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-Vampire and human
-Werewolf and Human
-Dragon Rider and Human.
-WereLeaopard and Vampire.
-Werewolf Next Door
-Assassin Roleplay.
-Werewolf Gladiator.
Among other things.

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Roleplay Responses

For me it was between Werewolf%Human.
But if you'd like to do Werewolf*Human we can.
Though the Werewolf&Human splits into two stories.
The Werewolf Gladiator.
Werewolf Next Door.
Or are we making someting up?
  -Darryl James / JaceRapheal / 10y 4d 14m 52s
I quite like werewolf and human, never RP'd one of those before. I'll let you choose though, I totally don't mind what we do.
  Amber / amberbridget / 10y 4d 17m 59s
Its been done, you welcome. I just hope your literate.
  -Darryl James / JaceRapheal / 10y 4d 20m 31s
thank you in advanced:)
  Gerri / lawshenk / 10y 4d 23m 15s
Alright thats fine, I wasn't really betting on that one anyway. :L

Yea i'll make ano=ther one for you If you like.
  -Darryl James / JaceRapheal / 10y 4d 24m 51s
Anyone in your ideas is cool with me :)
I think Vampire-Human is really overused though, so I wouldn't really want to do that, if thats okay?
  Amber / amberbridget / 10y 4d 28m 48s
would you like to start ananother off these for me please i understand if not
  Gerri / lawshenk / 10y 4d 29m 29s
Yeah its fine. So i got another I one thats a favorite.
Psychic Wizard& Whatever you like.
You have any ideas?
  -Darryl James / JaceRapheal / 10y 4d 30m 34s
[Is this okaay? Yeah, thats fine(:]
  Amber / amberbridget / 10y 4d 36m 12s
Well see after you get the pic. We can come up with idesa together.
  -Darryl James / JaceRapheal / 10y 4d 37m 26s
[I'll join if you let me get a pic? ;D.]
  Amber / amberbridget / 10y 4d 38m 30s
Well this new elite skills is weird...Anybody of for a roleplay? Real pictures only.
  -Darryl James / JaceRapheal / 10y 4d 39m 53s

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