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Amy's parents got divorced when she was only 3 years old. She has been living with her mother ever since they have gotten divorced. Amy's mother got a new job in a small mysterious town, so they moved there. It was Amy's first day of school in the new town and she is already having thoughts about it. But when Amy meets a very handsome teenage guy, she loves the new town. What will happen if the handsome teenage guy ________ and Amy start to fall in love?

Just another ordinary teenage love story ^_^

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No problem. ^_^ It is your RP after all. XD

Kris blinked, hearing the girl talk. Closing his own locker and then locking it, he looked over the girl again. Obviously she didn't know about any of the recent events at the school. Otherwise she wouldn't be talking to him...Well, maybe she wouldn't. There were a few in school that had supported Kris in doing what he had and he also had a few friends, not the stupid immature brats that used to follow him around.

Snapping out of his thoughts, Kris looked at Amy and replied, "Amy...That's a nice name. Works for you." He chuckled slightly as he added, "My name is Kris Donnivan. Just call me Kris. So, you new around here, Amy?"
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Oh its fine!! :D And im sorry its short!

Amy smiled as she looked at the boy with the light blue eyes and the chocolate brown hair. She nodded as she listened to him talk. "Alright, cool." She said as she looked at him. 'He's cute!' she thought as she looked at him. She looked away blushing slightly and she bit down on her bottom lip lightly. She closed her locker and let out a sigh. She turned towards the boy with a smile. "My mame is Amy. Whats yours?" She asked as she looked at him.
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<AGain, I'm sorry!!! >_< I hope you're on.>

Kris sighed as he held back another yawn and crouched down, muttering to himself about where his notebook could be. He scratched his head and looked at a red notebook under all of his textbooks. Sighing in annoyance, he grabbed it and got it out, just as the girl had showed him her schedule. Kris blinked and heard her sentence, staring at it. He stood up and smiled at her, replying, "Oh sure. We actually have to same schedule so just follow me, k?"

The girl was pretty. As pretty as a model. He thought, more like knew, she couldn't be someone from his school. No. He definately would've noticed someone of this beauty.

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Oh its finee!!!^_^

Amy sighed to herself as she grabbed her new books out of her bag. She looked down at her schedule once more and rolled her golden eyes to the sight of her first period. Once she heard a guy's voice come from the side of her, she quickly looked up to see a boy standing there opening his locker. She smiled softly at him and opened her mouth to speak. "Good morning." She said quietly as she brushed a piece of her brown hair as she looked at the boy.

She noticed that the boy was kind of cute. She smiled and bit her lip lightly knowing that she was being quiet. She then held her schedule out towards him and pointed towards her first period class. "Can you help me find this class?" She asked as she looked up at him with a smile.
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<I am so sorry! If you want me to be honest, I'm new at this and I suck at remembering stuff. Thus, I forgot my username. T_T Again, I'm very sorry!>

Walking into the school quietly, he glanced at a few people. They were giving him a few looks, a few girls eyeing him, and he was already beginning to feel angered by the day. How everyone had begun to hate him in one day, that was anyone's guess. He supposed it had something to do with him standing up for his morals and for an innocent victim of bullying. Bullies made him sick, but watching them get beat up and picked on made him even more sick.

Yawning, Kris made his way to his locker in silence and glanced at a girl who had a locker next to his. She looked new. So, there was a chance that she was new. However, he didn't say anything. He was worried that if she wasn't new, he could come off as rude by not remembering her name. That made him feel awful whener he did that.

So, deciding to take the safer route, Kris simply took a deep breath, grabbed his math textbook and looked at the girl. "Morning." He said softly and with a winner smile, still going through the things in his locker for his notebook.
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Dont worry, that was great!

Once Amy reached the office, she put on a welcoming smile on her lips and walked in. Once she reached the front desk, she quickly removed a piece of hair out of her eyes before she spoked. "Hello, im Amy Montez. Im new here." She said softly as she looked at the lady in the front desk. The lady looked up from her computer and nodded towards Amy. Once she got her papers, she slid them over to her. "Alright Amy, you are all set. Have a great day." She said with a smile.

Amy smiled to the woman and made her way out of the office. Once she was out she quickly looked at her schedule and smiled seeing Math was her first period class. "Oh joy." She mummbled to herslef as she looked up. Once she walked into the large halls of the school, she noticed people looking at her. She smiled and blushed lightly as she saw the other students look at her. Once she got to her locker, she opened it quickly and put her bag inside.
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<I'm sorry, but I have to go. It's extremely late over here. I'll try to get on tomorrow morning or tomorrow afternoon. Promise. See you!>
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Kris was trapped in a dream. A dream so deep, that he could hear his alarm in his dream, but wasn't waking up to it. In his dream, he could see his alarm clock and could hear it, but couldn't reach it for some strange reason. So, just as he went for the alarm, he woke up and almost fell from his bed.Straightening, Kris slammed his alarm clock off and dragged his tired, sorebody over to the bathroom. Track had lasted a little longer than Kris wished and he had been piled with homework. What was with teachers and piling homework on the kids they knew had track meetings or sports that same day. It was strange.

After taking a quick shower, getting dressed, and getting his things ready for school, Kris made his way down his creaky, old stairs, careful as to not wake his mother. He hit the floor and grabbed a piece of bread, sticking it in the toaster. As he looked around for his binder, he heard his mother roll over in her bed. He froze and waited until she was done moving, before he let out a breath and turned back to his now finished toast. Sitting in front of the toaster; his binder.
"Of course." Kris murmured, grabbing the binder and the toast. He began eating the toast as he made his way towards the door and closed it quietly behind him. He began walking towards school, watching a bus drive by and waving at a few kids. Kris smiled softly and chuckled, starting to pick up his pace and once there, he sighed with relief. "Please let this day end quickly..." He murmured.

{I hope that was okay!}
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Hahahahaha!! Sure!

Amy moaned as she woke up to the sound of her alarm clock ringing in her ear early in the morning. She hit the top of her alarm clock with a slam and sighed. She sat up in her messy bed as and ran a hand through her brown messy hair. She opened her golden eyes to the sight of her dark room. She smirked a bit not wanting to clean it up. She hopped out of bed and headed towards the shower. Once she got into the bathroom, she took a quick shower then changed into some clean clothes. Once she was done with that, she put on some make up and straightened her brown hair. When she was done with that, she hurried downstairs.

Once she was downstairs, she took an apple off of the counter, kissed her mother goodbye and headed out the door. Once she walked outside, she looked around and started towards school. Her mother and Amy just moved into this small town and it was already creeping her out. Chills went down her back as she walked towards the school. Once she got to the parking lot of the school, she smiled and walked towards the office since it was her first day of school.
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Iknew he looked really familiar. XD Alright, sorry about that. Would you like to start now?
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Hmmm.. I like the Zac Efron one! ^_^ Haha.
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Which do you prefer? The one that I have now, or the others??

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Yes of course. :D Just give me a second or two.
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You sure can join! But... Can you get a pic of a teenage guy please? That would be great^_^
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I'll join if that's okay. ^_^
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