Alone Again (1+1) (Horror/Romance/MATURE/Murder)

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Stephanie is dead now murdered by a person she had trusted her boyfriend *now ex boyfriend* because of her being hell-bent over taking revenge she is stuck in between the spiritual and non-spiritual world. He is bounded to Stephanie seeing as they dated for about seventeen years before he killed her.

Now ____ has met a new girl who moves into the apartment across the hall he thinks he likes her but Stephanie starts to reappear and soon he's back in love with Steph but Stephanie is dead and has a wicked plot in mind to kill him too.

How can the girl win the heart of a man who just won't let go and how can she get Stephanie to leave him be? Let him move on and stop Stephanie from killing him.

Need guy and girl
-Romance and minimal sexual explicit content:
examples-> flirting, seducing etc.
- Not lower then at least 400 words.
- Cursing, violence are all allowed

so join!

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Alright join?
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