Dance Like There is No Tomorrow!

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As Grace walks down the hallway, she bumps into him. Dark hair, piercing eyes, and handsome body. "Are you ok??" he asks as he steels her breath away.

Grace had just entered at Dance University. She sent in her application during the summer. Now the summer is over and it's time for her to start school. She has to audition to see if she can go to the school of talent. When she goes she meets a guy and has the time of her life. Will Grace and this guy fall in love or will they be destined to be friends??

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Grace sees a guy named Josh as well, she says to her friend Kara "oh crap i really like both guys" what should she do??
  CookieMonster / Robbie / 8y 219d 14h 36m 57s
<<Ah, that woul explain it XD Alright, thanks for letting me known.>>
  Aaron / xxobsessedxx / 9y 66d 13h 38m 19s
-Well hello Obsessed!! and this is my sister on here. She only comes over every other week to roleplay and stay for like 2 if she doesnt reply for a while its because she isnt over here. Just to tell Ya!!-
  Jade Wolf / RukiaXIchi / 9y 68d 13h 24m 35s
<<Aww, alright. Talk to you later if I am on then :) >>
  Aaron / XxObsessedxX / 9y 72d 12h 53m 31s
~Sorry I g2g. I will get on later!!
  Grace / Dakotaheart / 9y 72d 12h 54m 41s
Aaron cocked an eyebrow, "You had the guts to apply to one of the most prestigious performance schools, I think you'll be fine."
  Aaron / XxObsessedxX / 9y 72d 12h 56m 17s
She followed close behind passing all the staring faces. Once they reached the auditorium, her nerves kicked in. "I don't think I can do this." she said standing behind him looking a little over his shoulder.
  Grace / Dakotaheart / 9y 72d 12h 57m 53s
"Oh, I'm heading there now to help judge students who have applied. Fllow me," He said as he headed down the hall to their destination.
  Aaron / XxObsessedxX / 9y 72d 13h 5m 53s
"Yeah. I need to get to the auditorium. I have an audition to see if I have the talent to make it here at this school." she said looking up at him, pushing her hair out of her face.
  Grace / Dakotaheart / 9y 72d 13h 7m 6s
Aaron looked around, and rolled his eyes, "Yeah, and don't mind everyone else. This is a talent school so of course there is gossip among cliques." He said, "Do you need help with something?"
  Aaron / XxObsessedxX / 9y 72d 13h 13m 11s
She smiled looking up. "Yeah I'm ok. Are you??" she asked. Everyone around her started whispering and pointing at the two of them standing there. She looked around at them and then back at him. She looked into his piercing eyes and looked back at the floor.
  Grace / Dakotaheart / 9y 72d 13h 15m 15s
Aaron smiled, "It'sa rlight... Are you okay though?" He asked, his tone said he was concerned. A few onlookers watched curiously as one of the school's star pupils talked to this girl.
  Aaron / XxObsessedxX / 9y 72d 13h 19m 56s
"I am so sorry." Grace said as she turned to look up, blusing and then looking back down. "I am sorry. I didn't mean to bump into you. I wass just.." she said fading away as she said the last sentenced.
  Grace / Dakotaheart / 9y 72d 13h 21m 0s
Aaron smiled and waved to a few people as he walked down the hall way. He was just heading out of the class room after dropping off some papers for a teacher. He was always doing extra work and even helped in selecting new students at times. Suddenly, someone bumped into him.
  Aaron / XxObsessedxX / 9y 72d 13h 23m 12s
~Sure I can start.

Grace walked through the crowded halls, faces turning towards her. She had just started going here, or was going to find out if she was going to be going here. She continued walking hearing the snickers coming from left and right, her face turning towards the ground.
  Grace / Dakotaheart / 9y 72d 13h 27m 0s

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