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Five space shuttles slammed through the ship's right broadside. Air hissing as it escaped into the air like one would pull the cap of a can of pop. Five men in each shuttle along with one civilian in each. Each man had a blue uniform with an eagle crested to the center. Wearing helmets that looked impenetrable, blue lights emanating from the front...Clearly this being the slit where the eyes fit. Each one holding an assault rifle with the perfect scope for seeing in the darkness.

"Alright men, we're here for recon. Figure out what happened on the White Flame then we'll head back."

All of them nodded, turning the safety off with their thumbs. The civilians were there to write down notes of the damage and other things they noticed. Jogging forward through the ship's hallways were dim lights lighting their paths. Blood stains littered the walls with wordings such as "GET OUT", another saying "HE SEES US". Men losing morale with every single step...Till the end of hallway had a man with a suit.

Bald, the dim light above him sparked out strangely. The other dim lights however showed his appearance. The men halted, aiming their weapons in his direction while the officer of the group said. "Alright, get back to the pods civilians, we'll handle this." They did so without being asked, shrugging his shoulders the officer bellowed. "Who are you, and what has happened here?!" The man didn't reply, but began to walk toward the group of men...Lights flickering back and forth.

Vanishing and reappearing, closer and closer...Steps sounding as light as a feather. With the short amount of time the men had to see this strange man...His eyes had been removed; Only to show stitching closing them completely. His lips were also sown, all the way to the cheek-bones...As if he were smiling. "Kill it! Kill it!" The officer yelled, rounds flying through the air like mad. Slamming into the steel walls and piercing through it. Then the man was gone, no longer there.

Panting the officer could only see darkness...The lights were off. Beside him was a switch to turn them all back on, pulling it the lights came back on...Except for the area he stood on. Before his eyes was the same man, bounding backwards onto his ass he stared up with disbelief and fired at his head with his assault rifle. The man was gone when this happened though and all the other men began to become frightened. Suddenly the lights went out again, officer screaming. "I WANT a formation of sphere, now!"

All the men were now back to back, looking around the area. The officer turned the lights back on again, only to see people...All around them. Eyes now just white orbs without iris' and wicked grins upon their faces. Fingers now only bones of their former skin...Sharpened to the fullest capacity a human finger could get to. Each man stared in disbelief, shivering with fear.

"Sir...I loved serving with you."

Behind the mob was the same man with the suit, waving his hand till there was complete darkness. Screams and cries of agony followed the hallways soon after. Psychotic laughs as flesh being torn from bone echoed down the ship. The speakers upon the ship squeeked for a moment...Before playing a song. "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star...How I wonder what you are." Shuttles now falling out of the ship and into deep space...There is no flagship to retrieve you.
There are five civilians. Each have different capabilities and such and such. Here's the jig of things.



Reason for being on the White Flame:


No Metagaming.
Semi-Literate people only.
No God-moding.
There are no special abilities, don't make any up.
Romance is fine by all means, just hope something doesn't kill you while attempting it.

The man in the suit is Macabre...And you shall all dance by his melody and try to live. Do not forgot this.

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  Shikyo kishi / Kishi1 / 8y 346d 11h 21m 25s
[[Make a new thread and put all the same info into the description, but then at the bottom or top or something put the link to lead them here. ^^.]]
  Tai Clearwater / Tai_Clearwater / 8y 346d 11h 30m 44s
  Kannon / Kannon / 8y 346d 11h 33m 5s
[[Yeah. Well, this already has more then four posts so it wont show up in the lonely posts section, which is where I look for all my RP's. Maybe you could make an advertisement there?]]
  Tai Clearwater / Tai_Clearwater / 8y 346d 12h 7m 40s
  Kannon / Kannon / 8y 346d 12h 10m 45s
[[Yay another entrant! This is gonna be so cool. No, it will be better then cool. It will be.....EPIC-SAUCE!!]]
  Tai Clearwater / Tai_Clearwater / 8y 346d 12h 29m 22s
Reason for being on the White Flame: The reason Shikyo was attending on the ship the White flame was because he wasted much of his life just fighting in wars,his life was nothing but war and death,he had no home and had the money to go anywhere in the universe,but felt a strong connection to the ship as soon as he found the add for attending the to the White flame. SO he packed up what he had and headed right over to purchase a ticket.
  Shikyo kishi / Kishi1 / 8y 346d 14h 18m 22s
  Shikyo kishi / Kishi1 / 8y 346d 16h 2m 7s
[[Lol I guess. My friend has some underground indian playstation game and its not exactly scary, but its bloody freaky. Your a little girl getting chased by some pedo in a clocktower lol.]]
  Tai_Clearwater / 8y 347d 4h 40m 47s
  Kannon / Kannon / 8y 347d 4h 43m 27s
[[I haven't played dead space but I really want to. And have you played F.E.A.R before? Its the scariest game I've played lol.]]
  Tai_Clearwater / 8y 347d 4h 57m 20s
  Kannon / Kannon / 8y 347d 4h 59m 1s
[[I can not wait until this roleplay starts lol, it seems really cool. It reminds me of the game Doom =D. Have you ever played it?]]
  Tai_Clearwater / 8y 347d 8h 26m 29s
  Kannon / Kannon / 8y 347d 14h 10m 34s
[[Okay lol. I wont have a proper look again tonight probably, too tired lol. Plus I'm in about 9 RP's atm, I always join too many and end up abandoning someone >.<]]
  Tai_Clearwater / 8y 347d 23h 52m 10s

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