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pic's for our rp Newborn...


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  Shu / 6y 56d 17h 34m 51s,cute,guy,beautiful,guy,cute,boy,precious-efbbac44caead69b3e5b702f179f91c1_h.jpg

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  Belial / Shu / 6y 63d 21h 17m 0s

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Bill Kaulitz as Miah's roommate?**OwEmmgm6wyo*N6OxAzhjpib*GPYDokune8EQm68yeVCuRl1B6DUEQLdoAHf-H9VsHSdLsI1rHKodl0K3WZuvpuHY58zn/BillKaulitz.jpg

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  Shu / 6y 65d 5h 41m 6s

  Shu / 6y 67d 15h 41m 50s,fashion,old,red,hair,braids,plait-cf7a170304e9e2aa5bad66f3cb24d2d4_h_thumb.jpg?1295956748 < nice pic's :)
  Shu / 6y 67d 21h 6m 57s

yum yum :D
  Shu / 6y 68d 7h 50m 38s
hmmm Damon Salvatore,

  Shu / 6y 68d 12h 9m 44s
  Shu / 6y 68d 12h 12m 18s
"sigh" more pic's :P

Yeey, found a pretty elf : )

  Shu / 6y 68d 12h 48m 6s
Haha, Murtagh, the vampire hunter :P

I found your's!

I'm getting a bit ahead I believe :P
Once I start searching for pic's it doesn't stop o.0 waah
  Shu / 6y 68d 12h 56m 42s
Werewolfs, witches and hunters?

  Shu / 6y 68d 13h 5m 59s

  Shu / 6y 68d 13h 10m 22s

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