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Tis a chat, loves.

You come in, talk to people, do all that fun stuff.

I think you'll find that you won't like it here unless you are already friends with one of the established members.

We're a sarcastic bunch of fuckers. Deal with it.

I wish you luck in faring in this chat.

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Roleplay Responses

I never lie! MWAHAHAHAHA!
  Mizuna :) / Mizuna / 8y 65d 9h 17m 9s
All lies you.
  Yip / Vulcarr / 8y 71d 11h 58m 24s
Oh hush, you probably forgot about it for quite some time as well! I think all of us have forgotten about it. :P
  Mizuna :) / Mizuna / 8y 81d 12h 37m 1s
  Yip / Vulcarr / 8y 100d 17h 9m 18s
Wow, I completely forgot about this place. XD So many memories. Lawl!
  Mizuna :) / Mizuna / 8y 108d 13h 13m 48s
  Yip / Vulcarr / 8y 113d 14h 48m 59s
  *<Journal / RhythmOfLove / 8y 129d 7h 59m 34s
Extreme Death.
  Yip / Vulcarr / 8y 152d 12h 25m 37s
Good Lord this place is dead. I actually forgot all about it.
  Ra Anders / RecklessAbandon / 8y 152d 13h 47m 14s
Oh lawd.
  Yip / Vulcarr / 8y 178d 10h 19m 10s
Well, I'm back.
  Jiro Ieyoshi / Vulcarr / 8y 254d 17h 8m 58s
youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6Cvw8urVEQ&feature=channel_video_title

Been listening to this way too much x_x

Electro is too addictive.
  Forever Alone / Brett / 8y 315d 23h 22m 24s
Yeah. . No worries. Ohmai. The movie that's playing on the TV, is playing the song "Foot loose." I remember when the Dj played that for our graduation dance. . ewe Now. . Knowing everyone else, that wasn't a good moment for everyone BUT me.

  : Behind these Eyes : / Rikuxlove / 8y 320d 16h 18m 21s
Oh yeah... that's true.
  Momo-fu / Eremiphobia / 8y 320d 16h 20m 50s
'Where the hell did this come from' would be their first thought for sure.

  : Behind these Eyes : / Rikuxlove / 8y 320d 16h 25m 7s

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