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Jasper looks at the flyer, eyes scanning the page quickly. It brought him down a little bit to know that she wouldn't be joining them for lunch, but seeing her happy about performing made him feel better. [b "Yeah, I'd love to come. I'm sure Edward and Bella will as well. You can't keep him away from music. His room is covered in shelves full of CDs. It drives Bella crazy because everything is in alphabetical order, and if a disc is put back in the wrong place, Edward can be a whiny nightmare."]

This was it. Today they would be in clear sight together, in front of the other students. And when he shows up at her show tonight, it will be evident that they are dating. Wait, are they? They had kissed, and she had fallen asleep on him, but does that mean they are official? How in the hell does he bring this up?

[b "Prepare for the awkwardness that is people oggling our every move. New couples are like unicorns around here. You've managed to snag the ever elusive Whitlock boy. You can't get much more rare than that."] Pausing, he makes a face. [b "That sounded arrogant. My apologies. I just mean that I've been here for almost four years, and you're the only one to break me down. People are bound to talk."]

Raising her hand to his lips, he presses them against her knuckles as he pulls the car in to a free spot. [b "Is it too late to skip and spend the day somewhere very very far from here?"] he tries to tease, but his nerves show in his eyes.
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Alice couldn't help it. The minute Jasper let go of her hand and swept her into his arms, and bridal style at that, she yelp loudly in shock. Her cheeks flaring up, she'd swat her hand playfully at his chest. She pouted once he set her down, biting the inside of her cheek to try and keep up that irritated look, but him bowing once opening the passenger door of his car finally brought forward a grin. Rolling her eyes, she'd shake her head fondly. [b "You think you're so cute using the word 'ma'am' on me, don't you? ...Okay. I actually do find it adorable, won't deny that, though I suppose I might regret letting that fact be known. Anyway, unless you want the entire school wondering why you're suddenly a Southerner? I'd start working on tucking the accent away, mister. At least until we've got privacy."] Her tone was playful, she smiling before getting into the car.

When he laced their fingers on together once more as he began to drive off, she couldn't help the happy smile that curled her lips, or the equally happy emotions she had no doubt were likely radiating off of her. The Whitlock-of-the-Cullens' skin was indeed very colder still, as cold as if not colder than ice, but she didn't mind it one bit. Especially since it seemed his hand might be warming up, if only a little, beneath her palm from their skin to skin contact. Well, warming up externally anyway.

The 5 feet solid, pixie-like brunette girl had her eyebrows were raised high on her forehead, she taking in both his information and the offer he had given her. It was an old offer, one that hadn't been able to be lived out just yet. [b "If you're positive I won't be maimed, I'll be happy to."] Her words were blunt, a teasing grin on her face, but then her expression morphed into one of careful pondering, [b "I'll still be a bit hesitant overall, to be honest. Not counting Rosalie into the equation, are you sure your other siblings won't mind? I'm pretty positive Bella won't, but what about Edward and Emmett?"] After he'd no doubt say something that would be an attempt to sooth her, she'd of course debate mentally a bit before coming to a conclusion. [b "Well, I guess—wait, today's Tuesday! I can't."] She had begun to agree, but suddenly cute herself off as her eyes widened in remembrance.

As the car would come up to the stop light at the intersection she would release her smaller hand from his larger one, and would lift her backpack onto her lap from the floor. Opening it, rummaging, and then pulling out a folded 'Home Newsletter' paper the school gave out once more, she'd hold it out towards him.

Right at the top of the letter that gave noticing about the current month was a big and bold date:

[center [b [u [size13 Tuesday, February 11th]]]]
[center [b [size14 Orchestral and Band Ensemble Concert!]]]
[center [b [i Come join and support your students as they perform! 6:30pm to 7:30]]]

She gave him a moment to read it, since the light was still read and they were parked behind a few other cars, before she would speak. [b "I'm sure you remember the violin incident a little over a month ago, yeah? Thank you again, by the way for giving me that beautiful one to replace my broken one.... I sort of don't believe you just had it lying around though,"] The Swan girl paused, giving him a knowing look before continuing, [b "Well that performance is tonight, just like that paper says, since Valentine's Day is on Friday. None of the music students will be in the cafeteria at lunch, and I won't be in Biology today either. The music teacher wants us to practice nonstop for almost three hours, and then in that half-hour 6B period of what WOULD be our usual music class time, we'll be given pizza and soda as a [i really] late lunch."] Her tone sounded mildly irritated, she huffing a sigh.

It was probably due to her sheer love of playing the violin that she wasn't as angry as some of the other instrumental students no doubt were.

[b "So, wow! Violin playing from 10:00 to 12:50. And then another hour tonight for the concert. Ugh, my finger tips are gonna love that abuse."] She'd roll her eyes, wearing a good nature grin to go with her sarcasm as the stop-light would turn green and Jasper would be allowed to drive the car again. Alice would pluck that pink, single-paged newsletter back from his grasp, would absentmindedly fold it and shove it into her pocket. After doing that she'd move her hand back to his free one that wasn't on the wheel, and intertwine their fingers once more. She would lull into silence as they neared closer and closer to the school. [i It won't hurt to ask him if he might want to.] With that thought in mind, and chewing at her lower lip a little to work up the nerve, she'd look over at him, [b "You can come to the concert tonight, if you want. Charlie can't make it cause he an other officers are doing more hunting to find that animal since there was another killing nearby just a few days ago. If you don't wanna go, that's fine though...."] She trailed off, smiling a shy smile as she raised her free hand up to scratch at the back of her head a bit.
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He slaps a hand to his non-beating heart and gasps dramatically. [b "Please, Ma'am, I promise I'll be on time next time! Anything but punishment, I beg of you,"] he playfully begs, going along with her game.

Smiling, he watches as she walks past, to wait for him on the front path. Not wanting to add more fake disappointment, he hurries along, lacing his fingers with hers. [b "We can't have you being upset any further, now can we? Although, I fear since you are quite unstable on your feet, the only solution is this,"] he lets go of her hand, hoisting her up bridal style in his arms to march to the car, laughing against her protest.

Placing her back down on her feet, he opens the door for her, bowing and winking. [b "After you, Ma'am."]

When was the last time he was ever this relaxed? Her fun personality is contagious. Inside the car, he laces their fingers once more. [b "So the strangest thing happened this morning that you won't believe."]

Turning the corner of her street, he continues his story. [b "I think Rose is starting to cave. She was actually pretty decent this morning; the first time since you and I started talking. I think Bella and Esme wore her down, because it certainly wasn't me. Maybe you can join us for lunch?"] he suggests, looking at her.
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Alice bolted from the chair she was sat on in the kitchen, and to the front door in a heartbeat. Undoing the look she'd open the door, blink in surprise at the sight of both Jasper's face and the silver thermos being the first two things she sees. She'd smile a gentle smile—one that she absentmindedly realized she seemed to only smile at him since arriving—and she would lift her hand to carefully take the thermos from him. As she did, she allowed her fingers to graze lightly against his ice-cold ones. [b "Thank you. I appreciate it."] Her tone was honest, she was bright but calm as ever.

The Swan girl used her one hand to unscrew the lid, she blew on the drink inside, and then sipped it before sighing happily, [b "Are you really sure you don't find any sort of good taste in human stuff? I swear, your hot chocolate is like Heaven-in-a-cup."] Her praise was thankful and honest, no sense of lying at all in her words, but suddenly a small and teasingly devious sparkle flickered into her chocolate-brown eyes.

[b "You were only late by two minutes, though. That's almost as bad as treason! Thank goodness it wasn't five minutes, cause such an act would be instant sentences of death."] Her tone was playfully dramatic, that audible playfulness likely radiating brightly from her natural emotions of warmth, and with one hand she'd keep hold of the thermos, use her other to shut the front door, and as she perform that action she inched her way past him on the small porch until she had managed to walk down the three steps to solid ground. [b "To keep someone waiting so long is a crime punishable by a very corny and verbal apology, and an escort on to keep me balanced on the treacherous walk to the car... especially cause the walkway is icy. Me walking on ice? Not something fun for me or my backside."] Her playfulness remained, and she smiled invitingly up at him. Out of pure instinct, and with zero hesitation, she'd hold out her free hand to him as an invite and waggled her fingers absentmindedly.
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To Jasper's surprise, the discussion with his family doesn't happen until the following morning. When he had returned that night, Carlisle had been called to the hospital for an emergency, Esme had taken Rose out for a girls' night, and Edward had gone with Bella to see a late movie. Emmett had been the welcoming party, but he was too invested in his racing game to pay much attention to him. So, Jasper had retired to his room, and spent the rest of the night reading, and trying not to think of the small woman who had been curled around his arm for half the night.

Twenty minutes before he's set to leave, he's in the kitchen preparing Alice's hot chocolate when Rosalie approaches him. He feels her emotions before she opens her mouth. Surprisingly, she's not full of hate for him. [b "Good morning,"] he greets her, testing the waters.

He can tell that someone has talked with her. Perhaps Esme, when they had gone out. [i "Look Jazz, I can't force you to do anything. You're a grown man, and this is your decision."]

Jasper turns to her, leaning back against the counter. [b "I don't want to fight with you, Rose."]

She looks down, and he feels a flicker of guilt coming from her. [i "I know I've been a bitch,'re my brother. I know that things have not always been easy for you. I just don't want to see you lead yourself in to something that's going to hurt you."]

He's blindsided. Out of everything that could have been thrown his way, he had not been expecting that. [b "Rose..."]

[i "Just promise me you'll be careful, okay? I don't want to have to kill her if you get hurt."] With that, she walks away.

Jasper stands there for a moment, only comforted by the faint trickle of amusement in her emotions, convincing him that she's sort of kidding. Shaking his head, he realizes he's running late. Pouring the drink in to a thermos, he's out the door and in his car, speeding until he reaches her house.

Knocking on the door, he holds up the drink. [b "My apology gift,"] he hands it over.
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The second kiss had caused the same reaction as the first—especially once the Whitlock male had stepped closer so their bodies were more near one another. Soon enough the lip-lock was broken though, and she'd move over to the other side of her room to grab some movies.

At his words, she couldn't help but gasp dramatically, [b "Oh dear me, how ever did you figure out my plot? I admit, it has always been my dream to do just that...."] She released a second sigh, this one of and obviously playful and false 'disappointment', and then with a grin she'd giggle a bit before moving back over to the bed with the DVDs from her bookshelf she had grabbed.

It seemed before she knew she had blinked her eyes shut and she had still been watching movies with him on her laptop, but when she blinked her eyes back open her alarm clock red 6:45 am , it was raining a light drizzle outside, and Jasper was no longer there and her laptop was shut beside her on the mattress. She had been a little disappointed her left without telling her/waking her up first, but that barely existent emotion was gone as soon as she saw the note that was left on the bed beside her in his former placement. The letter hadn't been much. It just explained that he had to go home and change, grab his ca and school things, and then come back by seven in the morning. ...She also assumed he'd have to deal with his family a bit again. Alice would smile from the little note none the less and, glancing at the time once more, she'd hop up from bed and proceed to get ready for the day.

She ate two pieces of toast really fast, hopped into the shower, blow-dried her hair, brushed her teeth, and then headed downstairs once she was dressed. The pixie-brunette was clad in a light grey, long-sleeved thermal shirt that was a little figure hugging, a pair of black jeans, her black sneakers, her brown cargo jacket, and her read backpack strewn over one shoulder. Alice would spare a glance at the time in the kitchen as she waited, she watching as it clicked closer and closer to 7 am, and as she did her mind wandered back to the night prior.

A soft smile overcoming, she'd bring her fingers up and absentmindedly trail her fingers along her lips, and as she did the faintest of blushes colored her cheeks from the memory.
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Jasper is shaking with adrenaline. She kissed him back. [i She freaking kissed him back!] Every fear that he had, holding him back from getting as close as possible to her, is dashed in this moment. With the faintest of smiles, he kisses her again, stepping even closer.

She's right here, under his finger tips. Her scent is intoxicating, yet for some reason, he doesn't feel thirst. He's too set on keeping her safe to even consider it in this moment. He would rather die than hurt her. She's so small in his hands, that he can't imagine anything other than taking care of her.

[b "I'm kind of hating myself for waiting so long,"] he releases a quiet laugh.

The invitation for movies is too good to pass up. While she gathers her laptop and a few DVD cases, he kicks off his shoes and warily sits down on her bed. He'll need to control himself. The idea of lying in a bed with her is almost too much to take, especially after they've finally broken that initial boundary.

[b "I trust that you won't try to take advantage of a good old southern boy, like me,"] he jokes to lessen the seriousness of the situation, still keeping an ear out for her father sleeping down the hall.

He adjusts her pillows so she'll be more comfortable, but he doesn't need much. Propping himself back against her headboard, his hands rest on his legs as he watches her.
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The pixie-like female hadn't heard his attempt to interrupt her rambling words, in fact she'd barely been paying attention, but as Jasper was suddenly in front of her in those two long, fast strides of his she blinked in surprise. With her chocolate-brown eyes owlish, she'd glance up at him through her eyelashes.

Her breath hitched slightly once his hand raised and cupped her jaw, she not resisting in any sense of the word as he tilted her face up towards his, and once he leaned down to put her lips against his she melted into it the same as he did. She felt like live-wires were suddenly released everywhere in her body, but she felt utterly soothed in the same instant. Her cheeks had blushed faintly during the kiss, and she felt like she was flying yet also falling all at the same instant. When the blonde vampire-male broke the kiss a few moments later, Alice would slowly blink her eyes open and took in the words her spoke.

In the back of her mind she had been wondering all he might have heard before she had noticed him in her window, and due to wanting to hopefully ease the nervousness she saw in his golden eyes, she at that moment decided to test that wondering.

[b "...Well now, Mr. Smart-Kind-and-Tall Gentleman,"] She paused, waiting to see what sort of reaction he might have so she could possibly confirm or deny if he'd heard that part of her phone call with her mother. When seeing the whatever reaction he may have, she'd give a shy but warm smile, [b "You aren't exactly easy to resist the urge to kiss either, ya know. Or the only one to be terrified about the urge of doing it and what the other's reaction might be."] Her words were honest, soft spoken, and mentally she was proud she was able to stop herself from blushing. Biting her lip again, she'd soon speak, [b "Now, if you want we can kiss again, cause I wouldn't mind, but after we're done doing that I insist you watch movies with me on my laptop."] This time her words were blunt, playful, but still nonetheless warm in their tone as her smile morphed into a gentle grin.
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Her wry humor makes Jasper stumble over his words. [b "No! Not the chair. I mean...well...that was an unfortunate circumstance, but I meant..."] he trails off, unable to finish his sentence.

He can't even look her in the eye. His gaze is fixed on the floor, fists clenched at his sides. He can feel the hurt swirling with her other emotions; understanding, worry, shyness. He feels like he took advantage.

As Alice brings up the kiss, he stiffens, prepared for her to say that it [i was] inappropriate. But her words are exactly the opposite. It leaves him feeling torn. He doesn't want to hurt her, but he can't help but want to get closer. And when she returned the kiss to his own scar, Jasper had thought he was going to faint. When had he ever felt a rush like that?

When she starts talking down about herself, his head shoots up. Eyebrows furrowing, he gives a small shake of his head. [b "Alice, you have no id-"] she cuts him off as she continues her rambling.

Leaving is the exact opposite of what he wants to do. It's as though her hurt has been amplified and he feels it stabbing at him. He needs to change this. To hell with the consequences. He's tired of denying himself every shred of happiness that potentially comes his way. He wants to feel again.

Meeting her in two strides, Jasper's eyes take in every inch of skin on her face, lingering on her lips. Shakily, he raises a hand, cupping her jaw to tilt it up for easier access. Pushing all thought from his mind, his lips find hers, and he melts.

Why had it taken so long for this? How had he let himself be around her without doing this every single time she was close?

After a moment, he pulls away, nervousness filling his eyes. [b "You really have no idea what it's like to be around you, and be terrified to do that."]
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The brunette has to bite her lower lip between her teeth in a weak attempt to hide her growing smile as Jasper began that little rant of apparent promises in regards to getting her a new chair for her desk.

[b "So... you were worried? Not over the fact you'd be in a small bedroom with someone who could have Hellfire rain down on her just from looking at a deer wrong, but because you thought you'd break my desk chair?"] Her words were blunt, a soft smirk curling her lips as she raised an eyebrow questioningly. That had been her amused little quip, but then the blonde male's words continued and her face but fell and softened. Softened for his obvious discomfort, and fell cause she saw the way his golden eyes flickered towards her hip. [b "Jazz, if I didn't want you to touch me, let alone even kiss my skin, I would have already been snapping at you about personal space at this point. I just did the same thing back to you anyways!"] Her words were blunt as she exclaimed them and that nickname rolled of her tongue, though she remembered to not speak too loudly for Charlie was still asleep in the room just next to hers. That fact hadn't changed one bit in the perhaps twenty minutes the Whitlock male had been in her bedroom.

Suddenly Alice's chocolate-brown eyes blinked, and upon realizing the exact words she'd used, her cheeks would flare up with the heat of a blush. [b "I-I mean, uh... Not that I wanted you to kiss me, o-or touch me or anything! I doubt you would, or want me returning the action—who would? It's not like it be an expected thing or anything. Who would want that sort of contact from me? No one last I checked...."] Her words were trailed off, and halfway through them her stuttered sentence. She got a slightly distant look, but then her eyes widened in what was obvious horror at, yet again, realizing what she'd just let slip out of her mouth. Her cheeks didn't flame, but rather they paled to an almost dramatically ashy color as mortification overtook her face.

The pixie-like girl raised up her hands, cupped her face, and bowed her head. [i Great, like I needed that insecurity to be so blatantly put on the table. Smooth, Ally, smooth. Why don't you tell him how lonely you felt growing up without friends next? Or how terrified you felt with all of the near death experiences you've had since moving here, but that he having been at the scenes of them made it okay they happened. God, I'm damn stupid.] She'd huff a sigh, lowering her hands so her arms could wrap around her midsection.

Seeing the blonde vampire getting flustered had been endearingly adorable and funny in the Swan girl's opinion, but getting so flustered she feels as if she had turn mortified of her own existence from what she's spoken? That wasn't adorable at all, or any funny.

Her face remained looking towards the ground, she not saying anything for a few long moments. [b "I didn't mind the fact you touched me or kissed my scar, Jasper. It felt... nice. I can see and understand it was just a reflex action on your part, for some reason I admittedly don't understand, and I can see doing the same back wasn't something you wanted. You're free to leave if you want to, which it seems you do."] Turning her head back up, she'd over the blonde a small and slightly forced smile. Alice would quickly glance back down though, and whilst glancing slightly over her shoulder she'd proceed to start taking a step backwards from him.
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He's even more flustered now. She's close. Too close. He can smell her and it's making everything worse. Her lips are on his skin. It feels like a thousand flames are dancing on the spot she kisses. It's almost as strong as the venom itself. [b "Alice..."] he murmurs, trying to collect his thoughts.

She takes pity on him, and cracks a joke to alleviate the tension. Blinking furiously, Jasper looks to the splinters he had left her chair in. [b "I'm so sorry! I don't know what happened. I wasn't thinking!"]

He dashes to the spot, stepping around her, and picks up pieces of the arms to try and stick back on. Precisely has he had anticipated, they just fell back to the carpet. [b "I'll get you a new one. A nice one. With leather cushions, and adjustable seat, and it'll recline,"] he rambles, unable to think straight even with a few feet of distance between them. [b "What colour do you want? Purple? I can find you a purple one."]

Rising to his feet, Jasper begins pacing. [b "This is what I was worried about,"] he drags a hand over his face, feeling a blush that would never appear again.

[b "I should go. I shouldn't be in here. I said that last time, didn't I? I should have listened to myself. Don't worry, I won't touch you again. I shouldn't have. Not after..."] his eyes fall to her hip, where the scar would rest if her shirt rose any higher.
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She had been surprised by his reaction, she shivering delicately when his fingers traced along her scar once he'd dropped to his knees on the carpet of her bedroom behind her standing body. The brunette gasped in surprise, feeling as if a small shock went through he system, when she felt those smooth and cold lips brush against the slight raised flesh on her back.

She glanced over her shoulder still, watching as he moved away with widened eyes on her face.

[b "...It's okay, Jazz."] Her words were soft, she getting over her brief shock, and that nickname she had randomly labeled him as in her thoughts earlier that day mere moments after his adopted sister, Bella, had saved her from one of Ronny Knox's jock friends.

Alice would stand where she was, but slowly she'd drop the fabric of her shirt back into place and would turn around to face the vampire male who had bolted near halfway across her room. She was still where she stood a few long seconds, but slowly he feet began a trek across the carpet until she was right in front of Jasper with merely a foot of space between their two bodies. Those slim and small hands of hers began to reach out between them, stalled in minor hesitation, but one would continue to move forward and wrapped around the wrist of the arm that the scared, marble flesh was still exposed of since the sleeve hadn't been rolled back down.

If he'd allow her to, she'd slowly raise his arm to be eye-level with her brown orbs. Her free hand reached up, those pale and gentle fingers tracing against cold flesh of his arm and the scar that was right on the outside edge of his wrist. There was hesitance once more from her, but also an underlying edge of some sort of determination, and a moment later the pixie-like Swan girl bowed her head... and brushed her warm lips against the cold scar she had been tracing on his wrist.

Alice would turn he head back up, he eyes locking with his to try and convey how sorry she was things had happened to him as well, but soon the smallest of smiles curled her lips, [b "You owe me a new desk chair, you know."] Her words were soft and blunt, and that small smile curled. Of course she'd notice the fact he'd broken the arms off of her wooden chair—she's Alice, and she does notice things even while otherwise distracted. At least, as far as it concerned Jasper and the other Cullens usually.
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He feels her pain radiate through him, as though personally feeling each and every scar being burned in to her own skin. [b "The Cullens have kept me safe. They found me in the early 40s, and I haven't been bitten since. They saved me in more ways than one,"] he tries to make her feel better.

But it's as though she doesn't hear him. As Alice starts telling him her own tale, his head tilts to the side slightly, his non-beating heart feeling heavy. His teeth grind together so roughly, he's surprised she doesn't hear it.

He doesn't want to hear this. Alice should not have experienced this. He can just picture a small ink-haired girl, suffering at the hands of a monster. A monster like him. He can practically hear her cries of pain, and a growl rises in his chest so vigorously, he has to force himself to calm down before he wakes Charlie. Unfortunately, his grip on the arms of her chair is too hard, and the wood splinters in his hands, before cracking and breaking off completely.

[b "Alice..."] he murmurs, closing his eyes to try and eradicate the picture from his thoughts.

He only opens them when he hears a faint rustle of clothes, indicating her moving. His eyes immediately go to the faint crescent mark on her skin, almost silver in the light.

He moves without thinking. His knees hit the carpet below him. A hand comes up and his fingers faintly trace the outline. He's angry. He wants to be able to make this go away. The horrible memory that she must think of every time she sees this. He knows what it's like to be traumatized by what happened in the past.

Jasper's eyes close again. His head falls forward slightly. His cool lips press gently against the slightly raised scar. [b "I'm sorry,"] he murmurs, not sure whether he's apologizing for his actions, or the pain inflicted on her.

[b "I'm sorry!"] he repeats, bolting to his feet, and moving away from her as quickly as he can. [b "I shouldn't have...I mean, that was inappropriate. I shouldn't have touched you!"] [i Or kissed you...] he adds mentally.
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The Swan girl had downcast her gaze during those almost five minutes of silence, but she'd turn her attention towards him once he began to speak. At the information he revealed, as well as the scars he showed when he rolled up his sleeve, her expression became pained, her emotions and saddened and sympathetic, but surprisingly there was no pity. No one really enjoys being pitied, and it seemed that she was one of the few people who wouldn't pity someone for things that must have obviously made them stronger.

Her eyes traced over his scars, gentle sadness radiating from knowing he'd been through pain with each of them. She could only assume they're was more of them along his body that he hadn't revealed. However, that looked of sorrow in her eyes flickered to a sudden gleam of realization, and the brunette would glance down while biting her lower lip. It took a few moments, but it seemed she finally came to the resolve to speak aloud whatever it was she believed she just realized.

[b "...When I was really little, there was a murderer going around Arizona. Some of the victims would be banged up with injuries, others would be perfectly pristine in condition, but... all of them had a bite mark [i somewhere] on their bodies. A bite the police said couldn't have been made by actual human teeth cause there was no DNA present, but in all of the cases blood had been drained out of the bite wounds. They assumed it was some sort of mechanism the killer made that did it."] Alice paused, biting her lower lip as if collecting her thoughts. As if she was debating if she was gonna continue. [b "I'd been five years old, it was Halloween, and Renee hadn't wanted to take me Trick or Treating cause of it. But since it was ultimately on the other side of the state that everything was happening, and because we'd be going with a group of other kids and their moms from my elementary school, she still took me out that night. Myself, being the danger magnet I was even back then, got lost from the group of course."] The pixie-like female would get up from where she was seated on her bed, one of her hands absentminded going to the left side of her body and resting on her lower back, near her hip.

[b "They found me within half an hour, and I was rushed off to the hospital with a bleeding gash on my hip. All I told the police, and all I can still remember, is that some man bit me, it burned, and then another man biting me in the same spot and somehow making the burning go away before both of them were gone with sounds that sounded like... like growling and hissing."] Her chocolate brown eyes became temporarily vacant and distance, as if she was doing her best to remember, but then her gaze would refocus upon Jasper.

She'd hesitate, but slowly she'd turn around, move her hand to the hem of her long sleeved, grey thermal shirt until it was a little over halfway pulled up he back. On her already pale flesh there was a paler, thin, long, raised scar that curved near the ends. [b "...It's stretched over time, but... it's always been colder than the rest of me. The doctor told Renee it was because blood can't circulate through the scar."] Her words grew soft, but then she'd slowly glance over at Whitlock boy with a silent question in her eyes as she allowed him to observe the scar that went from the top of her hip to the middle of her back in its length.
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Jasper immediately tenses, and he can't even try to hide it. He has done his best to cover the countless lines that mar his otherwise porcelain skin. Long sleeves, even in the heat of the summer, and collared shirts as often as he could. He knows it would be nothing but suspicion if anyone took notice, and it's not a conversation he's ever wanted to have. But of course, Alice would take notice. He's never had someone watch him so closely.

Fidgeting, he looks away to avoid eye contact. How can he explain his past to her? He knows that, realistically, he should inform her of the others of his kind, that are nowhere near what his family are. The ones that do nothing but cause harm wherever they go. The ones that gave him the scars in the first place.

[b "Look, Alice,"] he speaks when he realizes he's gone nearly five whole minutes without uttering a sound. [b "All I can say right now is that not every vampire is like my family. And unfortunately, I have encountered more than one of them in my life. Every mark on my body is a memory of that reality."]

Pausing, he finally looks at her. [b "Vampire venom is the only thing that scars us. It burns like hell, and it's agony for hours until the bite scars over."] Taking an unneeded breath, he reaches down to pull up his sleeve to reveal more scarred bites covering his forearm. [b "This is why I don't let people get close. They notice things,"] he finishes, giving her a tight-lipped, wry smile, but there is a sadness in his eyes.
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