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Lovino Vargas -South Italy/Italy Romano-
Lovino snorted. "I'm not mad about that, stupid." He cuffed the raven haired boys' head suprisingly lightly. "So quit apologizing," he watched Kiku go under nervously. He felt much less at ease with out the japanese boy in sight for some reason...

When Kiku surfaced again, Lovino shrugged, making sure to train a stern look of indefferince on his face so the other boy wouldn't see the smile that had slipped onto his face. He still wants to hang out with me? Usually people run off by now.... "Uh, sure. Why don't we go for a walk to dry off?" he suggested, pleased with himself for not slipping under the water yet.
*japan* Kiku Honda
Kiku smiled and held onto him in just in case he got tired. I am glad to see you can do it, You know it took me years to figure out how to swim you’re a natural. Kiku smiled and then when Ramano let go he let a slight frown plant on his face. Are still not comfortable with me being around you. I did apologize for the whole thing earlier are you mad about that. I really am sorry. he went under water and then came back up looking at Ramano and smiled. Do you still want to swim or do you want to go somewhere else? he watched to make sure he wasn’t going to drowned.

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  *japan* Kiku Honda / Fuuhegerashy / 2y 286d 15h 15m 12s
Lovino Vargas -South Italy/Italy Romano-
Lovino tensed momentarily before remembering that he needed to concentrate on floating right now. "Okay..." he nodded slowly, watching as Kiku swam a few feet away. Waiting a moment, Lovino took a deep breath before trying ot swim forward. He sinked a little at first before gaining confidence and swimming towards Kiku. When he got close enough, he grabbed onto the Japanese boy. "C-chigi! I...did it," he smiled slightly. (I wasn't that hard. ) he thought, looking over at Kiku and slowly retracting his arms, strangely quiet. "Uh...thanks,"

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*japan* Kiku Honda
Kiku smiled as he looked at lovino. “Its okay you needed something to grab onto since you thought you were drowning.” He smiled and watched as Lovino stayed afloat. “That was great!” now im going to go a little far from you and I want you to do what you are doing now and I want you to swim to me and don’t worry if you cant and go underwater I will be right there to help you.” Kiku smiled and went a little farther but close enough where he could swim to get lovino. “Okay swim to me.” Kiku smiled at him.

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  *japan* Kiku Honda / Fuuhegerashy / 2y 297d 21h 51m 11s
Lovino Vargas -South Italy/Italy Romano-
Lovino bit his lip nervously, letting go of Kiku's arms to attempt at floating. Kicking his legs and moving his arms in a circulare motion Lovino yelped as his head went dangerously close to the water, reaching out to wrap his arms around Kiku automatically. "C-chigi!" he squeaked, blushing in embaressment. Damnit! You can do this..a-and stop blushing! he commanded himself, slowly untangling himself from Kiku. "Sorry.." he mumbled, trying again and this time managing to stay afloat.

His face light up. "H-hey! I did it, bastard," he said cheerfully, before pausing and blushing again. Damnit, don't get too friendly! W-what is it about this boy that makes me want to smile? "I-I mean, duh. That was easy, stupid. What's next?"
*japan* Kiku Honda
"Oh im sorry i didnt mean to bring back bad memories." Kiku studied Lovino and then heard him say that he would see what he could find him. "Thanks he smiled and then he grabbed Lovinos hand. "COme first you need to get into the water and after i will show you what to do from there." Kiku swam a little until he saw that Lovino was going no were near the water so he got out and picked Lovino up and brought him into the water he didnt let him go.

"Now what you need to do first is kick your legs and then move your arms in a circular motion." he showed him and smiled. never stop unless you turn on your back when you get tired then you can float on your back try it im here so you wont drowned." he smiled

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  *japan* Kiku Honda / Fuuhegerashy / 2y 304d 7h 18m 16s
Lovino Vargas -South Italy/Italy Romano-
"I-I...are you sure you'd want to teach me?" he asked nervously, looking at the japanese teen in shock. People didn't really offer to spend any prolonged periods of time with Lovino. The change was...nice.

Lovino tensed at Kiku's second question. "....My parent's died when I was young. And my nonno never had the time to teach me." he confessed, blushing as he wasn't used to being so open so quickly.

"You need a job?" Blinking curiosly, Lovino felt his lips quirk slightly. "Alright; come with me to work tomorrow. I'll see if we have anything open for you."

Following him to a secluded spot Lovino blushed furiously. "W-what? Bastard, what are you-" he stopped, realizing Kiku probably only wanted to help him swim. Picking at his clothes nervously as Kiku splashed around Lovino blushed a bright red to rival his and Antonio's prized tomatoes at Kiku's words. "W-wha-! Bastard, I can do it myself," he snapped embarrassedly, tearing his shirt off over his head and striping to his tomato print boxers.

"N-now how do I do this?" he asked, crossing his arms self consciously and trying not to let his eyes wonder Kiku's body. His dripping wet, near-naked body... CHIGI! Why do I keep thinking like that!? There's nothing special about this there?
*japan* Kiku Honda
Kiku looked at Lovino."Want to go to a empty spot i can show you how to swim i can teach you. its a survival skill you will need to know in the long run." he looked into the sky and then back at lovino. "why didnt your parents teach you have to swim when you were young? im not trying to be pushy W-wait you dont have to answer if you dot want to." he stuttered for the first time. kiku blushed uncotrolably. then put his hand on his face. "do you think i could get a job somewhere since i just moved here i need to start making money otherwise i wont be able to survive out here.

Kiku walked away from all the people to a secluded area. "okay now take your clothes off." kiku smiled then started to take his shirt off and then his pants. "come on now dont be shy i do not bite okay i dont bite hard." he said jokingly then got into the water. "come on in its nice in here." kiku then dove under water he opened his eyes then came back up." owch that wasnt a good idea." he laughed and then looked at lovino. he got out of the water and walked over to him. "if you dont take your clothes off i will drag you into the water with me with your clothes on.
  *japan* Kiku Honda / Fuuhegerashy / 2y 304d 7h 59m 42s
Lovino Vargas -South Italy/Italy Romano-
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Lovino blushed, rubbing the back of his neck and glaring at the ground beneath his feet as they walked. S-swim? he thought. "I hadn't been planning on swimming... I actually don't know how." Why did he say that? Stupid, stupid! What teenager didn't know how to swim. Now the boy probably thought he was weird or something... n-not that he cared!

Lovino looked up, thinking. "A job? Yeah...I work at my Nonno's - uh, my Grandpa's - restaurant on the weekends," and help deal the the under workings of the mafia, but he doesn't need to know that, Lovino thought.

As they neared the park, Lovino shoved his hands into his jean pockets. "What about you. Gonna swim?"

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