*Vampire Lover*

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Summer time is starting to end and Dakota had the time of her lifr. Hanging with friends, hanging with her boyfriend and her family, having cookouts and going to the beach. Now it's time to start school. A while after school starts, a new student comes to the school. He is mysterious and kinda just showed up at the school. But everyone is entranced in his handsomeness. Everyone is falling for him. But there is a secret Dakota can't figure out about him. The secret is he is a vampire. Even though she has a boyfriend she starts to fall for him. Will they fall in love and will she find out his secret?? Will her boyfriend find out about her feelings for this guy.

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May I join?
  Kenny Foon / greenfairygirl / 9y 72d 10h 46m 41s
Anyone want to join?? It will be fun!! Need Guy~* Please join!
  Dakota / Dakotaheart / 9y 72d 12h 15m 27s

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