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UH just a stpry about two lovers that meet each other. They fall deeply in love and than they have this will to protected themselves whenever they need it.

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She smiled and grins a bit as she than moves closer to him on the towel her head on his shoudler and her legs on him. "I love this spot. You found a very good spot for us love. hm i can even smell that great scent of the fresh ocean" she smiled to him as she just mumbled on as she stayed in his arms close.
  SwimsuitSoul~=3 / Lostnekosoul / 9y 13d 3h 33m 5s
He grinned speechless still slightly drooling. I love it! I'm glad you decided to change here hahaha..."
  Kenta Sawtorran / Kenta / 9y 13d 3h 36m 4s
She turned to him and laughed when she saw him as she than ran over and than went to go join him on the towels. "What do you think love?" Smiles and giggles backing her eyelids back as she asked for his opion. "Do you like it Love?" She grins.
  SwimsuitSoul~=3 / Lostnekosoul / 9y 13d 3h 38m 19s
He admired her body drooling as she stared into the distance. He then mumbled to himself: the things I wanna do right now should be illegal xD. He grinned and called her closer.
  Kenta Sawtorran / Kenta / 9y 13d 3h 42m 15s
Soul smiled and went inside she beang to change after she was down she went over and met him by the towels where he sat down on the ground. she smiled her long red pink hair blew into the wind as she gaced into the oceans shore and the few of the blue sky.
  SwimsuitSoul~=3 / Lostnekosoul / 9y 13d 3h 45m 47s
"If you aren't back quickly I'll come looking for you in the Women's changing room" He spoke playfully to let her know he was kidding. "Hurry back my love I'll miss you! He watched as she left to change and then flopped out a large beach blanket for the two of them to rest upon.
  Kenta Sawtorran / Kenta / 9y 13d 4h 16m 7s
She heared what he said about his arm and she let go of him than just holding his hand now lightly and walked right to the changed rooms. "I'll get changed love you can wait for me right?" She smiled asking him.
  [ S x o x u x L] / Lostnekosoul / 9y 13d 4h 26m 43s
"Fine." Kenta had no desire to be up and moving, but was willing to anything to see her smile. He was being held by an arm with no say in the matter either way, so he just laughed and followed. "Babe find a spot soon," he chuckled "my arm can't take much more".
  Kenta Sawtorran / Kenta / 9y 13d 4h 33m 11s
Soul smiled when he did that she followed with him as she ran up and grabbed her baithing suit. "I'll changed when we get there hun" She smiled and ran up to him grabbing his hand already dragging him out the door and down to the shore. They lived near there very close to the shore together they'd ger married there is what Soul would always be thinking.
  [ S x o x u x L] / Lostnekosoul / 9y 13d 4h 41m 10s
Still having lazy tendencies, Kenta sighed before flopping out of the chair and put on beach worthy clothing "Swimming trunks no shirt? Sounds good to me. Lets go to the beach...."
  Kenta Sawtorran / Kenta / 9y 13d 4h 57m 55s
[[ Died...}}
  [ S x o x u x L] / Lostnekosoul / 9y 14d 10h 5m 57s
She shook her head and stod up. " No it's fine we can do whatever you like.. but i was sorta thinking we'd go to the beach i don't know spend some time together, but if sleeping in bed is what you wish we do, than i will do it for you" She smiled slightly.
  [ S x o x u x L] / Lostnekosoul / 9y 28d 14h 37m 20s
He looked at her reading the emotion behind her eyes. She obviously not find his idea very appealing. "What do you want to do.. I'm just being lazy... I appologize."
  Kenta Sawtorran / Kenta / 9y 28d 14h 51m 9s
She smiled at him and nod her head agreeing with him and than sat herself in her own chair next to him. "So you just want a lay in bed again today love?" she asked not thinking thats very fun but whatever he wanted she'd go with it anytime. All that really matter to her was him to be happy happiness was a very important part to her and she always felt like she had to give it to him.
  [ S x o x u x L] / Lostnekosoul / 9y 28d 14h 53m 53s
As he finished the food off he wiped his mouth and sighed before speaking, "I honestly do not know... I was thinking we should just relax a while. We've been so busy lately baby. I just want to spend the day in. Alone time is hard to come by. And we have all day, so let's make it last." He smiled weakly at her, still slightly tired.
  Kenta Sawtorran / Kenta / 9y 28d 15h 8m 47s

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