The lycan and the woman

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White Fang was the pack Runt and was the runt of his liter. He was very different, and would be teased for his snow white fur instead of grey or black, which was normal to the other wolves. One day, he was being beat, being bit, gnawed, and scratched at by the leaders of the pack, he transformed in instinct and ran, the Leaders were shocked and have tried to hunt him down for five years now. During the winter, he was in his puppy form, he walked though the forest, hungry, alone, sad, until _ _ _ _ _ picked him up and took him home, what will happen once she finds out that he is lycan? Will she try to kill him like his pack, or take him in and care for him? join and find out!


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  White Fang / Saynot / 10y 125d 15h 49m 13s
am so sorry buddy, i am back but i promise i will be online tomorrow alright?

he smiled warmly and walked over after she was done cleaning the table and hugged her gently
  White Fang / Saynot / 10y 127d 2h 36m 53s
{And... why are you sad?}
Lucy blushed a bit. "I told you," she said kindly, "you can call me Lucy..." She got up, clearing the table. She carried the dishes into the kitchen. "So..." she started.
  Lucy Langley / GoldenDelicious / 10y 129d 4h 58m 51s
am so sorry still, my girl is happy and i am sad.....

he ate silently with her, he ate perfectly and smiled warmly as he finished eating -love you momma.....-
  White Fang / Saynot / 10y 129d 5h 1m 8s
{girl problems? What's up?}
Lucy smiled back at him, saying a small thank you. She ate in silence, for a while.
  Lucy Langley / GoldenDelicious / 10y 129d 5h 24m 50s
am sorry buddy, i have had girl problems.....

he smiled warmly and walked over and transformed back and sat down -looks good- he smiled brightly at her
  White Fang / Saynot / 10y 129d 5h 26m 11s
{That's alright... I've gotta go in a few, just giving you a heads up...}
Lucy finished up cooking and walked into the dining room. She set the plates down... but was unsure of whether Fang was going to turn human for the meal, or not.
  Lucy Langley / GoldenDelicious / 10y 129d 6h 44m 19s
OOC: i am so sorry that i am being so on replies...

he smiled warmly and sat where she sat him and waited for his dinner
  White Fang / Saynot / 10y 129d 6h 48m 2s
Lucy and the lycan... they certainly were a strange duo. Lucy picked him up, petting him, and carried him into the kitchen. She set him down at her feet, washed her hands, and began to prepare dinner. Every now and again she would sing a little to the pup, while she cooked.
  Lucy Langley / GoldenDelicious / 10y 129d 7h 49m 55s
he smiled at her and sat down and transformed back into a puppy and curled up into his little white ball of fur that he was known for
  White Fang / Saynot / 10y 129d 7h 57m 3s
"Sure," Lucy said. She opened the now dented driver's side door, hopped in, and they drove off. In a few minutes, they were back at the house. Now that she knew Fang was a lycan, she wouldn't have to leave to get anything different for him to eat.
  Lucy Langley / GoldenDelicious / 10y 129d 8h 34m 39s
am back!

he smiled down at her and walked her over to the car -can we go home?-
  White Fang / Saynot / 10y 129d 8h 36m 43s
{See ya.}
Lucy remained in his warm embrace, thinking about how strong he seemed...
  Lucy Langley / GoldenDelicious / 10y 129d 8h 54m 32s
he smiled warmly and nuzzled her cheek and smiled -good.....-

OOC: i am about to go home, see ya when i get there!
  White Fang / Saynot / 10y 129d 8h 58m 19s
Lucy pulled him into a hug. "You're not lonely, I'm here," she said. She noticed that the top of her head barely reached his chin.
  Lucy Langley / GoldenDelicious / 10y 129d 9h 9m 4s

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