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The year is 1941. After countless setbacks, inhibited by the limitations of morality, Nazi scientists have discovered the key. Magik. Through a series of biological stimuli, they were able to reliable induce a state of magikal awareness in individuals. This new found power was applied to their military, Nazi forces employing adepts and easily sweeping through Europe.

Once this was confirmed by Allied spies, the allied nations began their own programs with the stolen intelligence. Amongst them was the unofficial Project Mindreach by the Americans. Though they hadn't officially joined the war yet, they began research into the field.

Their success meant adepts on the allied side as well. This sudden insurgence routed the Nazi forces and brought their advance to a halt.

The end of the war brought with it an economic boom. Stories of the adepts and their pivotal role in the war found them acceptance upon their return. Scientist then began to turn to the newly discovered magiks to solve technological riddles. Chief among these was the networking of computers.

The answer came in Conduits, large government structures that pulled magik from the very Earth. These Conduits connected every computer within their range and connected to every other Conduit. The process of connecting to these Conduits required one to place an IV in their wrist.

Now, the year is 2000. Technology has kept pace and evolved alongside magik. People are able to enter cyberspace through these IV connections. There is a dark side to this, however. A group originating from a forum began a rash of high profile hackings under the name Twenty-One Faces. All of their identities are unknown as are their motives, but one thing is for certain; the government will stop at nothing to bring them to justice.

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"Fuck. Shut up!"

Isaiah threw a bottle at his alarm clock, but having missed any sort of button that would shut it off, it continued to blare at him. Angrily, he rolled out of bed, hitting the ground with a thud. Because of how long the alarm had been going, he had little time to get to work. A shower was out of the question, not that he bothered most days. After all, what was the point when he'd be sweat-slicked in an hour or two?

Throwing on a slightly dirty white shirt and overalls, leaving the top portion down, he hurried out of his small apartment and onto the street. Isaiah lived in a busy town, so it was all the more important that he got to work on time.

Conduit Technician. That was his official title, but nobody gave any credence to that. Instead, everyone called them Tuners. It was their job to keep the obelisks that dotted every major city and town running.

Lighting up a cigarette, Isaiah almost jogged down the street, trying to get to the inner city where several blocks were fenced off for the Conduit in which he worked.
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