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go away.

or stay.

The Rules:

1. If I don't like you, go away. If you're not sure whether I like you or not, chances are, I don't.

2. Leave your manners at the door, please.

3. Leave any remnants of rubbish in your mouth.

4. Chances are, I don't really want to know and I'm not going to pretend to care.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Im not able to get into my old account, so I cant post in our thread. But heres to hoping you come back. I miss you. A lot.
  Avanesa / 121d 21h 3m 27s
This was a huge mistake.

At least, that's what I want to say.

I don't think I'll ever shut out the pain- its a mine in the ground I dig up again and again, every time I think I'm ready to close the door. Every time I forget the blinding light.
  SnowJin / 7y 48d 9h 42m 55s
Bear. Safe. Healthy. Avoid. Believe. Survive. Wishes.

  BrilliantlyInsane / 8y 156d 7h 3m 23s
Nothing feels real.
  dibs / 8y 161d 3h 34m 24s
Amid dark, shadows fall across his face
Transfix his lips on shallow breath, that kiss
I am kept tethered to this wretched place
For all of the moments that I did miss
For all the mistakes I have yet to make
Ask not for forgiveness, but grieved I am
This holds true for each night I lie awake
Whether soul and mind be bless├Ęd or damned
A sun shan't pass where I do not belong
Buried six fathoms deep and by your side
These shoulders shall carry your soul lifelong
To you, forevermore I will be tied
    With you I bury my heart, mind and soul
    And so with me, I will carry you, Joel
  dibs / 8y 162d 3h 10m 9s
My capacity to stop.. is on high.
Testing... testing.. TESTING

  BrilliantlyInsane / 8y 166d 8h 2m 36s

But I thought...

You thought wrong.

Conversations with yourself.
  dem. / dibs / 8y 167d 2h 54s
'Course you will.

youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vul9TYHZd88

There's a new button...
  dibs / 8y 167d 3h 58m 48s
I'll stay.

  BrilliantlyInsane / 8y 167d 7h 36m 15s


  dibs / 8y 168d 11h 21m 37s
youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L95iKBiZUEs
  dibs / 8y 168d 11h 22m 22s
It's really just as well.
  dem. / dibs / 8y 170d 14h 17m 23s

always on my mind

  bloodlust / dibs / 8y 173d 33m 37s

it won't matter when i'm dead, so why should it matter now?

  bloodlust / dibs / 8y 173d 3h 17m 37s
Purple and blue; the colour of my love for you.

  dibs / 8y 173d 5h 17m 14s

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