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Yeah taking a break.. thanks bye all.


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Roleplay Responses

ello big sis
  Little Ni / nicro / 7y 40d 3h 1m 18s
  Lady Phantomhive / Elodie / 7y 199d 11h 37m 34s
  Damos Kojima / Ashura / 7y 204d 13h 24m 48s
  Panda~ / Lostnekosoul / 7y 259d 13h 56m 2s
  Jigoku / Elodie / 7y 322d 15h 13m 2s
hey guys im back yet again haha!
  Dante S Aria (rocker) / danteSaria / 7y 349d 26m 6s
I have not been here in like.. well forever x3
  Neku XXX Toxic / toxicsky / 7y 349d 23h 13m 48s
elodie is mion right?
  Little Ni / nicro / 8y 24d 23h 17m 27s
  Ruiz / NinjaZSho / 8y 31d 21h 22m 24s
  Jigoku / Elodie / 8y 32d 14h 18m 7s
You read any of my book yet? I am getting tired of waiting for YOU to read the first chapter *pushes you aside*
  Ruiz / NinjaZSho / 8y 46d 14h 1m 18s
yes Ruiz?
  Grany winter & Nini / Blue_Roses / 8y 46d 14h 2m 14s
  Ruiz / NinjaZSho / 8y 46d 14h 42m 5s
smiles cleaning Nini up then sets a dish of cake and icecream infront of him along with a clean spoon and puts a bib on him so he dosen't get his clothes dirty. Good Job hun. Enjoy your desert.
  Grany winter & Nini / Blue_Roses / 8y 46d 18h 58m 37s
yesh sir! *starts eating*
  Little Ni / nicro / 8y 46d 20h 29m 37s

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