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Mood: Fight for what you believe in, and defend what you say.


T h e → M i s u n d e r s t o o d → S o c i o p a t h

'ive murdered half the town, left you love notes on their headstones.'

Self Proclaimed God | Old | Married | Sexual

Feel free to call me Lady Darkness, if it suits your fancy ◔◡◔

Now, Shoo.

The roofs on fire, lets burn down the Vatican.

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mood: Life = Turning up.

♡T S U N D E R E♥
The horror of our love,
Never saw so much blood.
Taylor - 19 - MARRIED - Pansexual - Singlenot looking.

B R O H E E 'S

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Status: I seriously hate valentines day.

✘Sorry I don't treat you like a goddess, is that what you want me to do?✘
TAYLOR. 19. PAN. CARELESS. LOST. Everythings on fire.
Sorry I don't treat you like you're perfect, like all your little loyal subjects do.

Sorry I'm not made of sugar, and i'm not sweet enough for you.

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♛m O B S C E N E♕
Flowers can only wilt, in a world without light.
TaylorOld enoughPansexualTaken
✘Welcome to my boulevard of broken dreams✘

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♛ℂђəɱɪ¢αʟ Ʈħəʀαƿɪʂʇ♕
TaylorOld enoughPansexualTaken

╰» About Taylor «╯

I'm pretty easy going, I guess. Unless you piss me off, or tell me i'm wrong, then we've got a problem. ーー; Just kidding. But seriously, don't test it.

☮ or

  chemicaltherapy / 7y 186d 8h 31m 18s
Status;This pain is becoming unbearable.

'Bout Meh.

Name - Calla | Age - 18 | ES - Taken | Gender - Female

YIM - | DA - SapphireDiamond | G.Online - Been-to-hell

  Kanashimi / 8y 343d 12h 29m 30s
Status: Insecurity at it's best.

-Pelvic Thrusts- c: YeahBoii~
Name: Calla Age: 18. Mate: Paul of course <3 Sex: Yes Please Female >.>
Take one look, don't touch and fuck off.
YIM: MSN: DA SapphireDiamond

People I Consider My Hoes.

Paul | Mari | Morphy | Sou | Tifa | Gabby

Touch 'em, and Ikeelyo'.

Hugs: 35

  kanashimi / 8y 345d 14h 33m 44s
Status: Hopefully moving..

"●The Day I Get My License● "
.♥Is The Day You Get Hit By A Car♥.
When Life Gives You Lemons, Turn Around And Squirt Some Asshole In The Eyes.|Gaia:Been-To-Hell|

♥I love you but♥

MAN I say Fuck a lot >.>;

  Kanashimi / 8y 355d 16h 28m 34s
"The Day I Get My License,"
.♥Is The Day You Get Hit By A Car♥.
When Life Gives You Lemons, Turn Around And Squirt Some Asshole In The Eyes.|Gaia:Been-To-Hell|

♥I love you but♥
Calla = The Sex.

MAN I say Fuck a lot >.>;

  Kanashimi / 8y 357d 11h 47m 25s

The Love Of One.

[ L o v e] [ P e a c e ] [ H a r m o n y]

Name: Calla/Kallias Age: 17 Years old Gender: Female. Status: Off Limits. ES Married to: The Lovely Mari-Barr.

Email: | Gaiaonline: Been-To-Hell | Chatango: Kallias



Your Hubby~ checking in...You are a great girl. Don't let anyone bring you down. Never forget that you are strong. If you need me, I am here. You know that I care for you, no matter what. If any of you bitches dare to hurt her, you will have to deal with Psychotic Bitch Mari!








Poems I have Written.

Copy, and I'll cut your head off.

My Suicide
Sick to my stomach.
As my eyes fill with tears.
My mind goes blank.
As I realize my fears.

Too many scars on my skin.
My heart breaks into thousands of shards.
This is a war I cannot win.
As the devil lays out his cards.

So call me a psycho, call me an outcast.
Tell me I'm nothing.
Cause I know my life will not last.

So preach to me.
Try to make me one of you.
I know what I am.
And to myself I am true.

Try to break me.
And tell me lies.
Try to change me.
And make me see everything through your eyes.

I know what is right.
I know what is wrong.
I have done nothing to you.
So why do you say I don't belong?

I try to stand so I can talk to you.
But my knees are weak and your words are not true.
Don't change me from what I am.
I have done nothing worng, so this is my last stand.

The razor gleams so brilliantly bright.
I know my last heart break was tonight.
So I take my life out of gods hands.
Into my own, while you refuse to understand.

I did this for me, and for you.
Call me selfish, and anything but one of you.
You always said there was no escape.
But what of suicide?
Yes. That surely was my fate.
  Kanashimi / 8y 359d 14h 32m 9s
Indeed it is I, the unfathomable pit of gloom, here to say that I am madly in love with thee, my Juliet. Know that I would never harm you, never betray you..your happiness shall be my greatest goal.

Forever yours,


I'll miss thy Romeo.
  Kanashimi / 8y 359d 17h 25m 2s

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