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[center [size18 [i What if everything had been different?]]

[size12 [i A question often asked, but usually the only answer found end up being 'Should have' or 'could have' or 'would have' in the end. But the future is always changing and wavering. Any difference, big or small, gives a completely different outcome.]]

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Mary Alice Swan is to be statistically considered among one of many typical children or teenagers in North America. The seventeen year old has two parents who are divorced a majority of her life and at least of them has remarried.

This girl isn't a typical teenager though for her mother Renee, the one remarried recently, always says it's like her darling was born in her thirties and had just been getting older. Her biological father, Charlie, also agrees with that.

Which is how we get to where we are now; this girl who is seen as an oddity and a 'freak' by many in her home of Phoenix, Arizona is about to do. With a heart of gold she decides to spend her last year and a half of high school with her father so her mother will no longer have to feel lonely as her new husband travels the US in hopes of getting signed onto a major-league baseball team.

And that's where the story starts to sing; in a tiny little place called Forks, Washington that has a Quileute Indian reservation less than half an hour's drive from the main part of town. It's a small town so a large amount of people know and care that she's coming thanks to her father being the police chief....

...That is a large amount of people know [i except] for a little mixed-family who's only lived in the town a few years. They aren't ones to gossip or pay attention to such nonsense since it's usually about them. The girl who is coming is going to surprise many, but none more so than the Cullen family.

Yet she'll be the most surprising to their figuratively 'youngest' son:

Jasper Whitlock Hale-Cullen.]

[h3 Roleplay Info for Us to Remember]

[center [size15 [b [u Extra Info:]]]]

+ Isabella Swan is with Edward in this already. She was changed in the very first years of the 1990's so she is the youngest vampire of the family. Edward changed her after being enraptured with her for a month and a hit-and-run putting her on the brink of death. They don't have a daughter.
+ [b Jasper broke away from the clutches of Maria and her horrible Newborn Army not to long after the woman broke his pocket-watch from his human life in a fit of rage after he let two newborns, Peter and Charlotte, escape with their lives. That watch was the last thing he had of his family and the pain of losing it let him escape Maria's enchantment abilities.]
+ None the vampires in this universe sparkle. Their skin doesn't disco-ball the light like diamond would, but rather manages to both deny yet absorb it all at once. Thus, vampires in this world glow in a way.
+ [b Alice and Bella are biologically related. Bella was adopted into the Brandon family as an infant after her biological mother gave her up for adoption. That woman was Alice's grandmother and Bella was Grandma Higgins' first child. This info was discovered through the psychopathic vampire James. Renee is unaware that she has an older sister. Let alone one that is registered as 'dead' officially.]

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[center [b [size13 Mary Alice Swan :]] Taken by Me]
[center [b [size13 Jasper Hale-Cullen :]] Taken by [ Kooza]]

[h3 Roleplay Timeline]

[center [b [u [size15 Alice's First Day of School — Twilight:]]]]
[center [b [size14 Thursday of January 9th, 2016]]]

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[center [b [u [size15 Amount of Time Spent in Forks So Far:]]]]
[center [b [size14 1 year, 2 months, 1 week — Sunday of March 13th, 2017]]]

[h3 Class Schedules]

[b [u [size14 Alice's Classes for Junior Year]]]
1st Period — World Writing & Literature; Senior Level — 7:15 to 8:05
2nd Period — Physical Health & Fitness; Junior Level — 8:10 to 9:00
3rd Period — Pre-Calculus Math; Senior Level — 9:05 to 9:55
4th Period — Cafeteria/Lunch/Op. Free Roam — 10:00 to 11:00
5th Period — Animal & Plant Biology; Junior Level — 11:05 to 11:55
6A Period — Band and Orchestral Ensemble — 12:00 to 12:50
6B Period — Band and Orchestral Ensemble — 12:55 to 1:25
7th Period — US History & Culture; Junior Level — 1:30 to 2:20
8th Period — Language ; Junior Level — 2:25 to 3:15

[center ______________________________________________________]
[b [u [size14 Jasper's Classes for Junior Year]]]
1st Period — Physical Health & Fitness; Junior Level — 7:15 to 8:05
2nd Period — Automotive Management and Design — 8:10 to 9:00
3rd Period — Trigonometry Math; Junior Level — 9:05 to 9:55
4th Period — Cafeteria/Lunch/Op. Free Roam — 10:00 to 11:00
5th Period — Animal & Plant Biology; Junior Level — 11:05 to 11:55
6A Period — World Art and Creativity; Senior Level — 12:00 to 12:50
6B Period — World Art and Creativity; Senior Level — 12:55 to 1:25
7th Period — World Writing & Literature; Senior Level — 1:30 to 2:20
8th Period — US History & Culture; Junior Level — 2:25 to 3:15

[center = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =]
[b [u [size14 Alice's Classes for Senior Year]]]
1st Period — Study Hall — 7:15 to 8:05
2nd Period — Study Hall — 8:10 to 9:00
3rd Period — Study Hall — 9:05 to 9:55
4th Period — Lunch Time/Optional Free-Roam — 10:00 to 11:00
5th Period — Physical Health & Fitness; Senior Level— 11:05 to 11:55
6A Period — Band and Orchestral Ensemble — 12:00 to 12:50
6B Period — Band and Orchestral Ensemble — 12:55 to 1:25
7th Period — Historical Writing & Verse; Senior Honors — 1:30 to 2:20
8th Period — Language ; Senior Level — 2:25 to 3:15

[center ______________________________________________________]
[b [u [size14 Jasper's Classes for Senior Year]]]
1st Period — Automotive Management and Design — 7:15 to 8:05
2nd Period — Physical Health & Fitness; Senior Level — 8:10 to 9:00
3rd Period — Pre-Calculus Math; Senior Level — 9:05 to 9:55
4th Period — Cafeteria/Lunch/Op. Free Roam — 10:00 to 11:00
5th Period — Human Biology & Anatomy; Senior Level — 11:05 to 11:55
6A Period — World Art and Creativity; Senior Honors — 12:00 to 12:50
6B Period — World Art and Creativity; Senior Honors — 12:55 to 1:25
7th Period — Historical Writing & Verse; Senior Honors — 1:30 to 2:20
8th Period — World History & Culture; Senior Level — 2:25 to 3:15


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He nearly opened his mouth to apologize again halfway through her speech, but he caught himself. She was raising points he'd never even considered. He'd been so concerned about absolving his own guilt that he hadn't considered what she needed to feel and hear during their disagreements. He was somehow worse at relationships than Edward.

What kind of an empath is horrible at dealing with feelings?

[b "You're right. I need to listen more before jumping the gun all the time. Over a hundred and fifty years of stubbornness is hard to break,"] he brushed some hair from his eyes as he looked back up at her. [b "I'm going to work on that. I want to be better, for both of us."]

In pure Alice fashion, she managed to somehow pull a smile from him, even after therapizing him. Groaning, his head fell back. [b "You caught me. I'm big into the underground vampire steroid market. Emmett is my dealer."] Jasper paused. [b "Steroids would actually make a lot of sense, given Emmett's absurd body size."]

Relieved that she didn't seem overly upset with him, he cleared his throat. [b "Now, since we've narrowed down what my problem is and how I need to work on it, I want to do something to cement my committment. To show just how serious I am to make this work."]

Jasper stepped close to her. [b "This is an old tradition, stretching back centuries. We used it to hold ourselves accountable to our promises. You may not know what it is, but that's okay. Just follow what I do."]

He made a show of taking in a big breath of air. [b "Let is out slowly,"] he guided. [b "Now the ancient tradition, passed down from Whitlock to Whitlock, to pledge ourselves to a committment."]

His hand came up in a fist between them. A single finger stuck out towards her. [b "I pinky promise to work on everything we've talked about."] His eyes flashed back just as playfully as she had looked at him.
  Jasper Hale / Kooza / 176d 3h 50m 46s
[b "...Jasper."] Alice began, sighing, and bit her lip a moment before knowing how to continue. [b "First of all, I appreciate you catching yourself with that one, I really do - but, Jazz, you can't apologize for something before you know for sure what I'm upset about. Yeah? Like...."] She paused, motioning her hands through the air as if trying to literally shape the words she was trying to use.

[b "You were right this time, yeah, but if you apologize without knowing for sure what you did - either guessing, and thinking you're right - then that's sort of a step backwards. Because if you're [i wrong] about what it was? Then I have to put energy into comforting you from it."] The short thing reach out, taking Jasper's hand and giving it a squeeze - though she knew the weight of it was about as helpful as a marshmallow being thrown at bullet-proof glass. [b "But if you're [i right] about what it was, and it was something I didn't even want an apology for - or an 'I won't waste time with an apology' when I might have wanted an apology? - then that could also lead to the comforting thing. And then both of those things just sort of side-steps my ache, because then that ache topic is like... focused on you? Does that make sense?"] She squeezed his hand again, rubbing her thumb gently against the back of it and sighed softly at the comfort the chilled, marble-like texture gave beneath the touch of her hand.

[b "I know you mean it every time you apologize, Jazz,"] Alice said, voice as gentle as ever. There was a strength behind it though - a conviction she used to not necessarily have. [b "So an apology would never be wasted, because I know you mean it. Sometimes it's not needed, but it's never a waste. Yeah?"] She smiled

...Slowly, though, her expression started to become a little mischievous. [b "Do you even [i have] testosterone anymore, though? That's a hormone."] She gasped, touching a hand to her cheek in a mock expression of shock. [b "Do you juice testosterone to get pumped? Is that the secret to being a vampire?"] She giggled, giving one of those little tongue-in-teeth grins of hers.
  Alice Swan / animechick98 / 176d 15h 2m 45s
Jasper was battling internally. On one hand, he didn't trust Jacob Black as far as he could throw him. Which, given the fact that he could probably chuck the guy a solid half-mile away, wasn't altogether a glowing amiable feeling towards him. On the other, Jacob and his friends had been around for Alice when the Cullens had disappeared. It was hard to hold onto the anger when they picked her up from the depression he'd left her in.

The soft smile on her face was enough to extinguish the fight in him. He wasn't about to throw a fit when being around the others clearly brought her a degree of happiness. He knew he couldn't expect her to give up the friends she'd made, just because he returned. Possessiveness was a fatal flaw of his, but he had no right to keep her to himself. Esme would have slapped him if she heard the controlling undertones of his outburst.

Bury that demon, Jasper. Now.

[b "I suppose I should thank him for turning your interests towards new hobbies. Though I'm tempted to buy you training wheels before your next lesson with him,"] he tried to force his voice to go back to a lighter playful tone.

Too late, however. The damage was done, and soon she was requesting for the vehicle to stop. [i Way to blow it,] he cursed himself internally. He pulled off onto the shoulder, far enough from the road that they wouldn't be side-swiped. He turned the key, and the car fell silent. Suddenly ashamed of his behaviour, his gaze dropped to his lap, unable to look at her.

[b "I won't waste your time by apologizing, Alice. Every time I say it, I fall right back into being an asshole, and I don't want that. Truly, I don't. You don't deserve my petty jealousy. Despite my testosterone fueled idiocy, I'm relieved that there were people to bring you back to life again, after what I did."]
  Jasper Hale / Kooza / 226d 4h 16m 58s
[b "Because originally I was only going to be going a mile an hour, Jasper, to get a feel for the bike! I was the dumbass who kicked it up to ten-an-hour without warning."] Alice huffed, thunking her head against the window once.

[b "...And, yes, Jacob was the one who helped me remake the bikes and was going to teach me to ride. Well, taught one lesson, and then said no more until I bought the proper gear and stuff."] She shrugged her shoulders once, biting her lip. [b "Jake, and Leah and Seth Clearwater, technically, though those other two just hung out instead of actually helped."] Her smile grew soft and fond, and she wondered how her leaving and the Cullens now back - for however long that may be, she was still quite sure they'd leave again at some point in the future with those two babies and leave her behind again. If her friendship with those three was messed up while the Cullens were gone, well... at least she had hope to not go back to what she had [i been] again once the Cullens left again one day.

She had been promised she'd always have a place there, and she hoped it rang true even if she 'left' for a while. She wished she didn't have to 'leave', but she doubted she'd be welcome while the Cullens were actively in town. ...Or 'allowed' to go, once they found out how large the wolf pack had grown from the one-man-band Sam had been while they'd still been around...

Alice glanced at the clock again, startled to realize she'd been lost in her thoughts for nearly thirty minutes, but she bit the inside of her cheek as she slowly came to a decision. She remembered what she had babbled at him last night, and she wondered how much he had actually been listening - or how much she hadn't actually said out loud and had just thought she'd conveyed. [b "...Jazz? Pull over somewhere. I have to talk to you."] She said after a few more minutes, reaching over and touching his nearest hand on the steering wheel. [b "Please?"]
  Alice Swan / animechick98 / 231d 7h 18m 51s
God, claim him now. [b "Why the hell weren't you wearing a helmet?"] he blurted out, forcing himself to keep his eyes on the road. [b "That's like, rule number one for learning to ride a motorcycle! Especially if you're prone to falling."]

He wasn't going to jump at her playful bait of him being jealous that he hadn't been the one to teach her. Of course he was jealous! Jasper could think of six different ways to take advantage of the close proximity required to sit with someone on a motorcycle. Half of them were excuses for the two of them to be pressed up against each other, but hey, it could be romantic.

Just as he thought the conversation couldn't take a worse turn, she managed to surprise him again. The dots were fairly easy to connect given her father's friendship with Billy and Jacob's inherent hatred of anything revolving around the Cullen family. With Jasper and his family out of the picture, there was nothing stopping him from hanging around Bella and being a general all-around bad influence. That last bit was probably just Jasper's irritation talking, but he stood by it. Stupid Jacob Black and his motorsport hobbies.

Alice's words rang in his head, forcing him to back down before he blurted something out that would get him into trouble. She was right. He wasn't allowed to tell her what she could and couldn't do, and who she could and couldn't hang out with. He could rage about it later on, internally, in the privacy of the woods surrounding the Cullen's house, where he could take his anger out on a tree.

[b "Jacob,"] was all he said.
  Jasper Hale / Kooza / 232d 3h 59m 45s
A blush flared to life on Alice's cheeks, and she instantly decided not to ever tell him that she had smacked a werewolf and nearly been torn to shreds because of it. Nope.

Especially since Jared made such good deer-meat steaks. She wasn't going to threaten her tastebuds like that- [i ...Wait, the only one who knows that there have been active werewolves I've been hanging out with in Forks so far is Bella. ...Maaaybe Edward, but only Bella. Shit. How is that even going to work?] Her eyebrows furrowed, but she was pulled back out of her musing by Jasper continuing on his rant.

[b "As sweet as you're being, you're doing that thing where you're trying to pick things for me again - I can learn to ride a motorcycle if I want to. You wouldn't be having this response if [i you] had been there teaching me how to ride a bike."] Alice teased, smirking a bit. [b "And I can ride a bicycle so your tripping statement is now invalid! I do have some sort of balance and I was doing fine for the first half-mile, but I was going too fast on a dirty road like an idiot and panicked. ...And not wearing a helmet or any sort of biking gear. I'm really lucky I didn't end up hurt."] She decided not to tell him she had almost cracked her skull open on a rock.

[b "And, um..."] She nibbled her lip, hesitating on how to broach this topic. They had nearly the entire 3.5 hours left of traveling to Seattle though, so bringing up this topic without his family around might be good. [b "...remember before I knew anything - beyond thinking y-you'd maybe been bitten by a radioactive spider or something - a-and... I invited you to La Push when the other kids invited me?"] The little brunette gave a very meek, hesitant grin.
  Alice Swan / animechick98 / 236d 2h 15m 52s
If it were physically possible, his brain would be short-circuiting. Jasper's grip on the wheel tightened enough to leave deep indents. [i Something for Rosalie to fix,] he noted. [b "A motorcycle? You, Alice Unable-To-Walk-Down-Stairs-Without-Tripping Swan, got a motorcycle?"]

Every worst case scenario flashed before his eyes with each detail she added to just how old and dangerous this bike potentially was. Alice getting hit by a car while riding the bike. Alice going off the side of a cliff while riding too close to the edge. Alice at the mercy of a crumbling machine with no brakes, headed towards certain death.

[b "Alright, yeah, I can't think about that bike unless we're discussing the option of putting training wheels on it. More for my sake than yours. But still for your sake,"] he glanced at her.

He and Emmett had a couple of dirt bikes in the garage back home. Maybe they could go on the roads with her to help her practice. If she'd already crashed on it once, maybe whoever she'd been with hadn't been paying enough attention to show her how to ride properly.

[b "You said a friend helped you. Someone from school? I promise I won't threaten them with bodily harm for putting you behind the handlebars of a death trap,"] he tried to keep his voice light, breaking the momentary silence as his thoughts were unable to let the topic go that easily.
  Jasper Hale / Kooza / 252d 6h 46m 54s
Alice came downstairs about two minutes after Jasper left, and for the first time in months she was wearing something with colors in it beyond dark-hued tones or just flat out grays, tans, or blacks: a pastel-blue fuzzy almost-a-turtleneck sweater that went down to her midthighs, black form-fitting leggings, and a pair of zip-up faux velvet sneakers in black that gave her an extra two inches thanks to their inner boost and the thickness of the sole. And she had pulled that hair that had grown so long up into a bun.

She almost looked like she used to. Sure, she was still too skinny, but her clothes finally breathed 'Alice' again.

[b "If you hide his body - dead or alive - I'll tell Renee and she'll never let you live it down. You know murder isn't allowed unless it's an executive decision. It would also make me sad."] Alice told Charlie, pulling on a pair of light grey gloves and grabbing a jean zip-up jacket. After a second she hurried over to Charlie, pressed a kiss to his forehead, and hurried out with a wave to her father before leaving.

She got in the car, and smiled gently at the phone. [b "Nah, they're clearly the favorites. I'm waiting to see Emmett faced with the ultimate fear of a dirty diaper now, though. Someone better record that."] She pulled on her seatbelt, slowly relaxing into the seat of the familiar car as it drove off.

[b "...A friend and I rebuilt two motorcycles while you were gone. I crashed mine on the first ride."] She said after a few moments of silence, and seeing his panic she let out a startled laugh. [b "I'm obviously fine, Jazz. Just thought you should know. I have almost one of those feelings that the fact I've been keeping a motorcycle secret from my father is going to bite me in the butt soon."] She looked a little shame-faced before she went on to say, [b "Especially since it's one of those older ones with the really bad hand-breakage. That's why I flipped in the first place since I was going too fast and tried to use them."]
  Alice Swan / animechick98 / 252d 14h 35m 19s
He crooked an eyebrow at her. [b "You literally just hit a vampire with a pillow. I don't know whether to be impressed at the attempt of violence, or concerned that your entire experience since meeting me has had little to no effect on instilling fear of the undead in you."]

A small smirk pulled at the corner of his lips. He paused in the doorway, considering his options. [b "Seattle it is then. Get ready and I'll go...have an extremely awkward conversation with your father while he stares me down with that police officer blank face thing he does."]

Jasper certainly didn't need to have empath powers to feel the pure hatred and rage rolling off of Charlie. From his spot in a well-worn armchair, the man was doing everything in his power to refrain from lunging at the 'teenager' and beating some sense into him. Not for the first time, Jasper was eternally grateful he didn't have Edward's mind-reading abilities. He had no desire to hear whatever Charlie was internally screaming.

[b "How are the Mariners doing?"] Jasper broke the silence, gesturing to the baseball game playing on the forgotten tv in the corner.

[i "I know how to get rid of a body. Should I ever need to,"] Charlie answered instead. [i "I just want to make that clear."]

The vampire froze. [b "I very much believe that, sir."]

[i "As long as that's understood. I have a lot of responsibilities as a police officer. Upholding the law, doing what's right. But my responsibilities as a dad are more important. So, I'm willing to overlook the legal side of things if I have to, to protect my daughter,"] Charlie continued, without blinking.

After a beat of silence, Jasper turned towards the stairs. [b "Alice, I'll be in the car. Take your time."]

Being almost two-hundred years old and virtually invincible meant nothing when you were being stared down by an angry father regarding his daughter.

He wasn't in his car two minutes before his phone chimed. Smiling from ear to ear, he stared down at the picture Bella had sent him, of Carlise and Esme each holding one of the two new grandbabies in their lives.

[b "I think you're going to replace everyone as the favourite,"] Jasper showed her the picture when she joined him in the car.
  Jasper Hale / Kooza / 272d 2h 44m 18s
Alice instantly raised her pillow, bunking Jasper as hard on the head with it as she could since that meant, of course, that he'd at least notice it on some level even if it was as light as a feather. [b "No deprecation allowed in my bedroom. Not even subtly doing it by trying the 'I doubt xyz will abc' methods."] She told him, smile soft before standing up. She stretched out her back slowly, pulling her hoodie more firmly around herself. She really was even skinnier than she had been before, hair so long, but the fact she had been healing before this entire incident is probably one of the only things that kept her from having reached a skeletal state.

And her smile still wasn't anything near what it used to be, but all healing took time. Just because she had gone to another country, forgiven him, and saved his life didn't mean that everything would go back to what it was immediately - or ever, really. They were both different people now.

Doesn't mean she wasn't going to keep being the stubborn little asshole she was, though, and not try her damnedest to be as happy as she used to be! But... wiser too, just a bit.

[b "I'm fine with talking, Jazz. But wherever we talk should probably be somewhere... not... in Forks?"] Alice said, shrugging weakly. [b "Maybe even Seattle? I usually don't get hungry until around lunchtime nowadays, so it's not like I'm gonna starve before I get there."] She told him honestly, and that had been a fact from even before he had left that she had just, well, never brought up. It had been a constant fact that her "cute humanly instinct to eat" took a few hours to ever pop up since after the ballet studio - even for hot chocolate she used to get every morning! She had never mentioned it before, because wanting it actively or not, hot chocolate always tasted and smelled delicious. [b "And going to Seattle for the day makes it way less likely to run into anyone or anything, so..."] She trailed off, shrugging.
  Alice Swan / animechick98 / 274d 15h 48m 6s
[b "Don't you start,"] he warned Bella. [b "I was worried about her. Last time I took my eyes off of her, she took up cliff diving."]

It was a morbid joke, and his smile didn't quite reach his eyes as he looked to Alice. [b "I was trying to make sure you didn't have any nightmares,"] he spoke quietly to her as his brother and sister doted on the baby.

At the sound of Alice's stomach protesting, Bella's face brightened. [i "You need to eat. From the looks of the fridge, I doubt Charlie has much in the house right now, other than baby food. Edward and I can watch Stephanie while you guys go get something to eat."]

[b "Bella, you can't just-"] Jasper panicked, not wanting to pressure his ex - if that's what she still was - into anything she didn't want to do.

[i "I'm not saying you have to hash everything out right now, but Alice needs to eat before she collapses,"] she reasoned with her brother. Bella looked to her niece. [i "We have about a hundred different things we're going to buy for this one online. So, while you're gone, we're going to take Stephanie to our place to do some online shopping. Find us there when you're ready."]

In a moment of confidence and determination, Bella walked out the bedroom door with the baby on her hip and her husband following close behind her. Jasper heard her explain to Charlie that she was going to babysit for a few hours, and then the front door closed.

The initial silence was deafening. [b "I doubt she'd hold it against you if you'd rather not get food with me. She'll understand,"] he finally spoke, his hands fidgeting at his sides. [b "We can take as long as you need before we talk about anything."]
  Jasper Hale / Kooza / 1y 106d 10h 20m 40s
For the first time in what felt like centuries , Alice slept peacefully. No nightmares, no dreamless sleeping, but... just happy blurring of those enchanting colors of REM sleep, and then of the dream that had made it all possible: her and Jasper, standing in the sunlight in bio-luminescent glory, and he lifting her up to twirl her int he meadow before ending with a kiss.

Even in her dreams, however, she knew achieving that would be either a long-won goal, or something that would have to be decided as quick and painlessly as possible.

[center [b [i ~ ~]]]
Relatively, Alice was the oddest mix of a heavy sleeper and a light sleeper. She slept very deeply and soundly , sure, but she had developed a sense that had her wake up with ease at some subtle things; like the whimpers of Stephenie or just knowing when her father was opening the door to her bedroom. Thus, she woke up with a slight panic, considering who had been in her room the night previous, but then calmed at seeing no... 'guests' around her room, Stephenie asleep in her crib, and her father opening the door.

[#216bb5 "You still aren't going to school today?"] Charlie asked, eyebrow arched, and once receiving a nod from his daughter he huffed. He moved to close the door, hesitated, before saving, [#216bb5 "Stephie missed you."]

Alice smiled, blew a kiss at Charlie, and he seemed to soften a little from his still lingering frustrations before shutting the door and leaving the house around thirty seconds later. ...And then two seconds after that, Alice was fighting back some giggles at seeing three members of the Cullen family exit the closet with Jasper in the lead.

[#c5911b "Someone whose name stars with a 'J' almost didn't want to get up from the bed~"] Bella cooed, moving to pinch Jasper's cheek a little before instantly dancing her way over to pick up Stephenie again with Edward on her heels.

Alice smiled softly, glancing up at Jasper with a hesitant smile. It wasn't anywhere near as hesitant as yesterday, but it was much better. There were still many things they had to talk about - the sooner the better, but for the moment she was happy just to sit in her room with three of some of the most important people in her life...

...until her stomach growled audibly, anyway, and Stephenie finally started to fuss away.
  Alice Swan / animechick98 / 1y 109d 16h 26m 4s
Jasper felt nothing but waves of love and affection towards the tiny woman in his arms. She was single-handedly giving his family everything they'd ever dreamed of. Rosalie had wanted nothing more than to be a mother, and he knew that Emmett would be a doting father for their son. Bella and Edward would give their daughter everything she desired, and both children would be loved more than they would ever realize.

By the time they reached the house, Alice was fast asleep. With Edward's help, he got her up into her room through the window, so as to not disturb Charlie on the couch, where he'd been asleep himself. [i "Everything okay?"] Edward was kind enough to ask instead of prying in his thoughts.

[b "We talked. It's a start, but I think everything is going to be okay. I need to speak with the two of you, however."]

Jasper made sure her door was shut and secured, instructing Bella to put the sleeping infant back in her crib. [b "I need you both to just listen to me before you say anything. It's extremely important, but you need to be quiet so you don't wake up Charlie."]

[i "We accept!"] Edward blurted out as quietly as he could manage with the growing excitement in his chest.

Go figure he'd ruin his own surprise. [i "What are we accepting?"] Bella looked between them.

Jasper raised a challenging eyebrow to Edward, who gave a frantic nod for him to continue. [b "Part of what Alice and I talked about was the two of you. She feels it would be the most beneficial for Stephanie if she was placed with a family who can give her the love and attention she needs as she grows up."]

Hope fluttered in Bella's chest and it was all Jasper could do not to smile like an idiot. [i "Are you saying..."] she trailed off, not wanting to be wrong.

[b "She's your daughter, if you'll have her,"] he confirmed.

He barely had time to realize Bella's intention of jumping on Alice to wrap her in a hug before he grabbed her around the waist mid-jump. [b "Go hold your baby, let her sleep,"] he laughed quietly at her enthusiasm.

He took a seat in Alice's desk chair, not feeling right to sit on the bed with her while things are still muddled between them. He contented himself with watching his siblings fawn over their new child, knowing that tears would be falling from their eyes if it were at all possible.
  Jasper Hale / Kooza / 1y 245d 8h 36m 55s
[b "I'm sure. The minute Renee came to me with the idea in December, even though I accepted right away... when I Stephenie when she was born a month ago? All I could think of is that I wished Bella and Edward were around to take her instead. I swear she has Bella's nose... which makes sense."] Alice grinned softly, shrugging her shoulders before letting out a long yawn. She laughed a little though at his comment about her making herself the family's favorite, saying "Guess it's a gift that only effects vampires and people in small Northern towns", yawning again after doing so.

A few seconds after the yawn, however, she let out a startled sound as she was slowly scooped up. She blinked, seeing the doubting expression on the one holding her, and offering a small smile. [b "S'okay. This is an acceptable thing. I'm good."] She rested her head on his shoulder, yawning again.

[b "Jazz? I'm running on no sleep for like the past 72 hours. If you three want to be creepies and take care of Stephie all night for me — and manage to do it without waking Charlie or getting caught by Charlie — then that's plenty fine with me. Just remind Bella and Edward that they can't squeal or anything once they find out the news."] She smiled, letting her eyes fall shut. [b "Make it a slow walk back....?"] The pixie girl requested, her voice softly trailing off as sleep tried to consume her.
  Alice Swan / animechick98 / 1y 245d 16h 15m 57s
He held her face in his hands and pressed a kiss to her forehead. [b "No flaming arrows needed. Or any attempt of bodily harm. I'm at your disposal, Alice Swan."]

Her next question came so suddenly that he had to step back to look at her and make sure he heard correctly. [b "You want them to adopt her?"]

It wasn't that he couldn't picture Bella and Edward as parents. In fact, it was the complete opposite. He couldn't imagine more doting parents, aside from Rosalie and Emmett with their new little one. Edward was naturally protective, and Bella would adore any child they would be lucky to have. His dead heart practically warmed at the thought of what Alice wanted to give them.

[b "If you offered for them to adopt Stephanie, I don't think they would hesitate in a second to have her as their daughter,"] he answered honestly. [b "Are you sure this is something that you would want? I'll support your decision either way you choose, I just want to make sure you're absolutely positive that this is something you're going to be okay with."]

She hadn't even broken the news to his brother and sister, yet he could practically feel their excitement already. Then again, maybe it was residual from where they were doting on the little girl back at the house. [b "I think you've officially managed to become my entire family's favourite person in the world. I'm a bit jealous,"] he offered a small smile.
  Jasper Hale / Kooza / 1y 250d 9h 36m 11s

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