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It had taken a twenty-minute drive up into the mountains, but eventually the crazy vampires she was with had led her to another clearing and the Swan girl was granted the joy of witnessing how vampires 'had fun' when it was possible. She no longer had to wonder why a thunderstorm was needed. After all, with how loudly each and every one of them had hit the ball it was very understandable the explaining noises was needed.

The teams were Edward, Bella, and Emmett versus Jasper, Carlisle, and Rosalie. Esme was playing catcher and for some reason Alice had, for reasons she couldn't comprehend beyond them all wanting to honestly include her in the fun in some way—especially Jasper—she was playing referee.

She had actually been having fun, and the game had been going on for about half an hour by the current point in time. The rain hadn't hit them because of how high up the mountain they were, the pixie-like brunette girl was actually rather comfortable with the current level of chilliness in the air, and all seemed rather amazing.

And then a feeling she had felt so many times in her past months in Forks so far—more than in the rest of her life so far—hit her once more.

It hit her with an even stronger intensity then when she had been almost killed by the truck.

Then when she had almost been raped on that date with that creepy jock.

Then when she had almost been gang-raped by those drunken bastards in Port Angeles.

This sensation of dread and cold fear hit her like a sucker-punch to the stomach. The air was knocked out of her, she gasped for breath, and her pulse picked up dramatically high with what was recognizable with fear. She fell to her ass on the cold ground, she trying to get her breathing under control as her chocolate-brown eyes got the faintest of glazed looks to them. It lasted a few long moments where she was only vaguely aware of all of the Cullens around her, the sounds of their voices lost on her ears. She returned to her senses within in less then a moment though, and began gasping for proper sized breaths of air as her eyes focused on those around her until stopping on the blonde male who had saved her life so many times since she met him.

[b "Jasper... y-you're jacket. G-Get me your jacket."] Alice's words were choked sounding with her heart still beating at an adrenaline rushed pace in her chest, she obviously trying to gain control of the dread and cold fear that had flooded her system. She didn't even know why she was asking for his article of clothing that had been folded up on the ground for the entire game so far, but she was going to start listening to her instincts for once in her life when it came to that feeling of dread that flooded her at different points—and at different levels of intensity—for as long as she could remember.

The moment she had her hands on the heavy, pale blue, weather-resistant fabric she scrambled to her feet, pulled the too large coat onto her body, zipping it shut, and shoved her hands into her pockets. All she knew is what her instincts were telling her, and what she was being told was; "Wrap yourself um in his scent as much as possible. Cover your smell with his. COVER YOUR SCENT." She barely understood that command coming from her body, but she followed it anyways. Jasper's jersey, the hat he'd placed on her head, and now the jacket he had been wearing before the game had started due to her own little playful request.

Any of the Cullens would likely be beyond confused with the pixie-like females actions, and might just be ready to ask what the hell was wrong. But it be at that instant the wind would blow just right as the scent of three others would drift on the breeze, and the sound of three others moving fast through the forest would be audible to the vampires in the clearing that had been being used for a baseball game.

These three beings weren't human.
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Jasper can't help but grin at her pint-sized tantrum. In all honesty, he thinks she looks absolutely adorable, but he knows better than to say so out loud. No girl wants to be called 'adorable' when she's trying to look fearsome. [b "If it helps, that jersey looks much better on you than it does on me,"] he drops his voice as he moves closer, clearly trying to distract her with his charm.

[b "But you have a deal. I'll put the jacket on. At least until the game starts,"] he gives her a quick peck on the lips.

He knows right now that he's never going to ask for that hat again. He can barely take how cute she looks with it pulled over her hair, just a bit too big for her head. [b "Before I forget though,"] he pauses, pulling his phone from his pocket and snapping a photo of her before she can protest. [b "I'm definitely going to want to hold on to this image."]

[i "Stop flirting and hurry up!"] Emmett voice booms from downstairs, though it may as well come from the same room with how clear it is.

[b "The man-child is getting impatient. We better go,"] he takes her hand to join them in the garage.

Emmett already has the ball and the bat ready to go in his Jeep, and he bounces on his feet to hype himself up. [b "I don't know why you're so eager. You're going to lose,"] Jasper taunts him as he walks by to open the car door for Alice.

[i "We'll see,"] Emmett snaps back.
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Once to Jasper's room, the Swan girl had to resist the utmost urge to gasp in surprise. This room, just like all the other rooms in the house she had seen so far, was so opened. And the things within the bedroom captured her natural interest and sparked her curiosity. [i He's apparently been in my room lots of times, and this is my first time in his. And I don't even have time to properly look around! ...Why does he have a bed, though? I thought he doesn't sleep.] These were her sulking thoughts, they switching near the end towards simple curiosity, but she was then distracted as she returned her attention to him at the sound of his voice.

[b "Oh yeah, that's easy for you to say. 'It'll be big, but that's alright'! You're average height, and I haven't grown an inch since the age of twelve. Not to mention your shirt is, obviously, a guy's shirt. I'm gonna look like a child in a shirt belonging to Michael Jordan."] She accepted the shirt when he held it out to her nonetheless though, her pout morphing into a good-nature smirk.

She watched for a few moments as he grabs himself a change of clothes, but as he began to head to the bathroom she started to focus on her own wardrobe. She unbutton the sweater she was wearing, folded it, and set it on the edge of Jasper's bed. Next she did the same with her flannel shirt and she now just stood in the jeans, converse sneakers, and a grey long-sleeve thermal shirt she had been wearing. The 5"0' brunette grabbed the Ranger's jersey and pulled it on... but then promptly huffed with a fresh pout back in place as she looked down at herself. The shirt went down to just above her knees, the short sleeves nearly connected with the creases of her elbows, and the collar of the shirt hung down almost as much as a v-neck.

The Swan girl spun around to face towards him as she heard the bathroom door open, and her pout remained as he walked up to her and plopped the baseball cap onto her head. [b "If I wouldn't break my entire foot doing it, I'd kick your shin."] She grumbled this, pouting still, but after a moment she grinned as she fixed her hair a bit while adjusting the angle of the hat a little bit more. After a second or two that pout had melted away yet again and, with a small grin on her face her eyes would turn her gaze from him and let her eyes rove about the blonde vampire's bedroom once more. [b "Since you're having me wear your clothes, and because I didn't bring a heavier coat, I have a request; you shall wear your jacket, cause it looks warm and I like the way it looks on you, and you'll wear it until I start feeling cold enough to want it myself. In return, I shall stop grumbling about wearing your giant jersey no more than socially necessary,"] Her words were spoken in an official-sounding tone, but the spark of mischief and playfulness she was emitting showed he had every right to refuse before she just as playfully added, [b "Do we have a deal, Mister Whitlock?"]
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[b "You'll see,"] he grins widely at her. No reason to ruin the surprise now.

Taking her hand, he leads her down the hallway. Everyone else had begun to get ready. [b "I just have to change first. Plus, you need some baseball attire. I think I have a spare jersey you can wear to cheer me on,"] he teases.

Opening the door to his left, they enter his bedroom. It's very Jasper. It is meticulously cleaned with absolutely nothing out of order. A large bookshelf stretches along the far wall, holding countless volumes of Civil War history, as well as other war biographies. There is a bed pressed against the far wall, mostly for show purposes. And sometimes he liked to lay back and close his eyes, imagining that he was still able to sleep. The blanket is a simple blueish-gray with two white pillows propped up against the headboard.

He leaves her at the bed while he goes to his closet, rifling through it. [b "Aha,"] he says, pulling a white Texas Rangers jersey out. [b "It'll be big, but that's alright,"] he says, slipping it off the hanger and handing it to her.

He goes back to grab a simple baseball 3/4 sleeve shirt, and a pair of gray baseball pants. Much easier to play in as opposed to his current jeans and sweater situation. Disappearing in to the attached bathroom, he closes the door behind him while he changes. Returning moments later, he swipes two baseball caps off of his dresser. [b "And now, to complete the look,"] he slides one over her hair, leaving it just high enough that he can still see her eyes.
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The Swan girl jumped where she sat at the sudden sound of her boyfriend's voice. The sight of a baseball bat and a baseball in a grasp of either hand. The conversation that quickly went on around her with Emmett cursing and Esme scolding, and the rest of the family seeming to grow excited until they all turned their attention on her as Jasper asked what he did of her.

[b "Hm.... It depends, I suppose, on if you're going to try and make me play with you or not. I can barely keep up wit normal sports and I injure myself in one way or another with even just badminton. If I tried playing baseball with a bunch of vampire? That'd he like a walking death sentence for me."] Alice's words were blunt, she rolling her eyes with a good nature smile before adding, [b "But, yes, I'd love to see how you all have fun."] Her smile would grow more broad, she bringing up a hand and playfully pulled on a lock of Jasper's hair. He had knelt down to her height while seated in the chair, after all, so she found she had every right to do the playful yank. After a few moments her expression became openly curious. [b "Why does a thunderstorm mean baseball, though?"]

The rest of the Cullen family had run off to other parts of the house and even to the garage, getting ready to set out for their baseball game.
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Jasper can't help but beam with pride as he eavesdrops on the conversation going on in the next room. He can feel that his family is greatly impressed with Alice's success and endeavors. He also smugly notes that she's even peaked Rosalie's interest. Still, he wants nothing more than to join them and boast even more about his pint sized girlfriend.

However, he knows he has to behave. Alice would never let him live it down that he was jealous his family got to spend quality time with her without him. So, he stays firmly glued to the couch, foot bouncing impatiently on the floor, causing it to squeak. If he ruins the floor, Esme will kill him.

The sound of thunder is what draws his attention away from them. Beaming, he hurries from the couch, disappearing down a hallway. He only returns moments later with a baseball bat in one hand, and a baseball in the other. Entering the dining room, he brandishes both items with a wicked grin.

[b "Who's up for some baseball?"] he asks, knowing that Emmett will jump at the chance.

Sure enough, the larger brother shoots up from his seat and cracks his finger. [i "Hell yes!"]

[i "Language in front of our guest!"] Esme scolds, making Emmett duck his head like a scolded child.

Jasper turns to Alice, crouching down next to her chair. [b "Wanna see how we have fun?"]
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The fact that Jasper now wasn't going to be in the room with her for a now undefinable amount of time, but she allowed herself to find some sort of comfort in his little promise despite her now slightly raised levels of anxiety. The Cullens all were sort of just quite for the first ten minutes of the meal, save for talking among themselves.

And then the questions began.

Esme had asked Alice what her favorite hobbies were, and when the teen had replied that violin and reading were sort of the only two passions she could do without potentially breaking a body part the motherly woman had smiled and had garnered a couple of kind-hearten chuckles from some of the other members of the Cullen family.

Carlisle had asked about her studies in school, since he had been intrigued when she mentioned the facts of AP programs earlier. So, by his insisting, the Swan girl went into detail about her schooling. How she was technically on a higher level than most of the seniors at Fork High School, how it was planned she'd be doing over half of her academics online for her own senior year because she was too advance even for the select honors courses the school did have. The good doctor looked even more interested before, and appeared as if he wanted to ask for further information due to his own curiosity, but Esme placed an arm on his with a gentle smile to help him coral himself.

Wouldn't want to overwhelm the human, after all.

Bella had asked about Alice's favorite composers and how she came to like them, since Jasper had mentioned she knew Debussy, and she had replied that her mother had grown up playing classical music. She answered about how she liked Bach and Beethoven alongside Debussy the most, but that in reality she liked almost every single composer out there because she found the challenge of playing their music fun. That, and she loved the range the music had from soothing or suspenseful.

Edward had opted not to ask anything. He was content to listen to the to the answers from the girl he could only barely here the overall intention gist of her thoughts. It reminded him greatly of his Bella, who though he joked she 'ran on a different frequency than everyone, Alice's own little 'frequency' was even different then his wife's.

Emmett had, of course, asked about sports and video games. Alice replied that she would never play a sport after skinning her leg—not drawing blood or mortally wounding herself, just peeling away a bunch of skin—when she had done Flag Football on a team in 5th grade, she having tripped or injured herself mildly in every game, and how on the final game of the seasons she had skinned both of her legs and forearms. There hadn't been blood, but her appendages had been sore and stinging greatly. And also because she had two left-feet she would never touch sports again as well. The burly bear of a man pouted at that, but then Alice went on to mention that though she doesn't know any modern games that the few times she had gotten her hands on an Nintendo 64 or a Gameboy she enjoyed playing games. This fact perked the overgrown and immortalized man child right up from his pouting appearance.

Rosalie had apparently decided to not ask anything either. The blonde just looked bored. And, to be fully honest, the semi-short brunette was a bit glad that she hadn't been asked anything by that member of the Cullen family since the vampire female did still intimidate her greatly.

It was at this point in time that Alice had finished the amount of food she had decided she'd be able to eat without getting a stomach ache. Literally, just the very last bite of her meal had been eaten and the last of her water drank...

And then thunder rumbled outside. She would glance to out the large window in the dining room to see that the sky had darkened quite a bit outside with darker clouds than what covered Forks on an average day.
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Jasper looks to Rosalie with a look of smug satisfaction. The blonde girl replies by flipping him off once Esme escorts Alice to the dining room. [b "What do you think? She might be a bit too smart for you, Emmett,"] Jasper teases.

The larger male merely grins once more. [i "She's awesome! Plus she puts you in your place, so that makes her even cooler. I didn't think anyone's sass could rival you or Rosalie, but I stand corrected."]

Edward and Bella helped carry in some of the dishes to place down on the table. Jasper moves to take a seat beside Alice, but Esme stops him. [i "I don't think so, sweetheart. We're never going to get conversation out of this girl if you're hovering over her, policing our questions. I want you out of the room for the next hour. Go play on your phone or something."]

Jasper pouts, but she merely points towards the doorway. [b "I'm sure they'll behave,"] he comforts Alice, throwing warning glares to his siblings.

[i "Don't drag this out Jas, she's having lunch, not being interrogated,"] Carlisle laughs.

Sighing, Jasper excuses himself from the room, but only goes so far as the living room so he can interrupt if need be. He toys with his phone, flipping it around in his hands, but his ears are completely in tune with the conversation next door.
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She bit the inside of her cheek, resisting the urge to giggle at Jasper and Edwards banter. [i Well I've barely been with you, officially, for a few days, but I already know you enjoy using that southern drawl of yours to charm me. ...And it works.] These were her simple thoughts, she giving a fond shake of her head before smiling at Carlisle as he greeted her. She happily shook his hand in return, and then turned her attention back to Esme as she spoke, and then her attention was just as quickly cast over to Emmett, and then to Rosalie, and then back to Emmett. The sight of the 'kicked puppy' expression on the big vampires face was something that was a little heart-tugging, and quite promptly Alice was glad she had no younger siblings, for she held little doubt she'd be a sucker for puppy-dog eyes.

[b "Actually, um,"] The brunette paused, biting her lip in a bit of hesitation, but with a softly inhaled breath she would then continue, [b "...Ho studiato a parlare e scrivere come un extracurricolare dal settimo grado. Essere nel programma AP dal sesto mi ha dato l'indennità di prendere il mio ultimo periodo della giornata al liceo per iniziare le lezioni di italiano presto. Da quando ho preso tanto tempo sul linguaggio, penso che sia giusto dire vorrei-e Admitedly non-gustare il cibo tanto quanto il discorso."]

There were a few brief moment of silence, where Bella would be grinning and it was notable that Carlisle perked up to a disposition that was even friendly then he was already expressing. It's not surprising he reacted in such a way, since his home language is Italian, and Alice sounded near fluent as if she had never known English first. Well, despite for a slight accent, but it was barely noticeable.

But soon Esme would another noise that was promptly like another coo of 'So precious!' before she'd move her hand from gently latching onto the Swan girl's arm, and wrapped her own arm around her shoulders, [#9b43b6 "Oh, è bello! Sei così prezioso, Alice. Che altro si può fare, o che altro si sa, che Jasper non ci ha dato i privilegi di conoscere appena ancora?"] The motherly vampire woman, who in fact was just like a loving mother to all of the 'children' of the Cullen family, babbled on happily as she escorted Alice off towards the dining room to leave the other of the little family to grab the food, and the pixie-like female answer back in Italian as well with a kind, happy, yet bashful expression upon her face.

[h3 Translations:]
1.) [b "...I've been studying how to speak and write it as an extracurricular since the seventh grade. Being in the AP program since sixth gave me the allowance of taking my last period of the day at the highschool to start the Italian classes early. Since I took that much time on the language, I think it's safe to say I would—and admitedly do—enjoy the food as much as the speech."]

2.) [#9b43b6 "Oh, that's lovely! You are just so precious, Alice. What else can you do, or what else do you know, that Jasper hasn't given us the privileges of knowing just yet?"]
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Jasper rolls his eyes and looks to Edward. [b "I'll have you know I'm more of a gentleman than you and Emmett combined. You think you're so charming because you can serenade your wife on the piano,"] he retorts sarcastically.

Edward smirks and pretends to dust off his fingernails on his shirt. [i "And it works."]

[i "Now now boys, lets not have a competition right now. You're being rude in front of our guest,"] Carlisle interjects, stepping forward to shake her hand. [i "Alice. Pleasure to see you again."]

[i "Can I give her a tour of the house?"] Emmett asks, practically bouncing on his feet.

[b "That will be my job when you all leave. If you get her anywhere near the game room, I'll never get her back,"] Jasper gives him a playful shove to back him up.

[i "Alice dear, I hope you're hungry. We've cooked some lunch for you,"] Esme beams.

[i "Italian. It was my idea. You know, since you're Italian and all,"] Emmett's grin matches his mother's.

[i "Doesn't mean she likes the food, Emmett,"] Rosalie rolls her eyes, crossing her arms over her chest.

His grin immediately fades. [i "You don't? Aw man, I'm sorry. I can go get you food, if you want. Port Angeles isn't that far away. What do you want? I think they have a barbecue joint there."]
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She had been tempted to drag her feet, though she knew it be pointless since the male with her has practical super-strength, but what he murmured in her ear instantly made her a blushing, flustered mess that had her move along willing with him up the front steps and into the home that belonged to none other than the Cullen family.

The classical music surprised her, yet didn't surprise her at all, and she allowed herself to relax slightly due to how calming the music seemed to be. As Jasper began to lead her through the house, Alice allowed herself to glance around at things and her curiosity was spiked with each and every piece of decor her chocolate brown-orbs landed upon. As Jasper led her up the stairs was when she finally noticed the scent of all that delicious food being cooked, and her stomach had faintly growled the same moment he had made that joke.

Upon arrival in the kitchen, she stood slightly behind the blonde vampire, observing the cooking happening before her with some slightly wide-eyed fascination. When Jasper announced their presence—though she doubted it was a needed announcement—Alice couldn't help but jump a bit as they all whirled around with bright smiles on her face.

And a few moments later, no one could blame the poor girl for yelping in surprise as Emmett charged forward and then promptly scooped her petite 5"0 being up in a spinning hug. [b "It's nice to properly meet you too, big guy."] She murmured against his shoulder, and when she was set down a moment later she couldn't help but smile in amusement up at the male who was apparently no more than a giant teddy bear. The sound of Rosalie's voice made Alice tense a little, but she'd look over at the blonde female as she greeted her. The pixie-like girl hesitated only a moment, but then with a bright, kind, naturally warm smile in place she would reply, [b "Hello, Rosalie."]

Then a few moments later she had the mother of the family, Esme, gently latched onto her arm and Carlisle standing a couple paces beside her. It was a good thing Jasper decided to remain standing beside her, for knowing she wasn't alone among a group of vampire beings that were practically strangers to her would otherwise be a major stress factor that could cause her high cases of anxiety.

All of Esme's words and compliment made her become extremely bashful, she bowing her head with a shy expression that practically made the motherly vampire want to coo at the shorter female.

And of course, the elbow Jasper had gotten to the gut had come from Bella, who had appeared out of nowhere. [#c5911b "Jasper, that's not a polite thing to say about the person you're in a relationship with."] The brunette sibling scolded, a sparkle of mischief and playfulness clear in her eyes.

[#001057 "I must agree with my lovely wife,"] Edward's voice suddenly rang out, his hand appearing on Jasper's shoulder, [#001057 "It's not nice to imply the person you care about isn't innocent. Alice! Did Jasper remember to offer you his arm on the way to the car this time?"]

Alice had been startled slightly by the abruptly fast appearances of Bella and Edward, but then smiled with a bit of a giggle, [b "I'm sure he would have if Charlie didn't look about ready to use his shotgun on him. Bouncing bullets probably wouldn't make a good first-impression."] Her tone was playful, and Bella broke into a laugh right along with her, she not minding it was at her blonde brother's expense.
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[b "You're just full of jokes today, aren't you,"] he smirks, poking her in the side where he knew she was ticklish.

Not wanting to delay things any further, he tugs her along. [b "Let's get this over with, shall we? The sooner you meet them, the sooner they leave for their Valentine's Day plans, which means we will get some alone time,"] he murmurs in her ear.

The second they walk in the door, classical music could be heard, along with voices, coming from the next floor. The smell of food was easily recognizable. [b "You better be hungry,"] he jokes.

The first two Cullens who come in to view are Esme and Carlisle, laughing together as they move in sync through the kitchen, passing utensils and seasonings. Emmett watches them in fascination, and Jasper could feel the curiosity rising in him. [b "I wouldn't suggest tasting that, Em. Wouldn't want you to throw up on our guest,"] Jasper announces their arrival, as if his family hadn't already known.

The three turn, and smiles are instantly on their faces. [i "Alice! Welcome to mi casa!"] Emmett booms, scooping her up for a hug.

[i "Fairly sure Carlisle and Esme pay for the house, Emmett. No need to show off,"] the cool voice of Rosalie joins them.

She stands farther in to the room, looking hesitant. [i "Hello, Alice,"] she remains as calm and civil as she can.

Jasper doesn't sense any danger, but he remains at Alice's side for precaution. Esme has already latched on to Alice for conversation, rambling about how sweet she is, and how she and Carlisle are so relieved that Jasper had chosen a 'good' girl to date. [b "She isn't innocent,"] he tries to argue, but he's elbowed in the gut.
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She pouted as Jasper laughed at her stress, she glaring out of the front windshield in a disgruntled way, but the tension of Alice's body did ease up a bit as the blonde reached across the small divide between their two seats and took her smaller hand in his larger one.

As he pulled up the drive the Swan girl was mesmerized by the sheer length and curves of the long way that led into the forest. And once the home came into view? She couldn't help but gasp in awe. It was three stories, and there were so many windows, and there was such a large field of a front yard, and there was likely just as large a field, if not larger, for the backyard. [i It's so amazing....] This was her thought, and a faint little smile curled her lips at the beauty of the home in front of her.

She let Jasper held her out of the car without a fuss, she still admiring the sight of the house until he gathers her attention by cupping her cheek and speaking.

His words made her release a soft huff of amusement, she leaning into the touch of his hand nonetheless, though. [b "Yes. You are completely right. I will definitely take the word of an, oh... what is it? A roughly 167-year old man who hasn't needed to breathe out if necessity to survive in about the past 150 years? Yes, deep breathing advice from you is completely sound. You definitely aren't senile or anything, y'know, in your old age."] Her tone was so 'serious' that it was obviously a false tone of it, her equally 'completely serious' expression barely lasting a moment before she'd grin up at Jasper cheekily before breaking into a fit of giggles. After the brief giggle fit, she'd reach up her hand to capture his against her face—before he could potentially pull his hand from her jawline—and promptly turned her head before placing a gentle kiss to the cold, marble palm of his hand.
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Jasper laughs at her, and reaches across the middle console to take her hand in his. [b "Trust me, you'll be fine. Emmett won't let Rosalie ruin his chance for a new playmate. I'll be surprised if he doesn't drag you away to play video games all afternoon. He's like an overgrown child."]

In truth, he was more nervous about meeting Charlie than he was about Alice meeting his family. He'd met the cop before, but he wasn't dating his daughter then. Now, he's like a threat to Charlie. No father wants to see his daughter going out with one of the most reclusive guys in town. But it had gone well, and he had played on Charlie's love of baseball to get some extra points with him.

[b "Plus, Esme made everyone swear to be on their best behaviour. We don't mess with Esme. She's been cooking all morning, so I hope you're hungry. It's the first time in a good few decades that we bring someone new to the house. She likes to go all out for celebrations,"] he winks at her.

He pulls on to the long winding drive way, leading up to the secluded house further in to the woods. Jasper gauges Alice's emotions as they pull up to the modern home, with the large windows and boxy architecture. Helping her out of the car, he rests his hands on her jaw. [b "Take a few deep breaths. You'll be fine,"] he advises her, pressing a kiss to her forehead.
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Three days had passed, and it is currently in the later half of this third day. It's a Friday, the 14th of February, so it is ultimately Valentine's Day. There had been no school that day, since Forks apparently always gave its students of all ages the day off to spend time with friends, family, and romantic partners if they were old enough to have one.

None the less, Alice had gotten up early, made breakfast for her father , and then it had been later in the day, at 2 in the afternoon that Charlies had been cleaning guns, and Alice had brought up the topic of telling him about Jasper.

It's been twenty minutes since then, she still vaguely wondering why she had been told to not eat anything for lunch that day, and now she was being driven to a house full of vampires.

A house full of a [i family] of vampires.

The family of the vampire [i driving her] to the house.

The vampire she's [i dating] is taking her to meet his [i vampire family], and she's only completely sure about two of the ones in the house not being likely to rip her head off.

She sat in a very family blonde male's car, in the passenger seat. He had just met her father half an hour ago when picking her up, and he and Charlie had laughed over the potential of Alice possibly playing baseball with the family Alice fiddled with the sleeves of her maroon flannel shirt that she was wearing beneath a long-sleeved, black sweat that buttoned down the front. With these two tops she also wore a pair of nice blue jeans, and her black converse sneakers. Jasper had told her to simply be herself, and she had taken his word to heart, but she still felt out of place even if the one in the car next to her was dressed just as casually as she was.

[b "...Is it too late to turn around and not go?"] That was her question, she offering a meek smile in Jasper's direction. She had awaited until he had declared they were less than five minutes away, at least, so it showed how determined she was to want to meet his family and not letting her nerves start to begin winning out until the mere literal minutes until the arrival. That could be viewed as strong or weak, in a way. No one could blame her for her nerves getting the better of her though.

She would huff a soft sigh, no matter what the Whitlock male's answer would be, and let her chocolate eyes fall closed while [i 'thunk']ing her head lightly against the back of her seat. [b "You're sure Rosalie won't try to maim me?"] That was her murmured question, she cracking one of her eyes open and glancing over at the blonde.
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