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Note: This is like Macross Frontier but with a little twist. If you dont know what it is PM me or watch the anime. Its not long just 25 ep. The songs that she sings come from that anime just letting you know.. The characters are different and act different. Oh and this is semi-literate to literate. So no one liners please.

A girl who falls so deeply in love with the one she loves, crushes her by cheating on her just resently. She never wanted to fall in love with anyone ever again. She lost everything. Her family, her smile, her laugh...everything including her memory. The only memory was a song that only she knew of. She planned on showing everyone how beautiful it was. She practiced and learned how to play many intruments. Being able to find a way to mix it together, was harder than expected. She finds a job and hums the song in her head knowing that it would make her feel better. After work, she would usually go to a near by park and sing that song, that song only. The song seemed to echo through out the city. A guy just passing through sees her and walks up to her. He becomes friends with her but doesnt seem to know why she doesnt smile. When finding out, he does everything in his power to make her happy. He even let her stay at his place and give a famous producer of what she made . He takes her in fast for a debut. She writes her own songs with the boys help. After a while, the guy begins to fall in love with her. Her ex-boyfriend decides to show his face once again and tries to get her back.

How will this turn out? will he let her go back to her ex or will she stay with the person who helped and in love with her? And how will this affect her singing?

Main girl: Taken
New guy <3: Taken

Bio: Dont care how long :)
Whatever else is important for me to know:


Name: Minako meaning beautiful child
Age: 16
Bio: She doesnt remember her past due to her memories. Her parents were murdered but know one seems to know what happened. It happened right in front of her eyes. So she became traumatized and lost her memory and smile/laugh because of that. A few years later she came to a new city and was bf and gf with a guy. He hurt her and..........ahaa I'll just stop there.
Hobbies: She loves singing, drawing, and writing music
Personality: She used to be really happy who gave a great smile that could brighten up the whole room. She losted it so now she doesnt talk much and never shows any kind of emotion. She can only express her emotions through song.

Name: Toshi
Age: 17
Bio: He was abused as a child by his father who was a drinker. strangely when his father was killed in a car wreak he was really depressed.
Hobbies: writing, art, music
Personality: kind-hearted, shy and hard working



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She nodded as she looked around, exploring. "Thanks again. If you ever need something that needs to be done, I can help." She said as she sat down on her new bed and rested her head on the pillow. "You have a nice place." She said as she took her looked over to Toshi.
  Minako / Ally_Kat94 / 9y 34d 54m 35s
appartment xD) he showed her to the extra room, "for now, until i get the time, you can borrow some of my extra clothes" he sugested
  Toshi / ZodiacSign / 9y 34d 1h 42m 14s
She looked into the distance to where he was going. There was a tall building and it was nice place. She slowed down a bit so she could follow Toshi to his house.

  Minako / Ally_Kat94 / 9y 34d 9h 30m 6s
he nodded and stood, "its not that far off" he headed over.
  Toshi / ZodiacSign / 9y 34d 10h 29m 32s
She looked up at him again. "I'm sorry." She said as she stood up. She offered her hand to his. "I think we should start heading there, it's getting kind of dark." She tried smiling just a little. It only lasted for a little bit until it went back to like it was normally. Expressionless.
  Minako / Ally_Kat94 / 9y 34d 20h 19m 35s
he smiled, "it's fine, i've been lonely lately"
  Toshi / ZodiacSign / 9y 34d 20h 32m 43s
Inside she felt happiness. She hasnt felt like that for a long time. "R-Really? I dont want to be a burden or anything." She said as she looked down once again.
  Minako / Ally_Kat94 / 9y 34d 23h 34m 31s
he looked into her eyes, he felt sorry for her. "well... i live in an appartment, and if you want... you can move in.. there's an extra bed.."
  Toshi / ZodiacSign / 9y 35d 1h 38m 26s
She though for a moment. "Well I dont do much really. I mostly work and when I get free time I walk around and write music." She thought about telling him everything, sbout not having much of anything. She sighed, she felt as if she had no choice but too. She just wanted to get it out. "To be honest, I dont have a home. I dont have much of anything but I'll explain it to you when I have the chance." She said as she looked into his eyes.

  Minako / Ally_Kat94 / 9y 35d 6h 23m 43s
he nodded. "so... what do you like to do?"
  Toshi / ZodiacSign / 9y 35d 20h 4m 13s
"You said your name twice." She wanted to smile but couldnt. When she heard him say that she was pretty she couldnt really say anything. All she could say was "Thanks"
  Minako / Ally_Kat94 / 9y 35d 20h 11m 4s
"i'm toshi" he smiled at her. "your really pretty..."
  Toshi / ZodiacSign / 9y 35d 20h 15m 58s
She watched him sit down next her. "My name is Minako." She said. She never thought the meaning of her name was true because of 'Beauty' and such but she saw beauty in everyone else. She usually never thought that way about herself.
  Minako / Ally_Kat94 / 9y 35d 20h 16m 22s
he sat down, "what's your name, mine's Toshi"
  Toshi / ZodiacSign / 9y 35d 21h 26m 36s
She didnt smile but the tone of her voice seemed like she was happy. "I've never got a complement, thanks." She said.
  Minako / Ally_Kat94 / 9y 35d 21h 40m 48s

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