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This is a story about a young vampire girl falling in love, but what the boy dose not know is that she is a vampire,witch makes her very dark and evil,she should never fall in love but she dose.

no crybering,
romance is a yes
swearing is a yes :)

fighting yes :P

killing humans yes :P

other than that go nuts ^_^

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  West Wind / Crimson / 9y 262d 18h 36m 5s
"What the....hell that was for?" He said as he held his neck as he looked down at the ground still couldn't move.
  West Wind / Crimson / 9y 334d 23h 16m 24s
she stopped and pulled away from him,her eyes going back to light blue,she looked at him in shame to herself "i'm very sorry sir" she said steppig back.
"Ah...Stop.." He said as his eyes widen with shocked. His body frozed as he felt his life beening drain from him.
  West Wind / Crimson / 9y 334d 23h 34m 25s
she smirked a little "hehe wrong move boy" she said appearing right in front of him,she moved her head up slowly,moven her hair showing her bright red eyes and her fangs, she moved close to him sniffing his neck carefully, she then pushed him against a close by tree and bit down hard on his neck.
West turned around as he quickly begin to walk away. She is scary he told himself as he walked.
  West Wind / Crimson / 9y 334d 23h 56m 50s
yeah XD
Alice moved her head up looking at the boy her eyes glowing bright red,her fangs starting to grow but it was in her nature ot wait for the person to run,she never made the first move.
So Im a human))

"I'm going be late home!" West yelled as he ran fast throught street doging cars. He climb gates and ladders as he jump on s pole and slide down it. He got tired as he slowly walk though a dark slient park where couples to. He was scared alittle bit as he looked around and saw a girl on the bench.
  West Wind / Crimson / 9y 335d 15m 9s
Alice woke up dead in middle of the night, she smiled as her fangs showed themselfs,she sighed as she got out of her coffin and jumped out of her bedroom winds, she laned on her feet,she smiled as she pulled her dark red hair over her eyes, covering them so no one knew what she was, she got up and started to walk to a park, she sighed as she sat on a bench looking at people that past by her,they were staren at her wich was maken her get mad.

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