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Jasper can hear Alice's side of the conversation from the minute he steps out of his car. For a second he pauses, afraid that she's talking with Charlie. It's only a second later when he hears snoring coming from another part of the house that he relaxes. Definitely not talking to Charlie.

It's easy enough to get in to her room. There's a tree outside that practically lets him step right on to her window sill. He sees her on the bed, phone pressed to her ear, and a female voice coming through. Her mother, maybe?

Catching her eye, he motions for permission to come in. Upon receiving a welcoming gesture, he steps in to her cozy room, sitting back on the window while she finishes her conversation. He can hear the eagerness in her mother's voice, and it brings a smile to his face. At the same time, he can feel that she probably misses her daughter, and knows that being apart from her is likely causing her some heart ache.

Growing more comfortable, he steps towards some of the knick knacks she has displayed on shelves and her dresser, along with pictures and various other items. All completely Alice. Finding one photo of her with an older woman - the one he assumes is on the phone - he picks it up and smiles at it. They both look insanely happy. Wherever they were when it was taken, the sunny skies and warm colours are clearly a vast difference than the gloomy gray overcast that is perpetually hanging over Forks.
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[b "So how's Phil?"]

That had been Alice's question spoken into her cellphone as she re-entered into her bedroom from the bathroom across the hall, she kicking her bedroom door shut behind her. She had just gotten out of the shower half an hour ago, so her hair was still damp, and she had just finished cleaning up downstairs and grabbing a water bottle before her mother had called.

[i [#9b43b6 |~|"Well, you know Phil. He's working hard and doing great,"]] There was the loud click of metal hitting a leather-and-hard-rubber baseball heard in the background on her mother's end of the call, [i [#9b43b6 "There just hasn't been any luck yet. What about you, Ally? How's school?"|~|]]

[b "Eh, school is school. I have straight As in everything but gym, as always, but this year that's sort of only because all the work I'm doing is everything I did back in freshman year."] Her tone was obviously disgruntled, and that obviousness in her seventeen-year old daughter's voice made the mother chuckle on her end of the line. [b "The principal and my counselor are looking into getting me free tuition for an online program to take advanced courses, and I'll get extra credits upon graduation that will go towards not only a higher-rated diploma placement, but also towards college credit."] The pixie-like Swan girl notified, and she whilst comfortably wearing a light grey thermal shirt, red and black baggy sweatpants, and a pair of rainbow ankle socks, would soon plop down into the chair of her computer desk. She near instantly setting the bottle of water down and moving a finger to the mouse-pad in order to move the cursor about her computer screen to wake her laptop back up.

[i [#9b43b6 |~|"Well that's good! How are you liking Forks in general though, sweetheart? If you hate it, then I've got the nice news that if Phil gets signed we'll be settling in Jacksonville. It's so sunny and warm here, Alice. You'd love it."|~|]]

Alice had been typing with one hand, working on a paper she had due on Thursday, but as her mother declared that 'reassurance' of hers she couldn't help but pause in her actions in silent thought.

[b "Um, actually? Mom? Forks is kinda growing on me. I mean, despite the cold and snow, it's really pretty up here and everything...."]

[i [#9b43b6 |~|"What? Wait, wait, wait! ...It's a boy, isn't it?"|~|]]

The brown-eyed and short haired brunette blushed furiously, a shy smile on her face before she hesitantly admitted, [b "Um. I guess...?"] Biting her lower lip between her teeth, Alice couldn't help but shake her head in a fond manner as she heard Renee squeal in excitement.

[i [#9b43b6 |~|"Oh, I knew it! What's he like? A jock? Indie? Oh, I bet he must be smart. Is he smart?"|~|]]

[b "[i Mom], come on, don't interrogate me right now! I got a paper due soon that I'm working on."] The daughter whined this back helplessly at her mother through the cell connection, but there was a happily amused smile upon her face that matched the underlying amusement in her tone of voice.
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Before Jasper even gets out of his car at the Cullen home, he can feel the mixed emotions coming from inside. Relief - that would be Esme. Suspicion - Rosalie for sure. And annoyance that is no doubt coming from Emmett, who probably sulked all evening without someone to play X-Box with. [b "Ready or not,"] Jasper mutters, opening the door.

Bella is the first one he sees, as she walks from the kitchen to take her seat on the couch next to Edward. [i "How's Alice?"] she asks, honestly interested in his answer.

[b "She's better. Not as shaken up as the other night, that's for sure,"] he answers, moving to his designated armchair.

[i "You're setting yourself up for disappointment,"] Rosalie chimes in, though not as aggressive as she has been. Is there a flicker of worry that he's detecting?

[b "I can be friends with her, Rosalie. There is no harm in that."]

[i "Jas, you can't keep doing this to yourself. She's going to notice when you start missing classes and disappearing for days at a time. That's nothing but suspicious!"] she continues to try and make him see reason.

[b "She won't be too worried about it since she knows about us,"] Jasper locks eyes with his sister, getting it over with like ripping off a bandaid.

The whole room goes silent. [i "You can't be serious..."] Edward's eyebrows come together.

[b "She guessed it. You are right, Rose, she did notice. Enough to figure out our secret. But guess what? She's not running around, telling everyone. She trusts us. And I trust her."]

[i "How could you be so stupid?!"] the blonde woman shrieks, walking up and shoving him back.

[i "Rose!"] Esme moves to intervene, but Jasper raises a hand for her to stop.

[b "Alice is not like the others. She won't give us away. We don't have to leave, Rose. We can stay here and live like we have been. No one will know, she promised!"] Jasper tries to defend Alice.

[i "OH! Alice promised! I guess that settles everything doesn't it? Do you realize the position you have put us in? Jasper, you have done nothing but think about yourself. Now you've gotten too far in to this mess, and you've dragged us all down with you!"] she hits him again.

This time, Jasper allows Emmett to step in and pull his wife back. Looking to their father, desperation flashes in his eyes. [b "Carlisle, please. We're still safe here. She isn't a danger to us."]

The patriarch of the family says nothing for a few moments. When he finally does speak, his eyes flicker between the twins. [i "We will stay. At the first sign of danger, we pack up and leave. I'm trusting your judgment, Jasper. But if it comes down to it, I must think of the family first."]

Grateful, Jas nods, listening to glass shatter as Rosalie kicks the coffee table, sending the decorative dish to the floor. Emmett escorts her from the room, doing his best to calm her down.

Maybe that trip to Alice's isn't such a bad idea after all.
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[b "Well then Mister Whitlock, though I don't like the thought of you going to a war zone, you said so yourself you're a solider—which I'd love for you to tell me more about sometime, by the way—so you'll be fine."] The pixie-like Swan girl smiled playfully, before her overall expression softened into one of soothing compassion, [b "I hope it doesn't get bad enough for you to have to come by, but I'll be up until midnight if you need me. Remember, only stop by any time after 10:30, alright?"] After receiving some sort of confirmation from him, she'd await for Jasper to step out onto the small, front porch step before she'd come up to the opened door and put her hand on the handle of it.

[b "Take care of yourself, soldier boy. From what you've told me of your family all of them, especially Esme, might be worried about where you are. I do think a good Southern Gentleman should make them worry any longer than needed."] Her tone was still compassionate, but now also lightly playful. Teasingly tilting an imaginary cowboy hat at Jasper, she'd smile that bright smile of her's before wishing him a 'Night' and closing the front door of her home.

Alice waited for the sound of Jasper's car, and once it had obviously zoomed off down the road and out of range the brow-eyed and brunette girl would head off to the kitchen in order to start making a fast dinner. She hadn't started to cook anything yet, and she didn't want herself and her dad to have to wait to long to eat after he finally got home from work.
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Jasper snorts, pulling on his coat. [b "I may be old, but that doesn't mean a father will trust me any more. I've seen enough movies to know what happens when a dad comes home to find a strange boy on the sofa with his daughter, no matter how innocent it is,"] he rebuts.

He bids her goodnight and is about to open the door when she interrupts him with words that would've made him blush had he still had a beating heart. [b "It sounds creepy when you say it like that!"] he tries to scold, but only makes himself more embarrassed.

She brings him some relief, however, when she offers for him to do it again. Of course, after Charlie is long since asleep. It's far too tempting. He knows he's probably going to give in. Even if the meeting with his family goes better than he's expecting, it might be nice just to get to spend a little more time with her, just the two of them. At school, all eyes are on the new girl and the quiet boy wherever they go. At least in the privacy of her room, they can be themselves, and be honest with each other. Plus, he'd be away from Rose.

Cracking a grin, he raises an eyebrow. [b "Miss Swan, I was raised a gentleman and I cannot in good conscious let your reputation be at risk. However, I have no reputation to uphold, so I just might take you up on that offer. My house may be a war zone by midnight."]
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Alice awaited for Jasper to finish his little 'mini-freak out' that consisted of him apparently pleading desperately in an attempt to convince her that he'd never influenced her emotions in a way he practically assumed she was implying. [i Didn't I just say I [u wasn't] accusing him or anything?] That was her amused thought, a humored smirk curling her lips before she'd soon enough be giggling at his comment about what Rosalie would likely due if having been granted the gift of powers.

[b "You done having your little 'I'm a gentlemen, I swear!' speech?"] Her tone was teasing, but not mocking in any true sense. [b "Like I said, I wasn't accusing you or anything. Just curious, that was all."] The Swan girl paused, hesitating, before speaking once more, [b "I was thinking about the times you've save me. How I was calm and not freaking out. Or even when you saved me a couple weeks ago, crying my eyes out, I was able to reel myself in. I guess... I guess I was just asking cause you make me calm, is all."] She shrugged, smiling shyly as she'd glance over properly at him once more.

[h3 Later That Day — 6:25 in the Evening]

[b "I still can't believe you don't trust my word that Charlie won't try to pull a shot-gun on you."] The Swan girl pouted slightly as if she was truly complaining, but in reality she was just teasing the blonde Whitlock male of the Cullen family due to him pretty much insisting that he should probably leave before Charlie might make it home. Especially since it was nearly twilight outside, and she had informed him that her father usually got home not too long after it would get dark outside. She respected his decision to leave before Papa Police Chief returned home though, so she'd watch silently as he went about re-lacing his boots upon his feet.

After he'd give her whatever response he would she'd simply roll her eyes playful with a shake of her head and a grin, but then her expression would soften. [b "Jasper.... Remember how you did the slightly creepy 'I came in through the window, but it ain't breaking in if it wasn't locked' bit a couple weeks ago?"] The pixie-like brunette questioned, and after a moment of hesitation with her chewing her lower lip, she would continue, [b "If you need somewhere to flee to tonight after dealing with your family... you can feel free to come by if you need to chat or rant or just need an ear to listen to you. Sometime after 10:30 if you do come by, though, cause Charlie isn't asleep until then."] Her offer was genuine, she offering him a smile that was just as honest, truthful, and seemed to have a natural warmth around it like all of her smiles did.
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He shakes his head furiously. [b "I wouldn't even think of it! I promise. The only time I did anything was that example in the car. Honestly,"] he practically pleads his case in fear that she believes otherwise.

[b "I try to be as responsible as I can with it. It's immoral for me to force someone to feel something that isn't their own. If they want to feel angry, who am I to try and force happiness on them? Everyone should experience their emotions without interference. Unless you're the jock who picked on my sister. Then you're free game,"] he adds with a mischievous smile.

There are few occasions when he even uses it at home. Only when Rose is in one of her moods does Jasper step in to help her calm down. Sometimes she gets far too wound up to be able to calm herself, and she allows him to help. [b "It's not something that I just play around with. Carlisle has been very clear about being responsible and mature with these abilities. I have to say, it's a bit harder for Edward since it's a bit of an effort to block everyone's thoughts out. Some thought is bound to slip in here and there."]

When an image comes to mind, putting a smile on his face, he laughs. [b "I guess we should be thankful that Rosalie doesn't have any abilities. She'd abuse them every chance she got."]
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After the first twenty minutes of the film had passed, and Jasper had made that comment he did about wanting to see the Spock slap Kirk? The poor girl had to bite the inside of her cheek to keep from giggling. [i Maybe he's psychic alongside being and empath?]

That had been her playful thought, before she responded aloud, [b "There's nothing wrong with wanting that to happen. The first time I saw this, I thought the exact same thing."] The pixie-like brunette did her best to keep a knowing smile off of her face, though, so as to not give away the fact Spock actually [i does] kick Kirk's ass near the end of the film.

A little while later still, when the blonde male stated what he did, Alice rolled her eyes a little in a jesting way, [b "Of course it's good! Any version of Star Trek is always great thing. Well... except for the last few episodes of the 'Star Trek: Enterprise' show series. Those were really disappointing, in my opinion anyways...."] That had been her playful response, but then her words had trailed off into a slightly more serious tone as she pouted in remembrance at those three crappy series-ending episodes.

About another fifteen minutes into the movie the two of them had lulled back into silence, though in the back of the Swan girl's mind a odd little thought had been rattling around. [b "Hey Jasper? I kinda got a question."] The girl began, looking over at him, [b "I'm not accusing you or anything, but have you ever used your powers on me at all before today? I'm honestly just curious."] Her tone was honest, she patiently awaiting an answer as she took a small sip of her can of soda.
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He snaps his attention to her, and then puts a smile on his face. [b "I was just thinking about that meal. I can't remember feeling so sick. And for the record, I was trying to be a polite guest. It's not always an easy job being a gentleman, I'll have you know."] His lie is smooth and not totally untrue.

Watching the first twenty minutes of the film, Jasper can't help but compare Kirk to Emmett. Both loud and boisterous, with a cocky undertone. While his brother isn't as obnoxious as the blond haired protagonist, the similarities are enough to amuse him.

[b "Is it bad that I want Spock to just slap the hell out of Kirk?"] he asks a little while later, preferring the quiet Vulcan to the Captain.

At some point, he slouches to the side a bit, trying to get more comfortable than the strictly upright position he had started out with. It aims him a little more towards her, but he doesn't pay much attention to it. Though he'll be honest, feeling her emotions of amusement and fascination with the film makes it worth whatever trouble he may get in to if Charlie were to walk in at that moment.

[b "This is actually really good,"] he notes, impressed with the transition they had made to replicate the original series.

Glancing to the side to look at her, he feels more relaxed than he probably should.
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She had laughed at his comment, rolling her eyes, but then assured him that once Charlie got home she would go and meet him at the door to explain why he was there with her in the first place. So ultimately distracting her father into being made at the school, and the people there, before he even sets sight on Jasper's presence in the Swan home.

Once inside with the blonde naming is preference towards the Sci-Fi industry, Alice would nod her head before having playfully shooed him off to go sit in the living room why she busied herself in the kitchen.

She had called out the question about popcorn, and getting the response she had caused the girl to blink. The pixie-like brunette would enter into the living room a few minutes later, she simply having only grabbed herself a Mountain Dew from the fridge rather than actually getting popcorn like originally planned. She put the DVD in, and as she passed by Jasper in order to sit on the couch she reached out a hand to teasingly pull at a strand of his blonde locks.

[b "You react like that to food, and yet you stayed for dinner a few weeks ago when I offered? Eating a full meal here? Are you a little bit of a masochist, Mr. Whitlock? Or did you just not think that moment through?"] Her tone is playful, and a grin spread her face as she releases a giggle.

The movie is selected to play once the title menu comes up after those previews, the brown-eyed girl having sat down, opened her soda, and begin to sip at before glancing over at Jasper... and seeing his apparently far-off expression as if focused upon something that definitely wasn't the movie. [b "Jasper? You okay?"] Her tone was mildly hesitant, she arching an eyebrow as she resisted the urge to snap her fingers in order to assure him snapping out of his thinking trance.
  Alice Swan / animechick98 / 5y 225d 16h 53m 2s
Her offer takes him by surprise, but it sparks a flare of joy in his chest. She actually still wants to spend time with him. [b "If you're sure Charlie won't try to shoot me if he comes home, then sure. It'd be hard to explain why the bullet just bounces off."]

Jasper keeps a respectful distance between the two, more so as to not tempt him to brush his fingers across hers. Inside, he's welcomed by the warm feeling that is Alice's home. It's not immaculate like Esme keeps their own house, but it has a coziness to it that comes with a small-town charm. It makes him miss his childhood home.

[b "How about Star Trek? I haven't seen either of those movies. I've seen just about every Western under the sun,"] he offers her a smile.

As he sits on the couch in her living room, his eyes wander the photos on the walls while she sets up the movie. He'd turned down her offer of popcorn, explaining the repercussions of a vampire eating human food. He has never even tasted the snack that so many people seem to be obsessed with when it comes to watching movies. Even if he wanted to try it, it wouldn't taste like anything other than charcoal.

When the opening menu comes on, Jasper becomes hyper-aware of what is appropriate when sitting next to her. Should he make a little more room? What if she thinks he's trying to make a move? He should definitely scoot closer to the arm of the couch, so she doesn't feel crowded. He's so lost in thought, that he doesn't notice the movie has started.
  Jasper Hale / Kooza / 5y 230d 15h 21m 56s
Surprisingly she didn't respond in a worried way of any sort upon hearing the powers of Jasper's two siblings, Edward and Bella. They're a super-couple. Literally. Biting at her lower lip to attempt fighting off a grin, she'd resist laughing at her corny bit of mental humor.

When he let his powers slip the poor girl didn't know what was happening, for the only thing she realized was that she was suddenly going through a lot of emotions that were oddly positive to almost the highest of degrees. Alice blinked in confusion, staring ahead of herself before snapping her attention back over to Jasper as he spoke. She blinked once more, but then a smile spread across her face. And the pixie-like Swan girl couldn't help but giggle as the blonde beside her admitted to what he'd done to members of the football team before.

By the time they get to her house—she giving him directions along the way—Alice had been having a thought slowly bounce around in her mind. By the time he'd eventually park the car, and deciding that... well... she didn't exactly want to stop spending time with the Whitlock of the Cullen's male just yet, and also because she still had some questions, the girl came to a decision. [b "Um... do you like John Wayne movies? Or... Star Trek or anything?"] Her question was hesitant, she biting at her lower lip a bit before continuing, [b "Cause if you want, before you have to face the choirs at home, I wouldn't mind one bit if you'd like to come inside for a while."]

Now that she was finished speaking, she'd offering up a small and soft smile.
  Alice Swan / animechick98 / 5y 230d 17h 12m 47s
To a certain extent, yes, the legends are true. He tells her that much. [b "Some of us get powers upon the transformation, and others don't. Esme and Carlisle, for instance, didn't receive any kind of special ability, and neither did Rose or Emmett. Bella, on the other hand, can protect people. Like, shield them, if they are in danger. Edward can read minds."]

To have a little fun, he lets his power slip through and runs through a vast amount of positive emotions, from joy to excitement, before finally setting Alice back at calm.

[b "I have the fun power. I can alter someone's emotions. It's fun when I'm bored in class, and make the football captain get super horny for the teacher. It passes the time,"] he jokes.

They are nearing her house. He slows the car down and makes an effort to ask her to repeat the directions to navigate the side roads. The last thing he wants is to pull up without hesitation, and give away that he has memorized every route to her home, without intending to.

In the driveway, Charlie's police cruiser is absent. Another late night, no doubt. Jasper didn't like the possibility that Alice would be alone for hours after he has gone, if her father is working at the station. It's not that he doesn't trust her to take care of herself. It's more along the lines that he feels better knowing that another protective figure is in the house with her when he can't be.
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Alice's only response to his comment on her about apparently not missing much was to shrug lightly, a little bit of a smirk quirking the edges of her own lips. The female would lull into to complete and utter silence though, listening to the blonde's words and soaking the knowledge of them up like a sponge. A few long moments would pass, her expression obviously contemplative.

[b "Hmm... Jasper Whitlock...?"] She said his name slowly with an almost tender tone, she rolling it off of her tongue. The pixie-like girl had been glancing forward out of the windshield while speaking, but she'd look back over at the male and smiled a small though bright, [b "It suits ya. It's a good and strong name for a soldier-boy."] Her voice was gently teasing, she was being absolutely honest.

The fact Jasper had apparently been alive for well over one hundred years didn't repulse or terrify the Swan girl, but honestly intrigued her to no end. She had the urge to ask him details of things, see if he new anything the history books had gotten wrong.

Those would wait until a later time, though, for she had a few other questions rattling around in her mind that she desired the answers for.

Hesitating slightly, chewing at the inside of her cheek while thinking, the brunette would soon ask, [b "Do you or anyone in your family have, well, I suppose the best way to put it is 'abilities'? I read quite a few legends,"] She managed to fight off the blush wanting to paint her cheeks despite the straight-forward admittance of that, [b "But is it true? Can you do anything? Well, do anything besides for pulling a Super Man move and saving the damsel in distress countless times."] Her voice turned playful, and vaguely in her mind she wondered if she was just a magnet for trouble. [i Let's see here, me. I've gotten injured countless times throughout my life, and now I'm friends with a vampire. ...Yup, likely a danger magnet to no end.] Thoughts settled, she'd return her full attention to Whitlock male as she awaits his answer.
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Jasper's smile turns in to a smirk. [b "You really don't miss much, do you?"]

For the fun of it, he lets his Texas roots come through in his drawl. [b "I'm originally a Texan. When I joined the family, it just made more sense for Rosalie and I to parade as twins, seeing as we're the only blondes out of the siblings. Plus, it was easier for me to lose the accent than for her to gain it. So, I dropped my last name of Whitlock, and became a Hale."]

Her next question is one he anticipated. [b "Immortal, yes, under certain circumstances. We can die, just not from natural causes. Fire is one way to do it. That legend, at least, holds up as true."]

This next part is going to be fun. [b "As for my age...let's just say that I was around to watch the start of the Civil War. And fight in it."]

Jasper wants to see if there is any surprise, or curiosity in her eyes. He doesn't remember much from his human life, other than the war. His exact birth date is hard to guess, but he remembers being a teen when the war broke out. He's lived long enough to see world powers fall, revolutions, peace, and war several times over.

Yet she's the first human he's encountered in all those years that has cared enough to get to know him. The true him. Not those fake girls who merely want to know if he'll get in their bed.
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