that another protective figure is in the house with her when he can't be.
  Jasper Hale / Kooza / 4y 321d 14h 37m 7s
Alice's only response to his comment on her about apparently not missing much was to shrug lightly, a little bit of a smirk quirking the edges of her own lips. The female would lull into to complete and utter silence though, listening to the blonde's words and soaking the knowledge of them up like a sponge. A few long moments would pass, her expression obviously contemplative.

[b "Hmm... Jasper Whitlock...?"] She said his name slowly with an almost tender tone, she rolling it off of her tongue. The pixie-like girl had been glancing forward out of the windshield while speaking, but she'd look back over at the male and smiled a small though bright, [b "It suits ya. It's a good and strong name for a soldier-boy."] Her voice was gently teasing, she was being absolutely honest.

The fact Jasper had apparently been alive for well over one hundred years didn't repulse or terrify the Swan girl, but honestly intrigued her to no end. She had the urge to ask him details of things, see if he new anything the history books had gotten wrong.

Those would wait until a later time, though, for she had a few other questions rattling around in her mind that she desired the answers for.

Hesitating slightly, chewing at the inside of her cheek while thinking, the brunette would soon ask, [b "Do you or anyone in your family have, well, I suppose the best way to put it is 'abilities'? I read quite a few legends,"] She managed to fight off the blush wanting to paint her cheeks despite the straight-forward admittance of that, [b "But is it true? Can you do anything? Well, do anything besides for pulling a Super Man move and saving the damsel in distress countless times."] Her voice turned playful, and vaguely in her mind she wondered if she was just a magnet for trouble. [i Let's see here, me. I've gotten injured countless times throughout my life, and now I'm friends with a vampire. ...Yup, likely a danger magnet to no end.] Thoughts settled, she'd return her full attention to Whitlock male as she awaits his answer.
  Alice Swan / animechick98 / 4y 328d 22h 51m 10s
Jasper's smile turns in to a smirk. [b "You really don't miss much, do you?"]

For the fun of it, he lets his Texas roots come through in his drawl. [b "I'm originally a Texan. When I joined the family, it just made more sense for Rosalie and I to parade as twins, seeing as we're the only blondes out of the siblings. Plus, it was easier for me to lose the accent than for her to gain it. So, I dropped my last name of Whitlock, and became a Hale."]

Her next question is one he anticipated. [b "Immortal, yes, under certain circumstances. We can die, just not from natural causes. Fire is one way to do it. That legend, at least, holds up as true."]

This next part is going to be fun. [b "As for my age...let's just say that I was around to watch the start of the Civil War. And fight in it."]

Jasper wants to see if there is any surprise, or curiosity in her eyes. He doesn't remember much from his human life, other than the war. His exact birth date is hard to guess, but he remembers being a teen when the war broke out. He's lived long enough to see world powers fall, revolutions, peace, and war several times over.

Yet she's the first human he's encountered in all those years that has cared enough to get to know him. The true him. Not those fake girls who merely want to know if he'll get in their bed.
  Jasper Hale / Kooza / 4y 329d 11h 48m 46s
She smiled a bit, but then she would bite at her lip in the slightest of meek ways, [b "Well this first one might be kinda silly, and now that I think about it, it's almost completely off subject. But,"] The brunette paused briefly, her smile turning just as meek as her look, [b "I was wondering if the accent you speak with is actually you're real one? 'Cause unless I imagined it, I'm pretty sure I heard a good amount of a southern bur in Port Angeles a few weeks ago before you broke that guys face."] How was it possible for someone's question to sound meek, blunt, hesitant, but playful all at once? Who knows, but somehow Alice had managed to pull it off very well.

[b "Oh, and another thing I'm honestly curious about. Is the entire, y'know, immortality thing true? I read it up in some legends, and if it's true I'm kinda wondering how much older you might be then you say you are...."] Her words trailed off, pale cheeks flushing a faint pink from minor embarrassment as she admitted the fact that her only sources of knowledge hadn't been Jacob Black and that book she had gotten from the Port Angeles shop. Though she had felt stupid and silly at the time she had in fact looked up vampire legends on the internet.

The pixie-like Swan daughter now knew that she hadn't been being silly or paranoid at all, and in fact had been valid in her muses and research. That's beside the point about what she had felt at the time, though. That ghost embarrassment still came back to bite her by coloring her cheeks whilst she glanced out the window to watch the trees fly by.
  Alice Swan / animechick98 / 4y 329d 12h 5m 7s
At the mention of her being in danger once again, Jasper grips the wheel a little tighter. He's also fairly sure that his teeth are grinding loud enough for her to hear. He wills his anger to calm down, so as not to get out of control and project on to her. [i It's done. She's alright. No one will touch her again.] He's going to need to repeat this mantra for a while.

Glancing at her when she speaks again, Jasper offers a faint smile. [b "I would be surprised if you didn't have questions, to be honest. The secret is out now, anyways. It wouldn't really make much sense for me to withhold any answers."]

As he waits for her to ask, he settles back in his seat, trying to enjoy the moment. She knows the truth about him, yet she hasn't run away from him, or given him any indication that she's afraid, or considers him a monster. Maybe this friendship could work?

Jasper clues in that his hands are still a little too tight on the wheel, feeling the now permanent grooves he's embedded in the once smooth leather. Fuck. So much for a new car. Emmett is sure to flip once he sees the damage. You'd think the vehicles were his children. He's almost as protective as Rosalie is of her BMW.

They are nearing Forks once more, as the winding roads grow more straight, and houses come in to view.
  Jasper Hale / Kooza / 4y 329d 12h 22m 3s
[i Oh yeah, him getting flustered is a [u very] adorable thing.] That had been her amused thought, a wave of fondness flowing through her very being as she did her best to suppress a small smile.

The beginning of the car ride had been silent the first few minutes, Alice glancing out of the window whilst resting her head against its glass, so at the sound of Jasper's voice she blinked her mind to the present and moved her line of sight over to him. She would arch a single eyebrow, [b "Hmm... I'll trust your words on Emmet, but I believe you fully on Bella."] Hesitatining on if she should release the next bit of information or not, she soon continued, [b "I actually talked with a bit earlier in the hallway at school, on the way to lunch. Uh, one of Ronny Knox's friends pinned me against a wall and started threatening me, but she scare the jerk off. We walked to the cafeteria together, though I went in like five minutes earlier."]

Her shoulders would shrug lightly, she trying to play off the incident as much as possible. Now that she knew for sure that her friend could easily kill someone? Well, the pixie-like female was pretty sure that Jasper has those guys from Port Angeles and Ronny Knox himself already on a possible list, and the last thing that needed to happen would be a proper lengthening of that list.

Perhaps a minute or so of the almost surprisingly comfortable silence would pass through them, but the Swan girl's wandering thoughts that were full of curiosity were finally becoming to much. [b "...I got questions."] She paused, her lips having protruded into a slight pout, [b "It's alright for me to ask them, right?"]
  Alice Swan / animechick98 / 4y 330d 1h 17m 27s
Jasper takes in their surroundings and gives off a nervous laugh. [b "I, um...I guess I didn't really think this through. I just thought solitude would be better for this conversation. Didn't really clue in that this is stranger danger kind of territory until just now."]

Pushing his hair back off of his forehead, he clears his throat. [b "I'll take you back,"] he gestures to the truck, moving towards it. [b "Wouldn't want you to get nightmares of a scary vampire in the woods, now, would we?"] Jasper tries to play off his embarrassment.

In the car, the atmosphere is surprisingly calm, considering the fact that this girl just found out she's been hanging around with a supposedly-mythical creature who could kill her in half a second if he were to slip. The thought alone makes Jasper wince, but he plays it off with a sheepish grin.

[b "Just a head's up: once I tell my family that you know about us, be very prepared for Emmett and Bella to try and become your best friends. They've been desperate for new people to interact with. Bella and Rose don't exactly have much in common, and I'm sure she'd like company other than Esme every now and then. Emmett, on the other hand, just really likes to goof off with anyone who will let him,"] he warns her.
  Jasper Hale / Kooza / 4y 337d 6h 43m 11s
Alice simply nodded her head a little when Jasper exclaimed that 'No offense!' on account of his comment about how his supposed twin sister wouldn't bother losing her self control over someone that apparently wasn't worth it. [i Well it's not like I can really take offense over not being good enough to get torn in two, though. Either way, if it leads to Jazz being a little flustered like that it's fine. It's kind of adorable, if I'm being honest.] At this point her thoughts would trail off and her mind would focus back upon the blonde male as he started to speak once more.

Once all was pretty much said and done? The Swan girl rolled her eyes lightly when he said she wouldn't be anywhere near his family's home when he told them and, no doubt, Rosalie may attempt to rip his head off.

[b "I hope I'm not considering I haven't been there yet. Be odd to be there the first time when a murderous sister starts her rampage, don't ya think?"] After a few moments she would start to talk once again, [b "Speaking of homes in general... do you think you can finally drive me to mine like you agreed to? Not that the creepy side-trip into the forest isn't a great thing for like a horror movie buff or something...."] Her tone is too 'innocent', for the underlying layer of obvious teasing is practically dripping from her voice as she'd unable to fight off a playful smile spreading her face.

After a few long moments, the pixie-like brunette would hesitantly add, [b "You can drive slow, though, so we can talk a bit more... and you can even stay for the couple hours until Charlie gets home from work too. It be nice to properly hang out with you, ya know, without having just had a near death or traumatic experience within an hour prior to that 'Friendship Building' time."] Her tone was once again playful despite the hesitation, but there was an underlying level of slightly obvious shyness in her voice, her mannerisms, and definitely in her emotions.
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She raises a very valid point. What the hell will Rosalie say, once she finds out their secret is no longer between the family? He wouldn't let her near Alice if he felt she was a danger, but at the moment, he's safely assuming she will behave as well as she can. [b "Rosalie is a vicious bitch sometimes, but I think you'll be safe. She's worked very hard to restrain and train herself all of these years. She'd hate it if she threw away all that work and effort on someone she can't even stand to be around."] Pausing, he realizes the subtle insult. [b "No offense!"] He's quick to correct himself.

His sister is going to be an even bigger pain in the ass than he's letting on, but he knows Alice can probably figure that out on her own. Emmett would be less worried, and more excited to show off his strength to a human who would be impressed by it. Edward and Bella are likely to remain neutral, and be the most calm and sensible about the whole thing. Esme will no doubt be pleased that he's made a friend outside the family, and Carlisle will ever be the peacekeeper.

Rose is the only issue. [b "I will deal with my sister when the time comes to it. And you will be nowhere near the house when I do so. I may even tell her tonight, when I get home. That way she has the chance to get away and cool down before she tries to rip my head off of my shoulders."]
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[i Wow, that's gotta be pretty boring. I mean I can get easily bored with only ten minutes of nothing to do, and Jasper and his family are awake 24/7? Forever? I don't think I'd ever be able to survive something like that....] Those had been her thoughts upon his response to her question, and a few long moments later when he made the joke about humans making mobs, a seemingly 'innocent' grin curled the edges of her break. [b "Yeah, it's a bit cliche to think that myth is real. No realism to it whatsoever—the pitchforks aren't always on hand. They need to be sharpened at the shop at least one a week from all the pillaging."] The brunette was unable to keep up her false innocent facade any longer, and a playful and bright smile spread her face as she broke into a fit of giggles.

Jasper's thanks in regards to her promising not to tell made her expression relax into a softened look, and though she hesitated momentarily she would place one of her hands to gently rest upon one of his jacket-sleeve covered forearms. [b "You're welcome, Jasper, but honestly the thanks aren't needed. Promise or no promise, I wouldn't have told either way.... Believe it or not I like having you around,"] Her tone was gently teasing on that last bit, but her words and small smile were genuine, [b "I like being around you and talking with you, and it's nice to know why you'll randomly leave me hanging sometimes."] A thought would cross the pixie-like girl's mind, so she'd remove her hand from his arm as she put her hands into the pockets of her jacket to now stand in a slightly, though obviously, uneasy posture.

[b "Um... you know how a few minutes ago I asked about if anything would happen if my theory was right? I know you thought I meant [i you] would do something to me, but that's not what I wanted implied. I was thinking if anyone in your family would do something about it, or do something to me."] The Swan girl's would briefly paused before she then added, [b "Especially Rosalie, because though I've never talked to her it seems like she hates me. Also, even though I've never met her, I hold no doubts she's gonna be happy I know what you, her, your siblings, and parents are."]

The blonde Cullen female instilled a lot of fear into Alice. Not the icy fear of forewarning that seemed to occasionally flow through her veins—though she never heeds to the warning being given—but more of... a sense of dread due to the type of threat the other female could present to her. The fact she's a vampire like the rest of her family now only intensifies that sense of fear.
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Jasper gives a small shake of his head. [b "Our bodies don't require it. We don't get tired, or anything like that. We basically just have beds to relax on while we read or watch TV. Essentially, they're decoration, in case anyone randomly shows up at our house."]

The slap that he receives is playful, and unexpected. Raising an eyebrow, his eyes reflect amusement through his fear. [b "I'm sorry for assuming. It's know...not many people would handle the situation as well as you are. I mean, most would run and tell the first person they saw. Maybe even get a mob together to run us out of town. Or are those just human myths?"] he hears himself taunting, playing off of her stereotypical questions from earlier.

Alice's acceptance calms his nerves. Maybe this wasn't a bad thing. Maybe they could become closer, now that there was no dangerous secret hanging between them, ready to be discovered at any mistake.

Letting out a shaky, unneeded breath, he lets his eyes close. [b "You're saving me with that promise, Alice. Thank you. If anyone were to find out...we'd have to leave. I'd hate that. Especially when I'm just starting to like it here,"] he looks at her as he finishes speaking.

[b "But, now you know why there are days when I just can't be around you. It's for your sake, not mine."]
  Jasper Hale / Kooza / 5y 41d 16h 6m 36s
His laugh from her frazzled questions had made her relax a bit properly, finally, but then her mind latched onto a certain something he had stated. [b "Wait... none of you sleep? Ever?"] Alice's question was incredulous in origin, eyebrows raising up high upon her forehead in both disbelief and shock at the little fact. How can someone, or something, legitimately not have to sleep if they were alive to, at least, some degree? Shouldn't it be mandatory? That doesn't make sense! Then again... she was talking to a boy who's family and himself were vampires, to maybe logic shouldn't be attempted to be added to this situation.

At his words she seemed minorly appalled, and that showed upon brunette's face. Her expression morphing into a pout, she'd stand up once Jasper did, and shook one of her jacket sleeves the full three inches it naturally passed down-past the end of her fingertips.

[b "I can't believe you'd think that I would tell anybody! Granted, I don't blame you for having that worry, but I can't believe you'd think I'd tell!"] That had been her huff, and he promptly smacked his forearm with her jacket sleeve since, well, she wasn't stupid. If she had used her hand he probably would have broken it. Her pout remained in place, but then her expression would soften as a soft sigh escaped the Swan girl's lips, [b "I won't tell anyone, Jasper. Honestly... you have a my word. I wold do the whole 'Scout's Honor' thing, but I was never actually a Girl Scout."] With the first part of her words, her tone had been nothing but honest and gentle. However with the second half of her sentence her tone ha turned playful and jesting, and small smile curled her lips.
  Alice Swan / animechick98 / 5y 42d 1h 52m 36s
Jasper's face melts away to one of relief and fear combating each other. She had guessed right. The secret was out. Would she say something? Would the family be forced to relocate, all because he had been stupid and gotten close to this human? He doesn't even have to say anything to confirm her suspicions. The look in his eyes tells her everything.

Her question, however, breaks the tension and he momentarily laughs. [b "Dracula is based on a true person, but it really isn't anywhere near as dramatic. Garlic is an old myth that they came up with, since the smell is so strong. People figured it would keep away vampires. And as for the coffins, I can assure you we have regular beds. Though we don't actually sleep."]

She's taking everything surprisingly well. Though he can tell she is growing slightly nervous. [b "Alice, I meant what I said. I'm not going to hurt you because you figured it out. I'm scared of what'll happen now that you know. For the sake of my family, Alice, I'm begging you to keep this to yourself. If word got out what we are, we would have to leave. Esme has been so happy here. I don't want to have to uproot her again."]

He rises to his feet and approaches her. [b "I'll answer any question you want, and give you the truth, as long as you promise that this is between us."]
  Jasper Hale / Kooza / 5y 42d 8h 54m 13s

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